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I got myself a Playstation 4 for my birthday.



I got a Playstation 4 for my birthday!

Yeah I forgot to tell ya that yesterday folks, sorry about that. So I have a PS4 now, I've set up my PS4 Network (orwhatever) account, It the same and the icon is a placeholder (for now) but it's the same username.

and I got three games one, included with the console and one that was on sale during my birthday. They are,

  • The Last Guardian 
  • Far Cry 4 (included from the console)
  • No Man's Sky

While I have play bits of TLG, I've mainly been spending my time on No Man's Sky. I have stated to a few that I would only get the console version considering how shitty the PC version is currently. Plus, they've done an update which fixes some of the problems and adds building to the game and now has three game modes. As for Far Cry 4, I haven't played it yet. I need to get around or have my father play it since he told me he was interested with Far Cry 4 (go figure).

Well that's all folks! Same username, arcade-game icon (placeholder)


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