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About this blog

SF-O's resident incubator (Don't worry, she's not really an incubator!) talks about her life, her hobbies (Which are stealing souls, drawing, and video games), and her emotions. (See! She isn't an incubator! She has emotions!!)

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How to become a magical girl!!


Hello! I am Kyubey! And you probably clicked this guide because you are thinking about becoming a magical girl, right?


I thought so. 

Anyway, to become a magical girl, you must first email Make sure you include your street address, phone number, credit card number, age, blood type, and gender. (It may take up to 666 years for me to respond, so please be patient).

If you are actually willing to wait that long, you will get a reply with a confirmation link. Be warned!! After you click that confirmation link and enter the captcha, you will become a magical girl, and you will be destined to fight witches at the risk of your life!

But wait!! I forgot something very important! Before you enter the captcha, you will be prompted to type in a wish! That's right!! I can grant any wish you desire for the price of becoming a magical girl! (Choose carefully! Because you won't be able to change your wish later)!!

After you enter the captcha... ...Viola! You are now a magical girl!! Your Soul Gem and instruction manual will be magically teleported to you shortly!

Also, I highly recommend that boys do not do this, because we only have female outfits currently, and if you do make a contract with me, whenever you transform, you will look like a complete idiot and your girlfriend (If you have one), will dump you.

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