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  2. if People similar tot he jedi and a phenomenon similar tot he force existed in the Star Fox universe, What would Corneria think of them and How would they be treated in cornerian society? How would criminals such as star wolf, bounty hunters, pirates, and mercs such as Star fox view and treat them? Would corneria be able to find use for them in their military and in combat?
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  4. The Banned Game!

    Banned for not being more inquisitive.
  5. The Banned Game!

    Banned because... get out, now. No questions asked.
  6. Art Style: Puppets?

    Lol that child must have a deep voice then XD
  7. Another Fanfic by Me

    So, um...apparently, there have been some changes going on. First off, I signed on to the community page on the Insomniac Games website at least a year ago to share my other story, but that page no longer exists. I have been writing a forum on that page regarding that story. Basically, I have been announcing when I was able to post chapters of my story on Now that the forum page is gone, I would need to find somewhere to post the announcements. So, perhaps I will be doing it here from now on. I wasn't expecting this. They did announce that they would get rid of the community page, but I had a very tough time believing it, plus they took an awful long to carry it out. Furthermore, I can't find my forums. Thankfully, I didn't post anything major, just announcements and such. My stories are still on the internet. So far, I have finished 2 books of this story. I am currently working on the third one and I am currently posting it on It won't be long until I have it completely typed up. I have already written it up and it takes me a lot less time to type it up. It will be ready soon. Feel free to check it out whenever you like.
  8. Force and Jedi in the Star Fox universe

    so for jedi-like people, if they existed in Corneria's past, at some point prior to andross's banishment, they would have been order 66'd out of lylat.
  9. Force and Jedi in the Star Fox universe

    Exactly, now that I think of it telekinesis was one of Andross's abilities.
  10. The Banned Game!

    Banned because your life story would make for an excellent Bollywood movie.
  11. Force and Jedi in the Star Fox universe

    Corneria seems to be a very conservative, shut in society, so I doubt it. They banished Andross because they feared his advances in science even.
  12. Found a neat Fox McCloud animation on Twitter

    RIGHT. But this animation is something we could see in an actual game, and it would be GLORIOUS, if we could finally get a game that has this visual fidelity!
  13. Found a neat Fox McCloud animation on Twitter

    A Fox In Space is pretty freakin' good too. Sure the animation quality might not be the best, but for something that's longer than five seconds it's something that has my respect.
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  15. The Banned Game!

    Banned because the account isn't mine.
  16. Found a neat Fox McCloud animation on Twitter

    That's probably the best animation we've ever gotten out of ANYTHING Star Fox-related!
  17. Force and Jedi in the Star Fox universe

    though if people similar to jedi and a phenomenon similar to the force existed in the star fox universe would the cornerians take advantage of those instead of relying on mercenaries?
  18. SFO.NET Forum Bug Reports

    Our lord and savior is here! Good to see you kept true to you words.
  19. StarMaverick

    it's there anyone out here that want Algy to return in the next star fox game?





  20. SFO.NET Forum Bug Reports

    Thanks, DZ. Glad to see you are OK and still around.
  21. Force and Jedi in the Star Fox universe

    Krystal is the closest in the same way I'm close to being the next Lebron James because we're both human beings. She has vaguely defined maybe-psychic powers that sometimes Peppy also has and a magic staff that somehow resonates with an unrelated planet's actual magic. They are similar in tropes and that is all. The contexts are entirely different.
  22. Force and Jedi in the Star Fox universe

    it would be cool to think of the idea of corneria deploying jedi-like elite soldiers into battle, with these soldiers cutting down enemy troops clone-wars style and using something similar to the force to destroy enemy vehicles. though the though of corneria deploying Jedi-like elite soldiers or an entire race similar to the jedi existing in the game sounds cool. coould you not agree that krystal is the closest we got to a jedi in starfox?
  23. Sony proving that Hollywood is dead

    I really feel like Sony was blowing its own horn in EM. Mostly via product placement for mobile apps they own. Granted this wasn't the first time they did something creepily megacorp-like:
  24. Art Style: Puppets?

    The commerical puppet does seem to lack hands, so they were probably meant for a physical actor to use yes.
  25. Force and Jedi in the Star Fox universe

    Because Star Fox is STAR FOX, not Star Wars, even with the references. And tbh, Star Fox has much more in common with various 1980s scifi anime despite that. Referencing something doesn't mean you wholesale literally copy every aspect of it.
  26. Some context (3:18 if the video doesn't comply): And now the image itself.
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