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One Year Later



It's been one year since I created the original blog thread on SF-O. Should I be reflective on this moment? Probably not. But, I guess I can put myself in review.

Since last year, I'm still playing competitive TF2 in UGC. What has happened since then?

In UGC Season 12 (January - April 2014) I was leader for TAGC in Steel. A team that I later destroyed for various reasons.

UGC Season 13 (Summer season) Finding a team was difficult, and I ended up on Team Celebrity. I was interim leader with the team from the end of Season 13 through the off-season.

During the same season, Icy led Area 6 Veterans; a team with SF-O members at its core.

UGC Season 14 was the first season I chose not to commit to a starting spot. This was because of how busy I am, and how much of a break I needed from the previous two seasons.

Three weeks ago in mid-October, I went to the GXL LAN and played TF2 and shook hands with many big-name and very good players.

I started playing TF2 with SF-O, and eventually that somehow led me to get into competitive.

There is not much else I want to add currently. But until this gets deleted, I will introduce you to the archive of the original "blog" Link

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Welcome aboard, Hidi. It's always nice to see you in this neck of the woods. It's also nice seeing how communities engage and then shape folks.


(and yes, blog is a funny if not cringe-worthy word. I love the "tech" though)

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