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    Ripped from Star Fox [SNES] Animated on Cinema 4D R14
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    (Not sure if I should post the link as it's FurAffinity.) The scruffy look totally works on him.
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    This is my ride till I get my car back, a minibike with a 5.5 Hp motor. It go zoom zoom
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    Since the ownership of this site was transferred from DZ to me, the IP.Services software was really lacking behind, when it comes to updating. I initially didn't bother getting a license, because my plan was (and actually still is) to switch to my custom forum system, once it's ready enough for this community. However, since it'll still take a while before the time comes, and figured out I could still renew my IP.Services license I dropped 2 years ago for way cheaper, I figured it would be better to do that in the meantime, so we could apply all the security patches for now (and jump from all the way up to I personally don't expect a lot of changes from a regular users' perspective, but who knows?
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    So I got my car back. 1998 Chevy Camaro with a 3.8L V6, rebuilding a 5.7 V8 to drop in it, still plenty of fun OWO
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    mann.., i really want the Star Fox Team Full body models...
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    I will just...leave my...little friend here... Sorry for the bad quality, I don't have a tripod.
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    I said I'd contribute to this forum and daggumit I'm starting now! Now for those of you wondering I am rather unskilled in the drawing department.I do however enjoy microsoft paint and find it to be a fun and very accessable medium. So without further ado I present... A pixelated overhead for the Starfox: Assault Arwing! While it will lack detail in certain locations and certainly isn't proportioned right I enjoyed making this beauty. These sprites are PUBLIC DOMAIN and are free to be used by anyone! I'm planning on expanding the set to include various Arwing variants and even non-Arwings, such as Wolfens, Corneria fighters, and Venom spacecraft. As for the mini arwing in the top right I'm brainstorming a turn-based combat game that would play like a board game but for a forum thread. Let me know what you think! This is only a first draft and is open to any useful critique! I am aware that the proportions are probably wrong for Assault but seem pretty close to Lylat wars size. EDIT: If you do happen to use these, please credit me!
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    Oh shit I realized I never posted my new wheels on here: S U P E R T H I C C 2004 Volvo V70R AWD with an exceedingly rare 6-speed manual transmission (only 114 made for the 2004 model year)! Buying this thing was interesting - the dude who sold it to me had a super thick Russian accent and was named Yuriy. When I was signing the papers for the vehicle there was, no joke, a map of the USSR on his wall. He said "This is not Volvo. This is rocket ship." to me when I first came to look at the vehicle. He's definitely right - 296(?) horsepower and 300 ft/lb of torque shoved through the Haldex AWD system is something to behold, especially with how heavy it is. I'm gonna need a radar detector for this guy. I've a list of stuff I need to do. The interior is pretty beat up, but I got it detailed so it's much, much better than it was. The (super fucking comfortable) seats need a lot of work, they're cracked and worn away in some parts. There's kind of an odd mechanical smell on the interior which makes me suspicious there might be an exhaust leak somewhere. It needs a head unit with Bluetooth because NPR is always super mf depressing and there's no other good radio stations up here. The rear deck, as you can see in the photo, needs to be painted. I need to have a Volvo dealership go over the whole thing to make sure it won't blow up on me. There's some weird squeaks and rattles and the brakes squeal quite a bit (metallic pads on metallic rotors, real deal Brembos though!). Beyond that, there's just some missing trim and other grocery list items to do. I'm excited to have something I can make mine and something as rare and special as this car. So long as it doesn't leave me stranded/blow up all the time in the next year I'll be keeping her for a long time.
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    Some members of the family were quite practical.
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    Many people seem to like when I do fan arts instead of original, which would make sense. ... Oh well. I never asked for fame anyway. I'll stick to my original works, thank you.
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    Oh, I forget that they used to sell the Dodge Caliber in Europe. Is it cheap to buy but expensive to maintain? Volkswagen for us in America is like that. They have a decent sticker price, but they charge and arm and a leg to keep them maintained. Miss Thing, do you for reals have yourself a Crown Vic? Where was I when this happened? Even for someone who doesnt know cars like that, you have nice taste. Enteways... LOOK WHO GOT A NEW CAR, YA'LL!!! YASSS BISH YASSSSSSSSSS~~~! For those of you who don't know, She is a Buick Regal (Opel/Vauxhall Insignia for you europeans). She is serving the boys and girls of the world European excitement and style with an American sticker price (and nunna that premium gasoline bull... No shade, I'm just not trying to pay almost three dollars a gallon to fill Her up). Black exterior on black leather interior, turbo-charged 2-liter engine, and she rides rock steady. I had to get out of the lease of the GMC Terrain, and this car had incentives and whatnot out of the yin yang (because She's a '16 and they were trying to get her out the door). Did I mention Her turbo-charged 4-banger? I am utterly amazed everytime engineers manage to squeeze so much power out of a small engine. The thing has an output of 260 horses, and she hauls ass quick, fast, and in a hurry. She is especially fun to drive on the Florida Turnpike at 80+ mph. I take no fucking prisoners when I hit the highway. I've never had so much fun zipping past all the slowpokes. She handles very solidly too. I took a curve on one of those trumpet interchanges at 60 mph and She was glued to the asphalt. That being said, the steering is adequately firm and weighty, but not so that you feel like you are driving a tank. And I am very impressed with how easy it is to overtake when merging. There is the engine bay. Isn't She just a beauty? And there is the turbo that roid-rages Her 2.0 liter 4-cylinder powerplant upward of 260 horses. Its that doughnut-shaped thing made of forged steel(?) underneath all other stuff. I am very satisfied with Her interior. She is serving the boys and girls of the world leather upholstery, leather-wrapped steering wheel with all kinds of nifty buttons on it, butt warmers, and dual-zone climate control. She also has sat-nav, XM Sattelite Radio, and the full OnStar suite, with the latter two being free for three months. I shouldn't have OnStar; I'm always blowing up their phone, annoying the operators with stupid requests. "Hey, can I have the directions to the McDonald's that is literally down the street? Send it to my sat-nav." She also has LED tail/braklights, LED DRLs, and high-intensity discharge headlights. Look how my dumb ass parked earlier today. All on the curb.
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    She's done one of Wolf O'Donell too now.
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    Sprites - Nintendo Art/Edit - Me Expert mode part 1 : I Hope you like it! ^^
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    Please take note of post dates - this thread hasn't been posted in since 2012. Also, PETA would like a word with you.
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    sorry to say this but nobody want to write you fanfics, since you got the ideas right in you head, How about you write the storys instead?
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    The expressiveness you manage to convey never ceases to amaze. Exemplary work!
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    Haven't played Dark Souls 1 in a while, but IIRC, I'm currently a level 56 Ranger and just reached Anor Londo with a Longsword+7, the Black Helm armor set and the Knight's Crest Shield.
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    Something for a buddy of mine. A WIP for now. herp.
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    Hey guys! I got big news! I'm back, and so Is this RP! However, it's pretty common knowledge that things have gotten complicated around here, and the plot is in need of some revisions to accommodate this. So I've made the decision to restart this RP with a largely similar but fresher plot. We will still use this forum to discuss, and the RP will be in the same thread. It's just a hard reset. If anyone wishes to leave or join in, just let me know here! And let me know if you are using different characters/post their bios here. If you're using the same characters, just say so. You don't need to repost a bio. If there are any questions, feel free to ask!
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    Yay. I did another full color pic again. ^^ Here's my character, Star. Oh... And she's wearing her husband's clothes again. I'm sure he doesn't mind. xD This didn't took me no more than 3 hours. And I only used sharpies to create this pic. ;3
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    Welp. I'll share this here as well. Here's a drawing of Fox and Krystal I did about a month ago. ;3 This is a redraw of an old piece I made back in 2009.
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    Here's the latest sketch I've done. This was my part of an art trade. He wanted his character with a whip... So this is what I got. I probably should show more of my work here since some of y'all are interested. ^^
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    This surely has a deeper meaning, probably even offering us the answer to all questions in life. But unfortunately, we're not educated enough to decipher this secret, long forgotten language, unless lord Harmony Descent will teach it to us unworthy students.
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    I wanna thank you guys for responding to my topic. It means a lot. Like I said earlier, it's kinda hard to quit the codependent thing cold turkey. There are a lot of feelings involved, and it could create the drama we try to avoid in the first place. Drawing the line and making ground rules is a good place to start, from what I've been told and from what I've googled (don't judge me, everyone does google lol). But its hard because you don't want to hurt his feelings, you don't want to hurt her feelings, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But then, thats one of the ways this codependency thing works, we want everyone to like us--and its even worse if we are financially dependent on top of being codependent. Say, Rusakov, is that the situation you're in?
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    I slapped it together in about an hour, can you tell? And for the one or two people here I haven't burnt out on SK stuff (yet), this might interest you: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1820796125/swat-kats-revolution/posts/1850589
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    OMG I remember those dogs!! Weren't they on Sesame Street? I complete forgot about them until you posted that! Thank you for bringing back those lovely memories!
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    What do I want?! JERUSALEM!!!!!!!!!
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    First off, I've changed the "Nintendo Account" field into "Switch Friend Code", since your My Nintendo account isn't really relevant when it comes to contacting other people. Additionally, I've added shiny new fields for your Discord and SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon) accounts. Please let me know if I'm missing out on something.
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    I will be your best friend starting at only $250/wk. Additional fees may apply. Listening ear +$5 First name basis +$25 Voice chat +$25 Call me without notice +$100 Game night +$75ea Premium role-playing package +$225 Know my darkest secrets +$1000
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    I'm down for what InfintySquared is saying.
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    Yeah, I recently checked. The long part of the wing that leads to the triangular section is longer and the nose is also longer. the G-diffusers might also be bigger. I'm not sure. Anywho, Links to the sadly unused Arwing variants of SF2 for Snes. '> Interceptor prototype: Based on artwork by JECbrush on devianart, this Arwing variant features the signature split nose and back facing wings. It also has two additional thrusters (noticable in the back due to additional blue flaps) and two extra guns mounted under the nose area (giving it twin lasers instead of single to begin, just like in SF2 for Snes). While I feel this needs more work to it to be considered truly "complete" I feel it is operational. '> Defenser prototype: Based solely on the Arwing variant of the same name from SF2 Snes, this vehicle is designed to be more durable, albeit less agile, than the typical arwing. I need feedback on the design thus far as I feel it is far from complete. the thingy on the back in between the main guns and behind the main body was supposed to be a shield booster of some kind but now looks like a gun. Wings need a better design/angle, and I still need to demonstrate the "bird strider" form. GIVES ME FEEDBACK PLZ! It's been good thus far!
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    I'm looking forward to their presentation. As with every year, I'll be hoping for a new Metroid/Metroid Prime, the return of F-Zero (though with FAST RMX and Redout on the Switch I'm not sure they'd try to compete) and a port of SFZ with controls designed for normal people. MK8 Deluxe DLC would also be welcome since I've been playing the shit out of that. We're probably gonna hear more about the Switch's Online Service (which I am, in all honesty, eagerly awaiting as while MK8 online's works, it's not stellar in terms of the way you connect to games. The connection is much more stable than MK8 though). I'll be curious to see what they drop in terms of new IP. I've been hearing rumors that they're going to showcase something but I'd be surprised if they went for it right as ARMS is releasing. Every new IP they've tried has been massively successful though, so I'm confident if they drop something it's gonna be good.
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    It's opened on request. Merry birthday.
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    I always get a kick out of watching the E3 press conferences, but I usually have to do so after they happen live as I'm usually at work when they air. I'd be looking forward to any game that looks promising to be honest. I only have five games for my PS4 and would like to expand the collection with something compelling eventually. I wouldn't mind seeing anything related to Star Fox that wasn't related to a hardware/gameplay gimmick or retreading Star Fox 64 again as well.
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    Yay. Bought me another sketchbook. ^^
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    Banned for nonsensical rant and not taking your medication.
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    Star Fox 14: Rabid Assault Deep in the Lylat System an unknown planet held a horrible disease. Cornerian Intelligence brought some of it back only to bring it back to Corneria. General Pepper calls the Star Fox team to Corneria only to discover upon landing the planet has been infected with rabies! As Fox, you and the team must ban together to find a cure and stop the madness in this Walking Dead style video game. With new features including "save your team mate from being bitten and if you don't prepare to finish them" and special guest star Andrew Lincoln from the Walking Dead, who in the group continues to just make things worse for the player. Prepare to survive in Nintendo's newest survival horror game and defend yourself to survive the rabies! Rated E for everyone. The game received generally negative reviews. Critics did praise the ability to shoot Slippy with a gun, but kept saying Lincoln's character just kept getting them into the same trouble over and over again. IGN also stated the graphics were dull and felt "We were being attacked by denied Crest toothpaste users". Nintendo then released version 1.1 which only made it worse. Adding a DLC where you can use an arwing but for some reason no one ever uses it because no player has yet to beat the game without killing Slippy who is the only one who can fix it.
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    Add it with a side of... ('Kay, Mr. Gates bought Rare. Come at me.)
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    Stop feeding Nintendo, you'll give it diabeetus
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    No joke, it's very well put together. Thanks for the upload.
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    Glad you like what you see. However, I feel the Defensor Arwing needs the most work of the lot. As for front and side views that may take a good while. But enough of that for now, MOAR THINGIES! '> Assault style Skyclaw. While Command bugs me, it had some fun things here and there. I don't like the way the "feathers" on the wings turned out. They need a little work. '> The mass produced fighter craft used by lots of bad guys in Assault. Some of the color I believe is off along with some proportions.