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The Pokemon Stones



The Pokemon stones in my story are as follows:

Pikachu-From the Super Smash Pikachu

Jigglypuff-From the Super Smash Jigglypuff

Togepi-From Misty's Togepi

Cubone-From Lisa's Cubone

Meowth-From the good Meowth

Mew-From the only Mew, which is owned by Ly

Bulbasaur-From the Bulbasaur from the Hidden Village, left the village to be with Ash

Charmander-From the Charmander abandoned by it's former trainer, left him to be with Ash

Squirtle-From the leader of the Squirtle squad, left the squad to be with Ash

Clefairy-From one of the Clefairies in Mt. Moon

This is the order the the Pokemon stones of displayed. However, in another entry, they are placed in the order that they have been received. The Pokemon for the stones are based on all 10 of my favorite Pokemon from when I was a kid. I actually have the stones with me, right now. They are basically cut out pictures of the Pokemon taped onto the smooth stones used in Pokemon trading card game. Even so, I thought it was pretty creative for the resources that I had back then.




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