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Sorry, Pokeshippers



Pokeshippers, I am sorry to say that there will be no love interests between Ash and Misty in my story. I can understand if this is a disappointment, but because of events that were beyond my control, Misty has another love interest and it was one that I was not originally planning on having. Instead, Ash and Misty's relationship will be much more like brother and sister. As for the name of Misty's other love interest? Well, you might be able to figure it out from what I have already posted online. Sorry. I hope this was not too much of a gut-wrenching disappointment for all of you, but you need to understand something; they're just fictional characters!! It's not like I'm doing this to real people. We are all entitled to our opinion but there should be no reason for any of us to be at each others throats over them. My decision is set and done and there is nothing you can do or say to change my mind.


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I want to tell you but now I'm afraid that you might break my heart.

SO why should anything thing so easy ever be so hard to do?

I want to tell you what I'm feeling now to say that...

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