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  2. SIdeways

    Possibly looking at hosting a highscore competition here on SFO

  3. Beware, I live.

    Sadly, chat is gone and won't be coming back, IPB discontinued that feature back in 2017. Most of the ones who are active have turned to discord, as it seems forums are not as popular as they used to be. There were some Ideas brought forth that may help.
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  5. Beware, I live.

    3 years ago, I joined this site because of the chatroom. I was into Star Fox 64, and I wanted to be involved in it's community, and so I found my way here. The forums even in 2016 looked kinda dead, but the chatroom was booming, and that's what attracted me. It's sad to see how this site turned out since I came back.
  6. Question about Farewell, Beloved Falco Manga

    That's awesome, definitely the first time I've seen a physical copy of it. Shame we didn't get it here.
  7. Question about Farewell, Beloved Falco Manga

    Yeah, I know it wouldn't have been too hard to translate over as it was already printed in a left to right page order, so I think there may have been plans to bring it to English that didn't come to fruition. I know the market for Starfox wasn't as strong in Japan as it was in Europe and North America markets so this manga may have been a way to bridge and explain what happen in previous games and in between games to Japanese markets to those that haven't played SF64 to drum up support. I know I've read it was packaged with Starfox Adventures on various Wiki's but I have yet to see any proof of such. The manga itself says "Take Free" on the cover suggesting something like a promotion that may have been given away with the games. The dimensions width wise fit in a north american GC case but is too short for both clasps to hold it properly. Unless Japanese game cases are shorter. It's also quite thick so packaging a manual and the manga is not practical. I don't see it being included in the case. I found in on Ebay under Starfox Manga. It cost way too much though, but I never see them so I had to get it.
  8. Starfox: Event Horizon

    Well I managed to finish these: As usual, be back with the next batch in a few months.
  9. Fixing Krystal

    I think it might be a little hard having Katt and Bill directly on the team, 8 is a lot as is, and Fara hasn't been on the team in-game except in an unreleased scrapped version of SF2, but Bill and Katt were both playable in StarFox Command. So I think it would be cool to have those two as bonus playable characters, along with Lucy and Amanda from Command. As for Cerenia being a world where a mission can take place, that would also be super cool albeit dark, since it would probably be a smoldering dead-world. We do also have Zoness being ruined by pollution, and Eladard in SF2 ruined by Andross's factories, so Cerenia being populated by nothing but half-buried Rome/Aztec'esc city buildings, and statues that resemble Krystal would be chilling and telling.
  10. Chuggaaconroy

    So, a while back after seeing other Youtube videos, I decided to give Kid Icarus Uprising a chance and I really like the series. Emile did an LP of the game a few years back and I just got into in the fall. If you would like to check it out, it's right here:
  11. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    So, then, in Ultimate Story 6, Rosalina was the character to make her first appearance, but with there being just 1, the story felt kind of empty even though I've had so many characters make an appearance in the story left and right. But then, I watched Emile's LP of Kid Icarus Uprising after deciding to give the series a chance. I liked it and then formed the idea to have him and Palutena make their first appearance in Ultimate Story 6. There are some secrets involving Palutena that will be part of the plot to Ultimate Story 7. I will be revealing more of that in due time.
  12. Planet Eladard's Pronunciation?

    I don't know why but when I first read the way you had that, I had a bit of trouble thanks to still being groggy, and almost mistook it for something five entire syllables long. (that's what I get for having a completely wrecked and inconsistent "sleep schedule") <XD;; I also half wonder if I don't type pronunciations well enough to be understood, haha
  13. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Alright, I can't reveal much about Ultimate Story 5, but I think I can reveal some things about Ultimate Story 6 without spoiling anything about the story before. So, the title of the story is Ultimate Story 6: The Great Collapse. It all started with the Universe inexplicably collapsing for some reason. However, all of the magical beings took action and managed to encase everything before the collapse began. The different characters found themselves regaining consciousness on large chunks of floating rocks, wondering what had just happened. Overtime, they were able to reunite with each other and met Rosalina for the first time. She offered them to stay at her Comet Observatory where they decided to set up their base to figure out what had happened. The events of this story have pulled out a lot of ideas from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I don't care what anyone says about Super Mario Odyssey, I do NOT find that game any more impressive than the Super Mario Galaxy games. Anyway, that will be all that I'll say about this for now. I will reveal more some other time.
  14. Fixing Krystal

    GGreat points. I would add Katt to star fox, and having krystal develop a friendship with her would be a great character development chance for both of them. i would go further than the 8 member idea. i would go up to 10, with katt and bill being the 9th and 10th options. the more team variables the more replayability. having different members could also gives you different strength in different areas. for instance having falco, katt and Krystal on your team could increases your defense and sped of your arwing. as for cerenia, i would have the ruins of it be a place we could travel and build on the backstory, which was basically hinted at the beginning of Adventures and just.. dropped thereafter
  15. Fixing Krystal

    Despite her popularity, Krystal is easily the most divisive, most controversial character in StarFox. She is worthy of criticism, as the adaption of her character is a far cry from perfect, but I think she gets more scrutiny than she’s earned. The issues with her character I think are easy fixes, and I also want to talk about how the better parts of her character can be adapted to work better. I will be going into depth so this will be quite…long… Her contribution to the World/Setting: What we have: Adventures brought in weird magic, and shows Krystal dressed in rather primitive garb. However, doesn’t necessarily mean she herself is primitive. We know nothing about Cerenia, (Put lots of pins in that). Krystal having powers? That isn’t that out of nowhere in StarFox, in fact: weird Fantasy or Paranormal elements have been in StarFox long before Krystal showed up. Examples: In SNES, (Route 3, Meteo 2) there is a weird bird-like creature that appears in the asteroids and sends you into a warp that abruptly ends the game. In Adventures, it’s similar to when the warpstone sends Fox through a warp. Warping in StarFox has always seemed to involve a strange surreal otherworldly dimension. There are also strange static-shaded objects that attack the player in SF64 during warps (Sectors X, Z, and Meteo). James Mccloud appears as a ghost in SF64, and guides Fox out to escape Andross’s subterranean base as it explodes. In terms of powers; across his appearances, Andross has insanely powerful telekinetic powers, can shoot lasers out of his eyes, can shoot lightning from his fingers etc. Krystal having to use a staff to shoot fire, ice, and project shields isn’t that much of a stretch. How it can be better: Whether this is done through a sequel or a reboot, adapting Cerenia, and some Dinosaur Planet lore to fit the StarFox universe isn’t hard. There are ruins all over on Titania and Venom in SF64 (and later Assault), maybe they relate to Krazoa Palace, and the Cerenians, there are dozens of ways to write some interesting ancient space-civilization stuff in there. I think the most obvious way to fit Krystal in the universe, in a way that benefits her character, and Andross as a villain, is establishing that Cerenia was destroyed by Andross. It was vaguely implied in a cutscene in Adventures where Krystal seems to recognize Andross’s spirit shortly before he trapped her in that crystal prism. (Put a pin in that). Role on the team: What we have: I think the Telepath role in Assault works, it was something that Krystal could do since the original Dinosaur Planet after all. The ability is something that she can do that no one else can, it’s just that it was severely underdeveloped and underutilized. Occasionally Krystal points out obvious weak points to bosses, dialogue: “I can feel it, the weak point is that center spot!” against the first Aparoid boss on Fortuna, “The weak point is at the top!” on Katina’s boss, or against the Aparoid Queen: “Fox, blast that red section!”. Other times where her telepathy is used; She senses an enemy squadron waiting for them on the other side of a door on Fortuna, senses targets within the base interior on Katina, and “Senses faint brain patterns” when the team sees abandoned Wolfens adrift on Mission 5 Meteo. The big time her telepathy is used, is during the cutscene right after Mission 5. She interrupts everyone while they were talking to General Pepper, to tell them that she was sensing a distress signal from planet Sauria. It had her totally shifting the entire scene from celebration of success, to a sudden rise of more danger. It would have been great if there was a lot more of that with Krystal. How it can be better: Krystal’s use of telepathy in-gameplay has minimal effect, it is essentially the same thing as what Peppy does, only Peppy uses intuition to examine a situation rather than having powers to examine something. Many people didn’t like that Krystal essentially hijacked Peppy’s role, having her in an Arwing while Peppy was on the Great Fox didn’t help. I think there are ways to have them both knee deep in the action, the word “replaced” should be avoided. Nobody’s replacing Peppy, she’s just a new asset for the team. Say in a game similar to StarFox 2 (The kind I’m hoping for), it would be cool if the player is allowed to pick 4 pilots from an expanded team of roughly 8: Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, Miyu, Fay, Fara and Krystal. (going into detail on the others is a post for another day), Krystal’s special; is that she can tell the player when and where enemies will show up ahead of time, perhaps a blue glow appears as the outline of the enemy type at the location on the map where they are likely to appear. Essentially, Krystal can telepathically sense thoughts from across space, this might be a bit of a stretch. We can probably also keep Krystal giving Fox obvious warnings on bosses or enemies ahead, probably swap around with Peppy doing similar. Remember when I mentioned Cerenia? We know nothing about what it looks like, we can easily assume it was a technologically advanced civilization similar to Corneria, but their technology is almost more mystical. We already know Krystal’s staff is powered by crystals that the player has to gather, so it uses a fuel source. Perhaps this is the basis of most of their technology. On top of that, perhaps Cerenians’ use of telepathy goes hand in hand with their technology, ESP basically. Krystal being the last of her kind would be a huge boon to the team if that were the case, especially if Venomians were after it. (Something I’ll bring up later). Her plot, her mannerisms, dynamic with the team and character interactions: What we have: Cerenia was literally only mentioned in the manual, most of Krystal’s backstory being raised by Randorn, and her quest to save Dinosaur Planet (now called Sauria) was utterly cut. It was mentioned she was looking for her PARENTS, only for all of that to be utterly abandoned the moment Krystal is trapped, and it is never brought up again, ever. As I mentioned earlier, Krystal adds tiny tiny bits to the plot using her telepathy, other than the one shift to danger leading into mission 6 in Assault, other than that, she sorta takes a backseat sadly. In terms of her interactions, in Adventures, we see her as friendly and kind, speaking to a fallen Earthwalker, and being more than willing to help. She defiantly tells-off Scales the moment she met him, and also declares “We will never kneel to you!” When Andross is re-awakened, although it wasn’t revealed to be him quite yet, at least not to Fox, AKA, the Player. Later in Assault, she retains being fairly sugary sweet, and becomes almost of a mommy figure. She softly scolds Slippy or Falco. “This happens because you’re reckless, be more careful!”. She is at least able to disagree with Fox, when he was going down to the surface on Katina to investigate the mystery on Katina-base, she says “By yourself? It’s too dangerous, I’m going too..” sadly, he tells her that he wants them in Arwings as cover, and she doesn’t have anything left to say. She became very passive compared to Adventures, where she promptly snatches her staff away from Fox to fire wildly at Andross. Although, she did seem proud of her combat abilities on foot, like dialogue: “I’m becoming an expert marksman, aren’t I?”, “I won’t be beaten by the likes of these things.” Krystal can be sweet and friendly, but she needs to have some feistiness to her too. She does retain some of this whenever Panther hits on her, she either ignores him, or sarcastically blows him out of the water. Even saying “As long as I’m covering Fox..” in an angry tone. A nice case of her defiance, and her loyalty to Fox, but that leads us to another problem, I’ll get to that in a sec… We never learn anything about what really motivates her, only that she seems to care about the team, care about others, and Sauria. Some more dialogue: “We WILL save Sauria, just you watch and see!!” “Poor beautiful Sauria, they won’t get away with this.” “All we can do is hope for their safety!”. Of course, most of her screen time is taken up by her practically throwing herself at Fox. She is obsessively romantic over him and it overshadows the entire rest of her character by a pretty wide margin. Although, the best part of that downfall to her character, is that she does reject Panther a bit, she even convinced him to tell them where Pigma was… the idea was good, but we could have gotten much more dialogue banter that leads her to tricking Panther’s one-track-mind into helping them. How it can be better: Adapting her backstory with Randorn (as brief off-screen events) could do her wonders, her homeworld was utterly destroyed by Andross; the big villain of the universe. Andross wanted to research their unique psionic powers, and upon finding a way to gain this power, he had them wiped out to keep them from aiding Corneria in the coming Lylat War. Krystal, once aware of this, knows that she is all alone and has nowhere to go or be. Fox is the first person she meets (Adventures timeline), and is perhaps the only person she trusts at first. He introduces her to the StarFox team, and she suddenly now has friends and family. Krystal shouldn’t mommy the team members, but she should be sensitive to when they are in danger, and desire for their safety. I’m not against her romance with Fox, but her romantic implications with Fox should either be drastically reduced or ousted altogether. The fans can take care of that… She can still be defiant and headstrong in the face of villainy. Krystal could become very important whenever Cerenian technology or cosmological phenomenon come into play. Cerenian technology could have refined warping or shielding technology. For example, if a shield protecting Corneria fails, the team, and their other friends could find a way to make a shield from Cerenian tech. Krystal alone has access to it. Remember that Crystal that turned her into an infamous damsel in distress in Adventures? Imagine if those were some kind of interface for Cerenian technology; one that puts users in suspended animation and can be dangerous and painful for untrained users. Perhaps Krystal uses that very thing to create a shield and project it over the planet, similar to what her staff can do. The overview here, is that elements of Dinosaur Planet can be adapted to fit the StarFox Universe, and keep Krystal from appearing out-of-place. Using some of those elements, and what was done well in Assault to better justify her presence, give Krystal something to do, and a doorway through which she can affect the plot, or gameplay much more than she did. Treating her backstory, and the fact she is last-of-her-kind should be integral to her motivation, and interactions with other characters.
  16. Question about Farewell, Beloved Falco Manga

    This is the first time I've seen a physical copy of the manga, but then, I'm not Japanese. If I had to guess, the manga might've come with a special edition of the game, but I have nothing to back that up. I'm not sure why it wasn't released outside of Japan. maybe translating it would've been too much of a hassle, or maybe printing different versions with different languages might've been too expensive. I'm sure people would've liked it. I've always been of the opinion that Nintendo don't utilize Star Fox nearly as much as they could. I'd love to have one of those mangas, so now that I know that there's still some floating about out there, I'll keep an eye out for it.
  17. Beware, I live.

    What Quad said. Plus, it goes deeper than that. People come onto the site, and they see without entering how many people are in the chat room, even if there's only one or two people in there, it gives the impression to a newcomer that there are actually people here.They write their introductory post on the forums, but they don't have to wait for people to reply to actually speak to other members, because they can just go into the chat room and speak with the members there. The replacement chat feature at the top of every page now now only obnoxiously intrudes on the screen space, but people don't use it like they would use the chat room. Before, many people in this site would have the chat open in its own tab, while doing other things, and just leave it there so that if others wanted to, they'd stop in and say hi. Additionally, while people used the chat room, it would create a better sense of community throughout the regular users of the site, which incentivized people to use the forum pages in order to help that community thrive. The chat room and the forum pages made up for the weaknesses of each other, and removal of one results in the downfall of the other, as we've seen. As I'm typing this, other than Quadroline's message from earlier today, the last message in the chat box was almost two weeks ago. That makes perfect sense, as well. Why send anything there at all if it's up in the air as to whether or not you'll even get a response? People come to the forum pages to look at the forums, so when they do, they skip right over the chat box. Integrating the two has diluted the site, which has caused a fundamental shift in the way people use the site, which in turn has turned people away, resulting in a site which has very little traffic lately. That's what was so special about the chat room.
  18. Beware, I live.

    shit happened. Friends were made, and stuff like that.
  19. Starfox: Event Horizon

    Pretty much all my time goes to Hyrule Conquest. There's not really enough of a following for this for me to prioritize it over my other work.
  20. Beware, I live.

    I too would like to know i don't think I used it much, if any
  21. Star Fox in Starlink

    There is an update adding the crew of starfox to the game and new starfox based missions with all the Starwolf gang.
  22. TLDR Version: Wondering what people know about the physical copy of this manga. So I'm sure some of you know about the Starfox Adventures Manga "Starfox: Farewell, Beloved Falco" it was a manga made for the Japanese market to explain the absence of Falco in Starfox Adventures. I remember it being online only back in the day with a English translated version. However, I saw a physical copy on ebay and picked it up. From my research some sites say it was bundled with Adventures others that it was online only. However I could never find a Japanese Starfox adventures with it bundled on ebay and I don't think that's correct information, unless they somehow crammed the thing into the way too small manual. So anyways when I received my copy it looks like this. My guess is that with the "Take Free" this manga was not in fact bundled with the Starfox Adventures game but more of a promotion advert for the game to get people unfamiliar with Starfox 64 (There is a single page at the start with the Story of SF64) updated and interested in the new game and explain what happened between the two games to those who are familiar. So I was wondering if anybody knows about physical copies of the Manga and if my theory is right or if there is a physical copy bundled with Starfox Adventures in Japan?
  23. Beware, I live.

    What was so special about the chat room?
  24. Beware, I live.

    Welcome back. Unfortunately, I knew that this site would begin to deteriorate after the chat room was removed. Removing it was a terrible idea. That, and the stagnation of the progression of the site has caused traffic here to die down to practically nothing.
  25. I guess I can't say i've been an absentee on this forum for a bit, looks like it generally stayed the same in general population, although for better or for worse is always a question. With a few new faces (and an old one, to my knowledge), merely judging, it's still quite the cozy home. "Welcome to those new, and those returning to the last known Great Fox." 1. Debating on adding back my old characters again, although in recent months, I actually haven't used them in a while for anything. Do have new ones, and can leave the space for later additions... 2. Kursed, if your reading this, not sure if I recommend whether or not you should look into my later posts from "The Take Over" RP thread... I salute you all the same- To be fair, I did do a fair bit of reading of the Dead Threads back in the day, and had some interest in the posts there, your name stuck out there. 3. Being the Monokuma I am (and always will be (At least here and on Discord) ), I'll need to find a new profile of the good old Mono. 3.5. I keep coming back here, I always tend to skim the Discord, and not only did I join the Minecraft server, but found a current friend on that channel. Welcome to Hope's Peak SF-O or at least in the Discord, Snow.
  26. Somewhat new. Somewhat not.

    Hmm Nari one of my Oc's was in his fall one.. thought i saw your OC ,but guess it must have been someone else oh well.
  27. Somewhat new. Somewhat not.

    Yeah, it's a little sad. I might go and check out the SF-O Discord at some point later on (just for a little exploration's sake), but for sure nowhere near now. Ah. Yeah, time's a little brat sometimes. ^^; Well, Avaika didn't wind up in the Fall Party one. I pulled her out because someone I had blocked showed interest in it too and I couldn't bear to ever see them wind up in the same picture again, considering the history (thus she's nowhere in it). She was in the Beach Party one from before it though, and her muzzle-less-ness remained thankfully intact.
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