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The Future is in the Past! Onwards! (Entry #1)




Yo! This is blog entry #1. I kinda want to start fresh, so I'm not moving any of that dumb stuff I posted in the journal zone to this area.

In this here blog of sorts you'll find all sorts of stories of the everyday shenanigans I experience. They may be full of pain, sorrow, and distress, so be warned...But don't fret. Just as there is pain, there is wonder, excitement, happiness, joy, and all the other wonderful feelings life sees fit to bring upon the world. You'll see it all here. If are prepared for such an experience, then look no further! You have found it.

Currently for the last couple months I've been in college. Its been a wonderful experience, although I find that Chemistry is extremely difficult for me to follow and understand. I need to study and ask questions. I'm not used to having any good study habits, so currently that's been pretty nil and my grades show it. Its scary. I don't want to fail. I'll have to make sure I get to studying soon.

Other than Chemistry though, things have been wonderful. I've med a lot of my highschool friends here so I'm not alone either. I'll pull through.

I've seen a strange slew of creatures I don't normally come across here however. Caterpillars, foxes, hawks, snakes, and opossums...I've come across them all here. Its a tad scary but kind of cool. I nearly stepped right over a venemous snake however.... O.O

Ah well. For entertainment around here, I've found myself visiting friends' dorms and playing games like TF2 and Terraria or watching Wakfu together. Its been fun. Besides that, on my own, I've found myself playing Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. Its been a slow process, but I've been making it further. KH 1 is surprisinly difficult. Challenging indeed. I'm looking forward to 2.5's release however. 2 was my favorite and I've never played Birth By Sleep.

In any case, that concludes Entry #1!


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