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I could use a little help...

I'm not gonna sugar coat this, I need some help. I've been without a job for 3 weeks now and I'm out of money. Overdrawn actually.  I understand if you cant help, but if you can, I would be eternally grateful and you would have earns the right to berate me/ask for things in the comments of this blog.


Help... Please.


So... Uh...

I lost my job. I started this thought dump thing where I wrote down everything I couldn't say so I could get it out of my head and it said some unflattering things about a new coworker. I accidentally left it pulled it up at work and someone went through it. It's my fault for leaving it up but that was a personal journal and I wish I knew who went through it so I could chew them out. It's been nearly 2 weeks now. I'm running out of safety net. This is going to get interesting.


The Monky Does Germany: Post Germany Edition

I've been back over a week now, I’m so good at keeping up to date y’all don’t even know. So I guess we’ll start at the beginning of the trip.


Monday the 30th of November: I wake up at 7:30, get the rest of my stuff packed, get dressed, and we're on the road at 9. We eat lunch at 11 across the road from the airport and are at the airport by 12. I go to check my bag and I’m 7 pounds overweight. Ok, that’s a lie, I’m about 60 pounds overweight, my bag was 7 pounds overweight. I’m told that they can check it for $200 or I can get another bag and pay $50. Off we go to buy the cheapest $30 bag I’ve ever laid eyes on to shove things into.


I get my bags sorted about and hour and a half before my flight, so plenty of time thankfully. We do the whole family send of thing. I’m 24, have lived at home my whole life and the furthest I’ve been on my own is about 6 hours north for a weekend. I’m a homebody, and here I am gearing up to be gone for 5 weeks through Christmas. (Obviously that didn’t happen but I’m getting there.) We all cry. A man playing Christmas songs on a grand piano across the small plaza looks at us with pity and curiosity. This does not bode well. I start to head to my gate.


It takes about 10 minutes tops to get through TSA, find my gate (the first on on my right) and sit down. I have an hour to kill. I call mom (she’s still kind of crying) then use a tenth of my waiting time to catch up on easthorse because that’s all it takes.


Jump forward the remaining 45 minutes.


We get on the plane. It’s smallish with two rows of seats on each side, about 20 rows. I have a window seat right at the wing. I've never flown commercial before. I've been in a helicopter once, and I've been in a single prop crop duster once. We take off.


For the first half hour I was mesmerized by the whole being off the ground thing. Everything was tiny yadda yadda you've heard all this before I'm sure. I kept getting introspective followed shortly by the feeling that I was trying to hard. We get above the cloud layer. I marvel at that for about 10 minutes then read the book I brought for the journey (Warped, a book about the fictional season 8 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, read it if you're a fan.) I finish it before we even land in Chicago. Good.


We land. I find out where my next flight is and proceed to walk what feels like 2 miles and probably was. I was underground at one point. It was actually pretty cool. I get to the gate for my flight to Frankfurt. At some point during the hour and a half wait I vow to never travel like this alone again. I call home. No one is crying. I call work and gloat a little about not having to be there. Time for flight 2. Eight hours in the very back of a large 777 (I think). Three sets of three seats.


We take off. It's a bit bumpier than I expect. I continue not panicking because I'm not a child. I watch the Paper Towns movie on the screen in the headrest in front of me. It was ok. I try to watch 2001 A Space Odyssey. I feel unable to pay it the attention it deserves. I watch Monsters INC. instead. Twice. We still have like 3 more hours. Dinner is brought by. I decline. I can't eat when I travel. I watch Up. Twice. We finally land. It is 9 AM local time. My internal clock is telling me it is 3 AM. This is going to be a long day.


I get off the plane and walk for like 15 minutes until I reach customs. I show my passport.


Customs Guy: “Why are you here?”

Me: “Visiting friends.”

CG: “How long will you be here?”

Me: “Until January the 7th.”
CG: *Stamps Passport* “Enjoy Germany.”


I wanted in line 20 minutes for this. I get to baggage claim. I grab my bags and immediately check to see if my desktop is ok. It is. I go to the lobby and get hooked up to the wifi. Martin is late because traffic. I am neither surprised nor annoyed. Traffic sucks. I pull out my laptop and make that short blog from three weeks ago.


Martin arrives. He has Rainbow Dashed his hair. I am to tired to react properly. We go to his car. We catch up on the long drive back to his flat. It was nice. We get to his flat. I hook up to the wifi and Skype call home. No one cries. I spend the next few hours setting up and settling in.


Jump forward. It’s 11 PM local time. My internal clock says 5 PM. Martin has turned in. I have been up for 32 hours. I can not sleep. The first wave of homesick panic sets in. I skype call a good friend of mine back home. We talk for about 10 minutes before I kinda start to cry. I am very tired, I am very far away from home, and I cannot sleep. I say these things out loud and cry more. I am bad at traveling long distances it seems.


Martin gets out of bed and gives me tissues. I jokingly tell him to go to sleep so I can cry in peace. My friend suggests watching youtube together until I think I can sleep. We watch Vinny play Majora’s Mask 3d until about 5AM, 11 PM by my internal clock. Bedtime. I thank her for sitting up with me.


I pass out for about 7 hours. I wake up just before Martin get’s back from class. I email my travel agent about going home early. We play games, watch videos, and just have a good time in general until he goes to bed. I call my friend again. We watch more Vinny. The cycle continues until that Friday.


Friday is the day we head over to another good friend of mine’s place for the weekend because we’re all going to comic con. We leave around 3 and arrive around 6. They are not home because work is a thing that happens to people. We go find a Subway. They get home sooner than they think. We head back. Hugs are had, smash is played, Mario Kart 8 is played, we go to bed. And by we I mean everyone but me. I set my laptop up next to the spot of ground I’m sleeping on (Martin got the couch since I figured he would actually sleep) and again skype and youtube with my friend back home.


Throughout the night, I get about an hour of sleep. I don’t mind. I’m numb to tired at this point and enjoying my friends too much to care. I go in the bathroom. Ragnar the Destroyer emerges. We head out.


We stop by a bakery in the middle of a mall like shopping center. I eat raisin bread and fail to ignore the fact that I am the only one wearing fur and a cape. We all share good natured laughs at my expense. We go to Comic Con.


Germany’s first comic con turns out to be a giant flea market of nerd related goods. There was like one panel I think. I don’t care. There is cool stuff everywhere. We get a good feel of the floor. We take pictures with the German 501st battalion. Boba Fett flicks and squeezes one of the horns on my viking hat. I accidentally confuse them with handshakes. We decide not to burn ourselves out since we’ll be back tomorrow.


My friend makes delicious hamburgers for us. They are delicious. We play SOMA for a while then go to bed. (see definition above). The second day we spend most of our time slowly going through a large booth of retro game stuff. I have to be talked out of buying a boxed copy of Super Metroid. Once back at their place we watch the first few episodes of One Punch Man then Martin and I head back to his place. Rinse and repeat week one until Saturday.


I wake up around noon, 6 AM by my home clock that I never adjusted away from. Martin and I enjoy our last day as we have been and he turns in like normal. We have to be up at 5 the next morning, which has been about when I’ve been going to sleep. I pull an all-nighter.


We leave at 6, and arrive and around 8 I think. I honestly don’t really remember. I halfway napped on the drive over. I get my bag checked. I left a good bit behind that I wouldn’t need so my bag is not overweight. I am still overweight. We find my terminal and I say goodbye to Martin. I apologize for cutting the trip short and not getting to meet his family. I am bad at being not home. It takes about an hour to get to my gate. I still have an hour to wait.


Skip forward, we begin boarding, and by that I mean we start getting on a bus that will take us out to the actual plane. While waiting I notice that stuff holding the padding in my right headphone has come loose. It does not affect the fit. I’m mildly miffed but overall not upset. We get on the bus. We ride for 5 minutes. We get off the bus. We get on the plane. We sit on the tarmac for an hour longer than we should because air traffic control got the only two fights going to Washington D. C. that day backwards. I start watching movies.


I watch Homeward Bound, almost cry multiple times. I watch The Avengers 2. I watch Ant Man. I watch Captain America 2. I realize I have watched these out of order. I stop caring because we land. I call home while walking to customs. I talk to mom until I reach the TSA checkpoint. That takes 10 minutes. I talk to mom until I find my gate. I change my shirt because I can smell myself. I kill an hour by calling and texting various people.


I get on my last flight. I listen to an old Two on the Vine podcast while I enjoy seeing city lights at night from the air. The man next to me works on a powerpoint, assumedly for work. We land. I manage to contain myself while enough people move out of the way so I can get off. As soon as Mom can see me she runs halfway to meet me. My mom never runs. We hug a lot. My sister is crying. She is the only one. We hug a lot. I hug my dad. He took me being gone harder than I did. He says he is very happy to see me. I cry a little.


We get my bag and I check on my computer again. It is still fine. We go eat because I’m properly hungry for the first time in two weeks. I decide to drive home. We get home at about 9. I have been awake for about 40 hours now. I don’t feel this because I stopped registering tired. I get all my stuff set up and shower. I like to sit in the shower because I have a tub shower. As soon as I sit down I fall asleep for about half an hour. I wake up. I am no longer tired.


I decide to play Destiny with my friends. We get in a party and I learn that I need to update. We wait. An hour later it’s midnight. I have been awake 42 hours. My calves start cramping really bad. I try and get to the kitchen to get a drink or something sweet. I get halfway and realize that I am going to pass out. Mom and Dad are asleep. I call my sister.


I sit in the bathroom floor while she gets me water. I set it between my legs. I tell her I am going to pass out and will need something sweet probably when I come too. This has only happened once before. I was alone then and was fine. My sister leaves. I realize I didn’t get to tell her that I shake a bit whenever I pass out. I pass out.


I wake up a minute or two later to her screaming my name. My leg is wet. I foolishly devote all of my processing to determining whether or not I pissed myself. Dad shows up at the door. I tell him I did not piss myself. He says something like “Of course you didn’t there’s a cup between your legs.”


I realize I should probably start telling them I’m ok. I tell them I’m ok. It takes about 15 minutes of telling them I’m ok for them to agree. They make me go to bed after eating some sweets for sugar and drinking a glass of water for dehydration. I check my phone and realise my friends heard everything because I had the Yeti mic plugged in and they were about 2 minutes away from calling an ambulance. I tell them I’m fine and that I’m going to bed. I sleep as soon as I hit the pillow.


I move for the first time at around 9 the next morning. I text my friends and tell them I’m not dead. I go back to sleep.


I sleep for another 5 hours before getting up. I tell my friends I’m still not dead. I go and visit the friend who kept me company with skype and youtube before she goes home for the holidays the next day. We have fun.


And that’s pretty much it he says five pages later. I really did enjoy the trip but I’m very glad to be home for the holidays. Feel free to pan me for all the crying in the comments. I’m grown, I can take it.


Until next time,

Monky out.


The Monky Does Germany: Post Flight Edition

So yeah. I'm in Germany now... Cool. At this point I'm waiting for my ride so I won't get super in depth, but expect a blog about how introspective being on a plane for the first time at the age of 24 can be.

Until then,

Monky out.


The Monky Does Germany

I’m finally ready to announce this publicly! I’ve been planning this trip for months but have been honestly terrified that it was going to fall through somehow but it looks to finally be official. I’ll be spending the month of December overseas with one of my best friends and proofreader ShyYoungBrony. We’re also going to ComicCon with two of my other friends who I’ll finally be meeting in person. “Giddy” seems an appropriate word.


Anyways, back to work,

Monky Out


The Confessions of an RV Parts Salesman

    Before we jump into things I want to apologize for being a lump when it comes to writing. It’s been over a year and a half since I wrote anything and frankly I’m not sure when or if that will change. I still have stories I want to tell but I’m too damn lazy with the down time I have to actually do it. I know, “excuses, excuses” right? I had someone follow me the other week and all I could think was "You poor soul."
    Anyways, I’m sitting at work enjoying a small calm at the moment and I was just mulling over some of the stuff I’ve seen and done today and thinking I should attempt to be productive with the thoughts instead of watching Vinny or playing Terraria under the desk. As this is essentially venting at this point expect less than flattering language. You've been warned, not that I think anyone who reads these actually cares.
    Recently, ShyYoungBrony recommended “No Sale” to me. It turned out to be a nice little story where Rarity basically has the most composed mental breakdown ever as she vents her frustrations to customers who don’t really want to buy anything. If you’ve ever worked retail definitely give it a read. Anyways, it got me thinking about my job and the frustrations it entails and in my mentally exhausted state I began to think of certain “Retail-isms”, if you will, that I use almost daily in an attempt to be polite and considerate to people who almost never return the favor.
    To give my frustration a little context, we sell a luxury here. No one NEEDS an RV. Hell, I’ll never own one, way too much hassle, so when someone wants to get upset with me because A manufacturer won’t work with me or when my shop is backed up it’s hard to sympathize unless the people are living in it. Keep in mind that most of these started as legit statements and then evolved into these blanket statements because I deal with a bunch of people and sometimes I have to tell some of them something just to pacify them.
    “I’m sorry he/she is tied up right now…” This one can mean a number of things. Around here it often means exactly that but it can also mean: he/she is in the bathroom, he/she is sick of being on the phone leave them alone, he/she has no more information than the last 5 times you called over the last hour can you please just chill out we are trying (the most common alternative), we don’t want what you are selling, or I genuinely have no idea where they went but they sure as hell ain’t here.
    “There was a mix up with our distributor.” Nine times out of then this means “We fucked up and didn’t order your thing/ordered the wrong thing.” Although shit does happen and I have had boxes get left on loading docks.
    “I was out of the office that day.” This used to be a lot more true before I went to working five days a week. Now it usually means I honestly don’t remember but you look/sound like you’ll get mad at me if I say that.
    “Let me see if I can get him/her on the phone.” This translates to “I have no idea if they are even here right now because no one tells me when they run off around here.”
    And then there’s the politely honest statements compared to what I want to say.
    “I’m not familiar with that.” = “I have no idea what you're talking about or how to deal with it.”
    “I’m still figuring that out, let me grab someone who knows a little more.” = “We don’t believe in training around here apparently so you are about to become a learning experience.”
    And let’s not forget my all time favorite answer to any question ever when trying to get information about a part, “It’s for an RV.” WELL HOT DIGGITY FUCK ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT PLACE MY FRIEND. Observe the following conversation in script format where I will be “N” and the customer will be “C”. In this case, the customer is here and has the part he is looking for and I don’t know what it is.
    C: I’m looking for a part. (Holds out part)
    N: Ok, what did this come out of?
    C: An RV.
    N: (internal calming breath) Where in the RV?
    C: Off the door.
    Aside: their are like 12 different kinds of doors for these rolling headaches.
    N: Ok, like, the entry door, or?
    And that’s when I usually get the information I need. Let’s look at another scenario where the customer doesn't have the part or is calling me on the phone.
    C: I’m looking for a valve for my toilet. (This is a really common issue. Most people don’t understand that the underside of these trailers are not insulated unless the unit was specifically made that way. They call it the "Polar Package." This means that if you don’t drain the water from your lines and it gets cold, things are going to get  broken. For the toilet, this means holding the flush open to let it drain. Most people forget this which is honestly understandable)
    N: Ok, what kind of toilet is it?
    C: I don’t know.
    N: I need to know so I can get you the valve you need. Does Thetford or Dometic sound familiar to you?

    C: No, it’s a [trailer brand here] if that helps.
    N: Unfortunately not sir. RV’s are built on assembly lines and they just buy whatever is cheapest in bulk and use that until they run out then find the next cheapest thing.
    C: Well what is the most common?
    N: The two I mentioned before are the biggest brands, however both of them have at least 6 different toilets on the market and they all use different valves so I really either need to see the valve or know exactly what toilet you have.
    A few things can happen at this point. If I’m lucky they accept that and try to find me that information, or they give me the VIN of the unit and I call the manufacturer (mixed results from that one because some brands don’t exist anymore), or they agree to bring me the part.
    Now at face value, that doesn't seem all that frustrating and in small doses it’s not. However the rules that apply for toilet valves also apply for water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, faucets, and pretty much everything in an RV and I field at least six calls an hour on top of the people who come in eight hours a day, five days a week and it’s always the same thing. It wears a person out after a while.
    I could go on but it’s almost closing time and I have things to do before then. Not to mention I’ve written almost three Google doc pages which is more story than I’ve written since I started this job. Maybe I’ll continue another time and tell you about the people who expect too much.
    Anyways, Monky out.


Project Prime

So I've started a project in the hopes that it'll get me writing again.

Open bounty for all hunters within operating distance of FS-176. Unidentified distress beacon has been tracked to a derelict space vessel in orbit above Tallon IV. Space Pirate activity unconfirmed.
Update: Bounty claimed. Hunter I.D. Aran, Samus.

Basically I'm writing out the first Metroid Prime as a narrative in an attempt to get better at scenery and stuff like that. I plan to just go through the game from Samus' perspective and see where it goes. I don't think it's something I'll be posting anywhere but if anyone is morbidly curious enough then let me know and I'll link you to the Google Doc.

With any luck I may get my writing back on track.

Anyways, that's all I really got,
Monky Out.


State of the Monky

So the past few weeks have been pretty freaking nuts, and before that there was the Zelda Symphony that I never talked about so we have some ground to cover. Grab a snack.

So just over a month ago I had the chance to take 3 of my best friends to Atlanta to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses preform. Amazing does not begin to describe hearing a full orchestra and choir play some of my favorite music ever. I was humming passionately, slapping my knees, and fake conducting along with the music enough for my friend 3 seats down to get a kick out of me. I will also admit to crying a bit when they played The Light Spirit Appears. Something about hearing those vocals live made me misty in a way only music can. All in all it was a super fun trip. I spent like half my paycheck on Amiibos at the Toys-R-Us across the street from the concert hall.

Right, on the subject of Amiibos. I may have caught a bit of a collectors bug over these things.


Just a little bit.


Someone should take my money from me.
Side note, my desktop background (or maybe wallpaper is truly appropriate here) is this.


It's simply titled Mass Effect by Noble--6. Go check out his DA, he does a lot of cool stuff along those lines.

Moving on. About 2 weeks ago, I had the honer of being best man in the wedding of two of those friends I took to the symphony. It was a bit of a hectic weekend, what with finding out that a hotel room was waiting for me roughly two hours before we needed to be on the road, but everything went great.

After the wedding I crashed their apartment for a week and took care of their cat while they rode a boat. It was nice living by myself for a while, even if I did survive on pizza delivery (a luxury I don't have out in the country where I live.) ShyYoungBrony and I finally got to sit down and chill over Skype for the first time in a while. We played some Killing Floor 2 with another friend of mine, watched a few videos, played Dungeon of the Endless, just caught up in general a bit. It was really nice. I also got drunk during our last session. Not trashed thankfully, as I was doing overwatch things, but enough to get easily distracted.

If you don't know Dungeon of the Endless, at its core it's a tower defense game. You control a number of characters top down style and explore a floor room by room. Each door you open is a "turn" and has the chance to trigger waves of enemies who try and wipe out your hero's, defenses, and power source. Clear 12 floors and your people are free. If all your hero's die, or your power source is destroyed, game over.

Anyways, Shy was controlling all the hero's and I was maintaining the defenses. Most of the run was fairly standard, but I do distinctly remember just getting up and leaving Shy to open 3 or 4 rooms without him realizing (or caring, I couldn't really tell, nor was I trying) that I was in the kitchen (which was pretty much the same room because apartment) meaning that no defenses were being placed at all as he cleared rooms. We managed to not die more thanks to his micro-management skills than anything I brought to the table.

I also bought squid game. That's Splatoon for the uninitiated. It's a simple game in almost every since of the word but it's really fun, Same goes for that Puzzle and Dragons game on the 3DS. It's getting late and I'm running out of team if you can't tell.

Last topic. Today at work I was just chilling out doing some reading when I zoned out and noticed a bug outside my window. I brushed it off at first but I looked again after another few minutes and it was still there. That's when I decided to send pictures on Skype. The following is the conversation that ensued.

[12:05:18 PM] Cavemonkynick: This thing has been staring me down and trying to get in this window for like half an hour now.


[12:28:00 PM] Cavemonkynick: It's still trying to get in
[12:48:14 PM] Cavemonkynick: I left for 10 minutes and then came back and it's still here
[12:48:54 PM] ShyYoungBrony: it's really out to get you
[12:49:08 PM] ShyYoungBrony: you better watch your back when you're off
[12:52:42 PM] Cavemonkynick: It moved behind me where I have to turn to see it


[12:53:15 PM] ShyYoungBrony: ahahaha
[12:54:49 PM] Cavemonkynick: Now it has one of its front legs on the window


[12:56:46 PM] Cavemonkynick: "One day this barrier will no longer be between us terrifying bug friend... One day..."
[12:57:12 PM] ShyYoungBrony: and that day will be a terrifying day indeed
[12:57:28 PM] Cavemonkynick: Work is very slow today
[12:57:54 PM] Jon: buggu~
[1:54:44 PM] Cavemonkynick: Now he's being a creep


[3:58:31 PM] Cavemonkynick: Welp, bug friend left while I was at lunch
[3:59:17 PM] ShyYoungBrony: just because it's not where you can see it any more doesn't mean it left...
[4:05:46 PM] Cavemonkynick: I watched it try to get through the glass. I'm not concerned lol
[4:08:40 PM] ShyYoungBrony: maybe it found another entry point, or it's camping outside the door waiting for you to leave now... you never know
[4:10:08 PM] Cavemonkynick: It's not a spider,[Shy's real name]. It doesn't control me
[4:10:22 PM] ShyYoungBrony: hahaha

So yeah, that happened. Sorry for the image heavy journal but I've been over due for a substantial update. No real writing progress to speak of. I still have ideas and I still haven't written them down. Don't worry though, if there's a breakthrough y'all will be the first to know.

Stay cool and stay safe friends.
Monky Out


So I'm Going to See the Zelda Symphony Thursday

Title says it all really. This Thursday I'll be going to see the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses in Atlanta, Georgia. "Excited" barely begins to explain how much I'm ready for this. I'm taking three of my best friends and my only regret is that my Pocket German can't also be with us but it is what it is. I'm not sure if any of y'all will be in the area but if you are and you want to throw rocks at a large hairy man feel free to drop me a message and we'll do a thing or something. Just don't hit the car, it's not mine.


Anyways, that;s kind of it for now.

Monky Out.


Since when did March Get Here?

I swear that it was New Year's like just last week or something. At the same time I've also done a lot of things that, sadly, are not writing so lets go through them in a list shall we?

1. I finally picked up The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) and completed it. It was a whole lot of fun and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone who likes a good adventure, Zelda fan or not.

2. On the subject of Zelda, I also picked up the Majora's Mask remake and it was glorious. If you are a fan of the original or never got around to it I'd say this is a must buy. The atmosphere of the final hours on the third day is still one of my favorite video game experiences to date.

3. I read "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline because it came in my loot crate and it was a pretty solid read. It started slow, there's no way around that. Like most of the first forty pages or so are just back story and setting, but once the actual story kicks in its a fun little adventure.

4. I played The Last Of Us finally. It was cool, I can see where a lot of the hype comes from. It kinda felt like the story wavered back and forth between trying to hard too make us like these people and then trying too hard to take them from you. Not a fan of the ending. I understand it, and even kind of support it, but meh. I can't really get into it without spoiling it so I wont.

5. I started playing Transistor. I've only got like forty-five minutes in it and I'm in love with the soundtrack. Darron Korb is a brilliant composer and even if I'm frustrated with the game I keep pushing just to hear more of his work.

6. I've stepped up my uploads on my LP channel from 15 minute episodes to 30 (give or take a few) minute episodes and I've actually gotten better about staying ahead of the curve. Right now I'm staying about 2 weeks ahead.

7. I finally really sat down with Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) and I quite enjoyed it. I miss having an overworld to screw around in like with 64 and Sunshine but the level design is solid and, most importantly, really fun.

8. I keep buying Amiibos. I'm at 13 now. I have Samus, Link, Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Rosalina, Kirby, Fox, Ike, Pikachu, Lucario, and a second Samus that a good friend of mine is going to be repainting as Dark Samus because why not?

That's pretty much it I guess. I'm still trying to work out my writing. I'm finding it harder and harder to just sit down and write things so I'm trying to read more and I'm probably just going to start writing anything and everything to try and find a groove. Other than "Ready Player One" I recently read The Mare Who Once Lived on the Moon, or whats done of it at least and it really hooked me.

Confession, recently I've pretty much just been reading updates and even those I've fallen behind on. This is something I hope to fix soon.

Also, I went over to my friends yesterday and while I was killing some time at a bookstore I ran across a book of Lovecraft stories so I picked that up. Then we ate, she tried to play FNaF 2 but kept freaking out so I tried it, I got frustrated and started playing the first one, managed to get in the zone but over the course of the next 45 minutes and 4 in game night I got drunk and lost the zone, then we played Superfight followed by Smash Bros Wii U. It was a great night.

So yeah, Shy is waiting on me so we can try out a game so I'm gonna go do that. Also eat some potato soup.

Monky out.


Unexpected Feels

Ok, so I usually avoid the word "feels" unless I'm being annoying or among close friends so I can understand if the title made you cringe a bit but whatever.

I've been a bit under the weather and for some reason sick me really wanted to play "Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap" again. So I did. I'm happy to report that I'm just as bad at it now as I was ten years ago. Well I'm better at the puzzles now but I'm just as bad at actually playing the game. It probably doesn't help that I'm emulating it because I gave a friend my (sisters) GBA SP so he could play some classics and I refuse to play it on my original advance because screw proper lighting. (Right, the sister thing. Parents got it for her for Christmas because she always wanted to play mine but the novelty wore off in like 2 months and she gave it to me.)

Anyways, I'm playing through the game, minding my own business just wondering around in the bliss of nostalgia and allergy pills when I ran across a piece of dialogue that hit me much harder than it should have.

If you don't know or can't tell, that's Zelda and this is what shows up when you try to "Speak" with her. For reasons still unknown (it was probably the allergy pills though) it felt like I'd been punched in the gut and then I spent the better part of the next half hour with this really stupid feeling of urgency. Here I am, running around cutting grass, making shady deals with shrubs, encouraging 40 year old fairy men to do... whatever it is they're doing, and smashing broken rocks together with anyone who will deal with me and all the while Zelda is just here. Being a rock. So I hammered out the next two dungeons in something like an hour and a half. Also during that time the plot decided to keep me out of the castle so I had to start a new file to get those screen caps.

So yeah, once again a video game made a bigger impact on my emotional state than life has managed to do since I became a jaded bastard out of self preservation. Go me.


Blood in the Water

(Title may or may not be relevant, but it was the first thing that came to mind so whatever)

For those of you who follow my pony writing,(that looks a lot stranger typed out for some reason) I've been stewing on something for about a week now and after consulting with ShyYoungBrony (my personal second opinion and damn near everything these days) I've made a decision.

"In the Name of the Moon" is getting a rewrite.

"A Fresh Perspective" was a dead storyline and at this point it's beginning to drag down were I want this new plot to go, so I'm starting from the ground up.The story as it is now will be preserved in an unpublished chapter which you can find here if you need it for some bizarre reason, and as soon as I have a new first chapter ready all published chapters will be removed.

I've wrestled with this story for quite a while now and I'm really hoping this is the the key to getting where I want to go with it. I've got so much planned out in my head but there was too much baggage in between the here and there.

Here's hoping,

Monky Out.


*Checks Watch* Oh... It's December... Huh...

Well then. Not much to say really. Christmas is soon, I broke my phone trying to fix it, and I haven't made any writing progress in like 9 months. Go me.

I was trying to replace my broken screen, which I did successfully for the most part, except that somewhere along the way I popped off a tiny piece of metal that I thought was unimportant but now I'm fairly confidant that it was some how the contact between the board and the touch part of the screen. The screen comes on but doesn't respond to finger jabbing's and such, so yeah.

I also spent more money than I really had any business spending on things like more Amiibos, Dragon Age Inquisition, a PS Vita, a PS4, and 4 tickets to the Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest Tour. I'm not sorry for the last one. More excited. Like giddy school girl excited. I also got to use two of the tickets as an engagement/Christmas/wedding gift for a very close friend of mine. Turns out the Monky here really likes playing Santa.

I'm taking Jon too. He'd be a dick if I didn't. (JK Jon, love you like a brother, not that you'll ever read this.)

What else? Oh, Inquisition is really freaking great. A lot of chills from really well written and executed moments, great soundtrack, correct usage of Freddy Prince Jr. as a voice actor. I was mildly disappointed that while Hawke played a part, all you get out of the hero of Fereldin is a letter, especially since my warden hooked up with Alister and became queen but whatever. I haven't finished the game yet so I won't gush too much, however if Bioware managed to tie Inquisition up as nicely as it's looking so far then this may very will be their Magnum Opus.

As far as the writing goes, honestly I haven't wrote myself off just yet. I feel like a can write, like I want to write, I still entertain the stories in my head, I just haven't wrote them I guess. I dunno. I'm considering starting fresh with like a one shot or something. Something to get me moving again at least. I'll keep you posted as things happen.

Anyhow, I should get back to watching Star Trek The Next Generation while at work like a good employee so I'll catch ya'll later. And if I don't post again before, Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate. Have fun, be safe,stay warm, all that jazz.

Monky Out


Aww, I Missed it...

I'm a day late so I can't go on about the meaning of life and stuff this year. I blame Crypt of the Necrodancer.

My birthday this year was actually pretty freaking annoying. I mean, I guess it's to be expected when you have to work, but it didn't help that it was the busiest day we've had all month. That being said Mom and Dad treated me to lunch and I found time to watch some Vinny and play a little Smash 3DS under the desk so not a total loss.

Wii U smash releases next Friday and Jon and I will be making the hour trip one last time to pick it up. I also pre-ordered a Samus Amibo on Amazon because I can't be trusted with money ever.

On that topic, I know not a lot of people read these and even fewer of those probably mess with consoles much, but has anyone tried out the Razar Sabertooth 360 controller. Most of the reviews I'm seeing are pretty positive, but I've seen a decent chunk of people saying that is not very durable, failing to function in as little as a week. Anyone got any suggestions before I spend the money on it? I'm going to get a new wired one either way. I played consoles for the better part of my life so I generally use a pad when playing PC stuff as well.

Anyways, I guess I should at least pretend to work.

Monky Out


Relaxing Weekend was Relaxing

So after a whirlwind week of working three 15 hour days Tuesday through Thursday, I nearly slept through Halloween. I woke up around one in the afternoon and then spent about four hours playing Payday 2 with ShyYoungBrony. After he turned in I just kinda zoned out to Vinny playing OoT Master Quest before finally addressing the hour and half's worth of Drunk Mario Party footage that's been sitting on my hard drive since July. Long story short, I am a bit of a verbally aggressive drunk. Probably won't be having as much as I did then ever again.

Saturday, Shy and I played even more Payday 2, and after completing a Big Bank Heist and a Free Hoxton heist on Normal and Hard respectively with just the 2 of us and the AI we were feeling pretty good about ourselves. (Even if someone WHO SHALL REMAIN UNNAMED almost blew the big bank by going after a single bag the cops had managed to get to the other end of the map in the final stretch.)

Sunday, Jon and I decided to knock the rust off our Mass Effect 3 skills in preparation for N7 day this Friday. We put in a few hours before swapping over to Dead Space 3 for a while. That took significantly more warm up time. At this point, ME3 is pretty much second nature to me. Even though I hadn't touched it in months, I picked it up and played it like it had been no time at all. Dead Space, not so much. We settled in relatively quickly though and our groove of acting like total morons was found again. I noticed something kinda funny though. Whenever a horde attacked we would always end up in the same positions by the end, Jon stomping wildly at necros I'd knocked over with my ground pound secondary thing, and me holding a slasher arm waiting for something to impale. And then we'd both stomp wildly for loot drops. Because Dead Space.

Yesterday, Watch Dogs came in the mail from GameFly. So far i'm enjoying it. Maybe it's because I like to research as little as possible about a game beforehand so I don't set unrealistic expectations, but having successfully ignored everything about the game since it's E3 announcement, I'm enjoying it quite a lot. My only real complaint is that gun-play can get quite a bit frustrating at times, as often is the case when a game tantalizes you with fun stealth then forces you into open combat. Oh, also, almost all of the radio music is crap, but that's an opinion so meh. I'm digging the actual soundtrack.

So yeah, that was my weekend. The offer to join forces for N7 day is still open, I've had an astronomical 0 takers so far so yeah, slots open and all.

See yall around,

The Monky


Well this is new...

Oh cool, a new blog system. Wait, it's been in place for like 2 weeks? Huh... I should keep up with things more...

Anyways, hello! And for those precious few who followed my old journal, hello again! Seeing as I live the majority of my life under a rock, I only noticed the blog tab after it was pointed out to me when I realized my journal was in dead topics. Who knows, maybe since I've been flushed out of my journal I'll be a bit more active around here. *spoiler alert, probably not. I'm terrible about maintaining activity unless prompted*

I guess I'll just kinda start over then. I'm Cavemonkynick. Aliases include, Nicholas, Nick, The Monky, Pallon-O-Death (trying to phase that one out), Son (my boss kinda calls everyone that), Darling (my boss again, seems to only use that one for me... must be the hair), I Don't Know (friend at work, we call him "I Don't Care") and That Guy With the Beard and Jesus Hair. I'm 22, 23 in less than a month, I live at home to help take care of my dad who's gotten... spacey lately, and I work at Ellis Travel Trailers selling RV's and RV accessories. Five days a week, I upload LP's to YouTube. They're alright, mostly just me spouting random crap while re-playing some of my favorite games. I'm a bit of an aspiring writer, though my output is atrocious and entirely fanfiction so make of that what you will.

That's pretty much it. I guess I'll just pick up with what I was going to post originally.

It seems that Georgia weather has finally stopped being a stubborn jerk and actually cooled off a bit. I even got to break out my N7 jacket for wok this morning.


For those of you who play Mass Effect 3, November 7th is coming, and we all know what that means. It's time for a multiplayer binge. Cerberus troops, the remaining rouge Geth, the Reaper Forces, and the Collectors Reborn will be pushing on all fronts and once again, we few will unite to protect our homes.

Ok, so I'm being over-dramatic, sue me. I'll be devoting the entire Friday to dusting off my Black Widow and having some fun. If any of you out there own and play ME3 on 360, I'd love to take the field with you. Jon will be with me most of the day so I've got at least 2 dedicated slots to fill and, while I haven't spoken with him about this yet, I imagine ShyYoungBrony will be hanging around in TeamSpeak with us possibly running a PC fireteam. Maybe. Anyways, if your interested just hit me up in the comments or a pm and we'll exchange gamertags and work out details. It'll be fun.

See ya' around the galaxy folks,

Monky Out.

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