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Everything I want to say about my Ultimate Story and everything involving it

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Ultimate Story 2

This is the next chapter to the Ultimate Story. This chapter starts out with the events of Starfox Adventures. In this story, Fox McCloud, joined by Misty, Bubbles, Princess Peach, Rayman, Banjo, Kazooie and Pikachu, set off on an adventure on a newly discovered planet known as Dinosaur Planet to save the planet from the tyranny of General Scales. Along the way, they meet new friends and allies, Krystal and Tricky. Krystal reveals that she is Fox's sister who was forced to evacuate Corneria after Andross attacked the planet. She becomes a new member of the Starfox team and a very invaluable ally as she has special abilities of her own. Everyone else's powers continue to grow as they learn of other advancements to their powers and continue to use them to fight evil.

As the story continues, the Starfox team learn more about their enemies, the dark wielders, such as their deep influence with the humans as well as the entire planet that they live on. They make even more friends and allies along the way. They have continued their relationship with the girls of GROUP, Sam, Alex and Clover and continue to work with them.

New stories that join the story are Scooby Doo, HiHi Puffy AmiYumi, YinYanYo, The Replacements, Chaotic, Total Drama, WITCH, FFX, Spider Riders and Sly Cooper. (The list does NOT end there; this isn't even half of what shows become part of the story. This is why I find the Ultimate Story to be a fitting name, as generic as it sounds)

They find out about a terrible incident known as the Rifter, which all magical beings have known as the End of All Existence. Eons ago, a terrible evil being known as the Shaman Emperor wanted to destroy all of existence but was thrown into the Shadow Realm. He was released from the Shadow Realm and attempted to eradicate everything. A lot of worlds were destroyed from this while a lot of the surviving worlds were fused together as a means to put a stop to the Rifter. The Shaman Emperor was forced back into the Shadow Realm, but he was to be released again.

They also learn of a group of Dark Wielders known as the Descendants of Darkness, who have played a major role in causing the Rifter. One such member they came across was Neela, a terrible woman who Sly and his friends have defeated in the past. Overtime, they learn that a terrible enemy that they have been dealing with was a member of the Descendants of Darkness and has made strides to release the Shaman Emperor from the Shadow Realm again.

The story ends with Fox, Misty, Krystal and Falco defeating the Shaman Emperor and putting an end to the threat of the Rifter once and for all. However, the story was still not over as there were many more enemies to be faced.


Corneria's Alliance with Earth

During my story, the Cornerian have been making strides to develop an alliance with the planet Earth. Originally, they were planning on waiting until the humans became more tolerant since they were not yet at the level of making friends with space aliens. (Is anyone really surprised) However, the Cornerian caught wind that one of their enemies have discovered Earth and were planning to invade and take over the planet. Because of that, they had to act quicker than they originally planned. They were able to easily get started since they were familiar with the planet and a good amount of humans. The Starfox team acted as representatives of Corneria as well as mediators and negotiators of sort for both their home planet and Earth. They were especially selected for this by their general because they have already been Earth. This position was very much the perfect fit for them. They have named this unity the Earth Cornerian Alliance.

This alliance has come with a lot of challenges and difficulties, just as the Cornerians have predicted. While some of the humans were open to the idea of developing a friendship with the Cornerians, others were opposed to the idea. There were a lot of people who hated the idea of making friends with aliens for a number of reasons. Some hated the Cornerians for looking different, other feared that they would take over the Earth. There were many that believe that the Cornerians lied about having enemies that wanted to take over the planet as a means of scaring people into believing that they had to form an alliance with Corneria in order to protect their planet. There were also some who were scared of the Cornerians changing their ways of life. The Cornerians did everything they could to hold back on changing the lifestyles of Earth. This put some of the people's minds at ease, but there were still others who still believed that it wasn't enough. These challenges have taken on a number of difficulties that have lasted for a span of 4 years. The Starfox team's dealings with these challenges have been taking place during Ultimate Story 2.

One of the difficulties that they have faced mainly came from humans that hated the Cornerians and wanted nothing to do with them. They were opposed to the idea of the alliance that they have formed a group of their own called Humans Against and Alliance with Corneria (HAAC). They would do many horrible things to the Cornerians in order to force them to leave Earth and never return. They would even go so far as to threaten and harm other humans as a means of carrying out their goals. Some of them have even form a group known as the HAAC clan, a major issue that the Starfox team were subjected to deal with many times. The Cornerians knew that these humans would pose an issue if they were to act too soon, but if they were to leave Earth, then that planet would fall prey to their enemies all too easily. It was a decision that they were forced to make.

The person running HAAC was a mysterious and ominous person in a crimson robe who addressed himself as the Supreme HAAC Leader. Sometimes, he is addressed as the SHAACL (shac-cul). (Is it Ok to have an acronym within an acronym?) This guy has been causing a lot of problems for the alliance from the very beginning. No one knows who this mysterious person is, no one knows why he's doing what he's doing, all that the Starfox Team knows is that he's pure evil. Some say that he was just a random individual who has chosen to step up and lead the humans who were against the Cornerians, but he is actually an individual who has formed HAAC. Little by little, the Starfox Team finds out just how evil the SHAACL really is as well as how far deep is influence towards HAAC have been. They eventually find out that his influences have even extended to the humans all over Earth. It even dates back to thousands of years. The SHAACL turns out to be a far worse enemy than they had ever realized and over time, they would find out things about his influences that would clarify a lot of issues with the human race. They would even find out things about the true nature behind what had forced them to form the alliance that even they didn't realize. The SHAACL proves to be an even greater evil than they had ever prepared for.


Ultimate Story the Missing Link

This is the next part of my story. The events of the Missing Link takes places a few years after the Ultimate Story. Some things happen during this story more so involving the Cornerians. They have been trying to establish an alliance with the Planet Earth. They have been wanting to do this for a while now but having been waiting till the humans overcame their distrustful attitudes and prejudice nature. However, a long time enemy of the Cornerians have somehow discovered the Earth and were planning to take over the Earth. Knowing that the humans would never stand a chance against their enemy, the Cornerians were forced to form an alliances with the Earth much earlier than they had anticipated as it was the only way to protect them. From their, the Cornerians formed a friendly pact with the humans that they have named the Earth-Cornerian Alliance. This agreement, although formed with good intentions, have also created a number of conflicts with a number of humans that have lasted a few years, just as the Cornerians have feared would happen.

Also, 6 new shows have joined the story: They are Cardcaptors, DBZ, Jackie Chan Adventures, Totally Spies, Yu-gi-oh and Zoids. Totally Spies and Yu-gi-oh continued to stay on and appear in the story for the long run. DBZ brought forth a few ideas for the story as a few characters made an appearance a few times. Zoids showed up only occasionally after this. Cardcaptors played a very important role in the story very later on. As for Jackie Chan Adventures? There are some magical items on that show that became very important in the story.

Starfox team finally make use of the crests on the back of their hands that were given to them by Ly during the events of Starfox 64 but were never utilized during the Ultimate Story. Their crests have the ability to copy powers from magical items. Each of the members of the Starfox team had their crests copy the powers of the Talismans from Jackie Chan Adventures. They have each shown fascinations for one of these talismans which enabled their crests to, by their own free with, copy these powers much to the surprise of the team members. Each of the powers are as follows:

Falco-Rooster of Leviation

Peppy-Rabbit of Speed

Slippy-Snake of Invisibility

Fox-Ox of Strength

Peppy and Slippy utilized their powers more tactfully and not very often. Fox and Falco, however, have used their powers very frequently. They also discover that their powers were not limited to what only the Talismans could do. For example, Falco was able to utilize his powers enough so that his Levitation would enable him to gain the ability of flight. But their crests' power didn't even come close to ending there. They found that they could use their powers to help their friend, Misty, the mystic Princess of the Sea. She remembered some events from when she was still just the Princess of the Sea that heard 4 voices that sounded familiar to her but she didn't know why. With the help of the Starfox team, she was able to find and remember that they were from her 4 Guardians. They were created to protect her but were weakened by the sorcerer that tried to destroy her many centuries ago. They took on the forms of 4 magical jewels and were named as follows:

Pices (Pie-ces)-Resembles a pearl

Diama-Resembles a diamond

Corto-Shaped like a square without the corners (octagon-like)

Emert-Takes on the same shape as the Chaos Emeralds

These gems infuse with each of the members of the Starfox team through their crests, giving them water-based powers such as swimming faster and breathing underwater. That way, they can keep up with the princess, acting as her new guardians.

This story ends with Fox utilizing his new powers to save Misty after the sorcerer who tried to destroy her returned to finish the job. Since then, the Starfox team continue to use their new powers, with Fox and Falco using them a lot more than Peppy and Slippy. This right here is one of the reasons why this part of the story is named "The Missing Link".


Gym Leaders' Pokemon Line-up

Ok, for my Gym Leader line-up in my story, I have hand picked Pokemon for them that represent their personalities, where they live, their abilities and all other things that represent them. For each Gym Leader, I have chosen the following these Pokemon for these reasons:

For Fox, I have chosen Vulpix and Ninetales because they are both fox Pokemon. Does it get any more obvious than that?

For Mario, I chose Bellsprout because of the plant life being highly important in the Mushroom Kingdom, Parasect because of the mushroom on its back represents the Mushroom Kingdom and Marowak because it somewhat reminds me of Dry Bones

For Kirby, I picked Staryu because of its symbol being a star, Jigglypuff because they're both round puffballs and Ditto because it can change its form, somewhat like Kirby

For Capt. Falcon, I chose Spearow and Fearow because they are both bird Pokemon, which are much like his alias being the name of an actual bird

For Link, I selected Shellder because he started his adventure small and its shell somewhat represents his shield, Sandslash because of its arms that can slash things like his sword, Scyther because its arms are blades, which is perfect for him and Dodrio because of the 3 heads representing the 3 triangles of the Triforce, the symbol of Hyrule

For Donkey Kong, I picked out 4 fighting-type Pokemon to represent DK's boastful strength. There's Primape because of its an ape Pokemon to represent DK being an ape, the others are Hitmonchan because of his abs are represented by the punching fiend's signature arm-based attacks and Machoke and Machamp because they are both big and burly like DK

For Samus, I picked Voltorb because of her Morph Ball ability which releases explosives, Magmar was something my brother suggested and I stuck with it because it represents a handful of her attacks and Dragonair because it is as elusive as her

For Ness, I picked Doduo because like Ness, it appears normal but has special abilities, Pikachu because the name PK reminds me a lot of Pikachu and Kadabra because it is psychic, much like him

If you have better suggestions for these characters of what Pokemon you think they should have, please let me know. I might be able to become inspired by your ideas, or maybe offended. Either way, it is what it is.


The Side Stories of the Ultimate Story

Aside from the Ultimate Story, there are also side stories. Some of them are very important to the story while others are just for fun. The Side Stories are as follows:

Ultimate Story the Missing Link: This is the story that links the first Ultimate Story and Ultimate Story 2. Stuff happens that carries on to the 2nd Ultimate Story. That's all I'm going to say.

The Fairies of Kalos: A very unique story with a different plot. Instead of the usual main characters involved on an important adventure, Link and Zelda goes on the journey through the Kalos Region. This takes place between Ultimate Story 4 and Ultimate Story 5.

The Celestial Winx: This introduces a series that I never thought I would add to the Ultimate Story: Winx Club. It's the same characters, but their story is somewhat different. This also takes place between Ultimate Story 4 and Ultimate Story 5. These girls take part in an important plot that carries on to Ultimate Story 5. A major change occurs and the other characters involved continued on for the rest of the story.

The Coming Endgame: This is the side story before the final story. Something happens in this side story that will eventually lead to the plot of the final story.

There you have it, that's all I have for now. I will post more when the time comes.



Friendships in the Ultimate Story

In the Ultimate Story, many different characters from many different universes (that I choose to be part of the story) join forces to fight many forms of evil that threaten them, their worlds and the people that they care about. However, during these adventures, friendships are formed between the characters from different dimensions.

Some are predictable and fitting, such as Peppy becoming friends with Blossom, Falco becoming friends with Buttercup and so on and so forth.

There are some that are unpredictable, what many did not see coming and some that others would see as very unfitting, which is to be revealed when the time comes.

Then there are some who makes multiple friends with many characters from many different universes, such as Lisa who has made friends with Sonic, the Powerpuff Girls and a few other female allies that she has fought along side, as well as a few others that I am to not mention just yet. There is also Misty who has made friends with Bubbles, Peach, Banjo, Knuckles, Fox, etc.

It's from these friendships that becomes perhaps the strongest form of might against the forces of Darkness. If you were to see this story, you would be able to see that, too. I will reveal these friendships when the time comes.


The Next Ultimate Story List

I shall now reveal the next universes that are also part of the Ultimate Story. These shows in which these universes are in are as follows:



Xiaolin Showdown

Spider Riders

Storm Hawks

Star Wars: the Clone Wars

I know, I know, the story boards of at least 2 of these shows are sub-par at best, but I believe I can improve on them with my superior story writing skills. After I have rewritten them, they will be the totally awesome shows they were suppose to be.

There will be more surprising secrets to be revealing in my story so stay in touch.


Sorry, Pokeshippers

Pokeshippers, I am sorry to say that there will be no love interests between Ash and Misty in my story. I can understand if this is a disappointment, but because of events that were beyond my control, Misty has another love interest and it was one that I was not originally planning on having. Instead, Ash and Misty's relationship will be much more like brother and sister. As for the name of Misty's other love interest? Well, you might be able to figure it out from what I have already posted online. Sorry. I hope this was not too much of a gut-wrenching disappointment for all of you, but you need to understand something; they're just fictional characters!! It's not like I'm doing this to real people. We are all entitled to our opinion but there should be no reason for any of us to be at each others throats over them. My decision is set and done and there is nothing you can do or say to change my mind.


Starfox Armada

It may be way too early to mention this, but for my story, I created a few particular events in which the Starfox team are fighting in an armada against other enemies outside the Lylat System. They have been so preoccupied with these battles that they are unable to handle other events in the Ultimate Story that they are usually in charge of handling. This gives the chance for other characters to receive the spotlight, characters such as Link and Zelda. They get called in to deal with these issues. 

Back to the armada. During these battles, the Starfox team dawn new outfits and utilize new technology. A lot of the vehicles and gadgets they used are ideas borrowed from Starfox Zero. It is my way of putting that game into the story without transferring into it. My story has included a lot of what made Starfox the amazing game it is even though it continued on with Starfox Adventures. That game I always believed was perfect for my story but I would never stray from the elements that made the game special and this idea is no exception. I can't wait to talk more about it when the time comes.


The Ultimate Story on Tumblr

I'm not sure if you have noticed but I have set up an account on Tumblr. I was suggested by the administrator that I should try going for Tumblr in an attempt to get my story out. So far, I have been making 1 post per day and all I got was 1 like from my 2nd post. I may still need to do more in order to get my story out there. However, I don't want to do too much to a point where I look like I'm spamming websites left and right like an annoyance. I am really scared of seeming like I'm that desperate. I will keep doing this 1 post a day as a means of trying to get my story more attention through moderation but if there is something more I need to do without getting myself into any trouble with the internet, please let me know. I have no idea what else I should count on.


Stories of the Ultimate Story

There are a total of 7 main stories in the Ultimate Story, along with at least 1 side-story in between. The main stories are as follows:

Ultimate Story: The Beginnings-The story starts out as Lisa Simpson and her friends setting out on a journey to stop a terrible evil from threatening the Earth

Ultimate Story 2: The Revelations-This story starts out with the journey on Dinosaur Planet and ends with the defeat of another terrible evil that threatens the entire Universe, starts out with Starfox Adventures

Ultimate Story 3: Aid from the Past-An unusual turn of events that causes many time lapses eventually affected the balance of the        Universe that caused some places to age rapidly and others to remain frozen in time

Ultimate Story 4: Kingdom Come-Mysterious Dark creatures have been reeking havoc in many worlds, causing them to undergo a               deterioration process that must be stopped, involves setting from Kingdom Hearts

Ultimate Story 5: The War Against Darkness-A war within another dimension caught the attention of many who have allied themselves with the Light and must stop it before other worlds become affected by it, a side story is involved in this

Ultimate Story 6: The Great Collapse-All worlds inexplicably collapsed and all those who have allied themselves with the Light are left to find out what caused it while resembling everything, the first appearance of Super Mario Galaxy's own Rosalina

Ultimate Story 7: The Ultimate Battle-All heroes and allies become part of an epic battle to ultimately decide the fate of the Universe, the final chapter of the Ultimate Story


Another Ultimate Story List

As I have mentioned before, there are other universes that will make an appearance in the story as well as become part of it's main plot. They are shows and games that I enjoy very much and this is my way of expressing how much I really enjoy them.

The following shows and games that are guaranteed to be part of the Ultimate Story:


Sly Cooper

Teen Titans


Avatar the Last Airbender

Ben 10 Alien Force


Cyborg 009

How they will appear in the story is a secret that you need to find out. I will continue to post new entries whenever the time comes.



The Villains of the Ultimate Story

Ok, so this is my 13th entry to my blog and for this blog, I would like to celebrate the villains of the Ultimate Story because everyone knows that any awesome story wouldn't be complete without them. I shall now mention some of the bad guys from different universes that are guaranteed to be in the Ultimate Story.

For the Powerpuff Girls, there will be Mojojojo, a significant villain for the story.

For Pokemon, there will obviously be Team Rocket. Everybody loves them.

And let's not forget some video game villains from the Nintendo franchise such as Starfox's own Andross and if Mario is part of the story, then I'm sure you'll anticipate Bowser to make an appearance sooner or later.

There will also be some Ultimate Story original villains that will be part of this as well as many others from other universes that are part of the story. From dark organizations that hide in the shadows to psychotic maniacs that are out in the open, bad guys of all shapes and sizes will reek havoc in my story and cause a lot of problems for the heroes. Get ready as these 2 forces get into many battles with one another. It will be epic.


The Pokemon Stones

The Pokemon stones in my story are as follows:

Pikachu-From the Super Smash Pikachu

Jigglypuff-From the Super Smash Jigglypuff

Togepi-From Misty's Togepi

Cubone-From Lisa's Cubone

Meowth-From the good Meowth

Mew-From the only Mew, which is owned by Ly

Bulbasaur-From the Bulbasaur from the Hidden Village, left the village to be with Ash

Charmander-From the Charmander abandoned by it's former trainer, left him to be with Ash

Squirtle-From the leader of the Squirtle squad, left the squad to be with Ash

Clefairy-From one of the Clefairies in Mt. Moon

This is the order the the Pokemon stones of displayed. However, in another entry, they are placed in the order that they have been received. The Pokemon for the stones are based on all 10 of my favorite Pokemon from when I was a kid. I actually have the stones with me, right now. They are basically cut out pictures of the Pokemon taped onto the smooth stones used in Pokemon trading card game. Even so, I thought it was pretty creative for the resources that I had back then.




The 7 N64 Games of the Ultimate Story

Super Smash Bros.: This introduced a lot of the major Nintendo characters to what would eventually be the Ultimate Story

Paper Mario: This introduced a number of other important characters as well as officially decided on the major design and appearance of the Mushroom Kingdom

Rayman 2 The Great Escape: This brought along a handful of a few more important characters and introduces an important feature to the Ultimate Story

Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards: This brought about another important character that gradually became a part of the story

Donky Kong 64: This brought forth the start of an important plot that eventually became a lot more essential than it seemed at the time

Starfox 64: This eventually brought forth an important event in the story that involved the many occurences in the game

Banjo-Tooie: This introduced a few important characters to the story as well as another major setting for the story


Super Smash Gym Leaders

Ok, so here's the deal. When I was 10, my brother received Super Smash Bros. for the N64. It was a lot of fun; we both enjoyed it. At that time, I came up with this crazy idea to make them into Gym Leaders to replace the other Gym Leaders, who were out of commission for events that happened in the anime. Even though it was the start of the story, these events still occurred before then for reasons that were eventually formed later on. The Gym Leaders consist of 8 of the 12 original Super Smash fighters, including the unlockable characters. Obviously, Pikachu and Jigglypuff are not Gym Leaders but there is 1 Pikachu owned by 1 Gym Leader and 1 Jigglypuff owned by another. The 8 Gym Leaders and the major settlements in the Kanto region they're representing are of the following:

Fox-Pewter City
Mario-Cerulean City
Kirby-Vermillion City
Capt. Falcon-Saffron City
Link-Celadon City
Donkey Kong-Fuchsia City
Samus-Cinnabar Island
Ness-Viridian City

The badges of each Gym Leader consists of their symbols in the Super Smash games.

Fox-the Starfox symbol aka the Starfox Badge
Mario-the Mushroom icon aka the Mushroom Badge
Kirby-his star icon aka the Star Badge
Capt. Falcon-his falcon icon aka the Falcon Badge
Link-the Triforce symbol aka the Triforce Badge
Donkey Kong-his initials aka the DK Badge
Samus-her Screw Attack icon aka the Bounty Badge
Ness-the Earthbound symbol aka the Earthbound Badge

This was always one of my favorite pastimes when writing this story and as absurd as this idea may seem, it's been a lot of fun coming up with this and it has   become an important event for my story in more ways than 1.



Rules of The Ultimate Story

1. I decide what goes into my story.

2. Certain shows, video games, settings and ideas that I enjoy get added to the story.

3. Everything that I do not like gets left out!

4. All unwanted ideas are left out! No exceptions!!!

5. Anything I desire gets added in whenever I want.

6. Everything is arranged how I like them.

7. Nothing changes unless I say it does.

8. All characters should be added exactly how they are with the exception of a few small extra traits that do not change them.

9. All unwanted personalities for all characters are left out.

10. If complications are involved, then the rules can be altered, but not too much.

11. All non-favorites characters do not need to be altered.

12. All unwanted hairstyles are forbidden. Non-favorite characters can be an exception.

13. All unwanted words, including all forms of obscenity, are forbidden. Again, no exceptions!!!

14. Everything is expressed however I want.

15. No unwanted altering.

16. Everything is added, taken out, altered, brought back, stay in, pushed out permanently, to MY liking.

17. All ideas that can not be left out must be added in by MY conditions.

18. I have every right to be selfish, this is what a fantasy world is for.

19. Do not question the complex system influencing my story.

20. I am the only one who decides everything for this story, no one else. They can bring up suggestions but only I decide what gets added in and what does not.


The Ultimate Story List

The following shows and video games that made the Ultimate Story:

The Powerpuff Girls

The Simpsons


Including the 7 N64 games of the Ultimate Story:

Super Smash Bros.

Paper Mario

Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Donkey Kong 64

Starfox 64

and Banjo-Tooie

There are other shows and video games that became part of the story (approximately 40) that I will mention when the time comes.


The Lisa Simpson Chronicles Part 4: The Story Lives On

Coming up with this story was fun and I do think about it from time to time. I came up with crazy ideas like Lisa developing a crush on Sonic, calling him her “Dreamhogâ€. They did have a relationship with one another for a time and it dragged on throughout the entire story. It was probably the first time characters from 2 different worlds were involved in any romantic relationships and I most certainly had fun with it. Even after coming up with my greatest creation of all times, I’m still expanding the Lisa Simpson chronicles. At age 10, I got into the Powerpuff Girls and they started out in the Ultimate Story but I decided that it was fitting for them to appear in this story because of their age. But it didn’t end there. That was also around the time my brother got the first Super Smash Bros. and I started incorporating all the characters in that story as their official first appearance to my stories. This eventually led on to a lot of ideas. The Lisa Simpson Chronicles may have not been an Ultimate Story tale, but it did become the foundation of the Ultimate Story, kind of like a pilot that official creating events that would eventually lead up to it.


Age 8 was also the year that I, myself, started playing video games. The first game that I ever played was Diddy Kong Racing. When I started out, I always came in last place and my brother made a big fuss about it, which was not fun but over time, it became easier and I was able to win race after race. This was also the first time that I ever incorporated video game only characters into one of my stories. It felt strange at first, but I got use to it as I kept doing it. Most of the characters in that game aren’t involved in the Lisa Simpson Chronicles like they use to have been, although, one of them became very important for the story. Taj, the elephant genie, was the one who gave Lisa and Maggie their powers.


The Lisa Simpson Chronicles Part 2: Sonic the Hedgehog

Around the same time as the Lisa Simpson Chronicles, my brother got a few games for Sega CD, a game console that he received from one of our uncles. One of them was Sonic CD. I remember days I spent watching him play the first Sonic the Hedgehog game at our uncle’s house, so Sonic CD wasn’t the first Sonic game I ever saw, but it was the first time I officially got into Sonic. Not only that but one of the tv channels we had at the time was broadcasting the Sonic the Hedgehog tv show and after my brother received Sonic CD, that show became one of my favorite cartoons. A lot like any show that I like, I make it part of my story. Sonic and Tails’ home world, Mobius, became the setting of where Lisa and Maggie perfected their magic powers after receiving them.


The Lisa Simpson Chronicles Part 1: Lisa Simpson's Story

The Ultimate Story originally started out as the story of Lisa Simpson called the Lisa Simpson Chronicles. When I was a young girl, I use to enjoy watching the Simpsons. My favorite characters were Lisa Simpson and her baby sister, Maggie. I thought that Lisa deserved better than what she had so, when I was 8, I used my developing talents of creating stories to give her things that I believed she deserved. I wanted her to like become a heroine of my story, her and Maggie. I then came up with this crazy idea of giving them magical powers because I felt like it. That was truly the start of creating a world where I can do whatever I want and it felt really good.


The Birth of my Hobby

The origin of my Ultimate Story did not start with the Ultimate Story itself, but rather its roots came from what eventually build up into how I was able to create it. It all started when I was 6 years old. I have become fascinated with so many tv shows like Power Rangers, which I have loved since I was 5. I also had a fascination with cartoons and movies about talking animals, such as the Lion King which was my favorite Disney movie during my childhood. I loved them both so much that I began to create stories from the shows and movies like them and fantasized about them. From this, my talent for creating stories came into development. Over time, I practiced this talent. I created story after story and kept doing this to a point where carrying out things such as manipulating characters and plots became like child's play. Of course, it didn't stop there. I also added other things into this such as 101 Dalmatians, Road Rovers and the soon to be show that started my greatest creation, The Simpsons. I don't fantasize about these old shows like I use to, but I'll always consider them to be the foundation of what I have now.


Let me introduce you to my Ultimate Story blog

I'm going to talk a lot about my Ultimate Story, so get use to it. I've always wanted to tell everyone about my story since I was still a kid. What started out as something crazy I use to enjoy as a kid grew into what I know now as the biggest thing that I have ever created in my life. To me, this story is fun and it also emphasizes a lot the difficulties of living with my autism. I have put a lot of crazy stuff into it as a kid which I believe symbolizes the disorganized mess of what goes on inside my head as well of how I deal with a lot of my...personal issues. So a lot of the crazy ideas that you will see in this story it part childhood, part asperger's and part dealing with the personal issues that I have been putting up with for more than 16 years. So, in a way, this story is like my own crazy diary in story form and I want people to read it to know what I have been going through growing up with autism. I will tell you interesting facts about my story and everything that surrounds it and I will tell them as frequently as possible. So, here is it, my Ultimate Story blog.

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