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My Own Guilty Couples



Ever have one of those couples/characters that seem like...guilty pleasures? I'm not really talking as in sexual themes, but mostly because of how dark, though pleasant, these themes can be! Sometimes...doing bad does feel good in a sense. Especially when it comes to fiction. So, here are some of my pairings that seem like guilty couples. You might recognize the F-Zero ones.

1. Cecil Harvey and Dragon Rose (FFIV)

I've made a fanfic known as Trials of a King several years back, and it has been one of my favorite epics since. In it, Cecil and Rosa follow a group of ragtag redskins to unknown territory and rescue their hostage, Dragon Rose; she's the young princess of her tribe, the Injukhal, who live in a distant island in the eastern archipelago, Tenebre. Which is actually a foreboding name as it is Italian for darkness.

Anyway, she leads the Baron nobles to her camp and meet the proud chieftain, Abdullah. As he honors them for saving her and their tribe, the celebration commences, and... Cecil seems to be affected by the numerous drums as well as being infatuated with Dragon Rose... They seem somehow attracted to one another, even though it's part of her sultry charm used for Domin and Dameon, but...even though I still like Cecil and Rosa, sometimes I wish they'd be a couple too. As seen in my three Tribal Ceremonies, they were there, but were seen embracing in the latter two. In the third ceremony...let's say things might heat up.

It's a sort of what-if scenario. And while it may be offending to some, I have this kind of enticing feeling whenever they're together, that Cecil and Dragon Rose would be love interests (aside from her w/ Domin and Dameon) as he would succumb to her and her charm, and work alongside the Injukhal as a proud, dark warrior permanently! Who knows what would happen if Ceodore may seize to exist, the Maenads may not attack the Blue Planet and just have the Injukhal rule it all over.

2. Rick Wheeler and Miss Killer (F-Zero)

No, not in the anime, since they did a bad job on their relationship. But rather my fics. In Ending it All, Rick and the Task Force become brainwashed by Black Shadow within Dark Star, and Rick was the first to be awakened. He embraced the dark thrall and reunited with his love within it. They seemed to be whole, and even the Emperor felt the same, so much so that he enlisted them to get rid of Tinsel. To prove his worth, they did just that in Planet Alcatrand, but...

What if he were to stay that way permanently? The way I see it is, what if that Rick and Miss Killer (no longer addressed as Haruka) happen to...settle with each other first as they reunite, albeit in the darkness? After that, he'll be fully committed to the task with her, but not kill Tinsel; just enough to incapacitate her and slay Leon! After that, she may wake up in the same fashion along with the other members and they and Black Shadow would soon rule the galaxy!

This would be tough to execute, but it may be nice and tempting to see Rick (with his evil persona) intensify after he gets involved with Miss Killer! Then, remain as vital parts of Dark Million and as a couple forevermore. This could be 1 way to heal Rick's past wounds, and she does seem enticing after all.

I too support the pairing of her with Black Shadow, as well.

3. Black Shadow and Miss Killer (F-Zero)

Yes, I said it; I support this pairing too. Not the innocent Haruka Misaki, but rather her dark side; kind of like Sindel/Shao Kahn. Pretty much the same case scenario as w/ her and Rick reunited in the darkness. I would definitely see them as an evil pairing, after all it's shown in the anime that Black Shadow clearly cares for her, as she receives the least punishment and he sees her as a promising, aspiring racer, especially when she appreciates her victories, or even protected her during Zoda's assault on the Outer Space Meteor Stream circuit as the robotic Black Bull crashed into the Moon Shadow getting her out of harm's way. Also, if it weren't for this pairing, their son, Lucifer Shadow, the young prince of Dark Million, wouldn't have existed, right?

They seem to have a lot in common, rather than just dark tension. They tend to become the best on what they can do, they have similar goals in ruling the universe, and they just look/work well together, even moreso than Zoda or his lower-class cronies. It's no doubt they'd have a relationship w/ each other, if she hasn't regained her past memories and Zoda wouldn't keep complicating things. And...I would also want to have Miss Killer to have these two relationships intact, both w/ Black Shadow and Rick reunited in the darkness, if his thrall from Dark Million happens to be permanent, as they'd all be the organization's top dogs.

Much like my pairing, RickxTinsel, I wouldn't mind if he'd have both pairings.

4. Sheik and Link with the Gerudo (NOT Namira!!)

Ok, this may sound a bit contradictory, but hear me out. I felt disgusted with their relationships with Namira in the Gerudo Seduction Dance. But ever since I'd created the second and third Tribal Ceremonies, I felt tempted to have them paired, even Impa. The Gerudo can be irresistible, especially since they've similar tribal concepts like enticing dancing and drum beating, not to mention embrace them. So, upon creating the latest ceremony, I figured that Link and Sheik, and perhaps Impa, shall relax for a little while and consummate with the Gerudo. This isn't a canon relationship, mind you, and sometimes I'd see Link learn the tribal concepts of the Gerudo even while assisting to mate the Pokémon, even sometimes relieve tension. And, sometimes, I just feel this is the unique way to do it. Heck, I even had the idea of the Gerudo utilizing a sperm bank as well to repopulate the species, even with Link's since his can be the most healthiest.


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