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Star Fox Story

Star Fox currently has two canon tracks. The SNES track, and the N64 track. The N64 track is considered the current canon track. This page focuses on the current canon, the N64 track.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers! Read at your own risk!

Star Fox 64

Andross, a brilliant scientist working for Corneria, began conducting dangerous experiments that caused death and destruction on Corneria. General Pepper exiled Andross to Venom for his crimes.

Andross, enraged, began building an army to conquer Corneria. This did not go undetected. General Pepper sent James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare of Star Fox to investigate.

Pigma, however, was not loyal to Corneria, or even to Star Fox. Driven by greed, he betrayed Star Fox, leading to the capture of James and Peppy. Only Peppy managed to escape with his life. He then had to deliver the news to James' son, Fox McCloud, that his father was dead.

Andross would continue to build his army, finally making his move on Corneria. Planet after planet fell to Venom's mighty army. Desperate, General Pepper called upon a new Star Fox team, led by Fox McCloud with teammates Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad.

Fox and his team took out important targets on their way to Venom, liberating planets and weakening the Venomian Army. Along the way, they faced Star Wolf, Venom's answer to Star Fox, led by Wolf O'Donnel. Pigma Dengar, the traitor, flew with Wolf, along with Leon Powalski and Andross' bratty nephew, Andrew Oikonny. Star Fox would prove superior and make it to Andross' main base.

Fox would face Andross alone. After an intense battle, Fox emerged victorious. But Andross had one last cruel trick. He caused the base to self-destruct, with a defiant cry of "IF I GO DOWN, I'M TAKING YOU WITH ME!" It seemed like the end for Fox, but a voice called out to him urging him not to give up. It was his father's voice. A mysterious Arwing appeared and led Fox out of the base just in time. Was James McCloud alive after all? Was it a ghost? Was it all in Fox's head? Fox scanned the skies looking for an answer, but the ghostly Arwing and voice were both gone.

But Andross was not dead. As Corneria celebrated, the defeated ape planned his next move. It would take eight years for him to find his answer.

Star Fox Adventures

During these eight years, Star Fox would lose Falco Lombardi and begin to run low on money. Things looked bleak for the team.

Andross put his plan into motion. He made his way to the planet Sauria. Having heard of the power of the Krazoa, he wanted to use it to revive his powerful form. He influenced General Scales of the Shapclaw tribe to start a war on the planet among the other dinosaur tribes. Scales began interfering with the planetary safeguards the Krazoa built, likely under the influence of Andross.

Scales and Andross could not, however, find a way to channel the Krazoa power. That is, until a young vixen from Cerinia named Krystal answered a distress signal sent by the Earthwakers guarding the Krazoa Palace. Sensing her power after she released a Krazoa spirit, Andross captured her. Now all he needed were the rest of the Krazoa spirits.

Andross' meddling on Sauria did not go unnoticed. The planet became unstable. Fearing dangerous meteors from the planet's collapse, General Pepper once again called upon Star Fox. Although frustrated that he could not bring his weapons, Fox needed the work and accepted the mission.

Fox learned of Scales and his meddling with the Krazoa Spell Stones that stabilized the planet. After reluctantly teaming up with the Earthwalker tribe prince, Tricky, Fox sets off to return them. During his search, a Krazoa Spirit appears to Fox telling him of Krystal's capture. Fox did not initially want to divert from his mission, but his conscience would get the better of him, and he began searching for Krazoa Spirits.

While Scales became frustrated with Fox, Andross grew eager. Not only could he exact his revenge, but Fox was doing all the work collecting all of the Krazoa spirits, and quickly. Scales had only managed to find one. With each one Fox brought to the temple, Andross felt his power grow.

Fox would finally return the spell stones to their temples, but the planet did not stabilize. The Krazoa Spirits, dispersed, turned out to be key in the stability of the planet.

Finally, Fox finds Scales, waiting for him in the final Krazoa shrine. Fox, thinking this was the final battle, prepared to fight, as did Scales. But Andross had other plans. Using his influence on Scales, he makes Scales give Fox the Krazoa spirit. No longer needed, Andross withdraws his influence from Scales, who collapses from the loss of power and bludgeoned by his own men, seeking to overthrow their tyrannical leader.

Fox released the final spirit. Andross, using Krystal as a channel for their power, revives his powerful state before tossing Krystal away to die, no longer needed. Fox's quick actions save Krystal, however.

Andross begins to leave Sauria, still drawing Krazoa power, with plans to destroy Corneria. Fox follows in his Arwing. Seeing Fox in pursuit, Andross finally reveals himself, proclaiming how much he was looking forward to a rematch against Fox. As the battle goes on, Andross begins to gain the upper hand. But Falco Lombardi appears and intervenes, giving Fox much needed nova bombs to finish the job.

After Andross is defeated, again, the Krazoa power is released from him, and returns to Sauria, stabilizing the planet. The team gets paid, Falco returns, and Fox and Krystal fall in love.

But the peace would not last forever. The Aparoids would soon attack.

Star Fox Assault

Aparoids infect living beings as well as machines, taking them over and turning them into new Aparoids.

Andrew Oikonny, nephew of Andross, begins rallying his uncles old troops. Star Fox is sent to help the Cornerians fight him. The rebellion is quickly put down, but the Aparoids attack both fleets at the end.

Fox and co. now had to defend the Lylat system against this external threat. They head to Katina following a distress signal. After ousting the Aparoids from the Cornerian Base, Pigma Dengar appears and steals the Aparoid core memory that Star Fox needs to find the Aparoid queen.

Enraged, Fox chases Pigma to the Sargasso Space Zone. Over the years, Wolf O'Donnell had gained control over the gang that controls the area. Star Fox raids the compound looking for Pigma. Star Wolf shows up to defend their base, but Pigma is not with them. Instead, Star Wolf has a new member, Panther Caroso, who has a fancy for roses, and for Krystal.

Star Fox wins the fight, and Wolf finally admits that Pigma is not at Sargasso, and that he had been kicked-off of Star Wolf. Wolf refuses to say where Pigma went after leaving Sargasso, but Krystal manages to charm it out of Panther.

Star Fox chases Pigma across Lylat, who becomes more and more under the control of the Aparoids. Soon, the core memory he holds becomes a part of him. He becomes an Aparoid himself, combining his body with mechanical parts and weapons of an abandoned space base.

After defeating Pigma and recovering the core memory, Star Fox receives a distress call from Sauria. They rush to the planet to find the Aparoids taking over the planet. They manage to evict the Aparoids, and find Tricky to be safe.

The joy, however, is short lived. While Star Fox was saving Sauria, the Aparoids launched their attack on Corneria. Star Wolf arrives, and strangely helps Star Fox. The combined teams are not able to stop the advance before the Aparoids get to General Pepper. In a cruel twist, the Aparoids take over the General's ship, forcing it to fight Star Fox and Star Wolf. The general can only watch as his ship fights his allies and slowly begins to infect his body, begging the teams to kill him before the transformation is complete.

The teams finally destroy the ship, but Peppy makes a last ditch effort to save the General, nearly killing himself in the process.

Meanwhile, the Cornerian research team, headed by Slippy's father, Beltino Toad, finally finds the Aparoid weakness and their home planet. Beltino and his team write a program to cause all Aparoids to self-destruct. After repelling an attack on the research station, Star Fox and the Cornerian Fleet go through the orbital gate to the Aparoid home planet.

The battle is intense, and many Cornerians are lost. Star Fox makes a move for the shield generators, clearing the aparoid hatchers from the generators. But the excitement is short lived. Great Fox comes crashing towards the planet, crawling with Aparoids. Peppy makes a Kamikaze run into the shield, allowing the team to enter.

During the chaos, Star Wolf also enters the planet. Together the teams clear the tunnel. As they approach the Queen's lair, Star Wolf creates a diversion, allowing Star Fox to enter the Queen's nest. An intense battle ensues, but Star Fox is able to force the queen to run Beltino's program.

The queen destroyed, all of the Aparoids, and the planet itself, self-destruct. Despite the victory, the mood is somber. Krystal laments the loss of Peppy and Star Wolf. Seemingly on-cue, Peppy appears with ROB64 in an escape pod. Seeing Peppy alive brings joy to the team, and Fox speculates that Star Wolf also survived.

Star Fox Command

Years pass, but the cohesiveness that Star Fox enjoyed for years falls apart. Friendships decay. Fox and Krystal break up. And Star Fox itself is disbanded. All Fox has left of his once great team is ROB64.

A new threat emerges, though. The Anglars, apparently the product of one of Andross' experiments, attack Corneria. Fox meets up with Slippy to repel the attack.

This is where the canon ends. The further events in Star Fox Command depend on the player's choices, and no ending nor route is canon according to Dylan Cuthbert, who headed Star Fox Command's development.

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