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Digital Television



I've noticed a common misconception. It is the notion that free over-the-air television broadcasts are no longer available. Which is to say, many assume that you can't put up an antenna and get receive free television. This idea originates from FCC mandated switch-over to digital television during 2009. The announced end of high-powered analog broadcasts was taken by many to mean a end to high-powered broadcasts when in fact the only change is that they are now high-powered digital broadcasts.

To find available channels in your area make use of the following or a like resource: https://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29

The requirments to receive free of charge TV includes: any over-the-air antenna* and a HDTV tuner** (a.k.a. ATSC tuner, a.k.a. receiver).  *A higher gain antenna will be to your benefit. **While a modern TV will already have a HDTV tuner, any analog televisions will require digital-to-analog converters usually sold as "digital converter boxes."






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Mmm, I'm not too sure how it works over where you live, but in France, our family has a satellite dish that's connected to a set-top-box we have. We get channels through that way. 

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