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  2. i'm going to watch it, because i loved Power Rangers as a kid and a movie like that is specifically designed to press all of my nostalgia buttons until money falls out and i know that but i'm going to go have all my nostalgia buttons pressed until money falls out because i am a misshapen stunted manchild unable to let go of my blinkered foggy childhood memories but that's just me
  3. (I didn't see this posted elsewhere, and while it could go in Super Sentai, it's not really the same thing. PR is an adaptation of Super Sentai.) So, question for everyone, except Arminus who has no opinion on this what so ever(Not even a neutral one, and he isn't a fan. Though one would think you could have an opinion on something you're not a fan of). What do you guys think of the official trailer for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? I'm especially curious about those who aren't fans of Power Rangers on what they think of the trailer. Is it interesting? Is it meh? Is it like no, just no? I'm curious. Also, let's use this topic to discuss the film. We can decide whether to include the TV series or make a separate topic for that later. I'm interested to hear your guys thoughts. As for me, I'm finding this interesting, and am looking forward to it. So long as key features are maintained, catch phrases and the likes, I'm good. Especially if Alpha 5 goes "AYE YI YI YI YI!" in the movie.
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  5. ...Excuse me for one moment.
  6. Re: Sausage Party. That wasn't the first time a film centered around food was attempted. See: Foodfight! though maybe that doesn't count due to it being "brand mascot" rather than "food itself" centered...
  7. StarFoxFanGurl

    So... Should I feel bad that I haven't played Star Fox Zero yet? xD

    Maybe I should actually try to get a Wii U... Soon. Just soon. ._.

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      I haven't played it either. I want to though eventually. Perhaps when the Wii U is a bit cheaper. I'll wait a few months more. BTW It's StarfoxHighScoreRunner from DA.

  8. There's always exception to the rule. I did like Man of Steel, and Jurassic World. But I have been feeling like things these days aren't as good as back then. For example Saturday morning cartoons, WWF compared to today's WWE product, video games being better / harder game-play back then, and my preference for movies in the 90's compared to today. Maybe it's because it's how I grew up, and it's hard to change with the times. Not that I'm not trying to change with the times. I recently started PC gaming, and playing newer stuff. Though sometimes I can't help, but revisit the past because it's better.
  9. bahahahahaha anyways numbers was an annoying and weirdly belligerent dude who would post on and on and on and on and on and on about his dumb fanfic ideas and spams them all over /r/starfox and also apparently has latched onto Steven Universe like some sort of fun-sucking lamprey and also you are numbers kthxbai
  10. of course, bemoaning the collapse of the art form of cinema as heralded by the emoji movie is a little disingenuous when we're going to pour out All Of The Money to go watch the next Avengers movie or whatever...
  11. Gah... Hollywood needs another renaissance. We need a new group of ambitious and talented writers and directors. ...Seriously, after Tarantino and Mendes leave the scene, it's only a matter of time...
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    Welcome to SFO!

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  12. That was sausage party. I've seen bits of it, looks absolute garbage in my opinion.
  13. I remember there being a lewd movie about food that externalized sexuality, but yet was in cartoon form. I gave up on Hollywood a while ago as movies became more action, less plot, and over-sexualization. I rely on internet for entertainment now. Is Hollywood trash? Absolutely. I'd argue that it's nothing new. This emoji film... I wouldn't believe it just by hearing of it.
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  15. Finally! As of today, North American Wii U owners can finally download Star Fox 64 from the Nintendo eShop, or purchase the game directly from Nintendo of America's website here.
  16. Yes. It's a movie of emojis. It's not a prank, it's happening for real. And Patrick Stewart will be voicing a poop emoji. Yeah, really. I swear, the film industry is repeating the shovelware mistake that helped kill the American video game industry in the early 1980's.
  17. seriously guys who is numbers?
  18. That's exactly what someone who was evading a ban by pretending to not be Numbers would say!
  19. Personally I prefer more feminine women who compliment my masculinity. Though the women who tend to share interests in the same fandoms as I do are almost always the tomboyish type. Not to generalize, but that's just my experience. As far as tomboys go I like how I can pig out in front of a girl, as she does the same thing, and I don't have to worry about manners. Though I don't like to feel competitive to a woman in regards to masculinity. I guess you can say I like being the hero, feeling needed, and such. With all that said I do prefer the girly type. Longer hair, dresses, more feminine qualities that create a distinct contrast to my masculinity. In terms of dating the priority is personality, and looks are secondary. Common interests go a long way, and if the interests in the same fandoms are present I won't mind if they lean more towards tomboyish.
  20. The switch presentation didn't impress me. The Wii U was bad enough that I sold it. Smash 4 was worth keeping it for, but I decided to sell the console after hearing Starfox Zero was a re-imagining, and had only motion controls. I guess you can say I've been real disgruntled with Nintendo's decision making especially with Starfox. "Better not be. We're clearly done with remakes. We want something fresh. Not necessarily new, but something that actually takes the series into a whole new level. Louder music, louder explosions, and cheesier lines that are actually well-delivered, instead of completely half-assed." ~Hit the nail on the head. Starfox (Snes), and Starfox64 were the best games in the franchise. However Adventures is a game that receives praise online, and is well merited. The older games were arcade style, and relied on manuals to build a story around the game-play leaving much to the imagination. This is fun in my opinion because it leaves much to imagination for fanfiction, and constructing the world within your mind. However in this era of gaming the times are more built around story, and theatrics. Which is the direction Starfox should go in to build a bigger fan base. Something like Assault, but less linear game-play would suffice imo. A game like Assault, but with paths like 64 would be good. Even something like Adventures, but please give Fox his blaster! Haha. Back to the switch. I'll buy it since I am a Nintendork, and been so as far back as I can remember. Very interested to see what will be done with Smash bros, and Metroid. The joycons look fun. I say this against better judgement. I wish instead of making their pro controller look more like an Xbox controller that Nintendo would improve upon the Gamecube controller, and revisit that design with improvements.
  21. At this point that if Nintendo tries to be "Innovative" again they're going to end up being a second party to Sony, considering on how the Wii U sold miserably, I really doubt they'll learn their lesson.
  22. oh hey, numbers is back aren't you evading a ban?
  23. Better not be. We're clearly done with remakes. We want something fresh. Not necessarily new, but something that actually takes the series into a whole new level. Louder music, louder explosions, and cheesier lines that are actually well-delivered, instead of completely half-assed.
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    Now I'm the one with computer issues...  Oiy, fml...

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