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  2. *receives cardboard.* *inserts Donald Trump's hair.*
  3. Banned for trying to be funny. Get off the stage you clown, you're scaring the kids.
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  5. Nothing wrong with a good ol' collaboration.
  6. now all that needs to be done is the RP to be approved.
  7. Huh, this game sounds a lot like what I'm doing in my story. Characters from multiple dimensions meet with each other, mingle and fight along side each other. As for the explicit stuff? You don't have to worry about that. I will never go any higher than rated T. I don't care how badly people want me to do that. Stuff like that means nothing to me.
  8. Banned for being a fan of a fandom that includes fans that react in a fanatical way to electric fans.
  9. Sounds pretty good.
  10. i honestly cant write a good fanfic correctly. I'm more of a summary type person. Also this isnt fanfic fodder, it's speculation
  11. Nobody is going to write your fanfiction for you. "Leaving it to others" works like... 1% of the time.
  12. Rocket Raccoon stole everybody's thunder and made it cooler and now it's his and you can't have it, so nyah
  13. Banned because puppets are already dead...I'm sorry
  14. The purpose of this RP is simple, a multi -verse pocket dimension where your OCS and popular characters can mengle and do random fun stuff. The only thing is no sexual activity will take place on this thread. Do so via personal messager if you must, please? I'd also ask you to respect all site rules, to be civil and respect your fellow members. Be safe and please refer to the site please. Thank you and happy role playing. There is not a set number limit to role players. It is a drop in drop out RP. As to the location of where this all takes place can vary depending on player preference: an arena, a city, desert plain, etc.
  15. Banned for not having an explanation for banning. This is a sign that I am too epic to live.
  16. Go for it! [Approved]
  17. Yesterday
  18. I'm not really that good in writing fanfics. so i'll leave it up to others
  19. That be so Cretaceous, perhaps even Triassic. But i know one thing it's not, Jurassic. Since you mentioned vietnam, here's mood music Well I do like the idea. Do you plan to describe it in further ina fanfic?
  20. If Sauria were to be a battlefront the lylat wars (Star Fox 64/Zero) this is how i think it would have gone out. Since the panet is already ruled by several tribes and sovereignties, the war fought on and for sauria between Andross and Corneria would be more of a Proxy war, a war instigated by a major power that does not itself become involved. In this case, The Sharpclaws, Redeyes, and several tribes, would be aligned towards Venom, whilst the EarthWalkers and Cloudrunners, are aligned towards Corneria. Guerilla warfare is largely relied upon by the Venomians and venomian aligned tribes, meaning that the only way to neutralize them would be to weed them out from the ground using various tactics, or carpet-bombing and using biological, herbicidal or chemical weapons to destroy the jungle their hiding in from the air, both at the irredeemable cost of destroying Sauria's natural beauty, cultural heritage (if ruins or ancient structures are involved) and creating environmental damage, which unfortunately happens. However the Venomian aligned tribes use simple but effective traps and tactics to keep the cornerian aligned tribes at bay. Both Cornerian and Venomian troops are sent to sauria to aid either side, but an air of mistrust towards the unaligned and neutral tribes, such as the Lightfoots result in several unspeakable civilian atrocities committed by both sides (which involve ransacking and wiping out entire villages and slaughtering innocent tribals all because they thought they were the enemy of each other). For Corneria's Case, playing on the incompetence of their military, they decided it was best to broadcast the saurian front to the public, the end result being public outcry and protests against the atrocities committed on Sauria as well as the Saurian Front's apparent pointlessness. While Venom eventually withdraws in later parts of the war, Corneria withdraws primarily because of civillian insistence to withdraw and remove their troops and equipment from Sauria. While other battlefronts in the Lylat wars draw inspiration from WWII or Various sci fi works, such as Star Wars, In Sauria's case, The battle that would have gone out there would have been based on the Vietnam war (with the Venomian-aided side being more similar to the Viet Cong rather than the Nazis/Galactic Empire), in terms of strategies, environment, warfare, atrocities and in terms of sheer pointlessness. If Star Fox were ever called to that planet their missions would primarily involve bombing the jungle with herbicides or napalm and for ground missions, blasting several ruins or villages suspected to be used as bases or outposts by the enemy. In the end, were left with a culturally and environmentally devastated planet that is now hostile extremely towards any outsiders and it's spiritual energy possibly damaged or corrupted by the warfare. So what do you think?
  21. Banned...just banned, no explanation.
  22. Call in the air strike
  24. Will it print money or turn you gay? Make the Switch.
  25. Me: "Is this the part Krystal smashes Platinum?" Reggie: "I though I had permabanned you."
  26. Banned because both, in a way are eternal. Our cells die and reproduce everyday, we occasionally get a paper cut, to not say worse, and we are infinitely bombarded by the world's external influences. #GeoleeThePhilosopher
  27. Banned because the universal truth is, 'pain is momentary, suffering is eternal'.
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