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  3. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    I have finally posted the last chapter of Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet, the first story of Ultimate Story 2. I will be posting the next story, The Stay on Dinosaur Planet. I have yet to reveal what is in that story, so there is still things left to be revealed and mentioned and I can not wait to share them on here. Get ready, Ultimate Story 2 really has begun.
  4. Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Ok, that's the end of the story. I did write out an epilogue, but it will spoil a lot of the important stuff that occurs within the next story that came after this. I remember when I first wrote it. I loved this game so much but the ending of it was very anticlimactic and I really wanted it to continue. So, I did just that. I'm thinking about creating another forum involving that story and have this one just for chatting about this story. Either way, I will post my next story on here. Keep your eyes peeled for the sequel to this story that I called The Stay on Dinosaur Planet. Wait till you see it. It's going to be amazing.
  5. Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 22-The Final Battle’s Over, but the Adventure’s Just Begun. After Andross exploded, the Krazoa Spirits flew back to Dinosaur Planet, restoring every fallen piece back to the planet. At long last, the planet was restored and never fell apart again. Falco: “So, Fox, aren’t you going back to the Great Fox with me?” Fox: “Nah, I can’t. I have to meet Misty and the others back on Dinosaur Planet.” Falco: “Suit yourself, I’ve got some reuniting to do.” Fox: “OK, then. See you later, Falco.” Falco: “So long Fox.” Fox flew back to the planet while Falco headed for the Great Fox. Inside, Falco entered the main room. Falco: “Hey, guys. I’m back. Did you miss me?” Unfortunately, the team wasn’t very happy to see him again. Falco: “Uh, guys, why are you staring at me like that?” Slippy: “Falco, you jerk! Don’t you even realize what damage you’ve caused after leaving the team?” Falco: “I don’t know. What sort of damage did I cause after leaving?” Blossom: “First of all, you crushed Buttercup’s heart. For the many months that you’ve been gone, she’s been in her room crying like there’s no tomorrow.” Falco: “Dang! Was Buttercup really that sad because I left? I never knew. I should go apologize to her, right now.” Peppy: “Ah, ah, ah! We’re not done with you, yet, Falco.” Falco: “What, now?” Peppy: “The second thing you did was leaving without doing the oath of our crest. Because of that tiny mistake, every single one of our powers disappeared from our hands.” Falco puts his hand over his eyes. Falco: “Aw, man, the oath. I knew I forgot something but how in the name of Star Haven did I forget about “the oath”?” D.W.: “Well, that doesn’t matter at the moment. What really matters now is correcting every single mistake that you’ve made, starting with Buttercup.” Peppy: “Good idea, D.W. Blossom, you go and get Buttercup.” Blossom: “I’m on it.” Blossom flew to the door behind Falco. She entered the bedroom section of the Great Fox. She floated to Buttercup’s room, where Buttercup was still crying for Falco. Blossom: “Um, Buttercup?” Buttercup: “Go away!” Blossom: “Um…Buttercup…I…” Buttercup: “I said go away!” Blossom: “Buttercup, I need you to come out, I have…” Buttercup: “What part of go away do you not understand? I’m not coming out of my room! Falco left me! He’s never coming back!” Blossom: “But Buttercup…” Buttercup: “Leave me alone! I said I’m not coming out!!” Blossom: “BUTTERCUP!!! Get out here right now! Falco came back!” Buttercup then looked up toward Blossom. Buttercup: “What? He did?” Blossom: “Yes, he did. He wants to see you and apologize.” Buttercup: “Yeah, right! That’s a good one, Blossom! He’s not coming back! He hasn’t answered any of my email or my messages. He’s not coming back! He…he never is.” Blossom became even more furious. Blossom: “That does it!!” She flew over to Buttercup and grabbed on to her. Blossom: “You are coming out of this room right now!” Buttercup: “No! Let me go!!!” Buttercup fought Blossom as she was being pulled out of her room. When Blossom finally got Buttercup reached the main room of the Great Fox, Buttercup couldn’t believe her eyes. In fact, she was constantly rubbing her eyes to see if she was seeing what she thinks she’s seeing. She saw Falco standing right in front of her. It was no illusion or hologram. It was Falco, himself. Buttercup: “F-Falco?” Falco: “Hi, Buttercup, I’m sorry.” She flew to him and knocked down on the ground. She had her arms around him, crying with joy. Buttercup: “Falco! I can’t believe it! You ARE back. I’ve missed you!” Falco: “I’ve missed you, too, Buttercup.” Buttercup was gently hitting Falco on the chest. Buttercup: “Falco, you fool, don’t you realize how badly I’ve missed you?” Falco: “I know, Buttercup, I know. I wish there was some way I could make it up to you.” Buttercup: “Don’t ever leave me again. I’m a wreck without you.” Falco: “I’ll try.” Blossom: “Aw, isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve seen?” Peppy: “Not exactly, Blossom but it’s sweet enough. Now that that’s been taken care of, all we need to do, now is find Fox and do the recovery oath with him to restore our powers. It’s been long since I’ve seen the rabbit of speed on my hand.” Slippy: “Yeah, and I can’t wait to see the snake of invisibility back on my hand again.” D.W.: “And once the horse of recovery is recovered to my hand, I’ll be able to fix my broken arm in no time.” Falco: “Come to think of it, I always wanted to see the rooster of levitation back on my hand. I’ve missed that power.” Just then, the General’s hologram projector appeared in the middle of the room. General Pepper: “Outstanding job, Fox. You and your friends have…huh?” But as the holographic head of General Pepper looked around the room, he could only see Slippy, D.W., Blossom, Peppy, Falco, Buttercup and Rob. General Pepper: “Uh, guys, isn’t Fox and the others suppose to be here?” Falco: “Well, actually, the last time I saw Fox, he headed straight for that planet that just reattached itself.” General Pepper: “So, they’re still on Dinosaur Planet, huh? Well, I’ll contact them from there right away. Pepper out.” The general’s hologram turned off. Slippy: “Hm, that reminds me; where on Dinosaur Planet is Fox, Misty, Bubbles, Princess Peach and the others?” D.W.: “Oh, guys, come check this out.” Everyone gathers around D.W. as she zoomed in to the South East section of Dinosaur Planet on her laptop and displayed the map of Cape Claw. Then she zoomed in to the round beach of Cape Claw to show Fox and Misty lounging on the beach on lounge chairs while wearing sunglasses as Banjo and Rayman snooze on a beach blanket and Princess Peach shade the boys with her parasol and Bubbles plays happily in the sand with Pikachu and Tricky. Then, Falco and Buttercup started laughing. Falco: “Get a load of those guys. What a bunch of lazy saps. (Laugh)” Buttercup: “(Laugh) Yeah, I know. (Laugh) Is that what they’re doing right now? Oh, man, what a load off.” Falco and Buttercup continued laughing. Peppy: “Will you be nice, you 2? Fox and his friends have been living it rough these past few days. They deserve to relax after what they been through and I believe that they’ll be getting plenty of it.” Meanwhile, back in Cape Claw, Fox and his friends were happily relaxing. Just then, General Pepper’s hologram popped up right in front of Fox and Misty. General Pepper: “Outstanding job, Fox. I don’t know how you and your friends did it but you’ve saved the Lylat System from Andross, once again. I was surprised that he was able to survive after what happened 8 years ago.” Bubbles: “Not as surprised as we were.” Fox: “Well, as you can see, Andross learned about the ancient power of the Krazoa Spirits.” Misty: “By trapping Krystal who was able to channel the spirits, he was able to use their power to revive himself.” The general was silent for a while. General Pepper: “Well, hopefully, we’ve seen the last of that tyrant.” Pikachu responded in a cute and happy way. Fox: “Yes, let’s hope for all of our sakes.” General Pepper: “Well, guys, I’m done here. I’ve managed to transfer your fee to the others back on the Great Fox. Contact me anytime. Enjoy your vacation. Pepper out.” The general’s hologram disappeared. Bubbles: “Uh, Fox, what if we didn’t see the last of that nasty Andross?” Fox: “I don’t think we’ll ever see that monkey again, Bubbles but just in case he does show himself, I’ll just fly back up there and kick his butt. No sweat.” Misty:” Oh, speaking of “tyrant”, whatever happened to General Scales? Fox, do you think we’ll ever see him again?” Fox: “You’ve got me. I have this strange that we will meet again. On the other hand, I’m not sure if he’s alive right now or not after what happened at the palace.” Misty: “Well, I was hoping you would say no.” Fox: “But Misty, why?” Misty: “Well, because I felt terrified after what he said to us, especially after what he said to me. What if he does come back? Who knows what revenge he has planned for us? Who know what even worse revenge he has planned for me?” Fox: “Misty, calm down. It’s OK, there’s nothing to worry about, even if he does come back. I’ll protect you from him no matter.” Misty: “You…you will?” Fox: “I promise.” Misty: “Oh, Fox…” Once again, you see them staring into each other’s eyes. They should have figured it out by now but no. It was still kept a secret from them. I hope they would figure it out soon because the end of this story draws near, very near.
  6. David201's Star Fox Observations and Theories

    Well I mean Peppy says the records of Sauria call it magic energy too so what can you do, there's just too little too vague information in the long run of things.
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    I hope you're doing well? It's certainly been ages!

  7. History of Starfox fandom

    meh. So many bittersweet memories.
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  9. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    There is so much that I want to talk about involving our 4 main characters of the Ultimate Story 2: Fox, Misty, Krystal and Falco. However, I need to be able to finish the first 2 stories of the series and then I will tell you about them. There are some things revealed in the second story that I will have what I want to talk about make sense. I am really looking forward to talking about them. Just sit tight. They will come eventually. This has been one incredible journey for me and my characters. I will talk more about them.
  10. Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 21-The Final Enemy Revealed After warping back to the Krazoa Palace, Fox and the others followed Bubbles to the Krazoa head that was never there before. Bubbles stood in front of it and released her spirit. As soon as they were finally done, Fox noticed that all the Krazoa Spirits were going hay wire, instead of restoring the planet. Fox: “What’s going on? You said this would save her.” Fox and his friends watched in terror as the spirits flew into the giant crystal one by one. Fox: “No!” Peach: “Fox, what’s going on!?!” Fox: “I…I don’t know…” Then they flew out of the crystal and flew into the giant Krazoa statue. And then, the giant crystal shattered into pieces, causing the vixen, who was trapped inside, to fall. And before she fell to her doom, Bubbles and Misty immediately rescued her and landed her safely to the ground. When the girls let go of her, she went all wobbly and nearly fainted. Luckily, Misty was there to break her fall. Bubbles: “Are you alright, Krystal?” Krystal: “I…I’m fine, just a little weak. Hey, h…how do you girls know my name?” Misty: “The Cloudrunner back at Dragon Rock told us all about you. My name’s Misty, this is my sister, Bubbles, and Fox…” Fox: “GIRLS!” Misty: “Is heading this way.” The 3 of them watched as Fox ran towards them. Fox: “(Pant) Girls! (Pant)” Misty: “Fox, I’m so glad you’re here. The Krazoa Spirits almost completely knocked out Krystal. I need to go and find help for her before she gets worse.” Fox: “You do that while I…” But before Fox could finish, the head from the giant Krazoa statue started floating off the rest of the statue. Voice: “I am reborn. The mighty Krazoa god. (Laugh)” Fox, Misty, and Bubbles gasped in horror as the head flew into the sky. Fox: “Bubbles, hand me Pikachu, right now.” Bubbles grabbed Pikachu from her head and handed her over to Fox. Fox: “Go, find help with Misty, HURRY!” Misty while holding Krystal in her hands as Bubbles followed. Fox hurried to his Arwing and took off after the head. As the girls left, Krystal looked back at the palace. Krystal: “(Whispering) Be careful…baby brother.” As Fox chased caught up with the head in space, the head turned around and revealed itself as Andross, the worst tyrant in all of the Lylat System. Andross: “Surprise! You and your pet mouse didn’t expect to see me again, did you, Starfox?” Fox: “Andross!” Andross: “I have been looking forward to this day. And now, to destroy the Lylat System.” Fox: “We’ve got to stop him, Pikachu.” And so, the 2nd round of the final battle began. Fox and Pikachu started with battling the Krazoa head. Fox: “This is a piece of cake.” Andross: “That’s what you think.” Suddenly, Pikachu started to notice something and tried to tell Fox. Fox: “Not now, Pikachu!” Then they started fighting Andross just like they did 8 years ago. Fox: “You never change, do you, Andross?” Andross: “That’s what you think.” Pikachu tried to tell Fox again. Fox: “Not now, Pikachu!” And then things got a little different. As Fox battle with Andross, Pikachu has been tried over and over to tell Fox something important. Fox: “PIKACHU! HOW CAN I DEFEAT ANDROSS WITH ALL THAT YELLING? CAN’T YOU SEE THE FATE OF THE LYLAT SYSTEM IS DEPENDING ON ME TO WIN THIS BATTLE?” Then Pikachu started telling him something else. Fox: “WHAT YOU MEAN THE FATE OF THE LYLAT SYSTEM ALSO DEPENDS ON ME TO LISTEN TO YOU? Huh? Pikachu, why aren’t you plugged in to the Arwing’s laser system?” Pikachu spoke again. Fox: “What!?! You mean that’s what you’ve been trying to tell me the whole time?” Pikachu made a yes-like comment. Fox: “Pikachu, I have to plug you in, right now!” Andross: “The only thing you have to do, right now is die.” Fox: “Huh?” Then Andross started to suck Fox and Pikachu in. But before Fox and Pikachu were about to meet their doom, a blast from the past blasted Andross directly into his mouth, causing him to free Fox from his swallow move. Guess who? (Do not read the rest of this story until you can guess who just saved Fox and Pikachu from Andross’ swallow move. If you know who did it, then read on. If you don’t know, yet, then read on, anyway.) Falco: “Hey, McCloud. Different time, different planet and yet you and your Pokemon friend still need Falco’s help.” Fox: “Falco!” Falco: “It’s good to see you again, guys.” Fox: “Falco, thank the stars you’re here. At last, I’m finally saved.” Andross: “That’s what you think.” Fox: “Oh shut up already, Andross. Falco, can you Keep him busy for a while? I need to plug Pikachu into the Arwing’s laser system?” Falco: “I’ll do whatever I can.” So Falco flew in and took Fox’s place in battling Andross as Fox plugged Pikachu to the laser system of the Arwing. Fox: “There, that should do it. Now to take down Andross once and for all.” Fox flew in and just in time. Falco wasn’t doing so well at all. Falco: “About time, Fox. I’m getting wiped out.” Falco flew out of the way as Fox attacked Andross until his brain was exposed. Fox: “Alright, the weak point. Now’s your chance, Pikachu. Use your Thunder so we can bring down Andross once and for all.” Pikachu shot out the Thunder attack in and through the wires attached to her cheek. The electricity from the Thunder attack gathered within the Arwing’s laser guns. Fox was about to unleashed that electricity upon Andross. Fox: “Good night, Andross.” Fox then pulled the laser trigger and shot out the super ultra electric laser blast directly at Andross’ brain. At last, Andross was finished.
  11. A couple of Star Fox sillies

    That laughter sure is infectious.
  12. Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 20-Now arriving, Final Destination: Rocket Tower Plaza Station, er, I mean, the Krazoa Palace After landing on the roof of the Krazoa Palace, Fox and his friends went to explore the entire palace. They explored the palace until they found a Krazoa head. Then Peach stood in front of the head and released her spirit. Afterward, they returned to the roof of the palace. When arrived, Bubbles found a warp pad and told the others. She then led them to the pad and warped to a mysterious place almost like the other shrines except more like an arena. When they exited the warp pad room, a life force door appeared behind them, trapping them in the mysterious chamber. Life Force Door: “(Laugh) You have fallen into my…” But as it was talking, Fox and his friends were looking around the chamber to see where the voice they were hearing was coming from. Life Force Door: “Hey! Behind you.” They turned around and saw that the Life force door was talking to them. Life Force Door: “Now then, as I was saying. Ahem. (laugh) You have fallen into my trap…worms. (Laugh) In order to get pass me, you must defeat the ultimate enemy. Until then, you will be trapped here forever. (Laugh) Oh, and by the way, my name is Dannis Life Force Door. Any questions…worms?” Fox: “Uh, yeah, why do you have to constantly call us worms?” Dannis: “Uh…that’s none of your business. So, get going…worms. (Laugh)” They walked away from Dannis Life Force Door with weird expressions on their faces. They climbed up a latter to an arena-like platform. But when they reached the middle of the platform, General Scales came dropping down. Scales: “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Fox McCloud and his noble friends. You may have returned the Spellstones but the war is not over yet.” Misty: “Well, it’s certainly going to end with you and your worthless army going down in flames.” Scales lost his temper again. Scales: “How dare say such despicable words! I will make you regret the day that you ever let them fly out of your mouth, you annoying little girl!” Misty: “Bring it on, scale face. My friends and I can handle anything you throw at us.” Then the battle began but before they could lay a finger on him, a strange, familiar voice came out of nowhere. Voice: “Stop! Scales, you are no longer of use to me.” Scales: “Who are you? I demand you show yourself.” Voice: “I am the one you brought to Krazoa Palace. The Earthwalkers can see me but you could not.” Scales: “I…don’t understand.” Voice: “No…I didn’t think you would. Your desire for power overwhelmed you, blinded you to the truth inside. Now, give Fox and his friends what they want. Give them the final Krazoa Spirit.” Scales looked at Fox and his friends and glared. Scales: “You will regret this. All of you…” Then Scales opened his mouth and out came the final spirit as Scales fell to the ground.” Bubbles: “So the final spirit was inside Scales the whole time.” Just then, the spirit flew into Bubbles’ body. Bubbles is now the keeper of the final Krazoa Spirit. Of, course, as Bubbles collected the spirit, Dannis Life Force Door behind her faded saying the only words that all Life Force Doors say as they fade. Dannis: “Ah, my life is meaningless.” But nobody cares about him.
  13. Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 19-Princess Peach’s Krazoa Spirit After landing back in Walled city, they immediately rushed to the king who was standing in the front of the temple. King Earthwalker: “Starfox and friends, on behalf of Dinosaur Planet, we would like to thank you for returning all the Spellstones.” Fox: “For what good it did? In case you haven’t noticed, they still didn’t get you off of this giant floating rock.” Fox sat under the torch to the left of the king. Peach walked up to Fox, grabbed his hand and patted it. Peach: “There, there Fox. Just because the Spellstones didn’t bring the planet back together doesn’t mean all hope is lost.” King Earthwalker: “She’s right. When Scales removed the Spellstones, our world began to fall apart. By returning the Spellstones to their rightful place, you have stopped the flow of magical energy. But only by the power of the Krazoa Spirits shall return the floating lands to where they belong.” Peach: “Remember when the Queen said that by returning all the spirits to the palace will be able to channel the magic back to the planet?” Fox: “Yes, she did say that.” Fox got himself up. Bubbles: “Looks as if we have 2 reasons for returning the spirits to the palace but how will we reach the shrine?” King Earthwalker: “The shrine will be revealed once the sun and moon stones are returned to the temple.” As the king answered the question, 2 door on 2 different sides open up. They left the king as Bubbles left him a big thank you and rallied together. Fox: “OK, guys, listen up: we’ve got 2 stones and very little time, so we’re going to have to split up. Peach, Rayman, Banjo, Kazooie, you guys find the sun stone while me, Misty, Bubbles, and Pikachu will go after the moon stone. After we collect the stones, we meet back in the chamber to where we first met the king. Any questions?” They all shook their heads. Fox: “Good! OK, then. Let’s split up, gang.” So, Fox, Misty, Bubbles, and Pikachu headed for the moon temple while Peach, Rayman, Banjo, and Kazooie went for the sun temple. After much time going through both temples, they all met at the chamber where the king was held, just like planned it. Fox placed the moon stone on the statue with the silver tooth while Peach placed the sun stone on the other statue with the gold tooth. Then they returned to the king and passed him as they proceeded up to the top of the temple, where the warp pad to the shrine was revealed. As they arrived, Peach stopped Fox, Misty and Banjo in their tracks. Peach: “Not so fast, you 3. Remember what we were told? You cannot take another test.” Fox: “Yeah, yeah, we already knew that.” Peach: “Ok, then, so that means that it’s either me, Rayman, Bubbles, Kazooie or Pikachu who should take the next test.” Fox: “I would leave Kazooie out of this.” Kazooie glared at Fox. Peach, Rayman, Bubbles, Kazooie, and Pikachu played a fair game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to collect the fifth spirit. After winning the game, Peach stepped on to the pad and brought Rayman along to accompany her and they both warped on it. Peach and Rayman had never been inside a Krazoa Shrine before, so it was a little difficult. After a while of making their way through the shrine, they were able to reach the spirit at the end of the shrine and took the test of knowledge. In this test, Princess Peach is the brains (and beauty) and Rayman’s the brawns. Rayman has to carry a prop as Peach led him to an image of a place where the certain prop came from. Since Peach is one of the smartest members of the team, she knew which prop came from which place. After they both aced the test with time to spare, the Krazoa Spirit flew into Peach’s body. Princess Toadstool Peach is now the keeper of the fifth Krazoa Spirit. After collecting the spirit, Peach and Rayman met back with Fox and the others near the king. However, a sad moment was happening because now they have to leave Tricky behind. Bubbles: “Well Tricky, this is it. I know it was not meant to be but I sure am going to miss you.” Peach: “Fox, what is going on here?” Fox: “Oh, Peach. Well, we just received a message from General Pepper that we have to fly directly to the Krazoa Palace once we take off but we can’t bring Tricky there. Unfortunately, this is a big problem for Bubbles.” Peach: “Gosh! That is a problem. Hm…perhaps you don’t have to say goodbye to Tricky. I have a good reason why.” Fox: “Huh? But why?” Peach: “Think about it. It will come to you.” Fox thought for a moment. Suddenly, it hit him. Fox: “Oh, yeah, I get it, now.” He kneeled behind Bubbles. Fox: “Say, Bubbles, how would you like to stay here for a while?” Bubbles stopped crying and turned towards Fox. Bubbles: “You really mean it?” Fox: “Of, course I do. After we fix the planet, we could, I don’t know, stay for a while?” Bubbles: “But Fox, what if you need to be back on Corneria for something urgent?” Fox: “Bubbles, you do not need to worry. Whenever I need to be on my home planet is my concerns. I’m only doing this for you. What do you say?” Bubbles: “Um…OK, we can stay for a while.” Fox: “So, guys, what do you say?” Misty: “I think it’s a wonderful idea.” Rayman: [“Cool!”] Banjo: “I like it.” Kazooie: “Me, too, but I still don’t like you.” Misty: “But what about that quest we were on before we even knew Dinosaur Planet?” Peach: “What do you mean? This IS our quest.” Bubbles: “You mean we were on that quest the whole time?” Fox: “Yes, Bubbles and that quest of our has come to an end just like this mission will soon be once we return the final 2 Krazoa Spirits to the Krazoa Palace.” All of Fox’s friends were cheering for joy. Bubbles: “Bye, Tricky, see you after we release the final Krazoa Spirits.” So, Fox and his friends returned to the Arwing where they got ready to leave for the Krazoa Palace.
  14. Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 18-Final Spellstone in Place, Is It Over? After they returned to Thorntail Hollow, they immediately returned to Cape Claw, where the Ocean Force Point Temple is located. There, Misty turned herself back into a mermaid, with caution. However, when Fox and Banjo reached the entrance of the Force Point Temple was barricaded. Those Sharpclaws were foolish to barricade the entrance with wood. Kazooie could easily blast through it with her grenade eggs. So, Fox and Banjo got out of the way as Kazooie positioned herself to blast through the barricade with her grenade eggs. Now, they are able to enter first door of the temple. When inside, they met up with Misty, dove into the water and swam with her through the tunnel to where Misty used the Spellstone to open doorway into the temple and got sucked in again. You now see them lying on the water, like before, only this time, they woke up a little earlier as they flipped off their backs and vertically. Fox and Banjo swam out of the water and walked through the hallway in the large chamber with the pressure plate and 9 electric panels instead of 6. Banjo ran to the pressure plate and stood on it as Fox walked on the panels as displayed on the wall behind Banjo. After Fox crossed the panels, Banjo ran to the spot where he placed the split up pads. There, Kazooie flew out of Banjo’s backpack and went to stand on the pressure plate as Banjo walked on the panels as displayed on the wall behind Kazooie. After Banjo crossed the panels, Kazooie glided over them to catch up with Banjo, afterward, Banjo and Kazooie caught up with Fox and climbed up the wall with him to the warp pad and warped to the second section of the temple. Fox went out and explored the place while Banjo climbed up a wall to go check on Misty. While exploring the place, he solved 2 puzzles that were like the ones he solved last time, only different. After solving the puzzles, he returned to the first room and climbed up the wall that Banjo climbed earlier and ran into to the left of Banjo and Misty. Then he shot fire blaster switch within the room and the glass seal that Misty was trapped underneath faded. As she dove under the water, Fox ran back to the room, expecting that her transformation powers to not kick in again, so he would pull her out of the water and carry her over in order to return the Spellstone. But that’s not what happened, this time. Luckily, her transformation powers were able to work and she was back in her human form. However, that wasn’t even half of the surprise until they warped to the blue tinted room. As soon as they arrived, they found that the others were in the room with them. Fox: “Guys, what are you doing here? How did you get here?” Tricky: “Fox, it was the strangest thing; we were relaxing on the beach when all of a sudden, we were unexpectedly warped here.” Fox: “But why?” Peach:” Maybe we were warped here to see you put the last Spellstone in place and bring the planet back together once and for all.” Misty: “Well, then if that’s the case, then I should get started right away.” Misty walked up to the last Spellstone socket. Misty: “And now, the moment you all have been waiting for.” She took out the Spellstone and placed the last Spellstone in the final socket. Then more shaking occurred and the final flow of magic energy faded. The final Spellstone has finally returned. Is it over, yet? We shall soon see. After Misty returned the final Spellstone, she and the others watched as the holographic image of Dinosaur Planet above the pillar pulls itself back together. Peach: “Ooh, look at that.” Bubbles: “I…I don’t believe it; the planet is finally back together again. Isn’t it a beautiful sight?” Fox: “I know, Bubbles, this is incredible. We all did a great job and now, it’s finally finished.” Misty: “Ha, ha! Cheers for us. Hip-hip,” All: “Hoorah!” Misty: “Hip-hip,” All: “Hoorah!” Misty: “Hip-hip,” All: “ Hoora-“ Peach: “Hey, wait a minute! Something’s not right here.” Fox:” What? What do you mean, Princess Peach?” She pointed towards the image. Peach: “Look!” Everyone looked up and saw that the holographic image of the planet falling apart again. Fox: “What? But we returned all the Spellstones!” Just then, Peppy’s hologram projector turned on. Peppy: “There must be more to it, guys. When you were leaving Walled City, I have been studying your mission and noticed that you guys have missed a Krazoa Shrine on the top of the temple.” Tricky: “Oh, yeah! I could have told ya that.” Kazooie: “So, why didn’t you?” Tricky: “Must have slipped my mind, I guess.” Fox turned off Peppy’s hologram. Bubbles: “So, the planet’s still not back together, yet?” Fox: “Afraid so, Bubbles. Come on, guys, let’s get back to the hollow.” After they were warped out of the temple for the last time, they exited out of Cape Claw. Misty stopped to make 1 last glance at the beautiful beaches and caught up with her friends. As they entered Thorntail Hollow, they first encountered the Queen Earthwalker out of her chamber. Peach: “Your majesty! Surprise seeing you out here.” Queen Earthwalker: “Peach, something’s not right; the Walled City still has not returned to the planet. My husband’s still stuck up there. You and your friends did return all the Spellstones, didn’t you?” Peach: “Yes, we did but…oh my stars, the spirits! They have something to do with all of this, right?” Queen Earthwalker: “Right. If ALL the spirits are returned to the Krazoa Palace, then all of the magic will not be channeled back into the planet.” Misty: “Peppy DID say that we should return to Walled City for that spirit.” Peach: “Well, what are we waiting for? That Krazoa Spirit isn’t going to collect itself, you know. Come on, people, move it, move it.” So, Fox and his friends returned to the Arwing, where they got ready to take off for Walled City again.
  15. Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 17-The Quest for the Last Spellstone I hate to spoil the surprise but compared to the other floating lands, Dragon Rock was the most unpleasant. The rough landing should prove it, first of all. As Fox was landing his Arwing, the electric bolts coming out of the top of the strange structure zapped Fox. When Misty, Bubbles, and Peach saw what was happening they went down to help out. Misty and Peach rescued Fox out of the Arwing while Bubbles did the same with Tricky. Unfortunately, they were zapped, too. Rayman and Banjo went down to try and help, too, but just to get zapped, themselves. Finally, they all fell to the ground, unconscious. As for the Arwing? It blew up in mid air. You now see them lying on the ground. Suddenly, they all woke up. Fox: “Whoa…what happened? Is everyone OK?” Misty sat right up. Misty: “I’m OK.” Bubbles: “I’m OK, too. Are you OK, Tricky?” Tricky: “Yeah, I’m OK, too.” Peach: “I’m fine but I think I broke a nail.” Rayman: [“I’m all right. At least I landed on my head.”] Banjo: “Ow! I think I broke a joy pad.” Kazooie: “You don’t even know what a joy pad is, so how do you even know?” Banjo:” Oh, right. Fox, what’s a joy pad?” Fox: “Banjo, that’s not important right now. What IS important is what in the name of Star Haven just happened?” Just then, Peppy’s hologram projector turned on. Peppy: “Peppy here. You’re probably wondering why Blossom contacted you earlier.” Fox: “No, we’re wondering the heck happened to us.” Peppy: “Well, you were most likely attacked by Dragon Rock’s security system.” Fox: “You mean the electric bolts that nearly zapped me and my friends to death and blew up my Arwing? We were barely able to survive long enough to say anything about it.” Peppy: “Oh, no, I was afraid of this. Well, it seems to me that you guys are stranded on Dragon Rock until someone can somehow find and destroy the security’s main powers. Right now, you guys should be OK as long as you remain on the ground.” Fox: “Will do, old timer.” Peppy: “Be very careful. Peppy out.” Peppy’s hologram turned off. Kazooie: “Stay on the ground, eh? I know the perfect egg for a situation like this.” Kazooie fired a clockwork Kazooie out of her mouth. The clockwork ran far away from Kazooie and the others. 20 seconds later, some explosion occurred at a far distant. Fox and friends went to investigate, they saw that the clock Kazooie bomb created a hole in a giant that held an Earthwalker. Earthwalker: “Who goes there?” Fox: “Um, my name is Fox McCloud and these are my friends.” Earthwalker: “So, you guys must be the heroes who have come to save Dinosaur Planet. Well, I’m glad to see that you guys have made it this far, but there are others.” Fox: “Yeah, I know. Your Thorntail friend told us all about it.” Earthwalker: “I’m glad to hear of his safety but the Hightop isn’t so fortunate.” Peach:” Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Is there anything we can do to help it?” Earthwalker: “Well, there is 1 way: you see, it is being held captive within that tower, over there and is being by 4 patrolling robot. With their shields, they are unstoppable. However, each one has a shield generator hidden nearby. If we can destroy these, the robots will be defenseless.” Fox:” So what do you expect we should use?” Fox pulled out his staff and held it out. Fox: “This?” Earthwalker: “No!” Misty held out both of her fists. Misty: “These?” Earthwalker: “NO! (Referring to himself) This. Now, get on my back, you 2. Let’s do some damage.” So, Fox and Misty climbed on to the Earthwalker and rode it out of the cage. Finally, after a few minutes, all the generators were destroyed with the help of Misty’s x-ray vision and the Earthwalker’s hard head. Then they rode the Earthwalker back to where they found it. Afterward, Fox jumped off it and grabbed Misty by the hand as she was stepping off. Then, hand in hand, they ran off to destroy all the sentinels until a gate at a far off distance was opened. They ran to where the gate was opened and found the Hightop that the Earthwalker was talking about. Misty grabbed on to Fox and quickly jumps to a ledge in front of the Hightop. The poor dinosaur tried and tried to break free but the ropes were holding it back. Misty used her laser vision to cut through the ropes but ever her lasers couldn’t break them, either. Then Fox noticed that each rope that was holding the Hightop back had switch. So, he took out his staff and shot them all in a flash. Afterward, the Hightop told them about a Cloudrunner that was also being held captive in the area. The Hightop also told them to protect it from the strange structure’s fire. Hand in hand, Fox and Misty jumped on to its back and rode it out of the chamber. As it traveled through the land, missiles started flying out of the structure and towards them, just like the Earthwalker said but with Fox’s fire blaster and Misty’s laser vision, the Hightop was unharmed. It was like a Disney ride with a fire blaster and lasers. (Lame!) Later, the Hightop stopped in front of a giant metal door. Then it entered some kind of code with its face and opened the door. Then, Fox and Misty jumped off the Hightop and it walked away as they entered the giant door area. They soon ran to a chamber to the right and found a Cloudrunner trapped in a cage hanging on the ceiling by a normal rope. Fox: “That Hightop wasn’t kidding when it said that there’s a Cloudrunner here. Hmm…Misty, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Misty: “Oh, yeah! We should let Kazooie handle this one.” Fox: “Let’s see if she’s good enough to be the Cloudrunner princess.” Then Misty made a secret bird call of her own. A bird call that Kazooie responds to all the time. A few seconds later, Kazooie came running in, followed by the others. Kazooie: “I came here as fast as I can. So, what’s up?” Misty pointed up to the Cloudrunner in the cage. Kazooie looked up. Kazooie: “A Cloudrunner trapped in a hanging cage. What do you want me to do about it?” Fox: “Why are you asking us? You’re the princess. You’re supposed to rescue it.” Kazooie: “Rescue it? Why do I even bother want to waist my time just to rescue a helpless Cloudrunner?” Fox: “Are you saying that you’re too good for your own subjects?” Kazooie: “Exactly!” Fox: “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Kazooie, you foolish, misguided bird. Don’t tell me that you don’t know what it means to be princess.” Kazooie: “Oh, and what makes you know more about being a princess than me? You’re only male.” Fox: “Like I said before; I have a best friend who has been princess way longer than you. She even told me that a princess helps out those in need, not having to be better than anyone else. Right, Peach?” Peach nodded. Peach: “Even a prince needs to know this.” Kazooie: “What? You’re bluffing.” Fox: “Rules are rules. Peach just lives by them, not make them.” Peach: “Uh, huh. To be honest, I enjoy them more than living by them.” Fox: “And if you don’t believe it, then I guess don’t deserve being crowned honorary princess of the Cloudrunner tribe, after all.” Kazooie became furious. Kazooie: “What? Why you…I’ll show you, Fox McCloud. I am good enough to be crowned princess of the Cloudrunner tribe. I can prove it. I’ll rescue that Cloudrunner from that cage, right now.” Kazooie positioned herself like she always does when she’s about to fire one of her eggs. Fox and Peach whispered to each other. Peach: “Very cunning, Fox.” Fox: “It gets her all the time, although I should thank you for this one.” Peach: “Don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for.” Kazooie was about to take aim, but before she did, she turned her head to Fox while making an angry face. Kazooie: “I hate you.” Fox smiled at Kazooie again. Then Kazooie turned her head back to the Cloudrunner trapped in the cage, aimed directly at the rope that’s holding up the cage and shot a few fire eggs to burn the ropes. Then the cage fell and the Cloudrunner was finally free. Kazooie: “There, I saved the Cloudrunner. Happy?” Fox: “Yeah, but you would have done better if the queen was here.” Kazooie’s eyes began to tear. Kazooie: “(Whispering) Your majesty…” Fox centered his attention on the Cloudrunner. Fox: “Are you OK?” Cloudrunner: “I’m fine. Thanks for helping me out. Say, are you guys friends of Krystal’s?” Fox: “You know Krystal?” Cloudrunner: “Of, course, I do. I helped her fly to the Krazoa Palace. Then I was captured by the Sharpclaws and was put into this cage. I have been stuck here ever since. Why don’t you climb aboard? I need to stretch out my wings.” Fox: “I don’t think you should. Dragon Rock’s high voltage security system nearly killed me and my friends as we were landing here.” Cloudrunner: “Not to worry, the high voltage security system on this place only works on unidentified objects. I can assume dinosaurs like me are definitely not one of them.” Fox: “Well, that’s a relief…” Cloudrunner: “However, this place has special security on the 4 spires that generate the security system. That’s why I need you to climb on my back so you can take down the spires that generate them.” Fox: “OK, then. Let’s go.” Fox mounted on the Cloudrunner. Misty: “Wait!” Fox: “Huh?” Misty ran towards the Cloudrunner. Misty: “You’re not doing this alone, Fox. I’m coming with you.” Fox: “Misty, are you serious?” Misty: “Yes, Fox. I don’t want you to go alone after what happened last time. I was worried sick for you.” Fox: “Misty, don’t worry, I’ll OK. But if you really want to…” Suddenly, Fox grabbed Misty by the hand and pulled her up. Fox: “Then I’d be more than happy to let you come.” Misty: “Oh, thank you, Fox.” The Cloudrunner took off. Now, Fox and Misty are on their third ride. This ride was just like the Hightop, only faster, never-ending and in the air. Also, in this ride, they don’t just have to shoot the missiles heading towards them they also have to shoot the spires that the Cloudrunner heads to each time it turns. Fox concentrated on shooting down the missiles while Misty concentrated her laser eyebeams on the spires. It was like a Disney ride only you get to decide when it ends. (Cool!) After destroying all 4 spires, the Cloudrunner landed on top of the structure. Than Fox grabbed on to Misty, like they did in the old days and flew down into the structure. When inside, Fox and Misty met a mutant dinosaur named Drakor. Unfortunately, Drakor didn’t like visitors; so instead, he made the welcome a whole lot warmer by attacking them. Then it started to test them by having Misty chase it throughout the entire chamber of the structure. As Misty chased after the monster, she and Fox worked together to fight the monster. She would hold Fox with one arm as he shot out at it with his Fire Blaster. She would sometimes toss him so that he would fight it while using his athletic fighting abilities. Of course, she would always be there to catch him before he fell. The battle was tough, but after a long time, Drakor was finally defeated. And then, as Drakor was falling into the lava, he dropped the final Spellstone. Then, Misty, with her incredible speed, flew down and grabbed the Spellstone, then she flew herself and Fox out of the chamber. You now see the 2 of them sitting on the edge of the structure, side by side with Misty holding the Spellstone on her lap. Fox: “Misty, can I you something that I would regret saying in front of the others?” Misty: “Go ahead, Fox. I’m all ears.” Fox: “Misty, I really enjoyed riding on the dinosaurs with you.” Misty: “You do?” Fox: “Yeah. We did do a good thing for them, but what I really enjoyed about it was the fact that we were riding them together, not with the others. Not with Bubbles, Peach, Rayman, Banjo, and especially not with Kazooie. It was just you and me and not anybody else. Thank you for sharing those moments with me.” Misty: “No need to thank me, Fox because I have something to say, too. I enjoyed riding those dinosaurs with you, too.” Fox: “Really?” Misty: “Uh, huh, and I would do it again if I had the time.” Fox: “You would?” Misty: “Uh, huh.” Fox: “Wow! I’m really glad to hear you say that, Misty.” Misty: “And I’m glad, too, Fox.” Then they gazed into each other eyes deeply and happily again. (Oh, brother! They would have figured it out by now, but it still remained a secret to them. I hope they figure before this story ends. Speaking of which, this story never end unless I get back to it, right away.) Later, Fox and Misty landed on the ground and found the others waiting for them, especially the 3 dinosaurs that they rescued earlier. Just then, another Arwing landed right in front of them and Slippy’s hologram projector turned on right after it landed. All: “Slippy!” Slippy: “Hey, guys. Sorry to surprise you, but Peppy detailed me on what you guys have been through while landing, so I had Rob send down a spare Arwing, right away.” Fox: “Thanks, Slip. I was so glad that we were able to shut down that security system while trying to retrieve the last Spellstone.” Misty: “We sure did, now we’re free to leave this place and go back to the planet.” Slippy: “Oh, by the way, Misty, Bubbles, Princess Peach, I became very concerned after hearing the bad news from Peppy. Are you 3 OK?” Misty: “Yep.” Bubbles: “Fine.” Peach: “Never better.” Slippy: “Good! Now, Fox, be careful with that Arwing because that’s the last spare I’m giving you. I need the other one to work on Project-Back Seat Riders.” Fox: “I’ll try, Slip.” Slippy: “OK. See ya, Fox. See ya, girls. Slippy out.” Slippy’s hologram turned off. Fox and his friends got ready to leave Dragon Rock while saying goodbye to their new dinosaur friends and took off.
  16. A couple of Star Fox sillies

    My oh my how silly. Now ain't that somethin'.
  17. A couple of Star Fox sillies

    Nothing serious, just a couple of doodle-y pictures I did in MS Paint for the sake of humor. Guess I inspired myself with that recent response I left in the chatroom.
  18. Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 16-The final gatekeeper revealed The 3 of them were warped back in Thorntail Hollow. Warpstone: “Fox, my boy. 3 Spellstones down and only 1 more to go. It’s time now for you and your friends to head for Dragon Rock, you’re toughest challenge yet.” Fox: “That’s easy for you to say, but where’s the gatekeeper?” He looked out at Thorntail Hollow. Warpstone: “He is closer than you realize.” He turned back and looked towards Fox and his friends. Warpstone: “He who has no voice has plenty to say.” Just then, Blossom’s hologram projector turned on. Blossom: “Blossom here. Guys, I may be able to figure out the riddle.” Bubbles: “Blossom!” Blossom: “Sorry to surprise you, Bubbles but I may be able to figure out what the Warpstone is trying to say.” Fox: “Go for it.” Blossom: “OK, umm, let’s see. Hmm…” She thought for a while. Blossom: “I’ve got it! OK, guys, here’s what I’ve figure out: the Warpstone says that the gatekeeper is someone who doesn’t say anything but has a lot to say. Do you know anyone who just says nothing but mumbles?” Kazooie: “Oh, no, Please don’t tell me that we have to talk to that guy, that mumbling Thorntail. We’re hardly going to get anything out that guy because every time we try to talk to him, all he says is “mumble, mumble, mumble…not now”.” Blossom: “Well, try again; I have a feeling that you guys will be lucky this time.” Fox: “Thanks, Blossom.” Bubbles: “Thank you very much, Blossom.” Blossom: “Anytime, guys. Blossom out.” Blossom’s hologram then turned off. Afterward, Fox and his friends headed for the Thorntail closest to the giant well. Kazooie: “Alright, Mr. Mumble, mumble, mumble…not now! Tell us right now why you never even spoken to us once.” Thorntail: “I haven’t spoken even since something terrible happened. Something that I’m too afraid to admit.” Peach:” Something terrible?” Thorntail: “Yes, I too attempted to save our planet but…I failed.” Misty: “Tell us, what happened?” Thorntail: “I led a group of dinosaurs against General Scales. He learned of our plan before we could act and launched a full scale offensive against us. We never stood a chance. He imprisoned 3 of my closest friends on Dragon Rock and it is also where he has taken the Spellstone.” As they were listened, Misty, Bubbles, and Pikachu started to cry. Peach and Rayman tried to hold their tears back and failed. Even Banjo let it out but Kazooie was bored to tears. Fox felt sad but he did not cry. Fox: “But how did you survive?” Misty: “Hm…if Scales let you go…that must mean that…” Thorntail: “I am the Gatekeeper.” He then opened the vortex to Dragon Rock as did all of the other Thorntails. Thorntail: “The gateway to Dragon Rock is now open. Please, help my friends; they are on your side.” Misty: “Don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can.” Fox and his friends returned to the Arwing and prepared to take off for Dragon Rock. The quest for the final Spellstone has just began, but will it be easy? We shall soon see.
  19. The Banned Game!

    Banned because your black sig can hardly be seen against the blue background of the site.
  20. David201's Star Fox Observations and Theories

    In my story, it literally is magic. I like to take difficult stuff like that and use it for my story. My mind is already complex so it fits perfectly with any crazy ideas that I have in mind. But whatever, it's how I deal with stuff like this. I don't feel like it's a problem. Maybe I'll a little too adaptable to this kind of stuff.
  21. Chuggaaconroy

    I have been thinking about doing a number of crazy things in order to try and get Emile's attention. But, I am terrified of going too far. I have seen what that looks like and it's not at all pleasant. I've been thinking about posting something on here for him, something that I have been too shy and very worried about doing. I'm afraid that it would give out a bad impression of myself, but I think I have held back a lot of the things that I'm scared of doing. Perhaps I will get on to posting that thing on here that I wanted to do.
  22. David201's Star Fox Observations and Theories

    I think even the cornerians call it magic just as a way of showing us how advanced the krazoa were. even advanced civilizations such as corneria pale in comparison
  23. The Ultimate Story

    Within my scrapbook, I mentioned something about a certain evil character from one of the games that are in my story who introduced a very important plot in my story: the Descendants of Darkness. They play a very, very important plot in my story within Ultimate Story 3: Aid from the Past. Just wait till you see what (crazy) ideas I have in mind for this story. Also, you will see each of the members of the Descendants of Darkness and who they are. I can't wait to share them with all of you.
  24. David201's Star Fox Observations and Theories

    This was probably INTENDED but nothing was ever made of it, and sometimes it IS blatantly said to just be magic (ie Spell Stones and literal "magic energy"). This is made more clear in unused DP64 voice lines and scripts where the Krazoa weren't spirits at all but super advanced aliens that used technology to become immortal. Sadly that at best can only be seen as semi-canon (also the Krazoa then were evil so pft).
  25. Star Fox on Nintendo Switch

    I have two ideas of the possible games that come as new chapters of Starfox on Switch: 1) Star Fox: The Untold Stories (Action\Shoot 'em up\Role Play): Many of us already know of the Lylat Wars, the main conflict that was narrated on most of the game series (Star Fox, Star Fox 64, Star Fox 64 3DS, Star Fox Zero) but we barely saw all the ferocity of the conflict, so what happened before the start and during the Lylat Wars? This game idea would tell the story of the Lylat Wars with different points of view: one will be as a young cadet of the Cornerian Army just out from training fighting the most big battles of the Lylat Wars like the Defense of Corneria, the battle of Area 3, the Battle of Sector Y, the Defense of Katina, the Siege of Fichina, the Infiltration on Zoness and the Battle of Macbeth. The other campaign is more focused on Andross's Army point of view, or to be more precise, to his rise to power; I'm pretty sure that not all the population of Venom agreed to the plans of the scientist, so the newborn army, including a new grunt of Andross's loyalists, will have to deal first with those separatist and then prepare for war against the Cornerian scum with shadow operations (on the first Star Fox game, Andross launched a full-on assault on the Lylat system, unlike Zero, so it would be interesting what the Venomian Army had encountered during the first part of the conflict). Which side will you choose? That is up to you on this game idea 2) Star Fox: Resistance (Action\Shoot 'em up\Strategy): Corneria and Star Fox have always been a symbol of hope inside the series lore so what will happen if they are both crushed? As a direct sequel of the series (I hope it will finally come!) this game idea will tell us that the unthinkable happened: Corneria and the rest of the Lylat system has been conquered by a new enemy coming from another solar system (to add a reason to really hate this new enemy is the cause of the destruction of Cerinia, Krystal's homeworld) and Star Fox has been defeated by them. With his team shattered and without a home were to return to, Fox must locate his lost teammates, contact old face, forge new alliances and fight to retake back the Lylat system. This game idea takes some elements of Adventures and Assault but also a dark atmosphere like the one of XCOM 2 and Sonic Forces: like on Adventures I want to see more explorable planets or locations on foot (and where our forces shall strike first, so we can forge our own strategy) and like on Assault with a wide choice of armaments and perhaps even new vehicles; this game will also have a place for characters who never had a place on the game like Miyu, Fay and Fara, and for characters who deserve a better role like Amanda and Dash Bowman (he will surely be our contact to form an alliance with the Venom Remnants after helping them to drive out the Anglars and their new allies from Venom). I surely hope so; I would love to see Miyu and Fay to finally have their places on the Star Fox team, as well Fara. Feel free to leave comment!
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  27. Star Fox 2: HD

    Long time, no see. Anyways, I'll start off by saying that to be honest, little progress has been made since our graphic designer left the team. Lack of motivation to continue the project is also one of the factors in it. Two weeks ago, I started to work on the project again, and I've almost complete vol.2 of the soundtrack (will also include finished versions of the song from vol.1) I lost some files in a hard drive crash, but I still have enough to push forward with, although I've lost the Space Armada and Titania levels. I've also been working on the title screen, which will be uploaded soon.
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