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E3ND: Star Fox absent as Retro continues DKC

Overall, I feel that there are good things coming to the Wii U after today's Nintendo direct. There could be more GREAT things, but given what happened to Nintendo's Wii U launch plans, I give them a bit of a pass for not having a huge lineup of big-gun franchises ready.

Remember, Nintendo layed-out their Wii U launch strategy at last year's E3: get out of the way and let 3rd-parties launch the system. It was a strategy intended to break the "only Nintendo can sell well on Nintendo consoles" mantra. It backfired badly and left the system in trouble with 3rd-party support seriously lacking and no big 1st-party titles.

Knowing this, I am not hugely disappointed that we aren't seeing more games this year. If we were, they would be rushed games not worth playing and stains on their respective franchises.

One thing we've been waiting for a couple of years to hear about is Retro's game. It was announced during the direct today, but it was not announced as Retro's game. Iwata's use of the word "we" while describing it made me think it was an EAD title, but IGN began poking around and Nintendo confirmed that Retro was indeed the developer of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

The title looks great, and I imagine it will live up to Retro's work on DKCR, which was an excellent game itself.

The rumor milll favored Star Fox as the title, but, sadly, the series seems to be still sitting in the vault, not even a mention of this year being the 20th anniversary of the franchise. There are still a couple-more directs today, but I am not hopeful.

A basic recap of the ND:
-> New "Fairy" type Pokemon for X and Y
-> Super Mario 3D World, a rather conservative 3D mario game with NSMB-esque multiplayer.
-> Mario Kart 8 is looking really nice, and even includes some F-Zero-esque elements.
-> DKCTF as above
-> Trailers shown for upcoming 3rd-party games, though none were really new or surprising
-> Bayonetta 2 full trailer and some gameplay
-> New Wind Waker HD trailer
-> Wonderful 101 Gameplay
-> Smash Bros. reveal for Wii U and 3DS. Megaman Megaton.


Thomas Draco
Jun 11 2013 03:47 PM

I don't see why people actually thought Retro was doing SF. Nothing indicated that.

    • 5triker likes this
Oh yes, it did! Some time ago they announced to do something different and "...to roll another barrel". That sounded more like a StarFox game than another DK-Game...

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