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Top 10 Scariest, Nostalgic Memories



Just in time for Halloween, and just inspired by Fawful's Minion's own list, I had decided to do the same that showcases my own childhood fears. I was always curious on who someone else's fears are including Joshscorcher's and Watcher's. So here, I'm going to list my very own. Unlike the previous 3 these memories are bound to be so much more different from them, and even some of these memories I still find either unsettling or nostalgic. My cutoff date was when I turned 18, as it's the day I'm classified as an adult officially. So, let's get cracking!

10. The Condors (Episode 3: Realm of the Condor, Real Adventures of Jonny Quest)

As a kid and even now, I find myself fascinated, if not sometimes mesmerized, concerning Indians; just take a look at my Tribal Ceremonies for more details. I'd seen several things pertaining to that during my early years, and this one was no exception. When I was watching Jonny Quest on Toonami at the age of 10, I was curious of this episode. The sneak peek showed the attack of those monstrous fowls trying to maul the Quest team at a side of a steep cliff, and by the time I finally met them, these things looked humongous and frightening!! They were classified as a new species and that dreaded cry like a mix between a hawk's cry and roar of some dinosaur increases the fear factor! Those horrifying birds were powerful and unstoppable even against gunshots, HELL they even tried to kill the main guy! Luckily he was saved but those birds were always engraved in my memory, so much so that they became a huge part of my own Showitious, even pretending the Beanie, Gobbles, as a spy disguised as them and the other Beanie, Batty, as an opposing enemy to them! Somehow, from that experience, those condors were the most fascinating to me that I even made them as enemies in my FFIV fic, Conquest of the Blue Planet.

9. The Fan (The Lost City, Hercules: TLJ)

I saw bits of pieces of the Action Pack that aired on channel 9 I believe it was called, counting both Hercules and Xena. I remembered vaguely on how terrifying the titans were, and how heart-wrenching it was to see a dying Hercules get an arrow ripped out from his chest! Ergh, scary! But the one thing I remembered most vividly was the ginormous fan from the episode, The Lost City. Here's the rundown:

Iolaus was alone, without Hercules by his side, and he just found out his cousin was missing. He made his way to the Lost City as he and a female sidekick were starving. They saw some food and as soon as they grabbed it, there was a trap door beneath them. They then encountered some old hippie who quite frankly rules the place and he and his subjects keep claiming they have everything they need within the city and want nothing from the outside world, not even reuniting with their friends if they should worry about them. Then we see an angel of sorts in the form of a young girl, in which this is the missing girl which Ioalus' cousin wants to find.

By the time he got to the "Learning Room" he was ambushed by the head of the place, who later turns out to be Kamaros, and then...I saw that large, deadly fan! I always thought it'd slice Ioalus' body into ribbons, like that fan was supposed to do in Willy Wonka, but it simply brainwashed him into a mindless slave. He soon caught the identity of the warlord, but nevertheless, this fan traumatized me as a kid! I always believed it was there to slice up victims like a sausage if the hippie was opposed; it even gave me nightmares for quite awhile! Heck, I even made a reference during the climax at the Heresy ring in The Missing Episodes of Sleepy Hollow.

8. Natural Disaster movies

Take it from a kid who always despises thunderstorms, especially those at night. I became an astraphobic and I would always have a hard time sleeping because of those alone; I felt it was merely impossible even to this day. That kind of dread had always made me hate disaster movies when I was a child. For something that's out of your control, and you can't prevent the damage and destruction Mother Nature is capable of, the 90s was swamped with them.

The first one I remembered seeing was back in 1996, the movie, Twister. My dad was fascinated with it and we later saw it in theaters. At the age of 9, I was petrified, even by the opening sequence of the F5 and killing Jo's father. Each tornado was terrifying for me to see, and I used to think the gizmo, Dorothy, was a way to stop tornadoes from happening, rather than analyzing them. I became so preoccupied with tornadoes, even though I live in a state where it's highly unlikely. I came across a book named Tornado Alert and learned about the Tornado Alley, as well as the states within it. During that time period, I happened to have a book on Christmas 97 titled Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Powerful Storms illustrated by Tom Lapadula, the same guy that made a cameo appearance in Barney. Heck, I even dreaded on how Shang Tsung made these occurrences as he used an orb in Defenders of the Realm.

The second one was Dante's Peak. I eventually was able to keep a VHS tape as I got a good report card; I first saw this on the movie channel, Request, but that was just fragments of it. From there, the dormant ancient monster terrified me in every event, even the opening sequence in Columbia. From the Townsend Hot Springs, which made me stay away from them, the eruption itself, the river turning acidic, the endless ash storm, the lava flow, the shattering of the dam and the ravaging river, and of course the explosive pyroclastic cloud at the end! I was never much of a science wiz, and I absolutely NEVER wanted to go near these mountains of mayhem!!

The third one was from Armageddon in 98. I have seen it in theaters, and for the most part, it was actually the meteor showers and its merciless chaos throughout New York, especially!! Paris was a more minor scenario, but about 40 mins in, it was just the worst!!

Heck, it wasn't just from movies that scared me. I've also encountered common tsunami themes; one when I was 7 as I was playing my first DOS game, Undersea Adventure, while the other was a documentary about Mega Tsunamis from the Discovery Channel! I used to be hesitant on going to a beach or an ocean because of that, not just the fear of drowning or sharks. And don't get me STARTED with the monster wave in Poseidon! I had always dreaded being on the Disney Wonder twice because of worrying a tsunami would hit!

Finally, there was The Day After Tomorrow. Again, I saw this in theaters and each disaster seemed intriguing rather than scary...until I got to that tsunami scene in NY!! Even the Big Freeze was just as creepy! Being entombed in ice, unable to move or even breathe, much like fear itself!

So, yeah, these fictional occurrences terrified me when I was growing up, even before I reached 18. Natural disasters are undoubtedly terrifying, even if it's any scenario that's beyond your control. Not even the assurances that it isn't real didn't seize my dread in the slightest! I don't hate these movies now, other than Poseidon, they're good action-packed films. But the scars still remained, and I NEVER wanted to go to these regions that're prone to them! I shall skip them at all costs!

7. Shao Kahn and the Pit 3 (MK3)

As we all know, since it's obviously rated M for Mature audiences, there are many things that can definitely terrify a kid! Whether it'd be Shang Tsung assimilating and collecting souls in the Mortal Kombat movie, the Living Woods where it's said he imprisoned these souls in 2 and 4, or even Motaro who takes up 1/3 of the screen, teleports quickly around the battlefield, and beats you mercilessly when you're trapped in a corner. But the one thing that traumatized me the most was Shao Kahn AND the Pit from Ultimate Kombat!

I once saw someone who professionally got to the final match, I believe he was using Liu Kang, and I saw both horrors at once. Shao Kahn was scary as he made all these cries whenever he attacks viciously with his axe and fists, and he can execute the most horrifying finishing move! As the player loses, Kahn literally knocks him up with a strong uppercut, the player falls, and....becomes shredded both in body and in soul by three giant slicing fans!! It's as if it was a terrifying way of having someone be erased from existence!!

The sounds that Shao Kahn made, his terrifying turf, the vicious soul-shredding fans..! All 3 of those factors made me cringe! Do NOT take any of the game's ratings, nor any elements of this series for granted!!

6. System Crash! (ReBoot)

Season 3 in ReBoot was definitely the darkest the series has ever been! Any fan can tell you it's bleaker than any other season, even Pokeprof and Bull Session. The journey to the Web and the ugly Riders themselves didn't really scare me that much. They were just disgusting to look at, especially when I kept dreading over Bob's welfare. The domain was deadly, and I was so relieved by the time we finally exited the place! Until Mainframe, also known as Megaframe, was shutting down thanks to Megabyte's destruction!

The sky turned as black as night, it soon became stormy, and everything/everyone was being demolished as the System collapsed all around them! Being trapped in a dying world is indeed very terrifying, but the worst part was when the lost Game left and pushed Mainframe over the edge. The System was completely unable to sustain itself, the patient was too far gone to save, and as the guitars were screeching I kept hearing these 3 dreadful words, "Warning: System Crash!" The beeping noise went off as the entire world was being destroyed and sinking into the Energy Sea! Only the Principal Office was left, and this was WAY before I've had my own PC!! I was always worried the same thing would happen to mine; always having all of your files and data gone and shredded by some hostile virus! Which is why it's always important to backup your sh**! Any malicious software can cause that much irreversible damage! Forget Lyoko, forget Questworld, forget even the Matrix! This was a prime example of true digital horror!

5. Quest for Power (VR Troopers)

After the age of 8, the mini series still gives me dread, even now. Whenever I tend to watch or even think about this saga, even while making the crossover, We Are VR Troopers, I STILL find this to be the most scariest, darkest portion of the series, even toku in general! Look, I didn't know about limited stock footage, so this was all new to me. But always considering what would happen to my favorite character, Ryan Steele, was scary as hell!

It all started with the discovery of having Tyler have his brain drained by Grimlord's device known as the Prism of Empowerment in order to attain knowledge of advanced virtual technology. He was successful, and it reduced the captive to a lifeless vessel. Ryan won against the deadly Wolfbot, but had his power sapped greatly, while Kaitlin, JB, and Percy were about to be squashed by the closing walls in Grimlord's fortress. They escaped after her kiss made the naïve nerd faint. But, that wasn't even close! I grew so upset and terrified as I saw Ryan and Jeb who're unable to escape before the Virtual Dungeon exploded!! I almost reacted the same way Simba did at the loss of his father! Then, Ryan was losing his powers completely as he was constantly being ambushed by Grimlord and his deathly traps in the Virtual Cave, from the undead mutants' exploding floating heads, and even Grimlord's own electric hands!! Losing his powers was a very dire situation..! As was Grimlord's declaration ruling over all realities!

Thank goodness Tyler was revived by one of Tao's sacred crystals, and Ryan had new and improved abilities, but those scars still remained. I've really thought the Troopers'd be goners for sure with no hope of victory! I will never forget this terrifying mini series! Even with all those times when Ryan vows to find his dad at the end of the Dark Heart saga! Or even Decimator's fatal blow during the "cliffhanger" pilot!!

4. Dauragon C. Mikado

The Bouncer is hands down my most favorite game for the PS2. Back in the summer of 2002, when I graduated from 8th grade, I came across that system and a handful of games. This was indeed one of them, and I was a huge fan ever since! So much so that I actually made an entire tetralogy surrounding it! I find it as the most underrated PS2/Square-Enix title! I have so many nostalgic memories of this game, even....a certain someone that gave me terror! Enter Dauragon!

The first time I encountered Dauragon was nothing but pure terror. At first you come across a grim looking man with an elder partner, then you hear the ominous theme before carrying out his own plot. Then, you see the old man who's completely powerless against the tyrant's threats right before you get introduced to him, and then...that menacing sucker punch!!

He then snaps Wong's spine like a twig!! Ok, this was before I saw Enter the Dragon! And every time I happen to fight against him, it's literally going thru a death sentence!! As a teenager, he was my most scariest trauma, aside from my ex-stepmom scrutinizing me. Every fight you have with him increases the dread; his moves are very strong and swift! Combined with the broken physics, it's easy to lose these fights when you clobber your teammates on top of enduring his severe blows! And it's not during the first match either!

My anxieties went thru the roof as the Bouncers became incapacitated by the collapsing floor! And by the time I got to the Galeos, he was MILES worse!! There was a scene, meeting certain conditions, in which he suddenly KILLS his own servant, Kaldea, who happened to be Sion's lost lover!! Then, after he delivers some chilling dialogue and uses his solar-powered generating satellite as a tool of destruction, you have 3 deadly brawls with him!! Forget the electric chair or lethal injection, the mass murderer of Mikado can cause nearly instant death! Upon each match, he grows more powerful and even learns how to use his dark ki while the player remains hapless after every blow! You'd be lucky to survive after each deadly duel! And his theme songs increase the fear factor, such as Mikado's Madness and Awakening! It took me nearly a month to finally conquer this tower of terror! And it's no exaggeration! Dauragon will forever be a formidable, intimidating opponent engraved in my memory.

3. The Android March (DBZ)

Dragon Ball Z is home to some horrors. Whether it'd be Raditz and his early killings, the approaching Saiyans, Frieza, the dying planet Namek, the betraying Black Water Mist (though it gives me more hate than fear), and of course Imperfect Cell and his tail sucking up his victims. But no one seems to talk about my own personal fear. The atmosphere even makes a more sickening approach...of the androids!

We don't see glimpses of them right away, but Trunks from the future alerts Goku of the arrival of two killer androids invading Earth. In three years time, they will come and destroy everyone/everything he knows, all because his kindheartedness got the best of him and never finished to kill Dr. Gero, resulting in his exile and creation of these two said terrorists! Not to mention, he'd suffer from an inevitable hart virus resulting in his death. But, we don't see the same androids that invaded Earth till a little later, so the unexpected appearance of the two earlier androids was kind of creepy. And that's not all!

We hear their gravely theme which some fans describe it as a sort of carnival theme, which I find to be quite blasphemous! It's far too cringey to be considered as such, especially as we see two androids roam around a city! Androids 19 and 20 (the latter being Dr. Gero himself!) set the mood for doom and gloom! Just hearing the tune alone runs chills down my spine!! Even when the Z-Fighters finally catch up with them!

As soon as Gero's eyes light up, a volley of yellow, fatal lasers fire out in rapid succession demolishing the city while the theme speeds up in an eerie instrumental!! I was horrified on what they can do, especially when Goku was suffering from the disease, as well as draining Yamcha's life! Hell, even hearing Evil Buu inside the body and Garlic Jr. wrathing...wasn't nearly as bad! I happen to hear that first during the march of the androids, and according to Trunks, those WEREN'T the androids he described! This was indeed horrible for me to bare! I couldn't wait for them to be destroyed!!

2. The Skull's spell (F-Zero GP Legend)

Like The Bouncer, I find F-Zero GP Legend to be quite the underdog, especially the anime and the English Dubs. I'll always praise the FoxBox and its 4Kids version; it got me introduced to my all-time favorite pilot, Rick Wheeler, I solidified myself as an F-Zero fan, and it's very nostalgic to me. Especially when it comes to a certain Lap. Episode 8 is a personal favorite of mine and it made me sympathize with Rick and is dark past, I was even fascinated with Dark Million's new recruit Luna Ryder/Miss Killer, aka Rick's deceased and resurrected, brainwashed girlfriend. Rick actually met her as a damsel in distress, but then shows her true colors as The Skull was orchestrating his spell. The moment he uttered his lost flame's name...

He automatically succumbed to the curse as he was unable to breathe! She declared the spell's working as a way to vanquish the Task Force's champion as soon as he said Haruka's name! She missed him as she attempted to stab him with a lethal dagger as he was losing strength! I was horrified, as this can be the end of him, like as if it's a way to get rid of the unappreciated character! But...that didn't happen.

I've made a twist in my F-Zero fics, but he was able to survive the Skull's dark curse as soon as he and Miss Killer laid eyes on Haruka's fallen ring! She was flipped back, then escaped as she crash thru his window and landed on the Sonic Phantom! While Rick wondered whether or not she was actually his late girlfriend, I was just scarred by that incident! This nearly killed Rick, as people may want it to, and whenever I watch it again, I was always at the edge of my seat! Poor Rick, that guy's been thru a lot..! And I can definitely relate to that...

Before we get to Number 1, here are the honorable mentions:

Motaro (MK3), Mouth portals (MK4), Shang Tsung's soul collecting (MK film), Living Woods

The Dragsters

Khan's eel larvae crawling inside Chekov and Clark Terrel's ears! Even Rura Penthe! I'd also count V'Ger and the Intruder Cloud as well.

The closing walls in Transylvania (Quackshot)

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Lava ghost (Yoshi Story)

ReDeads (Ocarina of Time)

Evil the Cat phase 2 (Earthworm Jim)

Drowning (Sonic 2 (Genesis))

Calcabrina (FFIV)

Sharks/all death scenes (Live and Let Die)

Evil the Cat Phase 2 (Earthworm Jim)

Castle Shadowgate

Opening scene (Resident Evil (2002))

Happy asteroids, Andross (Starfox)

Final Dark Dungeon (Dragon Warrior)

Tanzra (Actraiser)

Cerberus/Shade of Doom (Drakkhen)

Firework Jump Scare (Sesame Street)

1. Sleepy Hollow

For Number 1, it's not entirely a very scary entry, but rather a very nostalgic one. Just a yearning in a spooky setting suited for the Halloween season. Much like Fawful's Minion is with Luigi's Mansion, I too would always love to call this place home, case in point, "It is a place called Sleepy Hollow."

Ah yes, the place that started it all. The exact location and piece of media I always wanted to go back to every time of the year. Ever since I was just starting puberty, I always considered to be my all-time favorite horror classic, and it sure as hell is the complete opposite of the agonizing Artisan atrocity!! This Tim Burton feature was indeed his very best as he retells the legend in a dark light. And honestly, I was never scared of it, but rather fascinated, even with the Headless Horseman and his deathly decapitations! It's no wonder it won an Oscar for Best Art Direction; eat your damn heart out, Matrix!! My ony turnoff, though, were the peasants who acted like f***ing idiots!!

This was how I became the Sleepy Head that you see today, it was all thanks to the VHS tape I got for Xmas of 2000 that got me so enthralled with Halloween! I would always hold this horror close to my heart, and nothing else has topped it. The Paramount picture beats the hell out of the original with a colorful cast, outrageous special effects, an intriguing story, and an ending that's satisfying! Since that Xmas I'd cherish this flick forever, and maybe visit the real deal someday.

I'm the Ikran Rider. And I find the Sleepy Hollow 1999 classic to be the most nostalgic, scariest memory ever! Happy Halloween, everyone!


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