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Rules of The Ultimate Story



1. I decide what goes into my story.

2. Certain shows, video games, settings and ideas that I enjoy get added to the story.

3. Everything that I do not like gets left out!

4. All unwanted ideas are left out! No exceptions!!!

5. Anything I desire gets added in whenever I want.

6. Everything is arranged how I like them.

7. Nothing changes unless I say it does.

8. All characters should be added exactly how they are with the exception of a few small extra traits that do not change them.

9. All unwanted personalities for all characters are left out.

10. If complications are involved, then the rules can be altered, but not too much.

11. All non-favorites characters do not need to be altered.

12. All unwanted hairstyles are forbidden. Non-favorite characters can be an exception.

13. All unwanted words, including all forms of obscenity, are forbidden. Again, no exceptions!!!

14. Everything is expressed however I want.

15. No unwanted altering.

16. Everything is added, taken out, altered, brought back, stay in, pushed out permanently, to MY liking.

17. All ideas that can not be left out must be added in by MY conditions.

18. I have every right to be selfish, this is what a fantasy world is for.

19. Do not question the complex system influencing my story.

20. I am the only one who decides everything for this story, no one else. They can bring up suggestions but only I decide what gets added in and what does not.


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