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Forgotten, but not forever.



Actually forgot about this place for a while. Blaming Gestalt for it.


But anyways, I've been doing well and one of my friends quick-sketched something of me. Noticing the dress code, I dunno why my ears and tail haven't been taken away.


I can probably mess with people about me now. Upupu...


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I can't be blamed for making you start a blog AND for making you forget about it. Blame yourself for the latter. 


So, given the file name, this is r63 Lyonheart I presume?

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Well then. That picture sums me up at my school. Nothing much else. I'll have to think of a better file name however.


The more I think of it though, my school has a pretty lax dress code, at least for girls...

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My high school dress code was "don't wear solid orange backpacks" because gangs or some bullshit. idrfk, nobody paid attention to it except for first day substitute teachers.

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