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State of the Monky



So the past few weeks have been pretty freaking nuts, and before that there was the Zelda Symphony that I never talked about so we have some ground to cover. Grab a snack.

So just over a month ago I had the chance to take 3 of my best friends to Atlanta to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses preform. Amazing does not begin to describe hearing a full orchestra and choir play some of my favorite music ever. I was humming passionately, slapping my knees, and fake conducting along with the music enough for my friend 3 seats down to get a kick out of me. I will also admit to crying a bit when they played The Light Spirit Appears. Something about hearing those vocals live made me misty in a way only music can. All in all it was a super fun trip. I spent like half my paycheck on Amiibos at the Toys-R-Us across the street from the concert hall.

Right, on the subject of Amiibos. I may have caught a bit of a collectors bug over these things.


Just a little bit.


Someone should take my money from me.
Side note, my desktop background (or maybe wallpaper is truly appropriate here) is this.


It's simply titled Mass Effect by Noble--6. Go check out his DA, he does a lot of cool stuff along those lines.

Moving on. About 2 weeks ago, I had the honer of being best man in the wedding of two of those friends I took to the symphony. It was a bit of a hectic weekend, what with finding out that a hotel room was waiting for me roughly two hours before we needed to be on the road, but everything went great.

After the wedding I crashed their apartment for a week and took care of their cat while they rode a boat. It was nice living by myself for a while, even if I did survive on pizza delivery (a luxury I don't have out in the country where I live.) ShyYoungBrony and I finally got to sit down and chill over Skype for the first time in a while. We played some Killing Floor 2 with another friend of mine, watched a few videos, played Dungeon of the Endless, just caught up in general a bit. It was really nice. I also got drunk during our last session. Not trashed thankfully, as I was doing overwatch things, but enough to get easily distracted.

If you don't know Dungeon of the Endless, at its core it's a tower defense game. You control a number of characters top down style and explore a floor room by room. Each door you open is a "turn" and has the chance to trigger waves of enemies who try and wipe out your hero's, defenses, and power source. Clear 12 floors and your people are free. If all your hero's die, or your power source is destroyed, game over.

Anyways, Shy was controlling all the hero's and I was maintaining the defenses. Most of the run was fairly standard, but I do distinctly remember just getting up and leaving Shy to open 3 or 4 rooms without him realizing (or caring, I couldn't really tell, nor was I trying) that I was in the kitchen (which was pretty much the same room because apartment) meaning that no defenses were being placed at all as he cleared rooms. We managed to not die more thanks to his micro-management skills than anything I brought to the table.

I also bought squid game. That's Splatoon for the uninitiated. It's a simple game in almost every since of the word but it's really fun, Same goes for that Puzzle and Dragons game on the 3DS. It's getting late and I'm running out of team if you can't tell.

Last topic. Today at work I was just chilling out doing some reading when I zoned out and noticed a bug outside my window. I brushed it off at first but I looked again after another few minutes and it was still there. That's when I decided to send pictures on Skype. The following is the conversation that ensued.

[12:05:18 PM] Cavemonkynick: This thing has been staring me down and trying to get in this window for like half an hour now.


[12:28:00 PM] Cavemonkynick: It's still trying to get in
[12:48:14 PM] Cavemonkynick: I left for 10 minutes and then came back and it's still here
[12:48:54 PM] ShyYoungBrony: it's really out to get you
[12:49:08 PM] ShyYoungBrony: you better watch your back when you're off
[12:52:42 PM] Cavemonkynick: It moved behind me where I have to turn to see it


[12:53:15 PM] ShyYoungBrony: ahahaha
[12:54:49 PM] Cavemonkynick: Now it has one of its front legs on the window


[12:56:46 PM] Cavemonkynick: "One day this barrier will no longer be between us terrifying bug friend... One day..."
[12:57:12 PM] ShyYoungBrony: and that day will be a terrifying day indeed
[12:57:28 PM] Cavemonkynick: Work is very slow today
[12:57:54 PM] Jon: buggu~
[1:54:44 PM] Cavemonkynick: Now he's being a creep


[3:58:31 PM] Cavemonkynick: Welp, bug friend left while I was at lunch
[3:59:17 PM] ShyYoungBrony: just because it's not where you can see it any more doesn't mean it left...
[4:05:46 PM] Cavemonkynick: I watched it try to get through the glass. I'm not concerned lol
[4:08:40 PM] ShyYoungBrony: maybe it found another entry point, or it's camping outside the door waiting for you to leave now... you never know
[4:10:08 PM] Cavemonkynick: It's not a spider,[Shy's real name]. It doesn't control me
[4:10:22 PM] ShyYoungBrony: hahaha

So yeah, that happened. Sorry for the image heavy journal but I've been over due for a substantial update. No real writing progress to speak of. I still have ideas and I still haven't written them down. Don't worry though, if there's a breakthrough y'all will be the first to know.

Stay cool and stay safe friends.
Monky Out


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