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Ultimate Story the Missing Link



This is the next part of my story. The events of the Missing Link takes places a few years after the Ultimate Story. Some things happen during this story more so involving the Cornerians. They have been trying to establish an alliance with the Planet Earth. They have been wanting to do this for a while now but having been waiting till the humans overcame their distrustful attitudes and prejudice nature. However, a long time enemy of the Cornerians have somehow discovered the Earth and were planning to take over the Earth. Knowing that the humans would never stand a chance against their enemy, the Cornerians were forced to form an alliances with the Earth much earlier than they had anticipated as it was the only way to protect them. From their, the Cornerians formed a friendly pact with the humans that they have named the Earth-Cornerian Alliance. This agreement, although formed with good intentions, have also created a number of conflicts with a number of humans that have lasted a few years, just as the Cornerians have feared would happen.

Also, 6 new shows have joined the story: They are Cardcaptors, DBZ, Jackie Chan Adventures, Totally Spies, Yu-gi-oh and Zoids. Totally Spies and Yu-gi-oh continued to stay on and appear in the story for the long run. DBZ brought forth a few ideas for the story as a few characters made an appearance a few times. Zoids showed up only occasionally after this. Cardcaptors played a very important role in the story very later on. As for Jackie Chan Adventures? There are some magical items on that show that became very important in the story.

Starfox team finally make use of the crests on the back of their hands that were given to them by Ly during the events of Starfox 64 but were never utilized during the Ultimate Story. Their crests have the ability to copy powers from magical items. Each of the members of the Starfox team had their crests copy the powers of the Talismans from Jackie Chan Adventures. They have each shown fascinations for one of these talismans which enabled their crests to, by their own free with, copy these powers much to the surprise of the team members. Each of the powers are as follows:

Falco-Rooster of Leviation

Peppy-Rabbit of Speed

Slippy-Snake of Invisibility

Fox-Ox of Strength

Peppy and Slippy utilized their powers more tactfully and not very often. Fox and Falco, however, have used their powers very frequently. They also discover that their powers were not limited to what only the Talismans could do. For example, Falco was able to utilize his powers enough so that his Levitation would enable him to gain the ability of flight. But their crests' power didn't even come close to ending there. They found that they could use their powers to help their friend, Misty, the mystic Princess of the Sea. She remembered some events from when she was still just the Princess of the Sea that heard 4 voices that sounded familiar to her but she didn't know why. With the help of the Starfox team, she was able to find and remember that they were from her 4 Guardians. They were created to protect her but were weakened by the sorcerer that tried to destroy her many centuries ago. They took on the forms of 4 magical jewels and were named as follows:

Pices (Pie-ces)-Resembles a pearl

Diama-Resembles a diamond

Corto-Shaped like a square without the corners (octagon-like)

Emert-Takes on the same shape as the Chaos Emeralds

These gems infuse with each of the members of the Starfox team through their crests, giving them water-based powers such as swimming faster and breathing underwater. That way, they can keep up with the princess, acting as her new guardians.

This story ends with Fox utilizing his new powers to save Misty after the sorcerer who tried to destroy her returned to finish the job. Since then, the Starfox team continue to use their new powers, with Fox and Falco using them a lot more than Peppy and Slippy. This right here is one of the reasons why this part of the story is named "The Missing Link".


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