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    • Emiko Gale
      By Emiko Gale
      Hey all...You guys probably don't remember me, I don't blame you guys...
      In fact, I nearly forgot this place myself but maybe because I a lot has happened since I was last here, it was probably 2 or 3 years now...I am 22 now, I left my parents place, a have a job and I go to school, and I am now living with my boyfriend.
      And I am writing Starfox fanfiction as I write this. ^^;
    • "User"
      By "User"
      Some of you have noticed that I've been gone for at least a couple of months. I've been extremely busy with school and haven't had time to really do anything else that I typically enjoy. However, I've been welcoming the challenges that school is presenting and am looking forward to my new career path. :3

      Long story short, I'm back.