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French Horns, Zimbabwe and Orange all around.

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Dr. Orange

Since becoming a living meme.

Now that I'm actually a living god of memes now. I guess I should use this more. 

Because HUEHUEHUE it's good representative leadership.

"Follow by example!" said Thomas Jefferson as he battled the Italians at Fort Knox on April 5th 1945.

And so I shall.


Get ready to see life in this place. IDK what happened but all the blog posts have been read by some 1,000,000 and I know that's not right. 

Dr. Orange

I am typing this in a La Quinta off of I-75 in Gainsville.

There is Gatorade in the streets as the Florida Gators attempt to invade my temporary fortress.

The Enterprise Service has forsaken me.

My cat is tired.

God is dead, but not by me this time.

I'm out of Coca~Cola.

People here smell of catfish and missed opportunities.

The weight room here only has a treadmill and a sit-ups station.

I haven't heard a single "you", only "y'all."

What's a shrinkydink?

The internet is okay here.

The people are really nice here too.

There's a Red Lobster near here the patrons look drunk.

Dr. Orange

I don't turn on the Air conditioner.

I just don't. Like I've gotten into this vibe where its "I TURN ON COLD I WILL NO MONEY!" I have no clue about anyone else but I prefer opening the window and getting that cool air breezy freeze. Sure there are toxins in the air, what they gon do? 

Got to love that early Summer heat wave. Wake up one morning thinking you need jeans and BAM 9:30 hits and you are regretting every life decision you made. Pants are for squares ... like pants. 

Dr. Orange
Exams man. That shit hurts like something awful. I think the worst part is how they're all bundled together so you feel add if you are the most unprepared fuck in the entire hall. I also got Netflix recently because AT&T cannot compete to the entire media world at the power and whim of my finger.

To bad I can't watch any of it.
Dr. Orange
This is the best place to post in. Because it's Orange.

Free French Horns all around.

Zimbabwe is ours now.

We goin' for a ride.

The ride never ends.
Dr. Orange
I bought to many games and I don't have the fucking time to play all of them. GabeN doing his dastardly tricks on us consumers. Not like it's a major problem. I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life choose me. #struggleizspoopy
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