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  2. Haha, yeah, I am more into the harder stuff ^^ That doesn't mean I'm against more poppy stuff, but I just think Judas Priest isn't that good in that kind of music. I do enjoy the more "commercial" records Queen made during the 80s for instance. @OneUnder Thanks for reminding how weird Hasselhof video is. I guess the gif in your signature describes well how one feels watching this clip!
  3. ... "This is Hunter class Intruder, call letters 3114-Allen-Ocean-Iowa outbound from obital station Alpha 3. Carrying equipment, personnel and level 3 prisoner containment. Requesting docking clearance." ... "This is Phobos traffic control, send us your clearance" "Uploading..." "3114-Allen-Ocean-Iowa, you are cleared to enter airspace. Proceed to docking bay 4." "Acknowledged...vectoring." ... The heavy military transport came into view of the traffic control tower as it approached the specified docking bay with an unhurried speed. The massive doors of bay 4 which bore the letters UAC slid open, silent in the vacuum of cold dead space. As soon as the ship had landed, the stern face Sergeant wasted no time offloading their prisoners. "Alright ladies, hurry up! Don't make me pull ya!" he barked gruffly through his cigar and mustache. "LeBean! Give me a head count!" A short man of Irish decent rolled out with a weathered clipboard and shouted the names of those whom the Sarge spoke of. "Riley..." "...yea..." "Miles..." "...uh huh..." "Alvarez..." "..." "Alvarez..." "Can't you see me, shithead." "LeBean, get it done!!" He checks the clipboard. "Brown and Blazkowicz. That's all of them!" Brown laughs, "Blazkowicz? The Hell kinda name is that?" "Shut your pie hole, Brown," Sarge piped, as the main door opens after a successful softseal. "You're in the pit with him and 5 consecutive life sentences. Ain't no way you all getting parole! Hope you like the view." Outside gracing the sky through a glass portal, red dirt of red planet glowed in the Martian sunlight. The planet named for the God of War. Mars. And this place... This place will be...their... ...
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  5. Ok, so I've started on writing the next part of my story called The Journey Through Kanto. This is the part of the story that is my own rewrite of the Original Pokemon anime. You know, the one you used to watch when you were a kid (if you have watch the Pokemon anime as a kid) I never had the chance to write this back when I was thinking this up, but now I finally am. I am currently on a writer's block in my story. I've been writing the second episode of the story, Pokemon Emergency. I need to keep going on writing this story, so I have decided to go on to writing another episode of my story. I'm not really in the mood to write the 3rd episode, but I really want to write the next episode involving them reaching Pewter City because I really want to get on writing about the group getting to the first Gym Leader of my Pokemon League, Fox McCloud. This is the part of the show where Ash meets Brock and they start traveling together. I want to incorporate that into the story as a way to keep it as close to the original story as I can get it. Everyone who knows this show should be familiar with Brock's squinty eyes. There was a part in my story where Buttercup was making fun of his eyes and why they were always closed. I never mention what happens after that, but Buttercup came back with a surprised look on her face. She then says something that I thought was very funny. Buttercup: "Let's just say I've seen things that were never meant for mortal eyes...and because of that, I will never make fun of his squinty eyes ever again." Also, each Gym Leader will come with a challenge in order to find them. For Fox, Ash will need to find a portal to his home planet hidden somewhere within the city. I'm still trying to think of how I'll be doing the other challenges.
  6. I'm talking about the trigger happy feminists who use every available opportunity to work in social injustices and every sort misguided bs imaginable. Spiderman Homecoming was littered with stuff here and there, plus its Marvel thats their trend now. However, In this film I see none of that bigotry. Wonder Woman isn't fighting for the strong-minded woman or the helpless minority, she fights for truth and justice for everyone...ya know, like how heroes and heroines are supposed to be?
  7. How was it "SJW"? I'm asking because the only way it's commonly used anymore is as shorthand for "cucks who don't fantasize about gassing Jews".
  8. Uh....yeah, I don't know if what I'm about to mention is a great idea, but I'm going to say it anyway. In my story, I created twin siblings for Team Rocket. They are good twins for the bad guy team and other things like that. Yeah, I...kind of had this powerful urge to create ideas to negate ideas that I don't like from original work. My tolerance level for ideas that I don't like were much lower than it is now. For example, Team Rocket were one of those bad guys that fans liked and hated at the same time. I liked the parts where they were good and worked alongside the heroes of the show for a common goal, but I hated the parts where they were bad guys and being nasty to the heroes. It felt like a betrayal of sorts to me and I hated the feeling. I understand that they were creating different situations that involved the different interests of the characters, but back then, I didn't understand that. So, I created the whole "Team Rocket has good twins" thing as a means of coping with a lot of the bad feelings that I had for these characters. I would have Team Rocket involved in all of the bad things that they did in the original story and the good twins involved in all of the good things that Team Rocket did. I think you get the point. Well, within a few years, I regretted that decision and the problem is I have incorporated this idea too much into the story to get rid of it and I partly still like the ideas that I came up with some of the ideas involving this. So now, I feel like I'm being punished for coming up with this idea and now I have to come up with a lot of good ideas to make this work. It's going to be tough and to put it lightly, it's a challenge all by itself. So, if the idea really isn't so great, well now you know.
  9. Banned for triggering me with the roll thing. Speaking of... You're welcome.
  10. You know, Emile has attended so many of these video games and electronic conventions all over the country as well as in Canada. He has also had his friends Jon, Tim and Masae join him. Meanwhile, the number of conventions like these I have attended? 0 (zero). I don't even have any means of getting to these conventions. I live in a small town in PA and these Cons are hardly ever close to here. I don't think I can handle driving long distances, I'm on a tight budget, only managing to make enough to take care of myself with the budget plan that my mom has set up for me, I have no public transportation to get me there. I'm not asking anyone that I know to take me to any of them, including members of my own family because the idea of it is just dumb. Don't even get me started on my brother. The only person in my family who would be glad to take me to any of them would be my grandpa because would always bend over backwards for me, plus he has special means of being able to take me to these places, but I hate the thought of taking advantage of my own grandfather even if he wanted me to!!! I would love to attend these conventions and really get the chance to meet him, but the thought of attending these cons just to meet him is stupid. I mean, only crazy people would go to a convention taking place at a great distance just to meet one person. I may have Autism, but that's no excuse for me to lose my mind and do something like that. Not to mention that I'm not that desperate to reach out to him. Then again, who in their right minds would be? A part of me really, really wants to do that and I have been struggling with that part of me for a long time over of number of things. I don't ever want to lose myself that. But there's something inside me that really notices something about him that gives me that powerful urge to want to reach out to him and talk to him. I sometimes think that he's had that urge, too. I guess you could say that he's a lot like me in that aspect. When you find that one person that you can relate to in so many ways, you want to reach out to that person to let them know that I know how they feel, I understand what they've been through and I don't feel so alone because of them. If I could get that one chance to reach to him and talk to him, that would make me very happy. The rest I will leave up to him because that's all I can do for both of us. I wouldn't need to do anything else afterwards and I would be glad to make that decision for me as well as for me.
  11. Ok, so here's what's going on. I'm thinking about making a forum involving a lot of ideas that I plan on putting into my story. I am still working on them so I want to put them on here just to show what's been going on. It's been taking too long for my story to really get out there and I have a lot of ideas still sitting in storage. They are becoming very difficult for me to remember what I did and I try to write them out in order to make sure that the ideas don't fade away inside my messy, disorganized mind. So I will really put them out there and show you what I have in store for my beloved story. You're more than welcome to check them out whenever you like. Oh, and a fair warning to everyone. If you hate spoilers, DON'T LOOK INTO THIS FORUM!!! It will be full of spoilers!! If you don't mind spoilers, go ahead and look into it, but this will ruin the surprise of what goes on in my story once you do. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. WARNED!! Enjoy!!
  12. Alternatively; And another candidate for the greatest music video of all time (not to mention David fucking Hasselhoff);
  13. I'm not gonna lie, I went in it thinking I would hate it. But I was wrong, I felt uplifted. There was no SJW bullsh*t constantly thrown in my face (unlike Spiderman Homecoming) , I genuinely felt engrossed in the story. The characters had depth to them and Diana wasn't some brooding orphan from Gotham and or some depressed space Jesus. She was written, acted and portrayed as a good person who only wanted to do the right thing.
  14. Banned for raging in silence where no one can hear you.
  15. Everyone banned for making me scream internally.
  16. No wonder.
  17. I've seen a lot of superhero movies, but this one felt different to me. Actually, let me rephrase that. This superhero film made me feel a way I've never felt after watching superhero films before. It was heartwarming. No other superhero film to date ever made me feel that way. Am I going insane or did this happen to others as well?
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    Interesting thoughts on Valerian and starwars

  19. Well, I guess the great thing about Judas Priest is that, like Queen, they've a whole variety of songs for different kinds of people. In many ways, it seems like we're on opposite sides of the rock spectrum. I've grown up on Britpop bands like Suede, Supergrass, Manic Street Preachers, and 80's rock like U2, Duran Duran and Ultravox, so I find their more mainstream stuff, even poppy sounding records like the aforemented the highlights, whilst what seems like someone who's into the harder stuff such as yourself is able to appreciate their Painkillers, Sentinels, etc. Very few musicians are able to craft a such a broad range of music, especially under a single genre. I guess that's something to be celebrated. I'll agree with the videos. It's a good thing they clearly didn't take their music too seriously. To do so would have drawn further comparisons to Spinal Tap. I do however wonder with videos such as Turbo and Locked In if they were aware of how campy they were. Thanks for you top 3 lists. I haven't heard enough of most of the albums to give my definitive yet. Point of Entry, Ram it down, and the Ripper Owens albums are some that I need to listen to more of next. I'm surprised to see Delivering the Goods on there. I can't really get into that one. I can understand why some aren't into the Darkness. But it was worth a try.
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    I miss the old chat room. Good times were had there.

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  22. Banned because Hall and Oates are closest mankind can ever come to perfection.
  23. Xemnas fanfiction... Actually, ANY fanfiction...Spiders.... Communism... That sound about right?
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    Sorry for the lack of SWAT Kats uploads. Sleep problems and busy with debugging some CSS3 designs I've been doing. >.<

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  26. What? Send me a list of your worst fears so I can check.
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