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About this blog

Might as well introduce myself here.

TheIkranRider is an online adult that soars thru the skies of fantasy and cyberspace. She has chosen the Pokémon, Riolu, since its cute, loyal, though a wild companion, much like her own mind and imagination. Like Fanfictiondreamer, she too lives with Autism, but also has other mental defects, while still having a rich fantasy life. She came up with that name for herself as she loves one of Pandora's creatures, the Mountain Banshees, also known as Ikrans. While the number 77 in her DA name may represent double luck.

She does immerse herself into fantasy, science fiction, and thrillers, though her fandoms and interests are sometimes in a constant flux, or she'd be stuck with them for awhile showing how rare, nostalgic and valuable they are. That was until she reached her thirties in which her brain stopped developing, hence the phase in which she found it difficult to open up to newer things, and found comfort in the old. Thus, there were the stories she has developed from the distant and recent pasts.

Writing has been a favorite hobby since 2010, and she became hooked ever since. Her main drive in writing fanfiction was when she feels something's wrong with the work she's into, as if there's a problem with their world or plots; as Morpheus once said, "Like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." There would sometime be a good movie or show, but no inspiration, as to her it seems either dull or just satisfactory. But filling in plot holes or rewriting and resolving conflicts has always been a way to deal with her irritation. As you'd see from her fics and other projects.

These triggers could all start since Ikran noticed Captain N and the Video Game Masters was removed from the air, ever since she was 3-4 years old. Then, she had that same urge when VR Troopers abruptly ended from Philly57 as she noticed it wasn't there at 5:30 on one weekday. Next, there was Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm from USA, whether it'd be from its Saturday morning block or in the very early morning. Soon was ReBoot as Season 4 was canned due to low ratings, and that stupid idea to air on Toonami during primetime back in late 2002. There was also F-Zero GP Legend as it was removed from the FoxBox (assimilated by 4Kids TV) one Saturday morning during March 2005, soon after she completed a state standardized test junior year; it was taken over seamlessly without a sneak peek by Sonic X and Winx Club! Then, Sleepy Hollow was canned on May 2017, thanks to the repercussions of the Dark Age of the series, as well as FOX's executive meddling (despite Season 1'a tense finale). With those factors Ikran grew up with, she has relentlessly developed fics that represented the shows that died far too soon.

And the fics were also overcoming the things Ikran despises so much, such as standing against decisions left by the network executives, as well as making a few revenge fics against a certain...intruder, a series of characters, or some intolerable franchises or installments.

How it all Started

TheIkranRider first existed on Fanfiction.net. She had randomly stumbled upon that site during 2010 while she was looking for a Final Fantasy walkthrough, though at first she wasn't sure where she could post her stories at the time. She has already created a few old fics for the Fantastic 4 (2005) and its sequel, but they were private stories. Until that day she first discovered that site, she began to submit her work online for the first time. Soon, her personal repertoire began to grow like a weed as she also created works for The ReBoot Multiuniverse, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV, and The Bouncer Tetralogy.

She too would create her own OCs as well; she came up with this technique since she got into FFIV (SNES) as she was learning how to make one while her sis came up with two knights based on Kain and Cecil named Kale and Liber. They'd often be related to her in a sense as a method on immersing herself into her favorite series, or they'd be non-related. But either way, it was a method to help her cope with her stressors, and sometimes intensify them; it was just something she could use to assist her favorite characters, or sometimes base them on her own enemies and negativity, from her childhood ideas to the present day.

She does fantasize and daydream a lot throughout her life, though she wasn't much of a writer back then, especially since English was considered to be her worst subject next to Algebra. Without special training, she thought writing would just be way over her head, till around 2009 when she feverishly wrote down short stories for the superhero quartet because of how underrated it was. She always seems to be a sucker for the underdog and fascinated with her favorite shows, movies, and games, and those were the things that drove her interest, along with trying to find what seems to be irritating her mind, whether it'd be a cancellation, an anticlimactic scenario, or if it's just tension; writing seems to be the cure for that, or as Fanfictiondreamer calls it, Showitious, as it seems to be a creative outlet.

There were some bizarre, though vague, choices when she was young, but she was just playing with her imaginative side. It didn't become cohesive till around 2009-2010. See The Fantastical Memoir for details.

A War Between Fantasy and Reality

Like FFD, Ikran can relate to this condition, Showitious; an obsession of her favorite characters and media. Ikran has dealt with the same thing since she was a kid. She can't recall exactly what her first experience was, but her fascination would happen randomly, though they'd have the usual triggers, even when she sees or hears them and they become entrapped in her mind. Every time she does, it's like she has been caught in between these two realms. Sometimes they'd seem so severe, that they'd interfere and cause more mental stress and fatigue. Often times, the only (negative) solution was to eliminate the things cold turkey even though she still likes these, as it made these stressors worse than better. It was as if her mind was her best friend, and her worst enemy.

It seems as some sort of stress disorder and she can't find a way to cope with them well. Her fantasies won't help as long as she keeps them building up in her mind like a volcano; they need to go somewhere to relieve the pressure.

When she found FF.net, this was a good way to help her ease the anxieties, though they would still erupt again at times. Unlike FFD, she didn't have much support, especially from her family, and she didn't have a large system nor many friends. So, she pretty much was stuck in between, and her favorite characters, movies, games, and other media were like her only comfort... See her list of friends/enemies, as well as her triggers here.

Of course, she didn't want herself to go crazy, so she needed an outlet; thus the first site. And there were some other things that followed...

Delving on DeviantArt


Avatar on multiple sites

This all began just several years later, within early 2015, after she got a brand new laptop the Christmas prior. She had this idea when she encountered one of her good online friends, Cerb, and she noticed she had a DeviantArt page. From there, she explored "the world's largest art site," and that became an instant favorite! Since it had so much more options than the aforementioned domain, Ikran found her true home! Her works had skyrocketed there whether it came to digital pics, fanfics, personal journal entries, or an update to say what's on her mind. She works on there frequently, even to this day after five and a half years; despite when it transformed into the new, tumultuous Eclipse.

There were still the battles within her mind, but thanks to DeviantArt, they became a lot more manageable!

Contributing to Wikis

At around 2017, Ikran was looking thru a Wikipedia page one day; a Category that symbolized media in terms of time travel. She noticed that some entries were missing, such as the plots in The Edge of Yesterday, a Jonny Quest episode. She had decided to make her own account, though she lost interest in Wikipedia. Instead she chose to contribute to fandom wikis as they were designed for fans, rather than professionals. She had first come to the complex Multiuniverse fic, The Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow; while she liked how the TV series merged with the Tim Burton movie, it was too difficult for her to comprehend. She thought the LOTM wiki would be tough to get into, but thankfully, that was all wrong.

As she noticed stories and other OCs on there, she couldn't wait to add in her own material! The site was so much fun for her and it was just free reign; as other wikis tend to stick with only one topic such as just Sleepy Hollow, or F-Zero, Villains/Heroes, etc. At least she would give some descriptions of her fics via Blogs to their corresponding wikis.

She has also contributed to other sites; the very first being The Chaos Theatre Wiki which was a wiki dedicated to certain YouTubers such as her favorites Fawful's Minion, Itionoben, CJszero01 and others and their circle of online friends. Till it shut down by its admin, Avaril, since they'd been getting some hatedom. Ikran was indeed outraged as she felt ignored on her work and how much she cared for them; at least the loss wasn't too great when she found Wikitubia and contributed her work there. This was a blessing from Avaril's selfish shut down during Halloween!

Soon, there was the F-Zero wiki; again having those angsts on missing things, so too with the Sleepy Hollow wiki, the Squarewiki (mostly material for The Bouncer), the Mondo TV World wiki (which lasted for a brief period), and the NintendoCaprisun wiki (till her disinterest with Tim, but soon returned before a whole year).

Although...on 2/25/21, she was permanently banned from the LOTM wiki, after about 3-4 years working there. All because of her post of a succubus that was introduced to her F-Zero timeline. And the heartless admin did just that, just putting buckets of salt on old wounds. She wishes that soon he shall get his from his cold-hearted nature!

Also...she lost interest on using the F-Zero wiki due to the new admin chastising her on inaccuracy of info, never using Discord, and having her blogs/messages clog up the wiki!

Reciting on YouTube

This idea came to Ikran as she was inspired by her favorite YouTubers in 2010; those include Fawful's Minion, Itionoben, the Great Clement, CJszero01, Phantomstrider, and those that she abhors too. Ikran wanted to do countdowns like they do, but she never had the material needed to create videos. She was always afraid those programs and equipment would be too expensive and difficult to use. Till she met her former friend, Fanfictiondreamer, a few years ago. She asked her one day on how she does her Ultimate Story, and OBS was the way to go. By early 2020, Ikran downloaded it, and she had a tricky time getting used to the setup. Her voice was often quieter and altered randomly, yet still, since this was something she can do for her projects, she pushed thru. It wasn't exactly what she wanted, but it was a start since she never had their first milestone, Windows Movie Maker. She does hope to achieve her dream on making countdowns, as well as AMVs in the future.

Role-playing was a good interest for Ikran when she was a kid, and she too often goofed around using a microtape recorder. She did grow out of the hobby as she hates making improvs, but she felt confident on doing the same creating videos. She first began on Feb 1, with her F-Zero oneshot, PJ, the Empyrean Colonist. Then, it started to grow on her like those other sites she has been using for her works. This was another way to help ease her mind and carry her projects forward. She, too, can use these vids on her wiki sites, DeviantArt, and even Tumblr to which she hardly ever visits and soon deleted...


My YouTube Channel Banner (before it was revised)


Ikran's edited channel banner

Returning to Tumblr

Soon after the ban from the LOTM wiki, she decided to make a second Tumblr blog dedicated to herself, even mentioning, "Glad to be back! :3" She hopes, like FFD, it'll be used for archival purposes. Originally she wanted to follow her rival, but she disabled all access to her Fayelons Story blog, as well as deny any comments, asks, or likes to her Ultimate Story blog. Nevertheless, Ikran still uses it to build up her repertoire.

Arrival to Archives of Our Own (AO3)

On August 6, 2020, Ikran has created an account on AO3, inspired by a few of her friends from DeviantArt. Her first project was her F-Zero epic, Ending it All; better put her best foot forward. Since then she had been releasing projects gradually, her fanfics originally posted on DA and Fanfiction. She has released her podfics there as well.


Ikran seems to have a slight grudge for that site, as it's the breeding ground of erotica and other disturbing material. While she doesn't plan to leave that site, she won't tolerate any abuse to her and her works. Since there was so much convoluted and untasteful works, she'll consider AO3 as a last resort for submitting her fics and podfics.

Starfox-Online, probably short-term..?

Inspired by FFD, Ikran wanted to take a crack here, giving it whatever sci-fi content she has, as well as some miscellaneous stuff along the way, such as describing her own Showitious.

     TinselMeme2.jpg.3bc34472117fb4894364ea9e317c212e.jpg                     F-ZeroDuelMeme2.jpg.362d6d1808f76a101ee6ca841157f2b8.jpg                                     BubsyMeme2.jpg.017229c45a91a8d0e4c2bb6f4e1c4b1e.jpg


Ikran's favorite time of the day has always been twilight.

Her favorite season is autumn, ever since she grew older. Her least favorite is summer as she despises the heat and humidity so much!

Her favorite color is green.

Her greatest phobias are melissophobia (fear of bees; never got stung) and astraphobia (thunderstorms; when outside or are too violent, and she never got struck).

She has so many foods that're her faves, but it's mostly seafood, some veggies, eggplant, and chocolate. She could relate to Kirby/Yoshi of her various food choices.

She doesn't drive nor owns a car...

Her all-time favorite animals include cheetahs, foxes, dogs, and rhinos. Although she can relate herself to a sea urchin or porcupine due to their defensive nature.

Her favorite bands include Linkin Park, Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi, P!nk, Weird Al Yankovic, and The Cars.

She hates confrontations, trolling, as well as tension, anxieties, grossed-out humor, and especially pornography and erotica!

Speaking of which, she doesn't have many friends as she/they consider her to be socially awkward; she never plans on finding a mate since finding friends is hard enough. She also tends to be a loner, too.

She can always relate to her two favorite OCs, Tinsel Steelus Wheeler for the F-Zero series and Gavin Lucas for the Sleepy  Hollow series. Trudy for Cowboy Bebop, Chita Comett for the VR Troopers, and Ayame for the Bouncer tetralogy are also good candidates. They are all mentally handicapped much like her. Her non-related OCs can be similar to her triggers in more ways than one.

She can partially relate herself to Babydoll from Sucker Punch, Luigi from Super Mario, and Tails from the Sonic series.

Ikran can relate to Fanfictiondreamer a lot; if only there wasn't that fallout in the end due to conflicting interests, inconsistency and incompletion with her works, etc.

She was diagnosed with these deficits since she was 18.

She often describes her issues, as well as her depression, as a boomerang; as she starts getting immersed in something, it's like casting out the weapon, but it can still come back to haunt her eventually.

She doesn't want to be so naïve and vulnerable, so she admitted to herself that she's been growing up like one of the characters she hates, Matrix, from the ReBoot series.

She dislikes drinking as she despises the tastes/after effects; however, the only exception would be Mike's Hard Iced Tea, Lemonade, etc. Though she hardly drinks at all, aside from New Year's.

She often compares her fics, and her drive to end them/series they're based on, to the missing epic finale of The Haunted Sonata, an episode/artifact in the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest's Season 2.

Or perhaps Apollo Creed in the original Rocky movie as his World Champion career's been stagnant, then decides to take a turn and give an underdog a shot, cause like her he's just as sentimental.

Tootsie Pop Rebuttal                                     Basic Meme                                Bucket Meme

Entries in this blog


My Toonami Retrospective

Man, I had a feeling it was gonna turn 20 a few years ago; and seeing that people are just celebrating it, I've decided to describe my own experiences with this epic anime block. This could be a long entry, so prepare yourselves... It all started when I was 10; it was during the summer vacation. Believe it or not, it all began when I kept hearing that ThunderCats was airing. It was actually on the Preview channel; the one that used to show all those scrolling TV listings. Anyway, seeing how g




My 4Kids Retrospective

I know what you are all thinking as I write this entry, and yes, I agree about 75% that 4Kids is the king of failure when it comes to anime dubbing. You're all pretty much right, they had their sour reputation of making poor business practices, laying off talented individuals and transforming the FoxBox into an abomination, and later the CW. But starting the 25%, I didn't mind the editing, though, as I appreciated there was no hoarse language, alcoholism, or brief nudity. I liked the idea since




Why GP Legend was REALLY canceled!

Ever since I saw a video by TASproductions on his retrospective about the FoxBox/4Kids.TV, I had decided to make this blog post. We all know that GP Legend (both the anime and the GBA game) was released upon US shores at the same time on September 2004. It premiered on the FoxBox and to me, it was almost an instant hit. I was playing F-Zero GX during the summer of that year, and when I first heard about it as my younger siblings pointed it out on TV, it was only natural I decided to give it a ga




Was F-Zero made for the wrong demographic?

I stuck w/ the series via the Franchise Report that was made a couple years ago by Freelance Nintendo, then I was watching the first episode of the anime. When suddenly, there was a question that just came to me like a slap in the face. I came to thinking... Was F-Zero made for the wrong demographic? Here's the thing: During the Franchise Report concerning the future of F-Zero, people would see how sales have decreased overtime in the franchise. From the original, to X, Max. Velocity, and e




My Own Guilty Couples

Ever have one of those couples/characters that seem like...guilty pleasures? I'm not really talking as in sexual themes, but mostly because of how dark, though pleasant, these themes can be! Sometimes...doing bad does feel good in a sense. Especially when it comes to fiction. So, here are some of my pairings that seem like guilty couples. You might recognize the F-Zero ones. 1. Cecil Harvey and Dragon Rose (FFIV) I've made a fanfic known as Trials of a King several years back, and it h




Couples in my Fanfics

This idea was actually inspired by Fanfictiondreamer. As she does despise shipping, when fans only look at one official pairing and defend it with their lives, even if someone would disagree with them as like a sin to their ship. Heck, there's even this trope, Die for your Ship, for a reason; a lot of them are like immature and pick the most awkward couples ever, even when involving multiple universes. Even worse still, some people would go as far and as sick as a three-way relationship or harem




My Fantastical Memoir

This is going to be an interesting, though massive, project. Because this is a memoir, and as it defines, it's a personal account that highlights someone's personal experience and/or special sources. For this, I'm gonna try and summarize each of those zany ideas I developed over the years. Fanfictiondreamer has pretty much done this in the Ultimate Story series, but mine's more...complicated, because I'm spanning from many years and different resources, and this is going to be a very long mess.




How My Fanfics/Artwork Come to Be

I was watching James Cameron's Avatar a long time ago, and something seemed to be bothering me whenever I see it. I noticed that some of the things I love don't really leave quite an impact like so many other things do; why was this the case? With Avatar, it inspired me with my own screenname, TheIkranRider, but while it's one of my all-time favorite movies, how come it never drove me for any ideas? I pondered about this, and then I remembered something from TV Tropes, Fanfic Fuel. Basicall




Top 10 F-Zero GP Legend Strengths

Alright, if you hadn't seen its 10 Flaws, here it is. However, I don't see GP Legend/Climax as a lost cause like so many consumers think. I will try and list 10 positives to hopefully cancel them out, and maybe help GP Legend get a second shot for airing the American Dubs of the anime. So here goes: 1. Cool Canon Foreigners As the name would imply on TVTropes, they're characters that're introduced to a work that is far from the norm of the actual series, such as a spinoff or expanding a univ




Top 10 F-Zero GP Legend Flaws

Now, now, don't get me wrong, I love F-Zero GP Legend, ever since I was a late teenager. It has actually helped me thru high school during junior year, especially when the large state standardized test was approaching toward March; I still have some fond memories with both the English Dubs as well as the GBA game of the same name. However, nothing's perfect, and as I was creating my F-Zero fics back in the day, there were quite some unpleasantries that needed to be pointed out. So, here are




Top 10 Scariest, Nostalgic Memories

Just in time for Halloween, and just inspired by Fawful's Minion's own list, I had decided to do the same that showcases my own childhood fears. I was always curious on who someone else's fears are including Joshscorcher's and Watcher's. So here, I'm going to list my very own. Unlike the previous 3 these memories are bound to be so much more different from them, and even some of these memories I still find either unsettling or nostalgic. My cutoff date was when I turned 18, as it's the day I'm c




Time for the Nostalgia Goggles

I began to realize something once I had reached the big 3-0. And this has been getting broader ever since. There was something that actually happened to me. Mentally I mean. And I have already explained this to my former friend, Fanfictiondreamer. And while E3 was coming to a close, I thought I would get this out of the way to let everyone else know of my...sudden mindset. They say that 30 years is usually debated as the middle ages, but I don't believe it, as I only count 50 years to be as




What should be done next?

Alright, all my Starfox content has been released here; I don't have anymore material on the matter. But I don't think it'd be wise to quit here now. Since FFD had done a crapload of fanfics here, even though some aren't Starfox-centric, a lot of her works here are like sci-fi works. So, maybe I'll do the same thing here..? If so, I have several things to offer. I'd been busy on YouTube, so that's why I hadn't been showing up here lately. If I have time, maybe I'll start releasing some of my sci




Creating Couple Categories to the LOTM wiki

Alright, my rival, FFD has added a Couple Category for Fox and Misty, a couple introduced in the Ultimate Story series. So, I decided to add more o my own Couple Categories there. Here they are: https://legendsofthemultiuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Ryan_and_Ling_Steele https://legendsofthemultiuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Samurai_Goroh_and_Lisa_Brilliant https://legendsofthemultiuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Lucy_Liberty_and_Leon https://legendsofthemultiunivers




Starfox content on YouTube

Alright, I shows you Jim's material, and here's some stuff from another YouTuber, one I don't follow very much. So, here are some things from him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8Y56mPXT60 - Reviewed Starfox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK_46mywGOA - Redo-Reviewed Starfox 64 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77FgPvaytDU - My 10 Personal Satrfox Planets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uigF92jkQ3Q - Starfox Assault https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YA84XTmTRo - What he t




The Great Clement's Starfox LPs

Hey guys, I figured I'd post a little something from one of my all-time favorite YouTubers, the Great Clement. So, here's the LP he has done for the original Starfox game; he's a pro and hysterical while doing it! And here's one he made for Starfox 64, which was several years prior to this; again, he's a pro and he's just hilarious, especially when he does a special meme and a hysterical joke about Solar's temp! You'll see. Enjoy!  



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