Peppy Hare

Peppy Hare is one of the original members of the Star Fox team along with James McCloud and Pigma Dengar, as well as being a mentor to the new Star Fox team and a father figure to Fox McCloud. A seasoned pilot, Peppy gives battle advice and tactical tips to the rest of the Star Fox team from the Great Fox. Also noted for being a highly knowledgeable source in Barrel Roll applications and executions.

Always ready to give helpful advice, he is blissfully unaware that his advice might be repetitive and he is known for nagging, yet these are small prices to pay for a valuable member and a great friend.


Peppy Hare has the appearance of a rabbit. With characteristics such as buckteeth and dark brown fur with light tan details. He sports a white, overcoat with a red flight suit underneath, but this has changed through the years. In Star Fox: Assault, his suit was a burnt orange.

He has also been pictured having a red scarf. This also has changed through the games, beginning as a Green scarf in Star Fox SNES, Star Fox 2 and Star Fox 64 as well as having a yellow scarf in Star Fox: Adventures.


Peppy being the well-seasoned pilot he is, maintains his cool while having a sense of urgency and confidence during combat. Given his experience, Peppy has a nack for pointing out advice and helpful tips to his team mates. Yet even with his experience, he leaves himself susceptible to trouble in fights now and then. Even with his faults, he acts as one of the more selfless members of Team Star Fox, willing to risk himself for others as could be seen when he crashed himself into the Aparoid base to ensure the success of the mission or using his ship to save General Pepper on Cornelia.


Before he became an advisor for the Star Fox Team, he was a member of the original team started by Fox's father, James McCloud. Peppy along side James and Pigma Dengar created the mercenary trio that lent the Cornerian army a hand when they needed it. After Pigma's betrayal and the supposed death of James McCloud, Peppy took Fox under his wing and continually gives him and the team advice.

Peppy's personal life includes the relationship with a Vivian Hare, whom died from an unknown illness. Peppy and Vivian together also had a daughter, Lucy Hare, who teaches Astrophysics on Fichina and is a trained pilot from the teachings of her father. Peppy is also known to have a granddaughter who is currently nameless, with the only connection is Lucy as the mother.

  • Peppy Hare


    Peppy Hare in SFAd

    Peppy Hare in Star Fox Adventures

    Species Rabbit
    Gender Male
    Age (SF64) 41
    Height 1.70m (5' 5")
    Weight 71.03kg (156.6 lbs)
    • Star Fox
    • Corneria
    First Appearance Star Fox (SNES)