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  4. Please rate 5 stars as I am just beginning and need exposure so I can continue to do this.
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    "Offical Video/Funny Video" Topic

    AMAZING---James Bond is Alive (
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  8. Quadroline


    Goodbye blue skies

  9. Mulkuth

    Fortnite - this looks familiar....

    i mean if they just rereleased the assault multiplayer as f2p we could get some love for that game :3 i mean on switch as a free would actualy make sense
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  11. hoo


    damn jeffery toobin! at least pee wee herman was in an x rated movie theatre! i'm just sayin'!

    1. Gestalt


      The meeting was boring

  12. hoo

    Fortnite - this looks familiar....

    as a big fan of both games, and as someone who has put like 50 hours of play into fortnite over the past two weeks, i have to say that maybe the base gameplay is similar, but the games play and feel completely differently from one another, but that's just me lol
  13. So, watching an ex-coworker play Fortnite. I'm seeing him in a jungle level, flying a blue space ship, jumping between foot, vehicles, etc, and I'm like "I've seen this somewhere before... . .. ... WAIT A SECOND! This is Star Fox Assault's multiplayer mode! Seriously, to this day Star Fox Assault gets critiqued, even by SF fans, and yet it was doing what the current biggest game on the planet is doing, some 15 gosh-darn years earlier (minus online)! Honestly, Nintendo, can't you just make an online Star Fox Assault title for the Switch? Fortnite is making a killing, and it's F2P. Splatoon is the biggest new franchise by Nintendo of the last decade, and that's basically the same genre. Nintendo sitting on a goldmine yet again... They could literally release SF Assault's multiplayer mode, charge £50, and update with new levels, weapons, characters aka Fortnite, and be making enough to make Pokemon make a run for it's money! OK, rant over...
  14. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    banned because star fox command is the only star fox game i haven't beaten because when i was younger i thought it was bad. i need to try it out again and stop being so cynical lol
  15. Mulkuth

    The Banned Game!

    banned for not playing starfox command on the wii u ;P on a 4k screen (actualy just bought this and its briniging back so many memories, though i still dont know why assault isnt for sale on the nintendo store )
  16. fanfictiondreamer

    The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    I want to take a sec off of my Ultimate Story to talk about something important. When I came across my first admirer, it was such a good feeling. She and I really hit it off and it seemed like we would remain close based on our interests. Plus, it was really nice to find someone who really liked my Ultimate Story. But overtime, I began to notice...some things about her. She always had this tendency to turn away and rant about people over things that I didn't really understand. I thought it was just me and that I didn't understand what was going on, but overtime, that wasn't the case. I got into other interests, such as my Ratchet and Kim Possible saga and then I got into Mass Effect and began working on that story. That's when she really took a turn for the worst. She began this long, unhinged rant about me "abandoning" my Ultimate Story for my other stories when I was just putting aside for the time being. It's really hard to stay on a story, it's a lot of hard work and sometimes, I lose the mood to continue writing it, perhaps for a long period of time, but I NEVER abandon my stories. They all mean everything to me, regarding of what anyone else wants to believe!! It turns out I'm not the only one whose had issues with this person. A lot of people on the internet has read her posts, really seeing her for someone who is detached from reality as well as other people's opinions. I tried to reason with her so many times, but it's like she's incapable of being reasoned with. She treats everyone who disagrees with her or people who don't want to do what she wants, even if it's at that moment, like they're they're the worst human beings in the world and just shut them out like a contagion. So, as to say, I am now hesitant because I worry about finding another person like that on the web, which tends to make me feel somewhat afraid to post my stuff, but we are capable of blocking them out whenever we need to. Also, she has tried to egg people on to her side but overtime, I have noticed that sooner or later that others will see her for what she is and I do believe that they will respond in my favor. The best part is I don't really need to do much, just maybe reach out a little and if they see people like her for what she is and are deterrent from her behavior, then I don't need to do anything else. If they, however, continue to support her regardless, then I know that I would need to block that person and avoid them. Either way, I'm confident that things will work in my favor. Heres hoping that karma will give all of us exactly what we deserve.
  17. Gestalt

    The Banned Game!

    banned bump
  18. Quadroline


    I'm not what I appear to be
    I couldn't take the honesty
    It seemed to be
    Too easy for reality

  19. Sideways

    Vexx Models (In-Progess Workshop Models for SFM)

    In the future, please check dates before responding to a dead thread. I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. (Hoo, thanks for responding, this message wasn't directed towards you.)
  20. i hate to inform you that this thread was created nearly 8 years ago and aurora hasn't been online in 7 years
  21. fanfictiondreamer


    Thank you for erasing all of those psycho's posts from here. Now this site is 100% free of that I-Karen

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    2. fanfictiondreamer


      Just someone that has been getting on my nerves. She's...a nutcase

  22. Quadroline


    America The Beautiful

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    2. hoo


      check your backyard

    3. Quadroline


      I have no backyard.

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  23. fanfictiondreamer

    My Newest Love
  24. Archon95

    Vexx Models (In-Progess Workshop Models for SFM)

    Hello Aurora. I just wanna ask you how you managed to make Vexx work with 3D Ripper DX. I've been trying for ages to make it work, to no avail. Is there some kind of special setting I missed? Thanks in advance. :)
  25. fanfictiondreamer

    History of Starfox fandom

    Keep us posted
  26. Mulkuth

    The Banned Game!

    banned because it needs to be a close up for full creep factor ;P
  27. Quadroline


    Long distance run around

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