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  2. The Stay on Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 8-A Farewell to Dinosaur Planet, Don’t Worry; We’ll be Back The next morning, Fox had officially decided it was time to leave Dinosaur Planet. Everyone was more than ready to leave. Well, everyone except Bubbles. Bubbles: “Well, Tricky, this is it. I knew that this would happen eventually, but I sure am going to miss you, anyway.” Misty: “Having a hard time letting go, isn’t she?” Fox: “Yes. I don’t want to do this to her but we all know this is what we’re suppose to do. That’s how life is.” He walked up to Bubbles and Tricky. Fox: “I’m sorry, kid, but we have to do this.” Bubbles: “(Sob) I understand.” Tricky: “I really am going to miss you guys. You’re the coolest bipeds I’ve ever met and you’re also my best friends.” Fox: “I feel the same way. We’ve been through a lot together. I mean, without you, our mission would have failed, so I got something for you.” He pulled a cool looking pin with the team’s second emblem on it. Bubbles: “Can I give the pin thingie to Tricky, please?” Fox: “Oh, alright.” He handed the pin to Bubbles and she attached the pin to Tricky’s forehead. Fox: “Prince Tricky, Earthwalker. You are now an honorary member of the Starfox Team.” Bubbles giggled gleefully. Bubbles: “Congratulations, Tricky!” Tricky: “Whoa! Awesome! I’m a member of Starfox!” Tricky then looked at the Arwing. Tricky: “Do I get my own spaceship?” Fox, Misty and Bubbles laughed at Tricky’s cute question. Misty: “Sorry, Tricky, but you need opposable thumbs in order to own a ship.” Tricky: “Oh…” Bubbles had her arms behind her back. Bubbles: “That’s Ok, Tricky. I don’t have any opposable thumbs, either. As a matter of fact…” She pulled her arms out from behind her back and holds them up. Bubbles: “I don’t have any fingers, at all.” Misty laughed. Fox just smiled. Fox: “You don’t have any hands, either.” Bubbles: “Yes, I do, they’re just, uh, balled up into fists all the time. I…think.” Fox: “Right. Let’s get out of here.” They were all about to leave. Bubbles: “Wait! Can I have another pin thingie for Beauty, too?” Fox chuckled a little. Fox: “OK.” He gave another pin to Bubbles so she can attach it to Beauty’s head. Bubbles: “I didn’t want Beauty to feel left out, that’s all.” Fox: “I understand. Let’s go.” Bubbles: “Bye, Tricky. Bye, Beauty. See you both real soon.” And they finally left. Back on the Great Fox, Fox and Misty returned to the main room of the ship, hand in hand. Their friends were waiting for them there. Falco: “Finally, What took you guys so long?” Fox: “Sorry, we were just saying our goodbyes.” D.W. let out a small giggle. D.W.: “I understand.” Slippy: “So, where to next, guys?” Misty: “Hm…how about Earth. I checked one of my clocks and it’s almost Saturday there.” Peppy: “That is a good idea, Misty.” D.W.: “Sure thing.” Falco: “Heck, yeah.” Slippy: “Yes!” Fox: “OK, then. Rob, set a course for the planet Earth.” The Starfox team made preparations as the Great Fox immediately head for Earth. Falco: “Ah, yes, Earth. Thought I’d never live long enough to see that planet again.” Slippy: “Oh, planet Earth, at long last, you and I will be reunited once more, beautiful, blue planet of the Milky Way Galaxy.” Falco was freaked out a bit. Falco: “OK…” Krystal: “Planet Earth? What is this planet you guys speak of?” Fox: “Earth is the home world of Misty and some of our friends. Blossom it is where we were born.” Slippy: “It is also where all of our human friends live.” He blushed. Slippy: “Like 3 of G.R.O.U.P.’s top spies, Sam, Alex and Clover.” Krystal: “Sounds interesting. I would be delighted to check it out for myself.” Misty: “Oh, you’ll love it, Krystal. There are lots of nice people, like Professor Oak.” Fox: “However, there are some people who are bigger jerk than Falco.” Falco: “Hey!” Krystal: “Sure thing. A friend of Misty and my brother’s is also a friend of mine.” Fox: “OK, then and Krystal?” Krystal: “Yes, Fox?” Fox: “Now that you have become one of us, there are a few ground rules that I need to set up.” Krystal: “Ok.” Fox: “First of all, no calling me your “baby brother” in public.” Krystal;” Alright.” Fox: “Second of all, no showing strong affections for me in public, meaning no constant kisses, no smothering, no long, affectionate hugs, no DEATH hugs.” Krystal: “Right.” Fox: “And lastly, no going all overprotective on me. Princess Peach has done that to me enough and I don’t like it.” Krystal: “OK, I understand you, brother.” Fox: “Listen, I know how you feel. I can understand that you’ve searched half the galaxy for me. I understand that it’s been many years since we were separated. I even understand that I was still a baby the last time you saw me, but try to control yourself, OK? I have spent many years being a strong reputation and want to keep it.” Krystal: “Yes, brother.” Then, without warning, Krystal grabbed her brother and held him very close. Krystal: “Oh, Fox, I can’t believe I’m with you, at long last. After so many years, I can finally touch you again.” Fox then pushed himself away. Fox: “OK, that right there is one of many things I do NOT want you to do to me. But, I’m willing to make an exception for now since were not in public and around friend’s who have no reason to embarrass me.” Then Fox realized was holding out a digital camera at the time. Falco: “Oh, man, this is perfect blackmailing material.” Peach then had Rayman swipe the camera out of Falco’s hands. Falco: “Hey!” Peach: “Sorry, Falco, I refuse to let this picture fall into the wrong hands. Besides, I think this picture is just so adorable, I’m thinking about putting this in one of my private rooms in my castle, where no one can snatch it, or even see it.” Falco: “Grr! Darn it!” Fox: “Thanks, Peach.” Peach: “Oh, it’s no trouble, at all, Fox. I just hope this makes up for how I’ve been.” Fox: “It’s…close enough.” Minutes later, Fox found Bubbles staring out the window, watching as Dinosaur Planet slowly fades away. Fox went on to join her. Fox: “Um…hey, Bubbles. Listen, we don’t…I understand how hard this is for you, but I promise you we will come back, but we can’t do that if we don’t leave. I bet even Tricky would say the same.” Bubbles: “My sadness of leaving that planet…” She jerked her head towards Fox with a smile on her face. Bubbles: “Are being drowned out by the joy and excitement of coming back next week. I can’t wait, but I will anyway. Fox: “Atta girl. You’re really starting to grow up and understand a lot more things. I’m proud of you.” Bubbles: “Thanks, but it really wasn’t that hard.” Fox: “You sure?” Bubbles: “Sure, positive.” Later on that day, Fox met up with Krystal again. Fox: “Uh, Krystal? There’s…something else that I need to do.” He then pulled out the staff and held it up to her. Fox: “This staff, I’ve been meaning to give it back to you.” Krystal closed her eyes as she shook her head, then opened them again. Krystal: “No, brother. You keep it.” Fox: “What? But…it’s your staff; I was just borrowing it!” Krystal: “I want you to have it.” Fox: “No…I…I can’t take it from you. It…it’s just…not fair…” Krystal: “It’s OK, brother. You don’t have to worry about that. I’m OK with this.” Fox: “I…but…it just…doesn’t seem right…” Krystal: “Hm…I have a better idea.” She pulled the staff out of Fox’s hands and placed it on his chair. Both he and Krystal stood in front of the staff. Krystal: “Let’s undergo a little challenge.” Fox: “Challenge? What kind of challenge?” Krystal: “It’s somewhat of the duel that will decide who the staff belongs to.” Fox: “Um…OK, so, how does this duel work?” Krystal: “We will grab on to it at the same time. From there, the staff’s powerful magical energy will surge through both of us. This will continue until one of us lets go of the staff. Whoever does must surrender the staff to the other person. Are you OK with this?” Fox: “Well…if you think this will help to decide on who gets the weapon, then sure.” Krystal: “OK, then, on 3, we will both grab the staff at the same time. Ready? 1, 2, 3!” And with that, they both grabbed the staff at the same time. From there, the magical energy surged through their bodies, just like Krystal said it did. This went on for a while, but then, Krystal let go of the staff. Fox was left shocked as he held the staff in his hands. Krystal was able to recover from the ordeal. From there, she smiled at Fox. Krystal: “Congrats, brother. The staff is yours.” Fox stood speechless for a bit. He then looked at the staff and then back at Krystal: “Thanks, sis. I…really…don’t know what to say…” Krystal: “Think nothing of it. Just take good care of that weapon, OK?” He smiled at her a little and then nodded once. Fox: “Sure, I will.” They both stood by, still smiling at each other. And so, the Starfox team finally arrived on the Earth after many days of space travel. A lot has happened within the next 24 hours. They reunited with Professor Oak after he and his grandson returned shortly before the KrazoaPalace incident. They were able to reunite with their Pokémon, especially Falco. They spent the rest of the day with their Pokémon, reliving old memories. Krystal, who was unfamiliar with everything her brother and his friends considered “good times”, wanted to receive a taste of Pokémon training by wanting to catch and train Pokémon of her own. She looked forward to having battles with real trainers. She really wanted in on the Pokémon world. Nothing could make her happier at that moment. Then came the hardest part of all. When the day was over and the team needed to return to their home world, Corneria, it was time for Fox and Misty to say goodbye. This was the first time that they had to part after finding out that they were in love with each other. They had their farewell kiss and Misty sang her goodbye song, a beautiful melody that Fox had never forgotten. Then, Fox left Earth with dreams of reuniting with his new girlfriend. Misty also dreamt of a reunion with her beloved Fox, with tears in her eyes. Their lives were changed forever. The End
  3. Ultimate Story: The Very Beginning

    I soon returned to my cousin who was waiting for me. Atem: “So, how did it go?” Yours truly: “It went better than intended. I made them a deal to return them to their homes in return for helping me out.” Atem: “Helping you out? With what?” Yours truly: “Atem, I feel that the Shaman Emperor did not work alone, so he indeed had help. I don’t know who but if what I feel is true and something happens to the Lock Crystal and do whatever it is they did before, then we must be ready for when it comes time that he does attempt to break out again.” Atem: “Tikal, are you certain of all that?” Yours truly: “Yes, I am. That is also why I needed to talk to the spirits. How Ly was unable to catch this, I do not know. Regardless, we must always prepare for the worst and do whatever it takes to stop this travesty from happening again, for everyone.”
  4. Star Fox Grand Prix

    Actually, a racing game in R-wings would be freakin' awesome, as far as I'm concerned! Sign me f-ing up if this game turns out to be true. I'm actually more than happy to see the franchise go in different directions and play with genres, just so as long as it's not so ambitious that it doesn't have the resources to fully realise itself i.e. an open world game made on a shoestring budget. I didn't see this news so thank you for bringing it to our attention. P.S. maybe it hasn't been discussed as it's merely in the rumour stages.
  5. Ultimate Story: The Very Beginning

    After I have finished, they began to fill with a great deal of sorrow and deep regret. Falco: “Whoa…I had no idea…” Krystal: “No wonder why we were sent here. Tikal, I feel terrible.” Fox: “We’re sorry we never did our part to prevent this Rifter. Thanks to us, everyone’s dead.” Yours truly: “Well, not exactly. Like my world, yours has survived the Rifter. All life is starting over again. And I was able to save this.” I then shown them something that was very well known to all of them. Fox: “No way! Is…is that…?” Yours truly: “Your world? Yes, I believe it is. I was able to save a portion of the world you once knew. With it, I can revive everything you have ever known and everyone you have ever cared about. That is, if you want me to.” Fox: “Yes, Tikal, please. We must return home.” Yours truly: “Believe me, I wish I could, but I fear that it is not that easy. I don’t have enough power to revive your world. Even if I could, I would not be able to send you back. However, I am willing to offer you a deal.” Krystal: “We’ll do anything, Tikal.” Yours truly: “I feel as though something is not right. Something tells me that the Shaman Emperor could not have broken out of the Shadow Realm by himself. I feel that someone was helping him and caused the corruption in many worlds to have unleashed a large amount of dark energy to free him. If what I feel is correct, even the Lock Crystals will not be able to hold him back forever and he will try to escape again. Ly has lost so much of her powers from holding back his assault. If he does break free, it will be over for all of us.” Fox: “So, what do you want us to do?” Yours truly: “I need you to assist me in preventing his escape. I’m not sure what we should do and how we are going to do it, but I need you to heed any order that I give you. If we succeed, then I will send you home.” Fox: “I don’t care what you tell us to do. As long as you keep your end of the bargain and return us home. And if what you say is true, then this is not completely our fault.” Yours truly: “Thank you, kindly, my friends. Now then, I feel as though I need to tell you something else. You are more than capable of making the most of the many things you can do as spirits.” Falco: “Wait! Spirits? You mean we’re…!?!” Yours truly: “Dead? Somewhat. You were merely separated from your bodies. It was the only way Ly can save you all. But, not to worry, do as I say and you will be returned to your mortal husks.” Fox: “You can count on us and thank you for giving us a second chance.” Yours truly: “Think nothing of it, my friends. Now then, I must return to my cousin, Atem. I will see you again whenever I can.” Fox: “OK, see you, Tikal.” And so, I left the Realm of Nothingness.
  6. Ultimate Story: The Very Beginning

    I arrived at the Realm of Nothingness, where the heroes were being imprisoned. You may remember their names as referred to Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Krystal. Yes, these names do sound familiar, but I assure you, they are not who you think they are. No, my friends, they are indeed very different. I found them with a sleeping barrier on them as an addition to their punishment. Yours truly: “I am sorry to do this, but I need to speak with you.” With a wave of my hand, I removed the sleep barrier. Instantly, I watched as they began to move. Slippy: “AHHH! THE DARKNESS!! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!” Falco: “Slippy, will you stop!?! We’re just fine!!” Slippy: “We are?” Falco: “Yeah! At least…I think we are…” Fox: “Where are we?” Krystal: “What? What is this place?” Yours truly: “This is the Realm of Nothingness.” They all looked towards me as a spoke. Yours truly: “This is the holding chamber for all those who have disobeyed Ly. Look around, notice that we are the only ones here.” They did as I have told them to do, it did not take them very long to find that there was indeed nothing else. Fox: “Yes…I see that. But, weren’t you sent here, too?” Yours truly: “No, my friends, and I fear that I shouldn’t be here, at all. I am Tikal and I came here because I feel that it is unfair for you to be punished without knowing the truth.” Fox: “The truth? What do you mean by that?” Yours truly: “It all started many, many years ago…” And so, I told them the same story that I have mentioned earlier.
  7. Powerful Harmony

    Later on that day, everyone stood at the very top of the Jedi Temple, staring out at the city. Obi-wan: “So, tell us more about the cultures of your world.” Anakin: “Yeah, besides your unique influences over the different elements, what else make your nations so special?” The Benders looked up at their new friends; they then pulled out their pendants containing the symbols of each of their nations. Katara: “Our influences over the elements have always been the largest part of our culture, but there are other things that make us unique. There are the different animals of our world that come from different nations as well, but there are also unique fauna, music, art, cities, people, style, forms, all of our non benders and cuisines.” Sokka: “We have a lot of good food back at home, especially the meat.” Anakin groaned a little. Anakin: “Katara, does your brother think of anything besides food?” Katara looked at him in an annoyed manner. Anakin: “Sorry. Continue.” Katara: “Alright. There are also spiritual beliefs involved.” Ahsoka: “I kind of figured. You did mention that the Avatar IS a spirit of your world manifested in a human being.” Katara: “Right, but there are lots more spirits than just the Avatar; many of which take on the forms of animals. The spirit of one of the first ever benders takes on the form of an animal.” Ahsoka: “First ever benders? What do you mean by that?” Katara: “Many centuries ago, before the Avatar even showed up, our people use to have been taught the bending styles to many different teachers, none of which were human; they were merely different creatures.” Toph: “The first Earthbenders were taught Earthbending by Badgermoles.” Katara: “The first ever Earth Kingdom city were built to honor those two, Omashu. It’s kind of a long story and it’s kind of sad. We’ll tell you later.” Ahsoka: “OK.” Aang: “The first ever Airbenders were taught Airbending from the Sky Bison.” Ahsoka: “The Sky Bison? You mean like Appa?” Aang: “Yes, we’re deeply devoted to our masters, so much so that we would have arrow tattoos all over our body upon mastering the technique to honor them.” Ahsoka: “Hm, you don’t say. I did notice that large arrow on Appa’s head was that same as the one on your head; I don’t think that’s a coincidence.” Aang: “No, Ahsoka, you’re right. We did that on purpose. The arrows represent the flow of chi in our bodies.” Ahsoka: “OK. So, what’s it like getting those tattoos?” Aang hesitated. Obi-wan: “I take it that was an unpleasant experience.” Aang: “Uh…” At that moment, Aang had a flashback of himself screaming and squirming as the Air monks held him down and forcibly tattooed the arrows on his body. Aang blushed and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. Aang: “I’d…rather not talk about it….” Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-wan and Padme laughed. Padme: “So, what about you, Zuko? Who taught your nation how to Firebend?” Zuko: “Our first masters were the dragons. They taught the first ever Firebenders, an ancient civilization, the Sun Warriors, how to draw power from the sun and use its heat as life energy.” Ahsoka: “So your bending has a specific power source.” Zuko: “Yes, for over a century, my nation has misused its power to strike fear in the hearts of many people, including our own. We always saw it as destruction and power instead of what it really is: life and discipline.” Obi-wan shook his head. Obi-wan: “I’m sorry to hear that, Zuko. You’re people have indeed shown a great deal of dishonor.” Zuko: “Yes…but we also had a much more horrific tradition: we hunted dragons for glory.” Ahsoka: “Hunting dragons, as in killing them?” Zuko: “Yes, they say that if a Firebender were to conquer the ultimate Firebender, they would be considered a legend and earn the title “dragon”. However, this senseless tradition led the dragons to their near extinction.” Obi-wan: “Hunting dragons for the sake of glory? I would never consider any glory to such a senseless act!” Zuko: “I’d say you would have the correct state of mind, Obi-wan.” Obi-wan smiled. Ahsoka: “So, how about you, Katara, who taught the first Waterbenders how to Waterbend?” Katara turned around and looked up at the sky. Katara: “The legend of our tribe says the moon was the first Waterbender. It was said how our ancestors watched as it pushed and pulled the tides, and then they learned to do it themselves.” Anakin: “Is that so?” He then grabbed the Water Tribe pendent from Katara and observed it. Anakin: “Is that why this crescent moon is part of your tribe’s symbol?” Katara: “That’s exactly right. All Waterbenders draw power from the moon itself. Our bending is at its strongest during the full moon.” Obi-wan: “It makes sense actually. The moon is known for its strong influence over the tides. The tides themselves increase during a full moon.” Ahsoka: “So, I take it the moon has a strong influence over their bending for the same reason that it has a strong influence over the tides.” Obi-wan: “Apparently so.” Ahsoka: “So, all of your first bending teachers were all animals with the exception of the Waterbenders, being the moon.” Katara: “Yes…sort of.” Anakin: “What do you mean?” Katara: “In our world, the spirit of the moon, like many spirits that crossed over from the spirit world, took on a mortal form of an animal. The moon spirit, Tui, along with its sibling, La, the ocean spirit, took on their mortal forms as Koi fish.” Aang: “We saw the spirits. In the North pole, there is this place known as the Spirit oasis, the most spiritual place in the North pole, they swim around in an endless dance together, constantly spiraling with one another.” Katara: “Along with the legend of our Waterbending, Princess Yue of the Northern Water Tribe, mentioned that the moon gives us our strength and the ocean gives us our life. They work together to maintain balance in our world.” Ahsoka: “Um…Katara, I don’t know how to say this, but not many of our planets have moons.” Obi-wan: “She’s right, if the legends of your tribe are true, then you won’t be able to have anything to draw your bending from. Your Waterbending wouldn’t be effective on any of those worlds.” Katara: “Oh, that’s no problem, I’ll just summon out moon here.” Anakin: “Summon the moon? Is that even possible?” Katara: “Yes, I’ll show you.” She pulled out her Keyblade, then initiated her summoning power from it. The Jedi and Padme watched in amazement as the moon showed up in the sky. Padme: “Is that the moon from your world?” Katara: “Yes.” Just then, they saw something else. Ahsoka: “Look!” They watched as Yue appeared in front of the moon. She then slowly descended towards them. Anakin: “Who…who is that?” Sokka: “Yue…” Sokka walked up to Yue as she floated in front of everyone. Anakin: “That’s Yue!?!” Yue: “Hello, everyone.” She then looked over to Sokka as he stood right in front of her. Yue placed her hand on his face. Yue: “It’s so good to see you again, Sokka.” Sokka then touched her hand. Sokka: “I’ve missed you a lot.” Obi-wan: “Pardon me for my intrusion, but what does she have anything to do with the moon?” Katara: “She’s the moon spirit.” Anakin: “What? But didn’t you just mention that she was the princess of the Northern Water Tribe?” Yue: “I was…but…I was called to sacrifice for my people, my tribe. I willingly accepted the task to save my tribe.” She then looked over toward Suki. Yue: “You’re very lucky; I could never have him, even when I was alive. Take good care of him.” Suki: “Oh, don’t worry about it, I will.” She smiled, then took her hand off of Sokka, she back into the sky near the moon, then she disappeared along with the moon. Sokka was left sulking. Anakin: “How…how did this happen?” Sokka: “It all started when the Fire Nation invaded the North Pole. A horrible man named Admiral Zhao led a fleet of more than 100 Fire navy ships in an all out assault against the Northern Water Tribe.” Anakin: “So what was he planning to do, was he going to steal all of the Waterbenders from the North Pole as they did in the South Pole?” Sokka: “They didn’t need to, Zhao had only one target: the moon spirit. He wanted to kill the moon spirit.” Ahsoka: “Kill the moon spirit!?! Why would he want to do that!?!” Katara: “Because he knew that if he took away the Waterbenders’ source of power, they would permanently lose their bending.” Aang: “However, by removing the moon, it would have a negative effect. It would completely disrupt the balance of the entire world that would hurt not only the Water Tribe, but the Fire Nation as well. When we confronted him in the Spirit Oasis, we pleaded to him not to kill the moon spirit. But in spite of that, he still did.” Ahsoka: “That’s terrible!” Anakin: “OK, so what is Yue’s involvement in all of this? What did she mean by sacrificing herself for her people?” Sokka: “Many years ago when Yue was born, she was deathly sick and there was no one who could save her. Her father, Chief Arnook, pleaded to the moon spirit to save her. When she was placed in the spirit water, the moon spirit gave a portion of its life force to her. She lived because of the moon spirit.” Ahsoka: “So when the moon spirit was killed, Yue gave back its essence inside her to revive it but it also caused her to end her own life in the process.” Sokka: “That’s right, Ahsoka, And now…Princess Yue IS the moon spirit.” Ahsoka was distraught to here this. Ahsoka: “This is all so terrible…” Anakin: “Alright, so, when Katara summons the moon, Yue is called in, too?” Sokka: “Katara didn’t summon the moon, she summoned Yue. She is connected to the moon, itself, so when Katara summons Yue, it automatically brings the moon here.” Ahsoka: “You know, that does make sense; it is easier than actually bringing the moon here.” Anakin: “True, but maybe Princess Yue would still be alive if Admiral Zhao never killed the moon spirit’s mortal form!” Obi-wan: “Indeed, whoever this Admiral Zhao is, he sounds like a very despicable man.” Zuko: “That would be putting it lightly.” Katara: “You know, now that you mention it, we never saw Zhao since the Siege in the North Pole.” Anakin: “Hm, any ideas on what happened to him?” Katara: “We don’t know; we never found out what happened to him.” Zuko: “I did. When Zhao and I were dueling, a strange, watery hand reached out, grabbed him and pulled him into the water.” Aang: “That must have been the ocean spirit, taking its revenge on Zhao for killing its sibling.” Anakin: “Heh! Serves him right.” Zuko: “I tried to reach out and save him, but he chose his fate into a watery grave.” Padme: “But why would Zhao want to do that?” Anakin: “Isn’t it obvious? If Zhao is as despicable as they say he is, then he must have hated Zuko for his supposed treachery. Isn’t that right?” Zuko held his head down as he sulked. Zuko: “Unfortunately, you’re too accurate, Anakin. He always thought of me as a disgrace to the Fire Nation and the name Fire Nation Prince, he even tried to kill me one time, when I tried to save him, he decided to be killed because he would have been just as dishonorable as me; he could never bare that thought, so he let the ocean spirit drown him.” Obi-wan: “It was very noble of you to save the life of someone who despised you, Zuko. I think Admiral Zhao made the wrong decision.” Anakin: “I’m not so sure about that, master. If word got out that Admiral Zhao’s life was saved by the “treacherous prince of the Fire Nation”, he would have been executed for letting a traitor save him.” Obi-wan: “Hm, you may be right. It would have been the same in our world, as well.” Anakin: “I don’t know, I thought what happened to him was too good for the likes of him, but I’m glad that he got was coming to him; serves him right for defying the spirits of the Bender’s world.” Obi-wan: “Here, here.” Ahsoka: “So, he next to Yue was one of many causalities in the Siege in the North Pole.” Sokka sulked as he dropped his head. Anakin looked over towards Sokka, concerned for him this time. Anakin: “There’s…something else I’m concerned about. She also mentioned that she could never have you, even when she was alive. What did she mean by that?” Sokka lifted his head with a look of agitation on his face. Sokka: “She was already going to marry someone else.” Ahsoka: “Someone else? Who?” Sokka: “Just some jerk warrior from the North Pole. It’s was an arranged marriage but she felt like she had to marry the guy for her people.” Sokka dropped his head and sulked. Sokka: “Yue was always self-sacrificing. She never cared about what she wanted and thought only about what’s best for her tribe. I was so in love with her and she loved me, too.” He lifted his head back up. Sokka: “I actually got to know her as an actual person. She was sweet, kind, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, but that jerk she was going to marry was stuck up, self-important and arrogant. He treated her like some…some material possession! Someone as special as her was wasted on a self-absorbed weasel like him! He didn’t love Yue, he only cared about his ranks and impressing her dad! He was nothing but a jerk without a soul!” Tears started to pour out of his eyes. Concerned, each of the Jedi and Padme looked at each other. Padme then walked up to Sokka and touched him on the shoulder. Padme: “I can’t even begin to tell you how awful most of what you just said is. That guy sounds like a horrible person. I don’t care who he was going to marry, he had no right to speak of her that way.” Sokka: “Yue didn’t care. She didn’t love him but that didn’t matter to her. The only thing I’ve ever wanted for her was to make her happy. That’s how much I loved her.” Padme placed his arms around him. Padme: “I know, Sokka. I know.” She then let go and looked directly at him. Padme: “To tell you the truth, I know exactly what she’s going through. I live to serve my people, as well. I care about the citizens back on Naboo the same way that Yue cared about her people of the Northern Water Tribe. I love my people, too, so I am also self-sacrificing. Sometimes we need to just accept our role and we don’t always enjoy the decision we have to make for the sake of our people, if at all. But to give her life in order to resurrect the moon spirit, not only did she save her people but the world, your world; that says a lot about her.” Sokka: “Would you have given your life to revive a spirit that was senselessly killed in order to save your people?” Padme looked back at Anakin, Obi-wan and Ahsoka. Padme: “It wouldn‘t exactly be an easy decision for me, but I would have to say yes, I would. You really do miss her a lot, don’t you?” Sokka sulked. Everyone stood by, silent for a good amount of time.
  8. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    (003 and the others arrived in a white room, the walls were covered with drawings, in the middle of the room is a long table, sitting at the other end is Naminé) Naminé: "Nice to finally meet you, 00 Cyborgs." 009: "Naminé." 003: "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, too. I take it you're the one who gave us these memories?" Naminé: "Yes, I am." 002: "Wait! It was you?" Naminé: "I can tell you have a lot of questions." 002: "You've got that right! First off, why do we even have these memories?" Naminé: "They are essential in saving your world." 002: "What? What do you mean?" Naminé: "Come, I’ll tell you everything. (The 00 Cyborgs walked up to the table, 003 sat on the other end of the table, Naminé told them the story of the disintegrating world, Ansem and Kingdom Hearts) So, you see, in order for the Keyblade Force to obtain Kingdom Hearts to save all of their worlds, they need those memories to gain access to the very world where Kingdom Hearts is." 009: "But, we didn't know about any of this." Naminé: "That's exactly why I got all of you involved into this. Because you had no knowledge of Kingdom Hearts or the Keyblade Force, I was able to easily bestow on to you the memories of the Organization as well as Sora and Kairi." 003: "Yes, those 2 seem very important, as far as I can tell." 009: "So, now what?" Naminé: "I need you to head over to the town, find and work with the Keyblade Force to fix all of this." 009: "Yes, we understand, Naminé." Naminé: "Also, there's something else I want you to do. (Naminé pulled out some drawings) I need to you to give this to a boy named Ritchie. He'll know what to make of them." (009 walked over to Naminé and grabbed the drawings that she gave him) 009: "Don't worry, we'll take care of it." Naminé: "As soon as you leave the mansion, you should see a large wall in the woods with a hole in it, that is the only entrance into Twilight Town from there." 009: "Yes, I know of the place. Thank you, Naminé." (All the cyborgs left the white room) Naminé: "Good luck, 00 cyborgs."
  9. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Today marks the 4th anniversary of my Uncle losing his battle to cancer. We love him and miss him very much. Even though we have slowly moved on in our lives, my family and I still think about him very much and would give almost anything to have him back. To commemorate him, I have come up with a part of my story. This particular event takes place in US2. A young woman who was very business savvy wanted to start a traveling business after losing her brother to a terrible disease. Her brother had always loved to travel and wanted to go into space. However, he never had that chance, so in memory of her brother, this woman decided to start a special space cruise business, a way of bringing people into space for vacations and pleasure cruises and such. She would name the cruise lines the RHL legacy, after her brother. The Starfox team heard all about this and wanted to help her out with this for more reasons than just the alliance, although it would help out the alliance tremendously. They went around telling all of their friends about this, including traveling to the future and telling Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon knew about this particular kind of space cruise line as he has had several pleasure cruises from this company,so he was more than thrilled to hear about this. During the course of setting this up, there have been a number of issues involved in this, one such being a bunch of corporate men that wanted to put a stop to this dream. The story itself involved a number of these conflicts that they had to fight through and a few times, things seemed hopeless, but they never gave up. In the end, they managed to get through all of these tough challenges and the woman was able to start this commercial space cruise. The first ever cruise of the RHL legacy had Fox, all of his friends from the team and his Super Smash academy days take part in this, including Captain Falcon, who was honored to be on board the first ever cruise. He did tell the woman that he had been on several of these cruises several times in his timeline. Although he couldn't tell her of any of the challenges that she will be facing while running this company, he did advise her to continue to fight for this dream no matter what and always, always remember what this dream truly was all about. All of the characters stood before what was a massive portrait of the woman's brother as they marveled at it. They were very honored to have met the woman and help her launch her dream, literally. They were soon called into the dining hall for the cruise's first ever banquet. As they made their way into the dining hall, the portrait was shown to be a picture of my late uncle. That's all I need to say for now.
  10. Ultimate Story: The Very Beginning

    It occurred one day when I was having a powerful intention to visit the spirits of the heroes that Ly had punished. My cousin, Atem, however, tried to stop me, worried that I may be punished for my actions, as well. Yours truly: “I am sorry, Atem, but it is something that I feel I must do.” Atem: “But Tikal, are you not aware of the consequences that may fall upon you?” Yours truly: “Yes, I am well aware of them, but I feel that this is the right thing to do.” Atem: “But, Tikal…” Yours truly: “Please, Atem! If these heroes are to be punished, it should be fair that at least know why. That is why I need to do this.” It did not take him long to realize that he can not hold me back. Atem: “My cousin…you are always willing to put your own well-being on the line for what you believe is right. I may be your best friend and I may know you better than anyone else…but sometimes…I can’t tell if you are very brave or very, very foolish. However, if there is one thing I do know, you are honest and fair. Very well, then. I will let you go.” Yours truly: “Thank you, cousin. I really appreciate it.” Atem: “I will stand by and may sure no one sees what you are attempting to do, but please, be careful.” Yours truly: “Don’t worry, I will.” And so, I left to see the punished heroes. Atem: “Good luck, Tikal, you will need it.”
  11. Ultimate Story: The Very Beginning

    Many, many eons, ago, during the very early dawn of time, there lived a magical realm where many magical creatures lived. These magical creatures were born to protect and look after the many worlds as they formed. They were known as fairies and shaman. Out of all of them were a pair of magical beings that were well known out of many of them: a fairy named Ly and a shaman named Nikko. These 2 fell in love with each other; many say they invented love. They were to propose to each other and live together for all of eternity, however, there was another trait that Nikko was known for besides his love for Ly. Nikko once dedicated some of his existence to studying Darkness, a mysterious and untold magic that not many knew about. However, when he came close to figuring out Darkness, something went terribly wrong. The Darkness began to take control of him, taking possession of his body, his mind and his very well-being. He soon became evil and this evil renamed itself the Shaman Emperor. This terrible evil wanted to dominate over all of the dimensions that the magical creatures have planned to watched over. When they refused to let him take them over, he threatened to destroy them all with the use his dark magic. But before he came to that point, Ly stopped him. When he attempted to dispose of her, she held back his Dark magic as much as she could. She was then forced to send him to the Shadow Realm to prevent him from destroying everything. Worried that this might happen to many other mystic beings from being corrupted like Nikko, a powerful sorcerer sent out the Teenzies to guard over all the dimensions. He then sealed away the mystic beings into each of the dimensions that they have been assigned to protect and then sealed off each of the dimensions from one another. As the dimensions begin to form, all seemed to have gone the way they were suppose to, or so they thought. Little did they suspect, the Shaman Emperor created portals from his imprisonment in the Shadow Realm to many of the dimensions. At that time, many of the worlds were corrupted and with that, he was able to gather enough Dark energy from the corruption to free himself. Ly managed to find out about this nefarious plan before any destruction took place, so she had made attempts to warn the people from these dimensions of his terrible destruction in order to prevent it. Unfortunately, the Teenzie guardians wouldn’t allow her to. Then, she tried to contact people of these upcoming dangers and succeeded in all of her attempts, except one. Ly foresaw a terrible war in one of the dimensions; a war in which she felt if not prevented, the Shaman Emperor will have more than enough dark energy to free himself. Ly attempted to contact 4 heroes from that dimension and bestowed upon each of them mystic items known as the Vaults of Light. When utilized, these mystic items can contain the souls of those with black hearts, thereby preventing the war. But the heroes did not use the mystic items and instead fought the war head on. At first, this was a terrible mistake that Ly thought could have been prevented even when she saw that terrible creatures made of pure Darkness infested that entire dimension. Realizing that it was too late to prevent the war, she gathered up as much light energy as she could muster. As the war ended, a black vortex formed. This vortex seen many times during the war but was obscured from many except mystic beings until it was large enough for the Shaman Emperor to emerge from it. He then released a vast amount of his Dark magic. It was powerful enough to break the barriers created by the Teenzie guardians and began to devour 1 dimension after another. Ly, who gathered more Light magic than she can contain, held back the dark magic before all the dimensions could be destroyed. As all this was occurring, a young girl watched in terror as many of the dimensions were being threatened. She then decided to take matter into her own hands and consulted the Teenzie guardians to fuse as many of the surviving dimensions as they could. By doing this, Ly would have less to protect and can force the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. However, doing this could risk all life in all of the surviving dimensions, but they were convinced that they had no other choice. So, they fused as many dimensions as they could, allowing Ly to have less to protect and she was then able to push the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. She then created 6 mystic gems known as the Lock Crystals to seal the portal to the Shadow Realm. She then separated the spirits of the 4 heroes from their physical bodies and sealed them away in the Realm of Nothingness as punishment for their part in releasing the Shaman Emperor. And finally, she meditated to restore her powers. She remains resting as of today. All life began to form in the newly fused dimensions. But how do I know all of this, you ask? Because I was the girl. I assisted Ly in preventing what we now call the Rifter: the end of all existence. I am Tikal and this is my story.
  12. Earlier
  13. Star Fox 2: HD

    Heheh. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to finishing this. While I've made progress, I still need people that are experienced at CSharp and JS programming. Nobody's approached me. This is a pretty big concern, since I won't be able to keep it on its rails if I don't have anyone backing me up on the project.
  14. Star Fox Grand Prix

    Yes, I've read that news (on a German site) as well. And to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what to think about it. On one side, I would celebrate a Diddy Kong Racing-sequel really hard. And on the other side, I just would like to have a good Star Fox-game again. But those two mashed together? Hm! I mean, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed already fills that "Diddy Kong Racing"-gap quite well, despite not having an overworld with bosses and collectibles. But then again, we have Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which is a great game, so I think it's best to just wait and watch how it turns out. At least hope that this idea is crazy enough to work.
  15. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    (They ran towards the doors, the Heartless kept coming at them, they continued fighting them off, 001 then summons Zexion's Lexicon and held it out with his mental powers, blocking the Heartless) 001: "Now's our chance, we have to go now!” 002: "Hey, how are you..." 001: "There's no time for that now, we have to hurry!" 009: "Right, let's go now." (They ran in, arriving inside the front of the castle) 009: "What was that all about, 001 and what was that book you were holding out?" 001: "I believe it was called the Lexicon, it's the main weapon of Zexion." 009: "Yes, I remember that. (009 began to recollect what happened in that very room) Riku, how could you..." 007: "So, is it true, 003, can you really sense out those Heartless with that Keyblade of yours?" (003 summoned Kairi's Keyblade and held it close) 003: "Yes, I don't know how, but…this Keyblade seems to be enhancing my powers. Huh? Watch out! There are more of them coming!" (More Heartless appeared) 006: "Oh, no! Not again!" (002 summoned Axel's Chakrams) 002: "Let's bring them down!" (He rushed over towards them and fought them, everyone else did the same, 003 looked over and saw 002 struggling to fight off all of the Heartless with a shield) 003: "002, those Heartless are impenetrable from the front. The back is their only weakness." 002: "Thanks for the tip, 003." (He rushed over behind the Heartless and struck it in the back, everyone else did the same to the other Heartless just like it, the battle was over, everyone's weapons vanished) 008: "Glad that's over with." 003: "Come on, we have to keep moving. We have to find Naminé." 009: "Right, let's go." (They kept moving through the castle until they found a way outside, they rushed through and reached a lift and was carried to another area of the castle, more Heartless showed up by the dozens, they fought them off the best they could, they were being outnumbered, one of them knocked down 009, he got up and unlocked Roxas' Limit Break and slashed away at the Heartless at great speed, everyone else used their Limit Break on the Heartless with different abilities, except 001) 001: "Enough!" (001 used Zexion's Limit Break and eliminated all of the Heartless, they got off the lift and moved on) 009: "What was that all about, where did all of those strange abilities come from?" 003: "I'm not sure, I don't think I understand it myself. (A giant Invincible appears) Oh, no! Not another one!" Naminé: "003, are you still there?" 003: "Yes, what is it, Naminé?" Naminé: "You're almost there! You just need to get passed the next room and then we will be able to finally meet! You have to hurry; time is short!" 003: "Everyone, we're almost there, Naminé told us that we have to get passed this next room." 002: "Then we need to get passed this Heartless." 009: "Right, let's go." (They attempt to fight the Heartless, it sent them back with 1 blast) 008: "Whoa, this thing is stronger than we anticipated." 007: "What should we do?" (009 got up, he summoned his Keyblade again, and then another) 003: "2 Keyblades! (They transformed into an Oblivion and an Oathkeeper, he rushed off and slashed away at the Heartless with both Keyblades, the Heartless was vanquished, both Keyblades vanished) I didn't know Sora could wield 2 Keyblades." 002: "Not Sora! Roxas! I remember seeing Roxas wield those 2 Keyblades, or rather Axel remembers it. He used those same Keyblades against Axel." 003: "How very strange. It's almost like we're becoming the people that these memories belong to." 009: "Let's go." (They arrived in the next room, they saw many things that Sora has seen before) 009: "This room, I remember this place." 003: "This was where some the villains held the 7 Princesses of Hearts to try and open the Door to Darkness." 009: "I also remember their names. Jasmine, Alice, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle." 002: "Well that's 6 Princesses, but who's the 7th?" 003: "Kairi. I know this place like I have been here before." 002: "Well, I don't remember this place, so I guess Axel has never been here before." 009: "Neither has Roxas, so I can only remember this place from Sora's memories." 003: "And look, up there! That must be the Door to Darkness!" Naminé: "003, that door is the way to where I am!" 003: "Are you sure? I remember terrible things coming out of that door." Naminé: "I managed to reroute it to reach where I am. Please hurry, before the door closes!" 003: "Time is short, we have to keep moving! (They moved towards the door, more Heartless show up) Oh, no, more Heartless!" Naminé: "003, you have to stop them! They're attempting to close the door!" 003: "Guys, we have to fight off all of these Heartless before they close the door!" 009: "Oh, no!" (They fought against the Heartless again, 003 began to have memories of Sora disappearing after releasing his and Kairi's hearts) 003: "SORA!!!" 009: "003, it's OK, Sora didn't dissipate." 003: "Huh, what?" 009: "I remember it, too. He didn't leave forever, he came back." 003: "What? Oh, of course...I remember now, Kairi brought him back." 009: "Everything's OK now." 003: "I still don't understand, why do we have these memories? Where did we get these weapons from and how is it we have these strange abilities?" 002: "It's apparent that the more we have these memories, the more we become them. Got it memorized? Whoa! What the...?" 009: "002, are you OK? You're starting to sound like Axel." 002: "Oh, great, don't tell me I really am becoming him!" 008: "Oh, man, I can't believe in how many Heartless we have to fight. Can't they just give us a break already, I'm sick of fighting. Huh? That's strange, why do I have this sudden urge to slack off and do nothing?" 009: "That sounds a lot like Demyx." 007: "Sounds to me like you're not playing with a full deck of cards. Huh? Why am I talking like I'm in a poker game?" 003: "That must be Luxord." 009: "Is it true, are we starting to develop the personalities of the people in our memories?" 006: "As if. Whoa, that's strange, I'm starting to sound like Xigbar." 004: "I don't have a lot of memories. I can only remember up to a strange castle different from this one and that's all. The rest is just...nothing." 005: "Hm..." 009: "005, is there anything wrong?" 005: "It appears as though these memories are becoming all too real." 003: "You're right, and there's only 1 person who know about this. (003 looked towards the door) Naminé!" (She ran towards the door) 009: "003! Wait!" (They ran after her)
  16. fanfictiondreamer

    To anyone who had bee paying attention to my scrapbook:

    I need someone to guess who the mastermind of the Descendants of Darkness is. I just have a few clues that could help.

    The mastermind is a supposed spouse of the Shaman Emperor, so the mastermind is a female

    Also, think paper thin, like literally

    Can you guess who SHE is?

    1. Fookes


      Is she the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario?

    2. fanfictiondreamer


      Yes!! You got it right!!! Another person I know, IkranRider, had a hard time guessing because she only knows Super Paper Mario. That's strange to me, but to each their own.

    3. Fookes


      Yay!! :D

  17. Star Fox Grand Prix

    I don't come here much, because honestly, this site has hit a low point. It seems very quiet, and it has recently been fairly boring to come here. When I saw this news, however, I jumped in joy at the possibility. I decided to come back here today to join in on the discussion everyone was undoubtedly having. So imagine my surprise when I come here and can't see one reference to the two days old news, not even on the sites main page. In case you missed it, there's a rumour going around that Retro Studios is working on a game called "Star Fox Grand Prix", which is supposedly a mix between F-Zero and Diddy Kong racing, set in the Star Fox universe. The game will apparently have bosses, like Diddy Kong Racing. For anyone interested, here's a relevant link:
  18. StarFoxFanGurl

    Heya again. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Anyway, at this point, I feel like I may no longer come here as much anymore. I honestly feel like I can’t make myself join along. Not sure how to explain... But anyway, hopefully this doesn’t affect y’all. I mean, I wasn’t so active from the beginning.

    Thank you for welcoming me along. Take care now everyone. You guys are amazing.

    Star out~

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      Safe travels of this realm that we refer to as the internet.  It was good having you when you dropped by. :p

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      Tiger Carson

      It's your choice my friend, I hope you find what you're looking for, and that you'll come back to a hopefully more active community.

  19. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    So, this next list of summoning is something special because it plays a part in my US4 spin-off. If you haven't seen it, yet, you're more than welcome to. The name of the spin-off is Powerful Harmony. It's on here, I have been posting stuff on it gradually. Here's the list of Summons from the next show involved in the story, Avatar the Last Airbender: This is the other group that reside in Radiant Garden. I will have more of this story out real soon, as well as more of my US4 spin-off.
  20. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    OK, so, here are more on the summoning: This group along with another summoning group reside within Radiant Garden, the Light counterpart to Hollow Bastion. I will get into the other summoning group real whenever I can.
  21. SFC's art corner

    I'm back with another picture I did! I haven't had time to draw MUCH since I've been busy lately, however every once in a while I'd sit down and watch some video's on how to improve my artwork and learned a few things such as Line of Action and an easier way to draw bodies, and I'd go ahead and practice every time I would get the chance. So, with that being said I decided to go ahead and redraw the picture I first posted because I wanted to see the improvement (and plus I reaaaaally am not proud of how it looks anymore because I know I can do better). Sadly, I won't be able to directly post it here simply because it will only allow me to upload a picture up to 1.72 MB and if I compress the image it will look like absolute crap (Tried to do it using Imagesmaller but every compression made it look worse and worse each time and the colors started to fade) So anyway, here's the link to the picture: I'll post more pictures whenever I can! Thank you :).
  22. Powerful Harmony

    They walked all around the Jedi Temple, they looked around. Sokka then spotted a few Jedi walking around, one of them with Twi’lek hair tails. Sokka: “Hair tails…a Twi’lek? Hey, guys, look, there’s a Twi’lek Jedi! Over there.” Ahsoka: “That’s Master Aayla Secura. You’re right, Sokka, she is a Twi’lek.” Sokka: “Really? Twi’leks can be Jedi?” Anakin: “All species can become Jedi, Sokka. It depends on whether or not they’re smart enough to wield the Force to their will.” Sokka: “The Force, huh? Tell me more about this…Force.” Katara: “You told us that the Force is what gives the Jedi their power.” Obi-wan: “Precisely. The Force is a unique energy field that surrounds us. For some reason or other, some of us are able to manipulate the Force to our will, giving us our power. They are able to study under the influence of it, serve under its mysterious entities and use it too their will. Those people become Jedi.” Toph: “Any ideas on how this is done?” Obi-wan: “No, no one really knows how it works; all we know is that it can be utilized to our advantage.” Anakin: “A Jedi named Qui-Gon Jinn told me that our connections to the Force involved these micro organisms called Midi-chlorians, he said that they allow a person to connect with the force and communicate it; allowing one to wield it.” Obi-wan was greatly surprised to hear this. Obi-wan: “Master Qui-Gon told you that Midi-chlorians is responsible for control over the Force? Clearly that man had lost it more than I thought.” Suki: “What are Midi-chlorians, Master Kenobi?” Obi-wan: “Midi-chlorians were a failed experimental project consisting of bio-cellular antibodies that were supposedly synthesized to fight off many potentially lethal diseases. They were to fight off deadly plaques a lot better than our standard immune system, like the accursed Blue Shadow Virus.” Suki: “Hm…so what made them a complete failure?” Obi-wan: “They weren’t fighting off the infectious diseases like they were supposed to. After the failure, the scientist who created the Midi-chlorians were forced to shut down the experiment due to the people’s lack of faith in the project. But then one of the scientists found out that the Midi-chlorians actually had some unusual reactions to the Force for some reason, so they decided to conduct experiments on a few of there own and found that the Midi-chlorians are, in fact, more active around those who are sensitive to the Force than those who aren’t.” Katara: “And so you have used those Midi-chlorians to detect who is Force-sensitive by how active they are.” Obi-wan: “That is correct, we have also found that the Force nurtures these Midi-chlorians, causing them to multiply exponentially, as demonstrated by young Anakin over here.” Anakin: “Master Qui-Gon found that my Midi-chlorian count was beyond many Jedi masters, even Master Yoda, demonstrating my strong connections with the Force.” Obi-wan: “But the Midi-chlorians are not responsible for our control over the force, at all, what-so-ever.” Sokka: “Well, that’s a relief; I wouldn’t want to get into this whole, complicated aspect of Midi-chlorians things, or whatever responsible for any special magic influences or anything, it all sounds complicated as it is and it’s stupid to use science to try and explain magic.” Katara seemed dejected. Katara: “It’s a shame though; it would have been like how our Chi and it’s connections to our bending.” Anakin: “Chi?” Katara: “Yes, it is a stream of energy that flows through the bodies of all living things, including you, however, a lot of us from our world have manipulated the Chi in our bodies to interact with the environment to a point in which we can manipulate it. That’s where our bending comes from.” Ahsoka: “Wow, so this Chi you guys talk about has a strong influence with all of you.” Katara: “That’s correct, Ahsoka.” Obi-wan: “Fascinating, truly fascinating. Perhaps I could look into this chi, myself; it might even clarify our connections to the Force, as well.” Katara: “Yes, it may be.” Padme: “You know, all this talk of special abilities and such has led me to believe that we are not as different as we may think, I mean sure, we’re from different worlds and we live among different influences and beliefs, but it sounds as though we are all one in the same.” Katara: “Yes, I think so, too, Padme, we are all connected in every way even though we are from different environments. Perhaps our abilities aren’t so different, after all.” Obi-wan: “Hm…maybe.” They continued walking along the Jedi Temple. They soon ran into many Jedi Masters, one of them being Master Mace Windu. Anakin: “Master.” Mace: “I see you are giving the Benders a tour of the Temple.” Obi-wan: “But of course, we were educating our young friends about our world to give them a better sense of what’s in store here. Right now, we’re telling them about the Jedi Order.” Mace: “Very good. They’ll need to know about everything if they are to stay here. Let me tell you kids something about the Jedi Order. You were probably told about the Jedi Council and that we are the leaders of the order.” Aang: “Yes, they did tell us that you guys are the Head Honcho of the Jedi Order.” Mace: “Yes, even though we run the Order, we are still merely servants to the Force. The Council is run by a small group of Jedi Masters with a full understanding of the Force and learns to use it by the code.” Aang: “The code? You guys didn't say anything about a code.” Obi-wan: “Oh, did I forget to mention the Jedi Code? Silly me, where are my manners?” Aang: “Well, you guys did mention something about a code last night.” Katara: “So, what is this Jedi Code?” Mace: “All Jedi, be it Padawan or Master, must follow a strict set of guidelines. Not even a member of the council is above it.” Zuko: “They’re merely those who follow the code by the exact letter?” Mace: “Exactly, Zuko.” Sokka: “So, what is this “Jedi Code”? Come on, fill me in, Sokka wishes to know all the details.” Obi-wan: “The Jedi Code is not that complex, it simply state as follows: “We are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. We use our powers to defend and protect, never to attack others. We respect all life, in any form. We serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy. We seek to improve ourselves through knowledge and training”.” Zuko: ”Wow, that's all…very intriguing.” Mace: “The code doesn’t end there. “There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force.” Only by fully accepting these rules can a Jedi be officially called a master.” Aang: “Respect all life? Really? That’s what the monks my our temple told us. It has always been a part of our culture as Air Nomads to respect all life. I’m even a vegetarian because of it!” Ahsoka: “Hey, yeah, you did mention something like that last night during dinner.” Katara: “This could sound almost like the same guidelines as the Avatar. He promises to use his powers to protect our world from falling out of balance.” Aang: “The training that the Avatar goes through teaches him this, by maintaining balance within oneself can he then maintain balance in the world.” Ahsoka: “That was beautiful, Aang. You know, in some ways, the Jedi and the Avatar are very much alike.” Anakin: “Maybe, the only difference I see being that there is only 1 Avatar and there are so many Jedi in the galaxy.” Katara: “Oh, I think there is more than that, actually.” Mace: “Yes, I agree with Katara on this one. Regardless, there is still much to learn. We hardly ever share our secrets with anyone outside the Jedi Order, but I would gladly consider these kids an exception since they are our last hope against this new menace known as the Heartless.” They kept walking on. Katara: “So, what sort of things can you do with the Force? I have already seen you be able to be able to levitate things at will.” Anakin: “Well, there’s that, but there are tons of other things we can do with the Force.” Toph: “Like what?” Obi-wan: “Well, we have used to Force to calm and tame vicious animals.” Aang: “Really?” Obi-wan: “Yes, the Force allows us to bond with the animals so that we can easily influence them.” Katara: “Sounds neat.” Aang: “I have that same influence on animals, only I don’t use any powers, I use this.” Aang pulled out his bison whistle. Ahsoka: “Aang, what’s that?” Sokka: “That’s his bison whistle, he uses it to call Appa.” Ahsoka: “Can I try it?” Aang: “Sure.” He handed the whistle to Ahsoka, she blew on it, but it hardly makes any sound, she looks at it confused. Ahsoka: “Hm, must be broken.” Obi-wan: “I don’t think it’s broken, Ahsoka.” He grabbed the whistle from her. Obi-wan: “The whistle itself creates a high-pitched sound that only animals can hear, right?” Aang: “Yes, that’s exactly right, Obi-wan.” Obi-wan gave the whistle back to Aang, he put it away. Ahsoka: “I’d love to actually meet Appa, sometime.” Aang: “I’m sure you would love him.” Ahsoka smiled. Toph: “OK, so what else can you guys do with the Force?” Obi-wan: “We can use it to enhance our agility. You will notice a few times that Jedi are excellent jumpers. That would be the Force increasing our jumping abilities. We can even run faster, but that could take a lot out of us.” Katara: “Um, OK.” Aang: “An Airbender can have the same abilities, we can utilize our Airbending to jump great heights and even run faster than the wind.” Ahsoka: “Wow, all of that sounds interesting. You know, after hearing stuff like this, it kind of reminds me that the Jedi and the Benders have so much in common from one another.” Obi-wan: “Indeed, we are similar in so many way.” Sokka: “OK, don’t hold back on the juicy stuff, what other things can you do with the Force?” Obi-wan: “We can use the Force to persuade people into doing whatever we want without using any kind of aggressive means of influence.” Anakin: “We call it the Jedi Mind Trick.” Sokka: “Pffffft! Jedi Mind Trick, no one believes that actually works.” Anakin walked up to Sokka and used the Jedi Mind Trick on him. Anakin: “You WILL walk in a circle 3 times.” Sokka: “I will walk in a circle 3 times.” Sokka did exactly was he was told. Everyone looked at Anakin in a displeasing manner. Anakin: “Thought I might give him a demonstration.” Obi-wan: “Yes, as much as I regret to inform you, the Jedi Mind Trick only works on the weak-minded.” Katara: “Is that so? If that’s the case, then…hey!” Toph was heard cracking up. Toph: “That is so true!” Suki looked even more displeased. Suki: “Actually, as much as I hate to admit it, it does make sense.” Anakin: “Oh, you actually agree with me on something?” Suki: “Well, yes, I’ve always known Sokka as…easily influenced. I even got him to do whatever I wanted.” Anakin: “Really? Fill me in later.” Suki: “Sure thing. Please continue.” Anakin: “We can even use the Force to protect ourselves.” Toph: “Really?” Anakin: “Sure, we can create protective bubbles around us to protect us from anything lethal, such as poisonous gases.” Katara: “That sounds fascinating.” Anakin: “The Force also plays a major key role in wielding our Lightsabers.” Toph: “Really? How?” Ahsoka: “It can heighten our awareness to keep us from injuring ourselves.” Anakin: “The Lightsaber can be and is a very dangerous weapon, so it’s always best to keep a sharp mind when using it, which is a lot more than I could say about Sokka.” Sokka: “Hey!” Ahsoka: “We can even use the Lightsaber to deflect lasers. That comes in handy a lot.” Katara: “So, whenever you wield your Lightsabers, you’re always using the Force to increase your control over it?” Ahsoka: “Yes.” Zuko: “This all sounds interesting. This Force you guys speak of, it exists around us, too?” Ahsoka: “It exists around everyone, Zuko, much like Chi that flows through the bodies of all living things. It connects us, it connects all life in the galaxy and now, you’re part of it.” Katara: “How strong of an influence does it have on living things?” Obi-wan: “The Force and its influence are so strong we know what is happening to anyone in any part of the galaxy, such as when a life is taken, we can feel it; this is one of many things that is known as a Disturbance in the Force.” Mace: “Or when new comers from another dimension arrive within our galaxy.” Katara: “So, that’s what you meant by “an unusual shift in the Force”.” Mace: “That’s right; we felt your arrival.” Katara: “But, what about the Heartless? Can you feel them, too?” Ahsoka: “Oh, we can feel them, alright.” Zuko: “How is it like?” Ahsoka: “It’s a distasteful disturbance; like an incredibly large, empty feeling emerged into our galaxy.” Zuko: “Yeah, that sounds like the Heartless, alright.” Obi-wan: “The feeling itself can be nauseating at times, so whenever we feel inexplicably ill, it is most likely because we’re sensing out those creatures.” Anakin: “Oh, yeah, I’m sure I’m able to tell whenever I can feel them out; all too well.” Ahsoka: “But, we can’t feel them all the time; they somehow found a way to mask themselves from our senses.” Katara: “Hm…you didn’t mention anything about feeling any Heartless in that garden yesterday. It probably has something to do with that Keyhole we found there.” Ahsoka: “You may be right; they’re somehow using them to mask themselves from the Force, itself.” Obi-wan: “We’ll most certainly look into this when we have the time, but we still have a lot more we need to do.” Katara: “Yes, let’s keep going, you guys.” They spent several hours touring the Jedi Temple. They visited many chambers in the Temple; they talked, had some laughed, all the benders were informed on everything they needed to know about the Jedi Order. In return, the Benders exchanged more stories from their world, all of which intrigued their Jedi friends and Padme.
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    Say, I'm anyone reading my Ultimate Story spinoff Powerful Harmony? Just making sure because I don't have any way of knowing and this story means sooooooo much to me, SOOOO MUCH!!!!

  24. Powerful Harmony

    Later on they were leaving the workshop. Padme and Obi-wan reunited with them and they walked along the streets of Coruscant. Katara: “So, where to next?” Anakin and Obi-wan exchanged looks before they glanced back towards the Benders. Anakin: “Next, we’re going to take you back to the Jedi Temple.” Obi-wan: “Yes, we have a lot to teach to you about the Jedi Order.” Katara: “Sounds neat.” Ahsoka: “By the way, what are machines like in your world?” Katara: “Machines? Let’s see…the technology in our world is very primitive compared to yours, but we have some technical capabilities.” Ahsoka: “Like what?” Katara: “Well, each nation’s level of technology is different. For example, the Water Tribe and Air Nomads are the least technical nations in our world since they both many revolve around bending, so they don’t offer much, whereas Earth Kingdom technology is very good.” Toph: “Our architects are top notch.” Zuko: “The Fire Nation contains some of the most advance technology because of their large demands for weapons.” Ahsoka: “That must have been why the Fire Nation was doing so well during your war.” Zuko: “Yes, and we were progressively growing because of it.” Obi-wan: “So, tell us a little more about your world. What kind of machines do you have?” Sokka: “Well, let’s see. The Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation have boats. It’s basically been our most advanced source of transportation. Water Tribe uses boats a lot as means of transportation.” Ahsoka: “Well, yeah, it make sense, considering that they are the Water Tribe after all.” Katara: “The Earth Kingdom uses boats called Ferries to cross many different bodies of water, sometimes. But since the Earth Kingdom is like a large piece of land, they use mainly ground-based transportation.” Toph: “We also have this huge, Earthbending powered Monorail that are used in the largest Earth Kingdom city in our world!” Ahsoka: “Really? Sounds neat.” Aang: “The Mail Delivery System they use in the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu is a lot of fun.” Sokka: “Our most advanced nation, being the Fire Nation, have steamed powered boats.” Zuko: “They were among many of our most advanced source of transportation in the world.” Ahsoka: “So, what kind of transportation did the Air Nomads have, besides flying bison?” Aang: “We didn’t really have much except for bison. But we did have gliders. It is also the only weapon we use, that and a wind sword and perhaps the most advanced pieces of technology we had were doors that can be opened by Airbending.” Ahsoka: “Like some sort of key?” Aang: “Exactly.” Sokka: “Water tribe is known best for some of its weaponry, especially ones made from animal bones.” Toph: “Earth Kingdom has a ton of cool weapons.” Anakin: “Let me guess, Zuko, the Fire Nation out bested the other nations in weaponry?” Zuko paused then dropped his head. Zuko: “Yes…” Zuko lifted his head back up. Zuko: “Our weaponry were so advanced that some of the vehicles we had were weapons, too.” Anakin: “Oh.” Katara: “The Fire Nation has some weapons that were around our standard levels.” Sokka: “A lot of us are very good at metal crafting; it’s how we’re able to design so many useful weapons.” Ahsoka: “Sounds neat.” Aang: “But hardly any of them compare to the type weapons you have. I mean, you guys have swords made from pure light. What do you call those things, beam swords?” Anakin: “You mean this?” Anakin pulled out his Lightsaber and held it out, then put it away. Anakin: “You’re close, Aang. They’re called Lightsabers. Every Jedi has one. They’re used for combat and self-defense.” Ahsoka: “Even a Youngling is told that the weapon is their life and that they must never lose it or else…well…they would be in a lot of trouble.” Anakin: “Or someone could find it and use it for their own nefarious purposes. It is the most advanced type of weaponry of our world and anyone can learn how to wield one.” Obi-wan: “Our weapon is very powerful. It can cut through almost any material, even the thickest metal our world can provide.” Aang: “Again, we hardly have anything like that in our world.” Sokka: “So, tell us this, Jedi knights, where does the light on that weapon come from, anyway?” Anakin: “The weapon itself focuses a beam, with is unleashed through a series of lenses, through a crystal contained within the weapon, giving the weapon its properties, allowing us to adjust the blade to whatever length or power we want. Each weapon is constructed by a Jedi with the use of the Force.” Sokka: “You mean you guys usually create those weapons, yourselves?” Anakin: “Yes.” Sokka: “OK, is there any reason why each of your blades is a different color?” Anakin: “Well, it’s mainly because of the type of crystal used in the Lightsaber. Ahsoka uses a different crystal in her Lightsaber from myself and Obi-wan.” Obi-wan: “There are many different types of crystals used for Lightsabers. But Green and Blue are the most commons colors used. Master Windu’s Lightsaber, however, consists of a rare crystal, so it lets out a violet pigment.” Katara: “This all sounds very interesting. It does make us feel more primitive, however.” Ahsoka: “Sorry.” Katara: “Oh, no, it’s OK, our technology may seem like a stand still, but we have progressed a lot, I mean, we invented different types of machinery, such as submarines, different tanks, timing devices, even invented aircraft, such as hot air balloons.” Padme: “Well, there you go. You guys aren’t so primitive, after all.” Katara: “Thanks, but it’ll be a long time before we reach your standard. I mean, you guys are able to go into outer space and your societies doesn’t consist of 1 just planet, plus there many star systems containing many planets; it’s nothing like our world.” Ahsoka: “I see, but still, you’re society sounds pretty amazing; in its own way. I’ve never heard anyone quite like it. Your world is truly one of a kind.” Soon enough, they arrived back at the Jedi Temple. There, they walked along the halls of the Temple. Anakin: “There are many things you need to know about the Jedi Order. We already told you that it’s our job to maintain in order in our world, much like the Avatar in your world.” Aang: “Yes, we remember you specifically telling us that.” Anakin: “Well, there’s more than just that. You see, there are also the different positions in the Jedi Order. There’s the Jedi Initiate, or the Younglings as we call them, they are Force sensitive children who are chosen when they are very young, they are taken from their families and homes, as we mentioned yesterday and brought here for training.” Aang: “The Avatar is never chosen at a young age, when the Avatar’s identity is revealed during come they’re 16th birthday, they are then sent away for 12 years to the other 3 nations. They are to spend 4 years in each nation to train in and learn the other styles of bending.” Anakin: “OK, sounds interesting enough. Anyway, after the younglings complete their training as an Initiate, they are then selected to move up to the position of a Padawan.” Sokka: “What’s a Padawan?” Ahsoka: “A Padawan is a Jedi apprentice, they are assigned to a higher ranking Jedi to learn on the field.” Sokka: “So, the higher ranked Jedi act as babysitters to these Padawan?” Ahsoka: “Yep…sort of.” Katara: “You’re a Padawan to Master Skywalker, right, Ahsoka?” Sokka chuckled a little. Sokka: “That’s makes you a babysitter to Ahsoka!” Anakin: “Hey, shut up!” Obi-wan chuckled a little under his breath, Anakin noticed. Anakin: “Hey, don’t forget that you went through the same process with me, my former master.” Obi-wan: “Anakin!” Suki: “You were a Padawan once?” Obi-wan: “All Jedi Masters were once Padawan, Suki, including me.” Toph: “You were a Padawan? I find that hard to believe.” Obi-wan: “Well, let’s see it this way, I’m sure each of you weren’t Master Benders throughout your entire lives and each of you never got to where you are overnight; you kids probably perfected your bending arts under a master bender.” Katara: “Hey, yeah, he’s right. We did learn everything we know from different masters. I guess that would kind of make each of us their Padawan.” Obi-wan: “Absolutely; that’s how it is with all Jedi.” Ahsoka: “During their training, a Padawan is required to wear a small braid to indicate that they have not moved up, yet; all species that grow hair is required to have their hair grow a little longer for the braid, all non-hair growing species, like myself, has to wear a piece of jewelry or tattoo for the braid.” Katara: “Say, where is your braid?” Ahsoka took off her Padawan braid and shows it to everyone. Ahsoka: “Right here.” Everyone looked at it. Katara: “It’s beautiful.” She put it back on. Ahsoka: “After a Padawan’s training is complete, their braid is then severed.” Anakin: “That is after a Padawan has proven themselves over a rigorous 10 year course, they are then bumped up to Jedi Knight.” Sokka: “Wait, it would take a Padawan 10 years to move up to Jedi Knight? That’s a long time!” Anakin: “Tell me about it. Being a Padawan to Master Obi-wan isn’t exactly a day on the beach.” Obi-wan: “Hey, it wasn’t that bad.” Anakin: “Maybe not to you, but to me, it was a trial all on it’s own, forget the rigorous training, living under your shadow was the real challenge.” Obi-wan: “Well, I moved up to Jedi Master and you’re still a Jedi Knight.” Anakin: “Yeah, but you never would have gotten to where you are now without my help.” Zuko: “What did he mean by all of that, Obi-wan?” Obi-wan let out a slight worn out sigh. Obi-wan: “When a Jedi Knight has proven their full understanding of the Force and has succeeded in moving their Padawan up to Jedi Knight, they, in time, move up to the rank of Jedi Master.” Toph: “Isn’t that where you are now, Master Kenobi?” Obi-wan: “Yes, that is correct.” Sokka: “So, it takes just as long for a Jedi Knight to became a Jedi Master as it takes for a Padawan to become a Jedi Knight? No way! NO WAY will I believe it taking that long!” Ahsoka: “Well, it is less than the amount of time for the Avatar to learn other forms of bending under the masters of the other elements.” Aang: “That’s right, all Avatars went through that process, everyone but me.” Ahsoka: “What do you mean?” Aang: “Well, you see, a while after Katara broke me out of the iceberg, the Avatar that came before me, Avatar Roku, told me about a comet that passes by our world every one hundred years.” Anakin: “A comet?” Aang: “Yes, Sozin’s Comet, actually.” Ahsoka: “Sozin’s Comet, you mean as in Firelord Sozin?” Zuko: “Yes, the comet is said to grant Firebenders an enormous amount of energy for Firebending. Sozin used it to wipe out the Air Nomads.” Obi-wan: “I am terribly sorry to hear that.” Ahsoka: “So, what about Sozin’s Comet? Why was it so important for you to know about it?” Aang: “It’s because the comet was returning and Firelord Ozai was planning on using it to burn the Earth Kingdom to the ground and claim the world in the name of the Fire Nation.” Ahsoka and Padme gasped. Anakin: “No…! He couldn’t!” Obi-wan: “That monster!” Padme: “So Firelord Ozai was willing to destroy your world just to rule over it?” Zuko: “Yes.” Anakin: “And just when I thought that man couldn’t be anymore ruthless! How could you think you would ever be loved by someone like him, Zuko!?!” Zuko: “He was my father, what more could I say?” Padme: “All that is true, Zuko, but you had to have known where to draw the line.” Zuko: “I did, during that war meeting, when my father was telling everyone about that plan, I wanted so much to speak out against it, but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t. My whole life all I wanted was my father’s love, I thought all I wanted was my honor, but then I realized that I lost my honor and worst of all, I lost myself.” Anakin: “Clearly, there was a major difference between claiming your honor and gaining your father’s love; from what I can tell, they’re both complete opposites.” Zuko: “I know that now and I’m sorry I didn’t realize it sooner.” Obi-wan: “It’s alright, Zuko; better late than never.” Anakin: “Not to mention before your father used that comet to burn the entire world down! Scorching the Earth Kingdom? The Fire Nation is way passed sharing its greatness with the world! That’s just wrong!” Zuko: “I know.” Katara: “We all know that.” Obi-wan: “OK, then, so, shall we have a look around the temple?” Aang: “Sure, I’m up for it.” Katara: “Me, too.” Toph: “Same here.” Zuko: “I’m in.” Sokka: “Let’s go, then.” Suki: “Yes, let’s.” Anakin: “OK, then.” Obi-wan: “Follow me, everyone.”
  25. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    (They headed over to the lift gate and went on the lift, they arrived at a castle) 009: "This must be the place. (They walked over to the front door, it was closed) Oh, no! The door's shut!" (005 attempted to open it, to no avail) 005: "It's no use, that door is sealed shut." 007: "So, now what do we do?" 009: "Hold on, let me think. (009 sorted through Sora's memories a bit) I remember that there's a switch to this door below the castle." 003: "How do we get to that switch?" 009: "'s this way." 002: "Hold on for a second. There's no way I'm letting go at this alone. Those creatures may come back and I'm not letting you face off against them alone. I'm coming with you." 009: "OK, fine, let's go." 003: "I will also accompany you." 009: "What? But, 003, you don't have anything to fight off those creatures with." 003: "I know, but I want to see to it that you make it out of there OK." 009: "I understand. Let's go. The rest of you wait here." 008: "What? You don't want us to come with you?" 009: "You can't fight against those creatures, not yet, I need you to stay here and look after the door." 004: "Be careful down there, you 3." 002: "Don't worry, we can handle ourselves just fine." (They ran off, they arrived at the lower section near the castle) 009: "This is the place." 002: "What? Are you sure? How do we even get there?" 003: "Yes, there's nothing here but water." 009: "If I remember correctly, or rather Sora's memories are completely accurate, I think we can walk on the water." 002: "Walk on the water? That's ridiculous." 003: "After seeing the rising falls, I'm more than willing to believe anything that Sora remembers." 002: "I know, but there has to be some kind of limit to..." (009 steps on the water and walks toward the entrance to the castle basement, 002 and 003 exchange looks, 003 steps on the water) 003: "It's as solid as the ground." 002: "This place keeps getting freakier." (They followed 009 towards a large bubble, they entered the bubble and moved through the tunnel, they arrive inside the basement) 002: "I'll never get use to that." 009: "Come on, it's this way. (They move through a tunnel, more Heartless appear) Heartless! But how do I summon my weapon?" (The Keyblade appeared in 009's hands again, the same with Axel's Chakrams in 002's, they looked at each other) 002: "I guess we have to let this come naturally." (009 nodded) 009: "Let's do this!" (They fought against the Heartless, 009 was knocked down, his Keyblade vanished) 003: "009! (Memories of Kairi and Xion using their Keyblades flood 003's mind, Kairi's Keyblade, Destiny's Embrace appears in 003's hand, she goes off and slashes one of the Heartless, 002 stood in shock, 009 got up and was amazing, 003 held the Keyblade close to her face) I can feel Kairi." 002: "Kairi? Who's Kairi? Hold on, I know who she is!" (003 became startled) 003: "Wait! I can sense them now! The Heartless are coming!" (They looked over, more Heartless appeared) 009: "That's incredible! How come you weren't able to do that before?" 003: "I think the Keyblade has enhanced my powers. I can feel out Heartless now." 002: "Enough talk. Let's finish them off." (009 got himself up and summoned his Keyblade again, they charged at the Heartless and fought off all of them, the battle ended) 003: "Glad that's over with." 002: "I highly doubt we've seen the last of them." 009: "I don't think so, either, let's find that switch and activate before more of them come back." (002 and 003 nodded, they rushed off, they searched the entire basement for the switch and activated it) 009: "That should do it, let's head back to the others. (They arrived outside the castle, 008 was waiting for them) 008, what are you doing here?" 008: "About time you got back, more of those creatures came back." 009: "What?" 003: "Oh, no, we have to hurry!" 002: "Right." (More Heartless appear, 009, 002 and 003 summoned their weapons) 009: "Not now!" (They fought against them) 008: "Guys, hurry, I don't think the others can handle themselves for very long. Huh? (Memories of Demyx using his Sitar flooded 008's mind, the Sitar appears in 008's arms) What the...why do I have this thing? (He looks up, that others were fighting a looking battle) Oh, no! Guys!"(He ran over and played the Sitar, eliminating the Heartless) 009: "Thanks, 008! (They looked at 008 looking down at the Sitar) 008, are you OK?" 008: "A…Sitar! That's what this instrument is called." 009: "Come on, we have to head back to the others." (They head back to the door, they were amazing at what they saw, more of the Organization's weapons were being used by the others; 007 was using Luxord's Cards, 006 had Xigbar's Arrowguns, 005 was using Lexaeus' Axe Sword and 004 had Vexen's shield) 002: "Those weapons, I've seen them before." 008: "So have I." (They watched as the others were using those weapons against the Heartless, they rushed over, the others were still battling) 007: "It's about time you got here! These Heartless kept showing up!" 009: "Where did you obtain those weapons?" 007: "I don't know, we were trying to avoid the Heartless and then next, memories of Luxord using these cards began flooding my mind." 006: "The same thing with these Arrowguns, that's what my memories of Xigbar tells me, anyway." 004: "I don't know how we're obtaining these weapons but something tells me it involves our memories of these unusual people, whoever they are." 002: "Well, I'm not complaining. We actually have a way to fight against these creatures, so however we're obtaining these weapons is alright with me." 009: "But still I'm curious, how is it we have these weapons and these memories?" 003: "Naminé told me that we’ll have all the answers we need once we reach her inside the castle." 009: "We've managed to open the doors so let's hurry inside."
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    It's the "small" 2.7L V6, the SE-model. There were even two SXT-models in my price range, but their sellers couldn't apparently be arsed to answer their phone and/or their e-mails. But thinking about how expensive our gas is and the distance to my workplace, I'm actually glad to "just" have the SE. Otherwise, chances are that I would have to use every salary to just being able to pay the car's upkeep.
  27. The SFO Car/Vehicle General Thread

    The real question is did you get the 3.8L v6 or that sweet sweet 5.7L HEMI?
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