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Its been to long,



the gap I've left between entries isn't acceptable.

First note being this: the fastest way to get over a girl is another girl. Its not the most noble thing i've said...not by a long shot. But it is; however, extremely practical knowledge. They say there are always other fish in the sea and it really is true, maybe I can talk more about that later. Her friend is really cool, cooler when she isn't around. And despite the fact that she is really pretty I don't know what to think. I don't want to like her just because i'm lonely.

Wrestling has been cool. I one the county championship and was voted most outstanding wrestler. Then we had two reigon matches, both which we won decesively despite that fact that rankings had us loosing on paper. After we got back from beating our reigon rivals yesterday we raided our school's winter (un)formal. It was inherintly lame, a lot of nasty people grinding, but we made it cool( the wrestling team). I also danced with the virtual princess of our grade. A good night, the type that you go home and think about in the shower, the type you think back on as you cook food trying not to wake your family that left the porch light on, the type that lingers into your dreams when you finally rest.


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