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How time flies

It's been quite a long time since I've used the blogs here. Let's see how much has changed.


My relationship is steady, I'm happy. I was promoted to Department Manager of the Pickup department about two years ago now. In April/May of that year, I found out that my store was going to be getting Online Grocery Pickup, and only one other store in the area had it at the time. We got two transfers in around that time, first was my new Assistant Manager (ASM), and then they hired a second Dept. Manager (DM). All three of us were flown out to Denver, NC for two weeks in June to train how to run the program. We opened in July and it started out OK for a while. Home Office kept increasing our order cap and we were not prepared for the extra workload. We never had enough people and the ASM went on medical leave for a few months which didn't help. 


In April of last year, the company eliminated the second DM position in our store, I elected to step down and return to Electronics, where I had been before I was promoted.


This community has been my home for some time, and for a while I neglected it and didn't spend as much time as I should have. That changed shortly before DZ left and the reigns were handed to the trio of MK, Orange and Sawtooth.

After Saw stepped down, I figured someone had to take the initiative and help fill the role. I didn't know at that time that eventually I would be taking over ownership of the site too.



First Entry

The first entry of a madman. Hmm, where to start? Madly in love with someone I did not expect - a co-worker.

Fighting a head cold, hope it goes away. It kept me up all night with my girl.

Bought SSB for 3DS. Started playing that. Got a kick out of Luigi's running punch for some reason. Left my 3DS at work in my locker, had to go back to get it. Whoops.

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