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  2. Alek didn't notice vixen behind him at first. He was too engulfed with the injured and had was fazed out. "Yeah he'll be fine," as he moved about preparing the creature for movement. "Just a little banged up ... Maybe a broken rib. Nothing too crazy." Granted he wasn't entirely sure but this should calm the audience down.
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  4. Pawel frowned at Zera's peremptory attitude towards him. He did not budge. This bitch, he thought to himself. "I only take orders from one person: me!" he exclaimed, pointing to himself. He did not cover the young man with his wings, only silently looking on. "Besides, you bunch are doing a decent job of keeping people and eyeballs away yourselves."
  5. Banned for chemistry puns, you should feel ashamed.
  6. Oh bih! What the fuhh?! A volvo v70R?! Lemme have it!
  7. Traffic had come to a standstill. Something happened up ahead. "Alright, this is far enough. Thanks." Hastily paying the driver, she leaped from the cab, and took off on foot. She figured that the obstruction was just a traffic accident, but something in her spirit told her to rubberneck. She was winded by the time she got to the surrounding crowd of onlookers. She squeezed her way through the crowd to see what was up, only to have the first row view blocked by a Sclav who used his wings to obstruct the scene. She could tell that there were several other people at the scene, and evidenced by the cab there with spiderweb cracks all over the windshield, Amelia conjectured that someone was hit by a car. Amelia had a sneaking suspicion of who it was, which might warrant all the secrecy.
  8. I usually don't look for stuff like this but I took a look at this out of a whim and well...the last part of this video, I think it's funny. See for yourself. (Sorry if Mario's face creeps you out and possibly bring back a lot of childhood nightmares. His face was just made this way.)
  9. Yes, make them available for all to see.
  10. FEAR was a great series.
  11. Banned because you look like you're made of barium, cobalt, and nitrogen; BaCoN.
  12. After seeing that the Katheeri was going to be taken care of, the Cerinian reached into one of her pockets and retrieved a little metal piece and examined the large feline and his little entourage he had arrived with. She'd recognized each of their faces through the database. What was their name again? Sun Cat? The vixen brought a palm to her face, having just realized the tiger's team name, this was Star Tiger, it wasn't hard to guess their motives here. Shepherd would need to keep tabs on them from now on, perhaps 'leash' could further help with that... No, the last thing she wanted to hear now and for the near future, was 'leash' hounding and berating her for something she'd had no control over. A thought occurred to her, they'd probably escort the ambulance to whatever hospital the cryptid ended up in and even if they didn't it was clear to her that keeping tabs on the known competition would be in her best interest. That would require her to use the piece of metal in her hand, a tracking device, that she had initially planned to use on the Katheeri. Well, that wasn't happening anytime soon. She'd have to make do. In order to use the little tracking devise, she needed to get close, but in order to get close without suspicion thrown upon her she needed a reason. Being a relatively young, a girl and having just injured someone, Shepherd didn't even need to think up an excuse. Doing her best to work herself up and come across as adequately guilty, the clone feigned timidness as she approached the german shepherd from behind. "I-is he... um-" The now teary eyed vixen spoke up once she had gotten close enough that the was certain that someone would physically remove her from the cryptid, her little tracking device between clasped hands, "Is he going to be okay?"
  13. Alek nodded and stepped forward. He stopped and ran his fingers through his hair and scalp. He wasn't prepared for this. For all he knew the genome of this ... this thing could be completely different than anything he has seen. "No," he thought to himself "This is a chance I couldn't miss." He took of his sport coat and rolled up his cuffs, placing both hands behind the base of the creatures skull and tried to feel any possible paralyzing fractures. Nothing. He was breathing but his pulse... unobtainable? There was something but he couldn't make it out. Bruising on his side, gash on his head. Alek peered up. The strike team surrounded him. What was their game? He wanted to know. A crowd was forming and traffic was piling up. The more people knew and questioned, the more he was at risk. But should he risk moving him? He had to take it. He threw his coat on the ground and asked for assistance in moving the creature to the sidewalk.
  14. "Better than nothing, if he's for real." Tiger said to himself as he heard the german shephered. "So long as you're a medical doctor, then do what you're trained for." Zera meanwhile continued to call for the Ambulance. "Yes, that's right, street on the south side of Memorial Park." She said into the phone. "Guy got hit by a car, no idea of the extent of his injuries at the moment. A perimeter has been established to prevent any further harm coming to the boy."
  15. Alek saw that traffic was at a stand still. He threw some credits at the driver and proceeded to exit the vehicle and see what happened. Body on the ground and a security team formed. "Fuck he's not alone." he murmured as he motioned to the body. He got into a sprint waving his arms. He could not miss the opportunity to see him up close. "I'M A DOCTOR IS HE ALRIGHT?" He yelled in the crowd's direction.
  16. Even though he was buckled in he had to hold on for dear life as she and took the turn, the rear end swinging out as the came around the corner, the tires chipped as they slid to a stop a few cars away. Immediately Sven opened the door and stumbled out of the car 'Never again will I ride with that woman.' Shutting the door he took off towards the small group gathered about the creature. Jess took off after him, wearing her fatigues and a white tank top still oily from the shop.
  17. At first, Shepherd wanted to get out of there, this would only prove a distraction if she got out to surveyed the damage. Though, if she ran, there was a good chance her fair mug would end up next to a warrant and that would make her job a bit more troublesome. Pushing the driver side door open, Shepherd stepped out to see her handiwork first hand... and saw the extra addition of a dragon lying nearby (She kept that one in mind, maybe, just maybe, she could lay some sort of accusation on him while she made her self scarce). Examining her victim from as close as she could without seeming too invasive of the scene, Shepherd examined him for a moment, just then, prior information clued in the fox as to what this heap of hurting meat was. She'd have to thank 'leash', he'd thoughtfully added images and and a detailed estimation of what a Katheeri, like the one lying before her, looked like. Silently, frustration started forming inside her, here was the Katheeri, practically fallen into her lap, and she couldn't even capitalize on that. "You've gotten me in more trouble than you'll ever possibly realize..." The vixen muttered eyeing the 'cryptid' as she would now dub him.
  18. Zera came there to their side. "I didn't pack my medical scanner." Zera said as she began to check his vitals first via the old methods of tactile touch. Something from when she had received medic training as a back-up to this sort of thing. "He's got a weird pulse... And since he is what he is, I don't dare do any further exploratory examination to assess his injuries. I'm gonna call an ambulance." She then pulled her phone out to call them in. Tiger meanwhile started to issue some commands. "Make a perimeter, we don't need any look-loos making things worse." HE said, "And someone cover him, this is a bad enough scene as it is. You!" He said to Pawel, "Make those damned wings useful, and cover the boy until that ambulance gets here. No more civies than already have seen it, don't need to see this!"
  19. "Great, the Star Fox wannabees..." Pawel said to himself quietly, as he was being quickly surrounded by them. While he was taking a knee beside the downed young one, he felt something not quite right with him. He deduced that he got a nasty scrape or bruise on his side, although now was not quite the right time to take off his shirt and check it out. "Can anybody on this damn planet get a doctor here or something?" Pawel said loudly. He tried his best to examine what was wrong with the young Katheeri, however he was only given rudimentary first aid training, training he had largely forgotten since it was given to him almost a century ago.
  20. Tiger was the first to see the hedge line that Zef vaulted over. "Shit!" He swore out, "DON'T DO IT KID!" He shouted, but it was too late, and as he himself vaulted over the hedge line, he saw the horror unfold before him. Though he had seen a lot of stuff in combat, this was something quite horrifying. He froze for a moment at the edge of the street, cars stopping to check it out. Tiger though, was frozen from PTSD, as he flashed back to the war, on Fichina, assault blaster in hand, a dead, though armed, venom aligned civilian before him. He was in shock from what he had done. Then he heard Zera's voice, and shook it off. "Tiger, get it together!" She shouted at him as she started to make her way to the incident, trying to clear away people from the scene. "Stand back, stand back everyone!" The others were soon doing the same as they jumped over the hedge. Tiger himself got a serious look on his face, and headed in as well.
  21. Now dressed in his civilian clothes Sven oversaw the last bag of equipment being loaded onto the shuttle when a small blue two door car came screeching down the road, the wheels smoking as it came to a stop and the window rolled down. "Sven get in!" The female Doberman, Jess, leaned over and threw the door open. He was shocked but did as she said, barely managing to close the door before she the car in gear and floored the accelerator. Grabbing the door and center console Sven held on for dear life "Holy fuck slow down!" The car screeched through a turn narrowly missing another vehicle "What's going on?!?" She tossed him her phone with the video still pulled up after she shifted gears "Your targets down town, it's live feed." He lurched as she weaved in and out of traffic, flying past other drivers. "They're real?" He gazed in shock at the display "You know it."
  22. "Shit, shit, shit...!" muttered Pawel as he pedaled to the metal. The gears cranked up more and more, although he felt exceedingly uncomfortable on the child-sized bicycle. As he was a Sclav, however, it was more toddler-sized to him. Nevertheless, he made do with what he had. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed as the Katheeri ran into traffic and was turned into roadkill. He too traversed into the middle of the street, and he too fell victim to the traffic, his rear tire being clipped by a sedan. He swerved out of control and fell onto the ground, sliding into a position beside the boy. "Dammit!" cursed Pawel. He inched to the boy's side. Noticing he was unconscious, he pulled himself up a bit. "Damn, kid, you're damaged pretty bad."
  23. Zefran ran for all he was worth, heart pounding in his chest and legs on fire. He could see people running after him, and a haze of terror fell over him. Antoine was right. Without that disguise, he was immensely vulnerable, and he had been taking it for granted. Why did he have to be right? He wanted to be back home, to get him and Antoine as far away from people as possible. They would be okay if they had each other. He knew he could depend on him. He glanced back to see a group following him at a healthy clip. His mind was in too much of a buzz to think rationally, and he picked up the pace. He had to lose them. Veering off suddenly, he vaulted over a trimmed hedge line and out into traffic. Cars and cabs screeched to a halt as he streaked in front of them. He was almost to the other side of the street when a massive force collided into his side. The hit knocked the wind out of him and slammed him against the hood. Everything went black as he rolled up the hood briefly and then fell into a heap on the ground in front of the car.
  24. fanfictiondreamer

    So, I have been watching AdballahSmash026 and his LPs. I heard from someone that Adballah is not exactly legit, or something like that, so I'm a bit worried about watching his videos. He's not bad or anything, right?

    1. Dr. Orange

      Dr. Orange

      He's an average LP guy. We collaborated with him (the site that is) back when SF:Z released.

  25. Compiling a list both mental and digital, the vixen made a check for what mercenary groups would, by their renown or success rates, would likely end up being hired. It made her snort in amusement just how many bootleg Star Fox groups were trying to ride the coat tails of the famous mercenary team. Solar Dogs, Celestail Lizard, Stellar Horse, Brown Dwarf Wolf, Pulsar monkey... Those were merely the ones that weren't simply adding star to whatever species their leader was. This... would take a bit. Faintly, she sensed fear, her first instinct was to dismiss it, the Cerinian didn't have the time or the patience to play vigilante for whatever trouble some poor sod had gotten themselves into. Though, curiously, Shepherd noted that she was nowhere near some shady alleyway nor was there any evidence of a crowd panic. Curiosity got the better of her as she turned her attention toward the memorial park she'd now found herself driving past. By a glance, there was definitely a scene in place, she noted a figure in full sprint away from the crowd. As far as Shepherd could tell at this distance, was a canine, possibly, regardless she'd already written this off as gang related by how urgently the figure was trying to escape. Though as amusing as it would be to hang around and watch whatever would result from this, her focus was drawn back to her findings. She'd have make an appointment with an information broker, that was a thought that made her grimace, the only way she'd be able to pay for the info she'd soon be seeking was by owing 'leash' a favor. Shepherd fixed her holo-com and debated making the call to her handler first or just make contact with a broker now and ask forgiveness to 'leash' when he inevitably sent an angry holo-call her way. With a sigh, she made a decision an reached for the Holo-com...- -a flash of movement on the road made the vixen panic and slam the breaks. Her stomach dropped. A little to late, as evidenced by the audible thump that sounded and watching the person who she'd just hit crumple onto the road.
  26. That was a fucking Katheeri, Amelia thought as she ran, barefoot--boots in one hand, phone recording in the other. She should have known what she was seeing when she saw it. A Katheeri! She had to follow him, and get the evidence. She ran out of the park and into the busy street. A car's horn reverberated in her ears, and the blinding sounds of tires screeching made her life flash before her eyes. She could have sworn that she just peed herself a little. Opening he eyes, she saw that she was standing before a taxi, the driver wide-eyed with a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel. Getting out of the vehicle, he berated her. "Bitch, are you out of your fucking mind??! I almost hit you. "I--I--...Uh..." She stood there breathless for a second before running around to the rear door of the taxi. "I need a ride!" He looked at her, mumbling something about crazy bitches, but nonetheless he got back into his car. "Where you headed?" "Down Yarborough Avenue. GO!"
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