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  2. Harmony Descent

    Star Fox of Harmony

    Yikes, when did I last post about that comic? Wow, I must have been in my freshman or sophomore year of university work! Well, I still do post art to this day, albeit it's primarily NSFW material. If you want to follow me on any of my accounts, I'll provide links for you privately. Now, for the topic at hand. Since I have found a lot of free time on my hand, and am forcing myself to draw again, I decided to whip up some art pertaining to a "project" I'm working on. I can't say much about the project other than it involves my fave Star Fox character, Kursed (ye, I like her more than Krystal; fite mee) And now, I go silent once more!
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  4. fanfictiondreamer

    My Wikis

    So, allow me to post some other wikis on here:
  5. SF Redd

    The Banned Game!

    Banned because there's been no Star Fox since Starlink
  6. fanfictiondreamer

    My Newest Love

    So, as I have mentioned before, I have a Reddit account and I have posted the official story on there. Here is the first part of it:
  7. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    Been a while. Sometimes, these things slip my mind.'s the next vid:
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  9. SkyHunter95

    StarFox: Wings of Lylat (fancomic)

    Chapter 1 Page 3. Finally have some more complex conversation between characters. What's being discussed here is that they now have the schematics for the shield that protects Corneria in StarFox 2. It was developed by reverse engineering the shield that protected the Aparoid Homeworld at the end of StarFox Assault, since I like combining ideas. How did they get them? Panther's Spy? Well, it is to be revealed later, and it's not going to be Krystal because *Fuck* that element of StarFox Command, this time the traitor is going to be a very obscure character who technically doesn't exist, hopefully I won't upset anyone with the reveal, StarWolf has a secret double agent. Also the data chip looks like a gamboy color card with a glowy screen on it, thought it would be a neat thing.
  10. fanfictiondreamer

    Cartoon Network's Tragic 5-Week Schedule

    Yeeeeahhhh.....I haven't watched Cartoon Network in years. I'm pretty much done with them. They haven't done anything spectacular in a long time.
  11. Kurt

    The Banned Game!

    Banned for animated profile picture
  12. Clouditate

    So, we got a fax at work today Done
  13. Clouditate

    Buying the SNES Classic
  14. SkyHunter95

    StarFox: Wings of Lylat (fancomic)

    Haven't had the chance to give Algy any dialogue yet, hopefully I'll get to that in page 3 when he becomes relevant. On the very last panel we are introduced to Dash Bowman. He appeared as a playable character in StarFox Command. At this time he was a pilot in the Cornerian Army, piloting the "Monkey's Paw" Fighter. In a couple of the endings, he becomes the political leader of the planet Venom, turns it into a superpower, and goes to war with Corneria. I went with the appearance he had when giving a speech in one of those endings, where he began to resemble Andross.
  15. Sideways


    I think I have fixed the chatbox, but it's a fresh start.

  16. fanfictiondreamer

    My Newest Love

    If you would like to check out my....OCs of this story, here is the link to their profile: Feel free to check it out whenever you like. I believe things will get more interesting from there.
  17. I decided to do a bit of analysis regarding Cartoon Network's schedule. I used the Cartoon Network Schedule Archive over on Tumblr to get the past 5 weeks of information. They have a handy chart for airtime percentage per-show for each week. So, I calculated the percentage airtime for 5 weeks of Cartoon Network programming and made pie chart to demonstrate how much each show is aired. And that, my friends, is why I'm burnt out on Gumball even though I don't watch it any more.
  18. kaahgniel

    Can't find a Sound effect file T.T

    Hi people!! does anyone can help me find the sound effect or bell that rings before the great fox drop a supply box in the game... After that Rob says "Location confirmed.Sending supply" been Star Fox 64. Thanks!!!
  19. kaahgniel

    StarFox 64 Sounds (Great Fox Supply Drop)

    Hi.. Do you still have the sound file??
  20. StarFoxFanGurl


    Meep? I have last been here over a year ago?

    Has it really been that long ago???

    Anyone still active here???

    If so, howdy! How are you?

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    2. SkyHunter95


      I still post a few things on here for archival reasons but yeah, discussions occur mostly on discord now, and the subreddit is pretty active too.

    3. StarFoxFanGurl


      @SkyHunter95 Ah okay. I understand.

      Might try to come by here more.

      May not be much active going here, but why not?

    4. hoo


      i still come around from time to time
      come join the discord yo

  21. SkyHunter95

    Krystal's Role

    Again I know this is old, but I forgot to mention that my Post Here: is more or less an indirect refutation to this. Since I super disagree with the statement that Krystal doesn't work as a member of StarFox, and how she contributes nothing to the plot and gameplay, I describe why I disagree more in this.
  22. Star Fox Assault's Aparoids were an interesting addition to the franchise, since they were something new and unique. Even though the problem in Adventures was pretty large scale, the Aparoids weren't focused on destruction. Instead, it was spreading across the galaxy if not the universe. The Aparoid Queen's goal seemed to be spread as far as possible, and create something new. Based on the details about the Aparoids, I think that their presence was influenced by a genre of horror known as "cosmic horror". Cosmic horror is usually defined as the fear of the unknown, and involves a greater and existential problem that simple beings like humans or Cornerians will never truly comprehend what's going on. Trying to solve the problem however, will drive the characters insane since they're dealing with something no mortal should try to deal with . For an example, it can involve a godlike alien being that is far more intelligent than us and/or defy certain parts of our known reality. The Aparoid Queen doesn't seem to defy reality in anyway, but she definitely possess supernatural intelligence as well as superior knowledge. But as shown at the end of the game, Fox and his team come out sane. What gets me more interested in the Aparoids, is the fact there could be something similar to them but different in many ways. For an example, it could be a being that is both omniscient and omnipresent, an object that warps reality around it, or merciless godlike beings that have motives beyond what a mortal can comprehend. Anyways, I like thinking about all of the possibilities on how Nintendo could expand on the fact something like the Aparoids could exist somewhere around the cosmos of the Star Fox franchise. I would like to see your ideas on what Star Fox's next existential threat would be like. Is it an object, being, or something beyond our confined reality. Please keep you ideas original.
  23. Hello guys. As many of you may know, I'm new on this website and this is my first blog here. I'm announcing that I'm working on a fan comic that takes place after Star Fox Command, but doesn't take place in the multiple endings the game provides you. Instead of Fox retiring and having Marcus or Krystal becoming Kursed, team Star Fox had lost against the Anglar Empire. Every member who are/were a part of Star Fox are either captured, missing, or presumed dead. From what I can tell you now, Fox is presumed to be killed in action. Because of team Star Fox's failure Corneria has been taken over by the Anglar Empire, turning the once great city into a distopian society. The Anglars have forced Cornerians to live a life of oppression and under their rule. Even though a Cornerian has the chance of becoming a bounty hunter, they're often not popular and would have to choose between death or obeying orders from their superiors. Currently, it has been twenty five years after the Anglar's won, so around the year 37ALW. To be honest, I've already worked on a couple pages. Because my prologue is finished, I'll offer a link to the pages below. They may be outdated when it comes to my artistic skill, but I hope you like them anyways!
  24. Monokuma

    The Cozy (and last) Great Fox.

    As it was, I joined a bit too far late myself back in 2013, I feel. The discord we have is open and booming, which I recommend. New releases to the series have come in the time we've been here, (SF2, Starfox Zero, Fox's appearance in Starlink), but the community has had its fair share of blows dealt. The website itself has seen more of the damage in its changes, which is potentially why it's not as used. Route-wise, we keep to the discord. It's like dwarves living in a mountain. Not much of a welcome mat but it's still our community. Think of it as an archive and a landing page. Before Discord, it really was different. We had chatrooms instead of that shoutbox, and various nice homely things here. With the advancement of Skype, and later, Discord, most people moved their social bubbles over, so anyone who wants to join uses the link now. Hope that answers your questions, and since I can still welcome people, lemme do just that. Welcome to SFO, Lordo.
  25. Lordo5432

    The Cozy (and last) Great Fox.

    Hi, I'm a new user to this website. After reading your blog post, I feel like I've joined this website too late. I see that this website is often silent without much going on. It's almost as if this website is just flowing through the voids of space, seeing almost nothing happen each passing day other than finding new routes. Has it always been like this, or was it different back then?
  26. Lordo5432

    What happened to the Gallery?

    Hi, I literally just joined this website. As the artist I am, I wanted to go check out the gallery. Surprisingly to me it looks like a ghost town, mainly because the most recent image on there was from 2013. Right now, I'm pondering on where is all of the art around here. Do any of you guys happen to know what happened to the use of the gallery?
  27. Quadroline


    Strangers passing in the street
    By chance two separate glances meet
    And I am you and what I see is me

  28. Quadroline


    Have a cigar

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