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Creations of this introverted bear's mind that actually go somewhere other than The Rec Room and RP boards!

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The Cozy (and last) Great Fox.

I guess I can't say i've been an absentee on this forum for a bit, looks like it generally stayed the same in general population, although for better or for worse is always a question. With a few new faces (and an old one, to my knowledge), merely judging, it's still quite the cozy home.

"Welcome to those new, and those returning to the last known Great Fox."

1. Debating on adding back my old characters again, although in recent months, I actually haven't used them in a while for anything. Do have new ones, and can leave the space for later additions...

2. Kursed, if your reading this, not sure if I recommend whether or not you should look into my later posts from "The Take Over" RP thread... I salute you all the same- To be fair, I did do a fair bit of reading of the Dead Threads back in the day, and had some interest in the posts there, your name stuck out there.

3. Being the Monokuma I am (and always will be (At least here and on Discord) ), I'll need to find a new profile of the good old Mono. 

3.5. I keep coming back here, I always tend to skim the Discord, and not only did I join the Minecraft server, but found a current friend on that channel. Welcome to Hope's Peak SF-O or at least in the Discord,  Snow.


The New SF-O, from a (mostly) absentee.

Tending to post these whenever something takes me away from the site for a while, namely the job I have, and schoolwork to follow in college keeps me busy, albeit now having fun filing taxes soon to come, and being able to shortly use it to fund a new rig (Using a Steam Machine to run Windows 10 is certainly something).

1. Good lord, I haven't been on in forever. April -somethingwasit-? I've always been on the Discord Channel (I now just skim over it, muting the certain channels not related to announcements or mentions), and with that, comes new leaders, new members, and most of all, the renewal of most things. In a similar note, some members have fallen, some with a speech, others as a ghost. I never like being the latter, but i'm sure it's something that catches us off guard.

2. As I always like to report on OCs, I mainly create them for other RPs, such as the ones that my friends make on Facebook, and whenever I see another idea, retrofitting works as a solution. Now is that time to say that writing hasn't ceased to a solid degree, my folder has doubled in size even though my free time as been absorbed; in templates (or Blanks, as I like to call them), unfinished works, or the numerous characters already done (One RP that I participate in features 17 of my hand-created works, either character or dossier). 

3. I normally have three points to a post like this, but cannot think of the content, I guess one aspect of the new ideals here are to figure out what the new SF-O has in store for me in general. I tend to keep old photos, but I suppose leaving the Monokuma shtick is at least something that can be done, if not already. Keeping it in namesake alone brings good memories, and perhaps, good fortunes.


It has been quite the desert.

Back to one of those Desert seasons in the forum for a bit, might as well start this Control Room up again and get moving.

1. OC work has been at a unending pace, even though RP here has been kinda slow? (I actually haven't seen the RP Board in a bit), and I might see what's gone on if not move a character off standby or retrofit my characters for non-forum RPs. [42 characters and counting for non-forums]

2. SF-O chat is practically dead, save for the 1-2 users, although it is nice to see them use it sometimes.. I'll sadly admit to turning off the notifications to the Discord Channel from time to time, with the exception of the Whale Radio when I can wake up to it.- [Mention the Bear-]

3. I've strayed away from SF-O too long, college and the homeworks that come with it are flooding at best. After the school season ends for a bit, pretty sure SF-O will spring back up.


Forgotten, but not forever.

Actually forgot about this place for a while. Blaming Gestalt for it.


But anyways, I've been doing well and one of my friends quick-sketched something of me. Noticing the dress code, I dunno why my ears and tail haven't been taken away.


I can probably mess with people about me now. Upupu...


First time for everything...

Finally have some drive to do something not on RP or the Rec boards. Odd. I somehow blame Gestalt. I suppose I could use this for various things such as OCD'ing my stuff, getting critiques on things here, etc...

Anyhow, today I grabbed my old art tablet I never opened after 2 years, plugged it in and it still works. Wonder if I can practice my drawing and actually get good, just might progress in drawing something I want to do!

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