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  1. This is the next part of my story. The events of the Missing Link takes places a few years after the Ultimate Story. Some things happen during this story more so involving the Cornerians. They have been trying to establish an alliance with the Planet Earth. They have been wanting to do this for a while now but having been waiting till the humans overcame their distrustful attitudes and prejudice nature. However, a long time enemy of the Cornerians have somehow discovered the Earth and were planning to take over the Earth. Knowing that the humans would never stand a chance against their enemy, the Cornerians were forced to form an alliances with the Earth much earlier than they had anticipated as it was the only way to protect them. From their, the Cornerians formed a friendly pact with the humans that they have named the Earth-Cornerian Alliance. This agreement, although formed with good intentions, have also created a number of conflicts with a number of humans that have lasted a few years, just as the Cornerians have feared would happen.

    Also, 6 new shows have joined the story: They are Cardcaptors, DBZ, Jackie Chan Adventures, Totally Spies, Yu-gi-oh and Zoids. Totally Spies and Yu-gi-oh continued to stay on and appear in the story for the long run. DBZ brought forth a few ideas for the story as a few characters made an appearance a few times. Zoids showed up only occasionally after this. Cardcaptors played a very important role in the story very later on. As for Jackie Chan Adventures? There are some magical items on that show that became very important in the story.

    Starfox team finally make use of the crests on the back of their hands that were given to them by Ly during the events of Starfox 64 but were never utilized during the Ultimate Story. Their crests have the ability to copy powers from magical items. Each of the members of the Starfox team had their crests copy the powers of the Talismans from Jackie Chan Adventures. They have each shown fascinations for one of these talismans which enabled their crests to, by their own free with, copy these powers much to the surprise of the team members. Each of the powers are as follows:

    Falco-Rooster of Leviation

    Peppy-Rabbit of Speed

    Slippy-Snake of Invisibility

    Fox-Ox of Strength

    Peppy and Slippy utilized their powers more tactfully and not very often. Fox and Falco, however, have used their powers very frequently. They also discover that their powers were not limited to what only the Talismans could do. For example, Falco was able to utilize his powers enough so that his Levitation would enable him to gain the ability of flight. But their crests' power didn't even come close to ending there. They found that they could use their powers to help their friend, Misty, the mystic Princess of the Sea. She remembered some events from when she was still just the Princess of the Sea that heard 4 voices that sounded familiar to her but she didn't know why. With the help of the Starfox team, she was able to find and remember that they were from her 4 Guardians. They were created to protect her but were weakened by the sorcerer that tried to destroy her many centuries ago. They took on the forms of 4 magical jewels and were named as follows:

    Pices (Pie-ces)-Resembles a pearl

    Diama-Resembles a diamond

    Corto-Shaped like a square without the corners (octagon-like)

    Emert-Takes on the same shape and the Chaos Emeralds

    These gems infuse with each of the members of the Starfox team through their crests, giving them water-based powers such as swimming faster and breathing underwater. That way, they can keep up with the princess, acting as her new guardians.

    This story ends with Fox utilizing his new powers to save Misty after the sorcerer who tried to destroy her returned to finish the job. Since then, the Starfox team continue to use their new powers, with Fox and Falco using them a lot more than Peppy and Slippy. This right here is one of the reasons why this part of the story is named "The Missing Link".

  2. VM's Rambling

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    Hello, everyone. I've gone by many names over the years, but for now I'm going by VM. I'm primarily a photographer, and I've always had a soft spot for the Star Fox series. I don't think I'm old enough to be considered a greymuzzle just yet, but I've been hanging around the furry fandom for over a decade now. I'm also a general computer nerd who has recently realized they actually hate computers, and so I'm trying to make photography work professionally rather than continuing in IT.

    If you've followed the Krystal Archive at all, you've likely seen some of my photo sets of Ayano posted at some point. I'd love to find some other SF cosplayers to work with at some point, but for now some of my best fursuit/costume work is of her. If any cosplayers (Star Fox or otherwise) are interested in organizing a photoshoot in or around Texas, or if you just want to hook up the GC for some Assault, hit me up!

    I suppose that's about all I can mention about myself in polite company. If you're interested in seeing some of my (and another's) work of Ayano, most of my photos from TFF2017 have been uploaded here. You can also look at my professional-ish general portfolio if you're so inclined. So, thanks for stopping by. I hope to hang around for a while.

  3. That really explains it all.

    If you need me ask Sideways. He's been texting me. 

    GG see you all in April. 

    Get ready for the rhythem of love.

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    I know, this isn't DeviantArt, but maybe some of you post some art there, so you might be familiar with this.

    First off I like to thank EINsamer-wANDERER, who gave this term. :)

    I'm probably making myself unpopular and appear like an ungrateful bastard, but since it happened, please allow me to say a few words about this.

    Personally I write...strange stuff, that mostly appeals to only a few people. So I'm used to a very tiny readership, who don't even comment regularly. That's completely alright, because like they say: You write for yourself. If it manages to entertain some people, bingo!

    Of course that doesn't mean that I don't care about my readers. It's very important to me to keep good relations, as every reader who bails out is a huge loss, that can't be compensated for. (And I like to discuss my stuff with them, harhar.) So if my stories "fish" potential fans, especially if they fave and comment, then it's equal to a jackpot and I throw a party.

    But what if...'s only done for advertisement?

    You probably know it: You submit your art and a few seconds later, you receive a notification that your deviation got a fave. It isn't that bad in the case of pictures, as one look is often enough to decide if you like it or not. Even if you are not necessarily a fan of the content, you can still fave it for the quality.
    Wait, what about literature? Where you actually have to read it, tackle with the plot, characters, world building and more? And don't tell me you fave it just because it's pleasantly formatted and the spelling and grammar are good.

    Now you could say that a fave is still a fave, and besides, it is only supporting you. Does sound like a win-win-situation, right? Well, until you realize that a first-minute-fave is meaningless and your deviation drowns under all those other first-minute-faves, practically leaving you where you started - and a "fave", that just says "Screw you" in your face. Especially horrible for newcomers, who lack the fanbase to shrug them off easily and want to know if anybody cares for their art.
    They're also very obvious to discern.

    Considering that a llama is merely annoying and their notifications can be disabled, though useful for advertising yourself, a first-minute-fave is actually worse.

    Even though the possibility that someone will read this is low, I still wanted to voice my opinion.

    My conclusion:
    Please, don't do them. You are only destroying the hopes of the (probably new) artist for your personal gain. If you aren't actually interested in their art, but want to support them, then at least give a llama. Even if it won't get recognized.

    Feel free to discuss the matter with me if you want, I would be really grateful. Maybe there are some points I didn't consider?

  4. For a while whenever I am alone I have this depressing feeling inside me while I am thinking about stuff. And sometimes when I am in the middle of doing something, I stop. Suddenly I don't want to continue on whatever I was doing and I just starting thinking with that feeling inside and sometimes it just comes out of nowhere when I see things come to an end that I was never apart of until too late. But then, a memory flashes on me that I've seen before and it was the show I used to watch as a kid and it may have affected me and possibly my behaviors or so.


    What I realized that I was feeling Blue

    Never have I felt like this for a while until now since for a while I have tried to combat it with music that sorta fits that mood, probably make it feel sympathetic. I'm not sure if this has been a blessing or a curse.

  5. Fenrir's archive

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    So... yeah, i'm back after what? 3 years? I've been away because of problems i've been having all this time... I really don't expect anybody to remember me. Anyway, i don't really have much friends so i'd like to make a 'formal request'(?), or invitation rather...  feel free to send me a request to my steam or through here (though preferably steam). If you do get to my steam page don't get scared with the description, i will ask you a few things to be certain that we can be friends that's all. I realize this may sound a bit pathetic(?), but hey i'm just being honest.

    Here's my steam profile.

    "Deleted" (i've decided to put the link in my profile instead to of having it here for security reasons)


    Shit posting and bait will be ignored.

  6. Back to one of those Desert seasons in the forum for a bit, might as well start this Control Room up again and get moving.

    1. OC work has been at a unending pace, even though RP here has been kinda slow? (I actually haven't seen the RP Board in a bit), and I might see what's gone on if not move a character off standby or retrofit my characters for non-forum RPs. [42 characters and counting for non-forums]

    2. SF-O chat is practically dead, save for the 1-2 users, although it is nice to see them use it sometimes.. I'll sadly admit to turning off the notifications to the Discord Channel from time to time, with the exception of the Whale Radio when I can wake up to it.- [Mention the Bear-]

    3. I've strayed away from SF-O too long, college and the homeworks that come with it are flooding at best. After the school season ends for a bit, pretty sure SF-O will spring back up.

  7. To Infinity, and Beyond!

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    I'll let the song do the talking


  8. So these past couple of weeks, I've been shifting my interest from hypnosis to lucid dreaming.

    What is lucid dreaming, may you ask?

    It's essentially when you become aware that you're dreaming, while you're dreaming. Sounds paradoxal, but some of us have actually already had lucid dreams when we were still kids. We just can't remember them.

    Different uses for lucid dreaming exist out there, most common of which include helping to cope with traumatic experiences in our life, such as anxiety or the departure of a loved one, to fantasy fullfillment or meeting certain characters and creative problem solving.

    Having lucid dreams at will isn't insanely hard, but does require a few weeks/months practice and the motivation. Good thing I'm willing to try, and that's the motivation.

    I'm also keeping record of the dreaming I've had over the past couple of weeks so I can pick out any odd details that help me recognize that the world I'm currently dreaming in can be identified as a dream. One detail I've noticed that's been recurring is the involvement of different video game characters in my dreams. So I'm training myself to recognize this particular dreamsign, so next time I'm dreaming and I see someone such as Mario or even the ChuChus, I can recognize this and come to the conclusion that I'm now dreaming.


    So, at the end of the day, why exactly do I want to be able to have lucid dreams?

    Call me crazy in the head, but it's so I can meet a friend I've been wanting to meet in person for a very long time. In the flesh, blood...

    ...And jester hat.

    I want to meet NiGHTS.

  9. Everything is Just Peachy

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       In life I wanted many things. A fast muscle car, big house, a stupid dog, an evil cat, a beautiful woman who loves me and makes me enchiladas. Now I may not have all that stuff and sometimes I lose sight on how good I have it. But if one thing has taught me anything, its that good things come to he who waits.


       Long story short, I was an annoying, impatient little @#%$. I was losing my mind waiting to grow up, thinking there was this magical feeling you had and your childhood dies for you so you can move on with the next chapter of your life. Like some sort of right-of-passage thing, ya know? And glory never happened. The instant I turn 18 was an easily forgettable moment. To this day I can't differentiate what end and what began. I was told lies people!!! LIIIIIIIEESS!!!!! I got my first car, first job, first job termination and to be honest I still feel like a little kid. I'm an adult now, where is the change?! I guess things got easier when I came of legal age, age to drink that is (mmmm, vanilla rum and coke).


       Almost 10 years later, nothing. Again what am I supposed to feel? I was always stressed so money problems were nothing new. But never drove me to drink, never. The only thing that has driven me is body pain when the meds aren't working (don't do that). Things still seemed pretty much the same. Then I realized something:

    Is it really important? Is this right-of-passage what i really need to get my life going? My life is going right!

       Weird how that came to me. I realized people, other people other than me have the same problem and that its not an isolated incident, this is human nature. That made me feel more normal :)


       If that wasn't enough, I got my cat (but he dumb) and my dog (but hes super smart) and my gf...Well, she's my wife and she does make me enchiladas. Still waiting on that car, but its not important. What is?




       Sorry, I uh, I don't have a moral for you. Just be true to you, I guess :D

  10. I'm not gonna sugar coat this, I need some help. I've been without a job for 3 weeks now and I'm out of money. Overdrawn actually.  I understand if you cant help, but if you can, I would be eternally grateful and you would have earns the right to berate me/ask for things in the comments of this blog.

    Help... Please.

  11. Fox's Blog

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    Played through a few more levels in Star Fox Zero tonight. Boy has the game gotten a bit tougher. While yes the controls are a bit to get used too, I find myself switching between both screens and after failing several missions a few times I have yet to throw my Wii-U controller across the living room.

    The setup I have in my house is rather exciting. In the Main room, we have a 5.1 surround setup with an HD projector broadcasting it's delicious glory onto the motorized projector screen we have.

    Yay technology!

  12. My Scores

    Just a little improved in total hits (main game). I just can't do it in... Corneria on 3DS =(


  13. Shmibli7
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    Well, SPECTRE released on DVD in the United States a day and a half ago. I'm going to buy it. This will be the final piece of the Bond movie collection I have been assembling for about two years.


  14. Ricco's Blog of... Things?

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    Another year, more school. Can't wait to see what this upcoming year has to offer in terms of political/world events. Working on my fanfic at my own pace so as not to rush it, working in general, and playing way too much Civilization V. Living the dream, eh?

    At least this is the first time in a decade since we could write a "6" in the year!

  15. Eleneon

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    Welcome to this blog! Born thanks to a dead game Eleneon is a indie game made with java . with fully anthropomorphic thematic And Steam punk look you took the roll of a character victim of a karma system that affects almost every character acts .will you make allies or enemies? 

    I planning a late 2016 date for both mobile and desktop releases.

    Whatever I'll publish builds for this page in the future ....

    But not soon! As a hobbyist spriter I'm making every animation frame by hand and then photoshop



  16. Late Night Patrol™

    I've noticed a common misconception. It is the notion that free over-the-air television broadcasts are no longer available. Which is to say, many assume that you can't put up an antenna and get receive free television. This idea originates from FCC mandated switch-over to digital television during 2009. The announced end of high-powered analog broadcasts was taken by many to mean a end to high-powered broadcasts when in fact the only change is that they are now high-powered digital broadcasts.

    To find available channels in your area make use of the following or a like resource:

    The requirments to receive free of charge TV includes: any over-the-air antenna* and a HDTV tuner** (a.k.a. ATSC tuner, a.k.a. receiver).  *A higher gain antenna will be to your benefit. **While a modern TV will already have a HDTV tuner, any analog televisions will require digital-to-analog converters usually sold as "digital converter boxes."






  17. Been hyping about it a lot on Steam, Skype, and other places, but I'm really really truly excited about it! After much consideration, I settled on a mechanical keyboard, and picked it up today.

    Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Brown

    Some crappy pics:




    I've started using Twitch. It's fun, I encourage you to follow, and check it out when I'm streaming live!

  18. Scott Harvery

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    Lately, I've tended to avoid making long walls of text in public places these days.. But hearing the news, I thought It was time to put my thoughts out there.

    On July 11th, 2015, Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata passed away due to complications from a bile duct infection. Iwata was an iconic figure in Nintendo's community, joining Nintendo's HAL labrotory in 1989 as a programmer, he helped produce many of the company's work, such as Balloon Fighter, and Earthbound, before becoming a Director in 2002, and eventually It's fourth President in 2003.

    As a Nintendo fan from childhood, I am thankful for all the years he's put into driving the company to where it currently stands--Still creating new, and fun experiences for gamers around the world. He had a personality that certainly left an impact on everyone he met, and as I write, and see the articles and tweets that pop up, he seemed to have the same on the world of gaming. He was very passionate about his work, and I can say with my heart that he will be deeply missed by everyone.

    Tonight, I will be lighting a candle for the him. He shaped a company that made a real impact on my life, and love for the industry, and the type of person I aspire to be like. I only hope one day I can be like you.

    Rest in peace, Satoru Iwata. Our thoughts and Prayers go Directly to you, and your family. We will never forget you.


  19. Arminius's Blog

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    So I just made my account a few minutes ago. Hm.... What to write...


    Do any of you sentient beings have any ideas to throw at my pitiful face?

  20. DZ's Blog

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    SaaS, or "Software as a Service" is a trend in software companies to provide unlimited access to their product(s) for a recurring fee rather than a larger upfront costs for a standard perpetual license. Perhaps the most famous examples are Microsoft's Office 365 and Adobe's Creative Cloud.

    Sample Library developer EastWest, makers of the EWQL series of sample libraries, has now jumped on this bandwagon.

    It's tempting, I must admit. I could plug so many holes in my soundset right now if I signed-up, but I already pay for Adobe's SaaS and that shit really adds up over time.

    I use several EastWest products already. In fact, the majority of my sounds are EastWest products, though. I'll definitely be thinking about this.

  21. Official SF-O Blog

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    By DZComposer,

    SF-O is now running on the IPS4 platform.

    IPS4 brings a modern, responsive, design as well as a bunch of new features, such as at mentions (IE @ROB64 ).

    This also marks the beginning of 4.0. 1.0 was the old phpBB days, then we went to SMF and Wordpress with 2.0. SF-O 3.0 was IPB and Wordpress, 3.5 was complete IPB. 4.0 will be the first complete content rebuild since the original wordpress site was designed by @Mr. Krystal. My goal with this update will be to finally make SF-O reach my vision. It will be a lot of work, however, and I cannot do it alone. I ask the community to please assist in this effort. Remember: This is your site, too!

  22. So Mercedes finished 1-2 again. I didn't get to watch the entire race like I expected, but from what I was able to watch, Mercedes started pulling away from lap 2 on. Ferrari and Williams were both able to overcome slightly disappointing qualifying sessions and finish the race 3-4 and 5-6 respectively. The time differentials at the end of the race had me thinking the race was competitive towards the end, but i'll get to that in a bit. The finishing positions were are follows:






















    Marussia succeeds in bringing both cars to the finish again, which is wonderful news for team sponsors I am sure. Lotus must be thrilled with the fact that they have earned their first points of the season. With this 7th place finish, they immediately find themselves nearly breaking free of the bottom three portion of the standings just one point behind Force India (who just barely missed out a point finishing in 11th with Sergio Perez). Sauber again proves to everyone that they are making huge strides this season with both drivers finished in points positions. They are currently 4th in constructors points. McLaren find themselves near Marussia again, which has got to be concerning for Honda, especially if they hope to continue supplying engines next season.

    Red Bull and Toro Rosso are still neck and neck, this week Red Bull getting the better of their developmental team. Red Bull now has a one point advantage on Toro Rosso. The two teams remain 5th and 6th.

    Mercedes remains on top, Ferrari second, and Williams third. One would think all three of these teams are very happy with their performances, but it is not so. The Ferrari team principal said expects his team to win on a more regular basis, while Mercedes continues with their infighting nonsense. So one guy is living in the past (Ferrari in this case), while a team that is winning so much it has hurt tv ratings sees, it's two drivers throwing verbal punches at one another after the Chinese GP. Rosberg claimed that Hamilton drove very slowly towards the end of the race in order to sabotage him and almost allow Ferrari to catch up to second. As it was, Mercedes easily had a sizable lead by the end of the race, and Hamilton was instructed by the pit crew to stay on his tires instead of coming into the pits for a new set. Hamilton claims he needed to drive slower in order to finish the race, and that Rosberg could have passed whenever he would have liked to. Personally, I think this is all a bunch of nonsense thrown out there by Mercedes in order to keep fans interested.

    Next race is in Bahrain and we will only have to wait about a week for it. It should be a very good race in front of the pack if the Malaysian GP showed us what Ferrari were capable of on that type of track.

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