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The Lisa Simpson Chronicles Part 2: Sonic the Hedgehog



Around the same time as the Lisa Simpson Chronicles, my brother got a few games for Sega CD, a game console that he received from one of our uncles. One of them was Sonic CD. I remember days I spent watching him play the first Sonic the Hedgehog game at our uncle’s house, so Sonic CD wasn’t the first Sonic game I ever saw, but it was the first time I officially got into Sonic. Not only that but one of the tv channels we had at the time was broadcasting the Sonic the Hedgehog tv show and after my brother received Sonic CD, that show became one of my favorite cartoons. A lot like any show that I like, I make it part of my story. Sonic and Tails’ home world, Mobius, became the setting of where Lisa and Maggie perfected their magic powers after receiving them.


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