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Since when did March Get Here?



I swear that it was New Year's like just last week or something. At the same time I've also done a lot of things that, sadly, are not writing so lets go through them in a list shall we?

1. I finally picked up The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) and completed it. It was a whole lot of fun and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone who likes a good adventure, Zelda fan or not.

2. On the subject of Zelda, I also picked up the Majora's Mask remake and it was glorious. If you are a fan of the original or never got around to it I'd say this is a must buy. The atmosphere of the final hours on the third day is still one of my favorite video game experiences to date.

3. I read "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline because it came in my loot crate and it was a pretty solid read. It started slow, there's no way around that. Like most of the first forty pages or so are just back story and setting, but once the actual story kicks in its a fun little adventure.

4. I played The Last Of Us finally. It was cool, I can see where a lot of the hype comes from. It kinda felt like the story wavered back and forth between trying to hard too make us like these people and then trying too hard to take them from you. Not a fan of the ending. I understand it, and even kind of support it, but meh. I can't really get into it without spoiling it so I wont.

5. I started playing Transistor. I've only got like forty-five minutes in it and I'm in love with the soundtrack. Darron Korb is a brilliant composer and even if I'm frustrated with the game I keep pushing just to hear more of his work.

6. I've stepped up my uploads on my LP channel from 15 minute episodes to 30 (give or take a few) minute episodes and I've actually gotten better about staying ahead of the curve. Right now I'm staying about 2 weeks ahead.

7. I finally really sat down with Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) and I quite enjoyed it. I miss having an overworld to screw around in like with 64 and Sunshine but the level design is solid and, most importantly, really fun.

8. I keep buying Amiibos. I'm at 13 now. I have Samus, Link, Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Rosalina, Kirby, Fox, Ike, Pikachu, Lucario, and a second Samus that a good friend of mine is going to be repainting as Dark Samus because why not?

That's pretty much it I guess. I'm still trying to work out my writing. I'm finding it harder and harder to just sit down and write things so I'm trying to read more and I'm probably just going to start writing anything and everything to try and find a groove. Other than "Ready Player One" I recently read The Mare Who Once Lived on the Moon, or whats done of it at least and it really hooked me.

Confession, recently I've pretty much just been reading updates and even those I've fallen behind on. This is something I hope to fix soon.

Also, I went over to my friends yesterday and while I was killing some time at a bookstore I ran across a book of Lovecraft stories so I picked that up. Then we ate, she tried to play FNaF 2 but kept freaking out so I tried it, I got frustrated and started playing the first one, managed to get in the zone but over the course of the next 45 minutes and 4 in game night I got drunk and lost the zone, then we played Superfight followed by Smash Bros Wii U. It was a great night.

So yeah, Shy is waiting on me so we can try out a game so I'm gonna go do that. Also eat some potato soup.

Monky out.


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