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I could use a little help...



I'm not gonna sugar coat this, I need some help. I've been without a job for 3 weeks now and I'm out of money. Overdrawn actually.  I understand if you cant help, but if you can, I would be eternally grateful and you would have earns the right to berate me/ask for things in the comments of this blog.


Help... Please.


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37 minutes ago, Gestalt said:

If there is an avenue for obtaining mercy/amends from your last employer, I would peruse it.

You might also consider selling your plasma:



P.S.: A mod is likely to remove that link. I would seek help in offsite chats/networks.


I'll look into those. And if a mod pulls the link people can just PM me for it. Or my Skype is on my page. Either way I've got this up in a few different places. Thanks for the help.

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Donating Blood can get you some money. I've personally never have been broke, so I can't give much advise. I can only offer things to do to get money, which most of it is Donating blood or something of that sort. Hey I mean, you only need 1 kidney right? Heard it's worth a lot.

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