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A photographer with many interests, one of which is Star Fox.

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A Bit About Me

Hello, everyone. I've gone by many names over the years, but for now I'm going by VM. I'm primarily a photographer, and I've always had a soft spot for the Star Fox series. I don't think I'm old enough to be considered a greymuzzle just yet, but I've been hanging around the furry fandom for over a decade now. I'm also a general computer nerd who has recently realized they actually hate computers, and so I'm trying to make photography work professionally rather than continuing in IT.

If you've followed the Krystal Archive at all, you've likely seen some of my photo sets of Ayano posted at some point. I'd love to find some other SF cosplayers to work with at some point, but for now some of my best fursuit/costume work is of her. If any cosplayers (Star Fox or otherwise) are interested in organizing a photoshoot in or around Texas, or if you just want to hook up the GC for some Assault, hit me up!

I suppose that's about all I can mention about myself in polite company. If you're interested in seeing some of my (and another's) work of Ayano, most of my photos from TFF2017 have been uploaded here. You can also look at my professional-ish general portfolio if you're so inclined. So, thanks for stopping by. I hope to hang around for a while.

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