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    It's actually happening: Star Fox 2 getting an official release! http://www.nintendo.com/super-nes-classic Though it will be on the SNES classic system. Better pre-order one, because if it's anything like the NES classic, getting one will be difficult.
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    >You join 5 hours ago. >Have your first thread about a fan project asking for help. >Provide no pictures or description on what this project actually is. >And to top it all off it's in the wrong location. Please review the rules before posting. If I am wrong and there is something to backup this fan project I'll unlock this thread. PM me or the staff when that happens.
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    For a whole decade, I've been using VPS' to host all websites, communities, etc. Now for the first time ever, we have bought a dedicated server, meaning we have a full, actual machine just for us. The development team (mostly no SF-O members) are giving this server a test spin, and if everything goes well, we'll move all website to that server, including this one. A nice perk would be, this will allow us to finally bring back all the missing files, because now we'll have a full 400 GB HDD, rather than a virtual 50 GB SSD. When this site will be moved over, you'll hear about it at a later time. But all websites should be fully moved over within 3 months from now. Thanks for your understanding.
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    this is a background i made for my Miyu tumblr, but if anyone wants to use it for their desktop, you're more than welcome.
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    I love the mock Super Famicom boxart they released.
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    Some members of the family were quite practical.
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    Probably a select few new planets, maybe some from SNES SF2 or SF64, and a few more planets involving the non-Arwing vehicles. Would have been nice to have had a Blue Marine level that had more urgency to it. I'd imagine the multiplayer modes would have been expanded on since the original's was servicable at best. If the RAM expander was used, maybe the level design could afford to be less barren even with 4 player play. They'd probably need a hook that would motivate people to buy it, but theres always a chance it could have just been a case of "More similar content and more refinement".
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    The Daily Life of Slippy Toad This Started off as a Random idea with a friend of mine mostly Showing another form of this type of video of something else. Shocked there was Not one yet made of Slippy, he got a hold of Some SF643D voice Files and Got Right on it. Heh.. The Thumbnail of Slippy was Drawn by me to go with this as a contribution towards this. Just a quick Silly Drawing To go with this all! (;
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    I've mentioned Star Fox online's twitter saying "Mine would be 'Never give up. Trust your instincts.'" Sound off your favourite quotes right here, and let's give Star Fox 64's 20th birthday a welcome celebration!
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    Biggest change that should happen to the story is to have a second alternative to the andross boss fight for a second ending like in 64
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    If you're going to talk about "awful, terrible, horrible movies" why would you use Rogue One as the shining example of bad Star Wars films? Episode 2 was the worst of them all, why isn't that up there? Even Episode 1 was a redeemable movie(Sort of), but Episode 2 had absolutely nothing going for it. If you were going to watch the series with someone who had never seen Star Wars before, you could just easily say "They get a clone army between Episode 1 and Episode 2 so they can fight the droid army" and skip Episode 2, and they'd have lost nothing, because the only thing of merit in that movie was the clone army. Rogue One has the luxury of not needing to explain anything because you could easily do without the movie. I agree that some of the characters were pretty flat, but so were the characters in Star Fox Adventures, and people still love that game unironically. I'm not saying it was the greatest Star Wars film ever, but give it more credit than "This movie was awful terrible and horrible"
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    Dogfighting in Meteo always sucked ass. Fox loved it. The 'sky' was a sea of gray-brown asteroids and his movements were fluid and seamless, darting around rock after rock. Some were as small as a meter; others were as large as a kilometer. No pilot who'd spent more than a month in the sky would ever hit one of the rocks–no, that wasn't the problem. The problem was that the rocks constrained you. You had to move this way here, this way there. Every move had to be planned in advance, and the good pilots could use the rocks to their advantage. A plasma bolt grazed his wing and his shields monitor flashed red. Like that. Wolf had hidden behind an asteroid, used it to block Fox's sensors, and lined up a damn good shot. His shield could take about three hits and needed a good five minutes to recharge, so even though he suffered no damage from the bolt, it was still a considerable victory. He pulled a quick one-eighty, but a huge mass of asteroids blocked his line of sight to Wolf. Fox was fighting blind. Just a couple of shots more like that, and... Oh, shit. He turned again and kicked on the boost when he saw the green ball tracking him. Wolf had prepped a lock on him from his little hidey-hole, and now it was only a matter of time before the blazing ball caught up. Fox gripped the stick firmly, but before he could do anything, his radar flashed and he had no choice but to slam on the boost, the thrill of adrenaline ringing out in his chest. Wolf had flown out from behind one of the asteroids behind him, afterburners blazing, and Fox could picture the bloodthirsty snarl on his rival's face when bolts of blue plasma fired Fox's way, raining down from above. It was like a scene straight out of a nightmare, one Fox had seen before many times in the middle of the night. What Wolf did was a ruthless combination attack. If Fox flew in a straight line, he'd be easy pickings for Wolf's blasters. On the other hand, if he dodged all the blaster shots, the homing one would catch up. Fox grit his teeth, adrenaline surging. By now he could feel his pads sweating, but he didn't break under the pressure: with one hand on the booster and one on the rudder, he worked himself into a rhythm, alternating between rolling, swerving, and boosting with as close to zero downtime as he could manage. A lesser pilot would have already been fried. Wolf was smart—he'd never get a free lock on Fox like that without using the asteroids as cover—but Fox was just so good that it didn't matter. Shot after shot he dodged and deflected, and he could feel himself grinning despite the sweat and aching fingers from gripping the damn stick too hard. He loved the rush of pushing himself to the absolute limit, and he could only imagine Wolf's frustration when such a good move didn't so much as land a single shot on Fox. It'd only be a matter of time until the charged shot fizzled, and if Wolf stopped his suppressing fire for long enough to charge another one, Fox would be able to turn and land fire of his own. Plus, those plasma guns had to be close to overheating by now. Then Fox saw the gigantic boulder lumbering into view, right in his path. He faltered for just long enough for one of Wolf's plasma shots to slam into his fuselage. Fortunately, the shield absorbed most of the impact, but tremors still shook his ship. Shields at one third. Two more hits and you're toast. Fox managed by pure necessity to work himself back into the evasive rhythm, while the boulder crept ever closer. Wolf was smarter than he'd thought. He wasn't just forcing Fox on the defensive; he'd been shepherding him with those blaster shots, forcing him to dodge towards that enormous asteroid's path. It was so hard to think, when he had to constantly twist and turn to avoid fire. Normally, he'd make a U-turn and retaliate, but the charged shot would hit him if he did. His eyes glanced at his radar to note Wolf's position. Then he turned his ship sharply to the side and slammed on the boost as hard as he could. If he'd done it perfectly, the charged shot would have collided with the asteroid, and the resulting explosion would obscure Fox enough to let him boost away and reset the fight. But under the pressure of Wolf's fire, it was nearly impossible to execute that flawlessly. The green plasma ball swerved, just barely grazed the asteroid, and soon was hot on his tail again. Still, Fox smirked. He hadn't gotten rid of it, but now the ball was directly between him and Wolf. Wolf had to stop firing, lest he fire into his own track-shot and destroy it. If he were Wolf, he'd be charging another right now. By this point, Fox would be surprised if Wolf's plasma guns weren't screaming for rest and recovery. Now was his chance. He boosted away, that same green ball still tailing him. Fox swerved at the last second before the next lock-on fired, trying to control the angle of attack. Eyes glanced down to his radar, and he smiled. Perfect. Both balls were coming at him from opposite sides. He guessed the midpoint between them and boosted in the orthogonal direction. If Fox were Wolf, he'd— Right on cue, a little blue dot popped up on his radar. A bomb, designed to keep him from retaliating, no doubt. A smart move, but bombs were risky, and Fox was bold. As the twin homing bolts neared, Fox jerked the stick down as hard as he could, and his ship bucked upwards in a fast one-eighty. Both green balls slammed into one another and dissipated in an explosion of plasma that rocked his ship. Any sane person would have boosted the other way to avoid Wolf's bomb, but Fox knew what he had to do: he slammed down on the boost, and before the bomb was able to explode, he punched on his barrier. Power diverted from boost, engines, and weapons to reinforce his shield. His windshield shimmered blue, and Wolf's bomb collided with Fox's ship... just to get deflected away, still intact. The moment the bomb deflected, Fox dropped the barrier and boosted away. Moments later, the bomb detonated; a blue blaze engulfed him, the incredible intensity of which made Fox's eyes nearly clench shut. The heat melted his shields, and every alarm in the handbook screamed. All he could see from his squinting eyes was searing blue, so bright that he couldn't make out a single damn control on his ship. All he had was muscle memory, but that was all he needed. Despite his ship's protests, he darted in blindly towards Wolf's former position, and the moment the cloud of blue plasma dissipated enough for him to make out his rival, he fired. The bomb put out so much heat and energy that there's no way any sort of sensor could have pinpointed Fox's position, or even see his shots coming. And as far as Wolf was concerned, Fox's ship ought to have been destroyed in that blast. The element of surprise worked in his favor: three shots scored hits in the confusion before Wolf could dodge, but that wasn't enough to penetrate shields. Once Wolf knew where he was, his rival was quick to boost away, but Fox was hot on his tail. The red blaze of Wolf's booster made his ship hard to make out; again, Fox was reduced to squinting and gritting his teeth. He dumped as many shots as he could. This close, Wolf couldn't boost to dodge; he could only roll and hope for the momentum of his shielded wingtips to deflect every shot. Ten shots Fox fired before one finally hit the mark. Wolf's wing blazed and Fox boosted out of the pursuit to keep the ensuing black smoke from blinding him. The two of them flew away from each other, both seeking downtime to let shields recharge and blasters cool. Damn. It'd been just one exchange, and it'd only lasted a couple of minutes, but this was already the most intense duel he'd had in a long time. The memories went back ten years, and he could feel the fire in his chest now just as then, the pinpricks of excitement and anxiety alike dancing down his body. He'd done it. He'd fucking done it. He'd taken that near perfect setup from Wolf, flew out of his mind, and deflected it right back at him. And it felt so good. This—this was what Wolf's scent reminded him of. It's why it fired him up when Wolf got in his face, and it's why Wolf made his blood boil. His rival was the only person alive who gave him this kind of addictive thrill in the sky, who put him this much on edge. It was like Wolf had given him that precious first fix after an interminable dry spell and yanked him out of a withdrawal he hadn't even been aware of. This was what Fox McCloud lived for. Wolf's holographic mug appeared in front of him, and Fox's eyes locked on. His rival looked about as exerted as Fox felt; he had that same intense stare like he had when Fox had jammed the bayonet up against his nose. "What the hell was that? Boosting into a bomb?" Fox was bubbling with a confidence he hadn't felt in far too long. They both knew if Wolf had landed a single shot while Fox's shields were completely fried, it would have been over: it was such a bold, over-the-top move when compared to Wolf's clever, calculated trap. "Me beating you." Wolf flashed his teeth. "You haven't won yet. I'm going to skin you alive, pup, wing or no wing." "I'd like to see you try." With that, the link terminated, and Fox twisted into a U-turn, boosting back towards his rival. He saw the gleaming red of the Wolfen before the chime on his radar. Fox swerved to the side, charging a shot—and the duel continued. Wolf was good. No. Falco was good. Wolf was fantastic. Watching Wolf soar through virtual space was a hell of a sight, and every rock in the sky felt so much more imposing when he knew that, for once, he was flying against someone who really understood how to abuse them. Fox might have won the first skirmish, but the fight was far from over. There was a certain arrogance to the way Wolf flew. Most pilots tried to confuse and disrupt, attempting jerky, flashy maneuvers in attempt to throw off their enemy. Falco, for instance, used to somersault, turn, and zip unpredictably across the sky, but Wolf could do with a single second of a well-timed brake what would take his old partner ten seconds of aerial acrobatics to execute. It didn't seem to matter if Wolf was predictable, because even if you see the perfect move coming, there's nothing you can do to stop it. And though Wolf might have been controlled and patient on defense, the moment Fox made a mistake Wolf was nothing but aggressive and ruthless. Fox could not allow himself to be sloppy. If nothing else, Wolf had reaffirmed Fox's respect. Ten minutes later, Fox was gritting his teeth. His ship was too damaged to hold up another hit, and he wagered Wolf's was, too, gauging from the smoldering ruin that used to be his right wing. Most simduels lasted less than five minutes, but this had gone on for fifteen long, torturous ones. Fox cut a somersault, diving towards Wolf. A quick roll deflected two of the three shots that Wolf sent towards him. He dove out of the way, his targeting system still getting a lock on Wolf. Wolf knew if he tried charging a lock-on now, he would lose to Fox's before he could get it off. All he could do was fire madly and hope to connect a finishing shot before Fox got his homing shot off. Eyeing the shower of plasma bolts firing his way, Fox wagered he could hold up through just three more shots, and he knew Wolf's gun was soon to overheat. The adrenaline pumping in his veins spurred him on: a dodge to the left avoided one shot, and a roll deflected the next two. His charge was almost finished. He could roll again now, but they were so close that it wasn't a guaranteed dodge, and there was always the possibility the erratic movements would make him lose his lock. Fox braced himself and took the next two shots straight to his hull to guarantee his sensors could hone in on Wolf, then he slammed down on the trigger, angling the shot down to avoid the last of Wolf's oncoming shots. Fox cut into a hard roll: four more bolts were screaming his way, and if he could deflect every one of them, he'd survive long enough for his charged shot to take Wolf out. His hands jerked on the control, adjusting his nose for each individual bolt so that they struck as close to the tip of his wings as he could get them. One-by-one, they smoked against his wings and deflected off into the sky. Only then was Fox able to boost away, just in time to see the searing green from his own shot's detonation. A few seconds later, the display blanked, breaking the illusion and revealing the sim lab's wall. Panting slightly, Fox relaxed in his seat to get ahold of himself. Damn, but that was a workout. Jerking on the controls so much had worn out his wrists and fingers, and he'd been so tense that he had a dull ache in his legs just from clenching. For a while, he just sat there, eyes closed, recovering. -- The above is an excerpt from my larger story, Black and White. As it features a Fox/wolf pairing, the story is probably not to everyone's tastes, but I figured this scene had universal appeal. I very rarely write action, because I only feel like I can make it interesting when the stakes are high and personal. When I have the chance, it's always a joy. Nothing further will be posted here, but feel free to leave any comments you might have, and consider checking out the rest of the story if you've enjoyed this little tidbit.
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    Fara was originally nothing more than a bonus character made to simply fill out a few needs for a comic. Though she was designed by Benimaru Itoh, that doesn't mean anything, other than she is owned by Nintendo. As for why she was used, simple enough, place holder. They're used all the time. Look at "Saru" for example, he was there for temporary place holding purposes. Same goes for the sheep that evidently replaced him, that eventually became Faye. It's actually very common to create certain assets that are used in a game during development, but never get to final production. Fara was simply nothing more than that, a place holder that was easy enough to modify from another existing character. In fact, if you want excellent examples from another iconic anthropomorphic animal series, look on Sonic Retro. That site is full of examples of what was in betas and alphas before the games final releases. But over all, that's my thought for why she didn't make it in. Of course, there may be the case that in Japan, where the comic was a manga meant to promote SFSNES, that she wasn't quite well liked. Beyond her being cute, looking like Fox's mother, and being Fox's love interest, there is nothing particularly interesting about her. I couldn't tell you what is interesting about her without looking it up myself. I can tell you something about Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppey, Katt/Miyu, Bill/Faye, and so on. They each had a particularly interesting trait, even if, in the case of Krystal with her telepathy, it wasn't utilized well. Fara though... She's more of a generic character with nothing interesting beyond what fan interpretations exist. That's what I see anyways.
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    I was getting fitted for a kilt yesterday. I was wearing my Mass Effect jacket, and one of the staff walked up to me and said "So, is this your favourite store on the citadel?" It was beautiful.
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    Straight up tell me what was wrong with that video. I want to know what was bad about that beautiful work of cinematic art.
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    i came back to post these unfinished pictures of miyu. i'll be back in another 2 years.
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    I'm hoping SFX games can came to VC now, though. Here's why I have hope: The NES Classic. The NES Classic was not one of those 'NES on a Chip' devices like those you could by at flea markets and shit that are full of pirated ROMs. It was an ARM-Cortex-based computer. The CPU in it is actually faster than the one in the 3DS. What does that mean? It means that the NES Classic was not running the NES games natively, it is quite clearly an emulation box. The SNES Classic I would wager is the exact same hardware, perhaps a little bit more RAM, programmed to run an SNES emulator instead of an NES one. That means that Nintendo has gone and added SFX support to their emulator. This means we could, maybe, see VC releases of SFX games now as Nintendo has finally done the requisite work. So, perhaps Star Fox, Star Fox 2, and the original version of Yoshi's Island can come to VC on the Switch (if the Switch ever gets VC........) Dylan Cuthbert has said on multiple occasions that Nintendo has a complete finished build of SF2. The one floating around on the internet is not complete. It's buggy as hell and Dylan has said that it is missing some key features. Honestly, we owe Dylan and the Argonaut team a lot for this happening. This quote from Dylan tells is why this is possible: "Even after the decision was made we went ahead and completed it, taking it to be fully QA'd through Mario Club. During development [of Star Fox Command] we received a copy of the mastered Star Fox 2 ROM to play, and it was quite a blast." Yeah, they finished it AFTER Nintendo canned it. We owe those guys BIG TIME for this moment. I think it's pretty clear that the version we're getting is the one that got the Mario Club treatment (Mario Club is Nintendo's testing and debug house). The leaked build is just too buggy for release.
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    She just uploaded another to Twitter: I love her art style as much as I love her focus on Fox as of late. edit: embed didn't work https://twitter.com/tessgarman/status/879032628187418624
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    He will be missed... RIP Adam We
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    TV's Adam West died yesterday, June 9th, at the age of 88. This one makes me sad because he was still very actively doing fantastic things.
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    Alright, this may ruffle some feathers, but Assault is what I think the remainder of the Starfox franchise should be built around. I also don't see why people find Assault sub-par. It remains to this day my favorite installment in the franchise.
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    Wha-? Where's the evidence for any of this? Great Fox literally gets ripped apart by drones in the SFZ, Has a wing blown off by a missile if you're bad at Sector Z (Even if you argue that it had the power of a nuke or something, turbolasers when used at full power are able to reduce a city that's seemingly spanning a continent to ashes) and in it's assault form is shredded by Aparoids. Seriously man, read up on Star Wars a bit, Mass Effect tech might be more of a fairer fight. Tie fighters don't have shielding, it's meant for mass production and the tactics are to overwhelm the enemy. All that aside, what're you talking about? Basic enemies are able to whittle down your heath at a fair rate (I'll try find an example), I don't know what you think they're firing at each other, but let me tell you right now "laser" is a misnomer (Lasers are beams if you'll remember), it's "ionized gases" or plasma if that feels like a better term. (Also, heres some well informed non-canon) That's opinion at best, I'm going out of my way to make this fair for Star Fox considering I'm not adding Jedi or Sith or anything. Again, this is still opinion coming from the math you said you did, the one where you barefacedly saying that somehow they made their ship's fire power not melt itself each time it fires, yet, clearly other lasers from even old ships (First mission) of Star Fox Assault. Uh, is that baseless speculation on your part? Even if the idea of Corneria holding out even hours would be almost zero, the Imperial Navy is massive, they need to be in order to keep order in a galaxy, Lylat honestly can't compete with the numbers they could produce. Also, Morals, The empire isn't above glassing worlds to dust. It also has been around for a good long while, like, a looong time (sorry, best I could find atm) and is a lot more diverse (Tactics, vehicles, military personnel etc.). --- Look Star Fox is a fun series, but the people in that universe aren't technological gods or even near Mass Effect tech. Heck, they're still using warp gates, which is just advertising "Hey, over here! Shoot me!" to anyone with in the general vicinity (Thinking about it, it's amazing the attack on the aparoid homeworld didn't outright fail). Hyperspace from the Star Wars universe provides an excellent means for ambushing enemies, now mix that with the Gravity well producing Star Destroyers and that proves terrifying for unsuspecting victims. Last point for now, remember, Tie fighters aren't the only star fighter in use, there are spare ARC 170s from the republic clone wars (Among other ships and vehicles Used). The Empire has plenty of weaponry at it's disposal and that is only focusing on the Galactic Empire, there plenty I could have chosen, but I believe they poor management of the Empire would be the fairest fight possible.
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    Pfft, Rogue One was great. Terrible movie?
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    At the end of the day, video games are meant to be a fun outlet to engross yourself into. Some may present difficult challenge, while others may convey more of a cinematic-like experience. They're assuredly not intended for you to become so enraged that you begin to incur self-inflicted bodily injury as a result. Seek professional help. I'm fairly certain that none of us are licensed or otherwise trained psychologists or behavioral analysts - you would probably benefit from one's services in this case.
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    It was just mentioned in passing in a shareholder interview and nothing else, so it's far from guaranteed that such a thing will happen. Still, it's cool to see that he's just willing to mention such a thing. The relevant part of the interview: Q7: Regarding product video, are there any plans to bring back past content like Kirby anime on BD, or old games on DD for console/mobile? A7: Kimishima: We’ll look into investing toward film. We want to increase opportunities for Nintendo IP & guide consumers w/ HW=SW synergy. Regarding Kirby, we’ll take your valuable opinion into consideration. A7: Miyamoto: We hold the Kirby IP and it’s growing in Europe. It’s selling in Spain; watched in places w/out game hardware. We want to make anime for Pikmin, Star Fox, Yoshi, etc. and distribute it freely, or integrate into games.
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    Gotta agree with Orange here, that is one weird introduction... But, do enjoy your stay here, and watch out for the resident nutcases.
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    Howdy, bit of a lurker, but with the bit of excitement that Star Fox 2 has caused, figured I'd finally sign up and say hi. Been a long time fan of SF since its 64 iteration, and hung around on OTG back in the day till its quiet end for those that know of that old site (used to post under the name Lynx). Came across the site a while ago seeing what SF sites managed to survive since those days, but this seems to be the only bastion thats solely focused on the franchise that I was able to find. Otherwise, I dabble in music in my part time, mostly electronic/chiptune and guitar things. Biggest things I ever did were some Undertale remixes that got fairly popular, but have moved on since that. Lots of synthwave and SNES styled songs these days. Anyways, it's nice to see a collective for Star Fox things still chugging along these days, hopefully I'll manage to fit in here! (And just for fun, here's the small pile of stuff I'm managed to collect related to the franchise. Still missing a few key items, but hopefully I can nab those later.)
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    At least Star Fox was mentioned by name. That's pretty good in my book!
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    Banned because being logical is something the human race has a very hard time doing. (Insert political/social/religious/variousotherthingsthatinthelongrunareinconsequentialwhendiscussedandareonlybroughtupinforumdiscussionsonbackwaterinternetsitesbecausepeoplearealwayssaltyandareprotectedbytheconceptofanonymity argument here.)
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    I loved the way you opened your intro. Sounds like a superhero intro. "BY DAY HE STUDIES THE STARS..." "BY NIGHT HE STUDIES YOUR SHIPS WEAKNESSES..."
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    Here's a link to a tweet about it from Nintendo. But holy cow, I never thought this game would have an official release so long after the game was made.
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    Banned because my cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty.
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    I love how crazy this seems. I wish the ruins were included with the games but Telekinetic powers are like, so cliche.
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    Not an inspiring sign to find that searching my surname I instead find the RCMP crest.
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    She's made more. Stop it Kenk, you're going to make people want a scruffy Fox McCloud!
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    Here's a few of mine: -Because of his mechanical expertise, Pigma sabotaged James and Peppy's Arwings before their fatal mission to Venom. -The Arwings the original Star Fox trio had were the initial prototypes, not intended for mass production. They were given to Star Fox for the recon mission to Venom, as Gen. Pepper didn't want to take any chances and gave them the best fighters they had. The ones the new Star Fox pilot are the final versions, and the war effort against Venom slowed down R&D, hence why only 4 were made. -The Arwing can divert power between different sub-systems, such as higher shield strength, but the trade off is a less powerful single laser, and vice versa. (This one's my headcanon to explain the laser/shield upgrades in-universe) -James wears the trademark Aviator shades not just to look cool, but because he suffered partial sight loss on a mission. I think this would add to his character since even with poorer eyesight he's still one of the best pilots in Lylat! -The slave workers and prisoners of war that were held on Macbeth by Venom were freed and ferried back to Cornerian controlled space aboard the Great Fox, since its so huge and can easily accomidate hundreds of people.
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    *Sniff* H-how could you!?
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    I don't see how your link supports what you're saying--it seems to me the whole 'portal' thing is exactly what Pepper was talking about with Peppy? Am I missing something? It seems to be, again, very directly related. Poorly executed, but still related. I'm not disputing that you can find things to nag on, that Nintendo made pretty big mistakes, or that they could have done things much better. But if you want to have a reasonable discussion, you shouldn't make such strong statements that just aren't backed up by the evidence.
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    "Pick up and play" is right, except there's hardly a reason to even do that. The game's missions overall are only somewhat exciting, and has NOTHING on the original Star Fox in that regard. The only reason I go back is the GODLY training menu music (Ridiculous I know, but to me, that's the greatest loop Nintendo has ever put out in their whole lives! XD), and a couple of missions, the most intense ones like the second Colony mission, Sector Alpha and Sector Beta. Oh, and they really shoulda done more with those training missions, which indeed are essentially challenge missions from the 2nd row. I love that roadmaster, even with my crappy left stick, and I clamor hopelessly wanting to see more from it.
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    Thanks for the warm welcomes, all! We'll see what all kinds of trouble I can get myself into around here. You might like my stories then! Black and White is shaping up to be something I'm quite proud of.
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    Come to think of it, this might canonize Miyu and Fay. If this is successful enough we could be seeing them in SF02.
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    Have you guys seen the new official art and official logo for Star Fox 2 yet?
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    This comes from watching play throughs, but Katt's dialogue actually made me do a double take when you encounter her at Zoness. Call me really pure, but I didn't think such a comment would make it in, given how suggestive it is. Yes, Katt is supposed to be a flirt, I understand this. But that comment took me off guard regardless. "Let's do my place next time." I think that's pretty clear. Outside of that, a lot of good dialogue in the game if you ask me. Nice little twists on old faves too, like Wolf's lines "You're good, but not good enough!" And Pigma had a good line too. "Yeah yeah, I get it. Stop treating me like a pork roast!" That was funny. XD Also, ending on a potential spoiler, James could be more talky too if you took too long in the corridor of illusion. Or rather, made too many wrong turns, he would show up, and guide you the correct way I saw in one video. His lines were much more numerable than in his previous appearances when this happened.
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    I like it, BUT THERE WAS SOOO MUCH MORE THEY COULD'VE DONE WITH IT! WATCH! _________________________________________________________________________________ (Asteroid Field) Fox - "Rob. What's the status on the rest of the team?" Rob - "Receiving text. They have halted the enemy in Sector Alpha. We will meet with them in Sector Beta as well." Fox - "Good." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Fortuna) Wolf - "You'll be seeing your dad soon, Fox." Fox - "Why are you here!?" Wolf - "You think I was done after Sector Beta!? I was just getting warmed up!" "Now I'm ready to take you down! You and me! Let's finish this!" Fox - "Alright! If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!" Wolf - "Come at me, pup!" (Or if you choose not to!) Fox - "Sorry, Wolf, but we've got a job to do." Wolf - "So do I, Fox. What are you waiting for!?" "Grr, fine! But next time I see you, I ain't holdin' back! MARK MY WORDS!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Space Colony. Arwing run.) Andrew - "What are you doing here!? Nobody messes with Andross's plans!" Fox - "I was gonna ask you the same thing!" Andrew - "I'm not telling YOU! Instead, I'm gonna destroy you!" Fox - "Oh no you won't!" (At the end of the mission) Andrew - "Curse you, Fox! Now look at the mess you've made! G-get away from me!" Fox - "What was Andrew doing all the way out here?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Sector Alpha) Pigma - "Come and get me!" (Ignores) "Well, fine. I'll be back at the Space Colony causing havoc while you cower here! Bla ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Peppy - "Dang. That pig is annoying, but let's hurry, and finish this, then!" Fox - "Understood!" (Ok!) Pigma - "Let's do this!" Fox - "Team! Continue assisting the fleet! I'll handle Pigma!" Falco - "You got it, Fox!" _________________________________________________________________________________ And that's just scratching the surface, I think! SO MUCH POTENTIAL!
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    Sweet, certainly love what ya'll 're capable of, will you be showing up again on this forum when you've got a set date for the trailer?