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Friendships in the Ultimate Story



In the Ultimate Story, many different characters from many different universes (that I choose to be part of the story) join forces to fight many forms of evil that threaten them, their worlds and the people that they care about. However, during these adventures, friendships are formed between the characters from different dimensions.

Some are predictable and fitting, such as Peppy becoming friends with Blossom, Falco becoming friends with Buttercup and so on and so forth.

There are some that are unpredictable, what many did not see coming and some that others would see as very unfitting, which is to be revealed when the time comes.

Then there are some who makes multiple friends with many characters from many different universes, such as Lisa who has made friends with Sonic, the Powerpuff Girls and a few other female allies that she has fought along side, as well as a few others that I am to not mention just yet. There is also Misty who has made friends with Bubbles, Peach, Banjo, Knuckles, Fox, etc.

It's from these friendships that becomes perhaps the strongest form of might against the forces of Darkness. If you were to see this story, you would be able to see that, too. I will reveal these friendships when the time comes.


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