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This is getting ridiculous..



Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Critical Thinking; Be honest tell me which person are you scared of the most? Place your answers here please.

    • Donald Trump [Loud Mouth]; Scared over bat shit stuff people would say in general
    • Hillary Clinton [Warmonger]; Scared over war on Russia, and Global Thermonuclear War.

Since Trump has won the election pretty much everyone around the world (except Russia) are apparently panicking.

Oh Jesus Christ, I really don't want to say it but to those who don't live in the US and/or one of the people who the ones "Panicking" and unless you just don't care don't take it personally.

Y'all are over reacting.

Seriously. All what Trump is a loud mouth and I too don't support him either. Nor do I support the warmonger Hillary Clinton. In fact which leads me to a question which I'll place a poll. Just to clear things up, I am not a Trump supporter I don't agree with the things he says nor do I agree with Hillary Clinton, I'm one of the few Americans (who voted by the way) who only observed the election. Since Trump seems the topic of things (sooner or later) it seems most outsiders are more scared of the bat shit thing he says out of mouth.

Alright to an extent this is what would people *you* encounter everyday regardless if it happens rarely or not. I've encountered these people before, but that's because the area I live in is sketchy but Even then people *Online* say batshit crazy thing you assume are wrong. One of the quotes that seems to be stuck (or rather what I can remember) are;

  • "We need to build a wall!"
  • "And grab them by the [censored]"

Alright I'm going to be debunk these two because since they're only quotes people seem to remember are those two. Again, he's nothing but a loudmouth and I'm going to place some things down, for your understandings.

  1.  Trump's wall isn't happening anytime soon. Congress has the ability to veto a proposal on a 2/3rd's vote so even if you think the shit he may pull are gonna happen? Be thankful Congress exist. And before anyone mentions that Congress is full of Republicans; Not every Republicans like Trump, a few of them actually dislike him and they go for Clinton (who's already exposed like hell!) Also the wall actually exist, I've seen before whenever I visit my family in Tijuana. What does the wall look like? This is what it looks like 8b9822d6e1944a8c987404a76dde5ef3.pngTHIS is the wall that runs through the US and Mexico borders and it expands about 1,989 miles and it has been there during the 1970s. And even if Trump gets to that wall building business; where would he get the materials from? And do you seriously think Congress is gonna allow spending that much money when we're going through a nation debt on a wall? Think about for a moment.
  2. The grab them by the privates thing is just silly almost coming out as a joke really. Seriously Some people will shit like that out of no where whether it's intentional or not and that includes us So we're not the "cleans" one here either way.

What Trump wants to do is fix the United States' Economy and our get rid of our National Debt. Those who are wonder how many money we have, this site tells how much money we owe in debt. 


One of them he said he would get rid of is The Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) which did the opposite on the people here in the US. And removing that may help decrease the debt. In fact I would like to seem him chase the PC people out of this nation and have colleges go over The bill of rights (which includes amendments) and Constitution. cause that PC shit needs to get out of this country and other nations too.

To be honest, within a few months or so, everyone is just going less crap on the leader rather just be doing their own things. Just to clarify here one more time; I am not a Trump supporter, I don't agree the thing he says but all of the stuff coming out from his mouth is what most people *in general* regardless how often you experience these people. Now whether or not you dislike this person or no that's your business, I'm only putting a perspective here which some of you need to understand. Just be glad the US doesn't have a warmonger in the nation and be Glad that Congress exist.

Thank you for reading and understanding and have a good day.






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I have to admit, you make a lot of valid points and my brother would agree with you. These "special snowflakes" in the United States *alone* are acting like children just because they didn't get their way, they need to put on their big-boy pants and learn to deal with it.

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Never underestimate the treacherous workload and knowledge requirement and psychology necessary to even ballpark productive discourse and compromise.

Too much think-y brains? Me too. When reality hits, I default to spits. 



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