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The Cozy (and last) Great Fox.



I guess I can't say i've been an absentee on this forum for a bit, looks like it generally stayed the same in general population, although for better or for worse is always a question. With a few new faces (and an old one, to my knowledge), merely judging, it's still quite the cozy home.

"Welcome to those new, and those returning to the last known Great Fox."

1. Debating on adding back my old characters again, although in recent months, I actually haven't used them in a while for anything. Do have new ones, and can leave the space for later additions...

2. Kursed, if your reading this, not sure if I recommend whether or not you should look into my later posts from "The Take Over" RP thread... I salute you all the same- To be fair, I did do a fair bit of reading of the Dead Threads back in the day, and had some interest in the posts there, your name stuck out there.

3. Being the Monokuma I am (and always will be (At least here and on Discord) ), I'll need to find a new profile of the good old Mono. 

3.5. I keep coming back here, I always tend to skim the Discord, and not only did I join the Minecraft server, but found a current friend on that channel. Welcome to Hope's Peak SF-O or at least in the Discord,  Snow.


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Hi, I'm a new user to this website.

After reading your blog post, I feel like I've joined this website too late. I see that this website is often silent without much going on. It's almost as if this website is just flowing through the voids of space, seeing almost nothing happen each passing day other than finding new routes. Has it always been like this, or was it different back then? 

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As it was, I joined a bit too far late myself back in 2013, I feel. The discord we have is open and booming, which I recommend.

New releases to the series have come in the time we've been here, (SF2, Starfox Zero, Fox's appearance in Starlink), but the community has had its fair share of blows dealt. The website itself has seen more of the damage in its changes, which is potentially why it's not as used. Route-wise, we keep to the discord. It's like dwarves living in a mountain. Not much of a welcome mat but it's still our community. Think of it as an archive and a landing page.

Before Discord, it really was different. We had chatrooms instead of that shoutbox, and various nice homely things here. With the advancement of Skype, and later, Discord, most people moved their social bubbles over, so anyone who wants to join uses the link now. 

Hope that answers your questions, and since I can still welcome people, lemme do just that. Welcome to SFO, Lordo.


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