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*Checks Watch* Oh... It's December... Huh...



Well then. Not much to say really. Christmas is soon, I broke my phone trying to fix it, and I haven't made any writing progress in like 9 months. Go me.

I was trying to replace my broken screen, which I did successfully for the most part, except that somewhere along the way I popped off a tiny piece of metal that I thought was unimportant but now I'm fairly confidant that it was some how the contact between the board and the touch part of the screen. The screen comes on but doesn't respond to finger jabbing's and such, so yeah.

I also spent more money than I really had any business spending on things like more Amiibos, Dragon Age Inquisition, a PS Vita, a PS4, and 4 tickets to the Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest Tour. I'm not sorry for the last one. More excited. Like giddy school girl excited. I also got to use two of the tickets as an engagement/Christmas/wedding gift for a very close friend of mine. Turns out the Monky here really likes playing Santa.

I'm taking Jon too. He'd be a dick if I didn't. (JK Jon, love you like a brother, not that you'll ever read this.)

What else? Oh, Inquisition is really freaking great. A lot of chills from really well written and executed moments, great soundtrack, correct usage of Freddy Prince Jr. as a voice actor. I was mildly disappointed that while Hawke played a part, all you get out of the hero of Fereldin is a letter, especially since my warden hooked up with Alister and became queen but whatever. I haven't finished the game yet so I won't gush too much, however if Bioware managed to tie Inquisition up as nicely as it's looking so far then this may very will be their Magnum Opus.

As far as the writing goes, honestly I haven't wrote myself off just yet. I feel like a can write, like I want to write, I still entertain the stories in my head, I just haven't wrote them I guess. I dunno. I'm considering starting fresh with like a one shot or something. Something to get me moving again at least. I'll keep you posted as things happen.

Anyhow, I should get back to watching Star Trek The Next Generation while at work like a good employee so I'll catch ya'll later. And if I don't post again before, Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate. Have fun, be safe,stay warm, all that jazz.

Monky Out


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