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  2. "Name's Loran, Loran Macrine. Airbear to friends!" Loran took to eating another nibble of her food ration as she proceded to sit on the shuttle floor, eyeing the stranger's face while easing her neck of the burden, speaking. "How about you, Mr. Person?" The way Loran spoke to the man, even after his hostility, seemed to give a sense of innocence and potential, driven past her fears.
  3. After Muryin left the shuttle, Andrej took a deep breath. He was glad that she didn't attack him immediately, so maybe he finally hadn't to travel alone across this planet. “Nice job.” His superior appeared in his memories again and sarcastically congratulated him. “Let's see how long it takes her to figure out and kill you, hm? Remember, I'm not around this time to save your sorry butt just because you are a sissy. And don't even dare to whine when your body is full of bullet holes or worse...” Dismissing those thoughts, Andrej picked up the cache of food and examined it with glee, then digging in. How long ago was the last time he ate something different? But nevertheless, the idea to dispose of the group refused to get out of his mind... Shortly afterwards the child-like voice sounded again and Andrej looked up to see... a walking teddy bear in white? He didn't want to believe first what he saw, but the too natural movements indicated a true living being. Was that the child that snapped him out of his confusion? Andrej then knelt down with a friendly smile and said, “Thanks, young lady! May I know your name, please?”
  4. I drew these a couple years ago but I still love them. Because I'm Krystal trash. The one with less sketches was made a bit earlier than the other. I decided to change up the way I sketch, utilizing a pencil tool instead of going with an ink pen. One of the figures has her looking off into the distance where some buildings are burning... I imagine this would be something like the beginning of the fall of Cerinia. I would like to write/make a comic one day, but I've been too busy to do that lately lol.
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  6. Of course! thanks :3 thank u for the fishy stick i will treasure it always Also I might need one more post in order to edit my profile so DINK
  7. She gave a nod at the woman, "Thank you, ma'am" She said nodding. "My name's Amai." The leopard told her. She rested her right hand on the gauze on her arm, biting her lip. "Is everything okay up there?" She asked, indicating the man who didn't yet leave the shuttle.
  8. "Oh crap, I need a crap, and I'm ten blocks from my house."
  9. SF Alba

    Release the crack, Ken.

  10. *sigh* "techno babble does not become me..."
  11. to the site.
  12. I'm suuuper offended. Anyway, welcome to SFO. I'm Alba. Here, have a fishy-stick:
  13. Laddie, ah'll reference whichever community I please!!
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    Open sesame. Open salami. Open the door. Stop having it be closed.

  15. "Sub-quantum particle accelerator engines to the square power of five to the speed of light, and away!"
  16. Hey hey, welcome to SF-O! Hope you enjoy your stay here. ^^
  17. Currently playing Deus Ex - Revision, The Witcher 1, Super Meat Boy and TOCA Race Driver 3 on Steam.
  18. Ah, and here we have another new member. Excellent, the more the merrier, and do expect the welcome wagon to show up. And be sure to accept one of SF Alba's fishy sticks, it's tasty. As for the galleries, it might be okay to link to them, but you'd have to note the kind of content that's there as a warning for those curious. SF-O is a PG-13 site after all. Also, if you want to post the stuff that is PG-13 or lower appropriate stuff, we have a fan art forum for that. That would also be the best place to post a link to your galleries if you don't post it in your profile page, signature, and stuff.
  19. Hello there, welcome to hell. Here is your bagpipe.
  20. To be fair, I've been having some internet issues on my end (pages not loading, taking forever to load, timing out because they won't load) so it could just be me, not the site. That being said, I haven't had similar issues on other sites but I also don't know what's going on in the back of the house haha. Hey also, I wanted to post a couple of my SF fan art pieces here (all Krystal, what a surprise), and maybe link to my gallery, though I did notice in another thread that someone declined to link to an original piece because it was on FurAffinity. I have content restrictions on all of my more mature pieces in my galleries, would it be OK if I linked to my FA/Weasyl/Furrynetwork galleries as well as my Deviantart one?
  21. Thank you so much for running the site, DZ. I've had a blast here because of your running the community. We wouldn't be here without you. Alongside MK and Orange, I hope to bring the site to new levels of success and I hope you stick your head in when you can. Fly safe~
  22. pretty sure they make an ointment for this
  23. Muryin removed the bandage carefully. "Oh you poor thing. I am going to apply an disinfectant. It will feel cold at first." After doing so, she wraps it with a fresh gauze and fitted her arm with a sling. "Try not to move it as much. If you feel an numbness do not worry, it's the medicine. Now, eat something...what was your name?" - ( to Sylono ) As he walked through the forest, he spotted someone counting their ammo and dove back behind a tree. He waited for whomever it was to leave and pressed his muscular back against the large redwood.
  24. Welcome! I'm glad to see you can post still, site issues shouldn't last too much longer, we just moved servers and all, so it should be resolved soon!
  25. It's more likely than you think!
  26. Krystal trash? On my SFO?
  27. Ahoy m80!
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