Pigma Dengar

Pigma Dengar was a treacherous member of Star Fox and later Star Wolf. With loyalties only to himself, Pigma has left a path of devastation in his wake from the destruction of the original Star Fox team to assisting the Aparoids in their invasion of Lylat.


Pigma is a hog in pretty much every since of the word. His most outstanding physical characteristic is his morbid obesity that makes his body dwarf his limbs. He continually has bags under his eyes and as of Star Fox Assault has three scars on top of his head.


Pigma's personality is one largely focused on self-service. He cares only for himself and is not above stabbing his friends in the back, even literally. Pigma's treachery against Star Fox led to the likely death of James McCloud. His most defining personality trait is his raw greed, but don't mistake his greed for stupidity. Pigma is highly intelligent and manipulative. Not only is he an accomplished pilot, he is also a talented engineer. Pigma is one you should never trust and never underestimate.

Venom and Star Wolf

Pigma's most known role is that of a pilot with Star Wolf. However, Pigma's involvement with the Venomian Empire is beyond merely flying for Star Wolf. Lured by Andross' promise of wealth and power, Pigma worked to design Venom's answer to Corneria's Arwing: The Wolfen fighter. He then worked to recruit two more pilots, Wolf O'Donnel and Leon Powalski, to fly it with him and Andross' nephew, Andrew Oikonny. Wolf would officially lead the squadron, but this didn't matter to Pigma as he was still Andross' agent on the team. He was able to manipulate Wolf well enough, at least until they had a falling-out after the war leading to Pigma being banished from the team.

Pigma's Demise

After he was forcibly removed from Star Wolf, Pigma began working solo. Pigma was on Katina at the time of the Aparoid invasion. Pigma was pinned-down near the base. Ever the manipulative one, Pigma sent out a distress signal drawing in Star Fox to take care of the Aparoids. After Star Fox defeated the Aparoid boss, Pigma revealed himself and stole the core memory.

Pigma's initial intention was to sell the core memory to the highest bidder. After approaching Star Wolf's hideout in the Sargasso Space Zone and subsequently being forced out, he soon realized that the core memory could influence aparoids and turn machinery into them. Seeing the core memory as a means to gain power, he orchestrated the Aparoid attack on the Fichina climate control center. Unfortunately for him, he had no idea of what he had gotten himself into. While on Fichina he mishandled the core memory and it began to infect him. Throughout the events of Star Fox Assault, Pigma undergoes the process of Aparoidedation during which Pigma's entire being was consumed by the Aparoid menace. Pigma fled to an abandoned Venomian base in the Asteroid field. Star Wolf had apparently tried to intercept him, but they were defeated in an unknown altercation some distance from the base. Star Fox followed shortly after and witnessed the final stage of Pigma's Aparoidedation. He ceased to be an organic being as he merged with the derelict weaponry of the base. He was no longer Pigma, but rather an Aparoid facsimile. Aparoid Pigma attacked Star Fox, but Fox was able to destroy him.

Neo Pigma

Some part of Pigma's conciousness apparently survived both the Aparoidedation and the destruction of the Aparoids. It assembled a box-like craft and then waited for a chance to take it's revenge. In Star Fox Command, Neo Pigma serves as a distraction either to Falco or to Fox. In the former instance, fighting Neo Pigma causes Falco to miss his rendevous with the rest of Star Fox and they fight and win without him. In the later, the trap delays Fox and Falco as they chase Wolf. Star Wolf defeats the Anglars and gets all the glory. Neo Pigma in both instances seemed to be on friendly terms with Wolf.

  • Pigma Dengar


    Pigma Dengar in Star Fox Zero

    Pigma Dengar in Star Fox Zero

    Species Hog
    Gender Male
    • Star Fox
    • Venomian Empire
    • Star Wolf
    • Aparoids
    • Freelance
    First Appearance Star Fox 2