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2014 Review



So, 2014 has been a pretty crappy year. Not counting that I actually finally got out of depression..

- Got out of derpression finally! (typo intentional)

- I discovered the insanity of Twitch Plays Pokemon, and wasted hours on TPP Emerald.

- I discovered the pure awesomeness that is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Sky (Or maybe Explorers of Feels to be more accurate XD )

- I did not get a job.

- I graduated from college.

- They announced a new starfox game, and that Miyamoto was working on said starfox game.

- I had to step down as leader from Project LLS, because I can't manage my anxiety. (And I really feel bad about it..)

- I got back into pokemon.

- I managed to learn a little more about music.

- I got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and I'm still a little mixed about it..

- I had to deal with computer issues for the entire year.. ( Idk if I should trust Asus now.. )

All in all, I give this year a 7.8/10, too much water.

I mean, geez, it rained so damn often !


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