Free as a Bird Gang

Free as a Bird is one of two known criminal gangs in the Lylat System, the other being the Sargasso gang. Their activities range from space hot-rodding to black-market arms dealing. Despite their criminal activities, Free as a Bird has managed to land themselves on the positive side of Lylat history by producing Star Fox pilot Falco Lombardi and playing a pivotal role in the discovery of Captain Shears' plans to clone Andross.


There are six known members of Free as a Bird.

Falco Lombardi

Falco was a member of this gang before joining Star Fox, and was implied to be its leader. He returned to the gang between the events of Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures.

Katt Monroe

The exact timing of Katt's joining the gang is unknown, but she was active in the gang in the period between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures.


"Kool" is a cat who is implied to be the leader of the gang in the period between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures. It is heavily implied in Farewell Beloved Falco that he is Katt's new romantic interest after Falco's rejection of her advances.

Other Members

Three other members of the gang appear in Farewell Beloved Falco, but they are not named. One is a large crocodillian, one is small mouse, and the third is of unknown species.

Farewell Beloved Falco

Free as a Bird played a pivotal role in the events of Farewell Beloved Falco. Katt sends a distress signal after being attacked by a Goras on Titania. Falco immediately rushes to her, while the rest of Star Fox heads to the Cornerian Base. The gang tells Falco that something suspicious is happening at the base. Meanwhile, Captain Shears sends Star Fox out to attack the gang, claiming that they are a Venomian remnant force. The battle leads to a dogfight between Fox and Falco, which Fox barely wins. Eventually, it is discovered that the gang stole data from the base, thinking it was research for a new weapons system that they could sell on the black market.

Star Fox decrypts the stolen data and discovers it to be Andross' complete genome. Slippy is captured by Shears and the gang creates a distraction allowing Fox to enter the facility. Fox and Slippy fight-off both Shears and the Andross clone. Falco does not rejoin the team following these events.

Ships and Vehicles

The gang is known the use the ship River Pig in their operations. It has a small docking bay and the ability to jam enemy communications.

Members of the gang, including Falco, have been known to ride speederbikes.

  • Free as a Bird


    River Pig, Free as a Bird's ship

    Free as a Bird's Ship the "River Pig"

    Allied Factions
    • Star Fox
    Enemy Factions
    • Corneria
    • Capt. Shears
    • Venomian Empire
    Notable Members
    • Falco Lombardi
    • Katt Monroe
    First Appearance Star Fox Nintendo Power Comic