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    The Lineup for the team of the US 5 Star Olympic:
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    They ran through the corridor, making their way through. Obi-wan went on his COM link. Obi-wan: “Rex, Cody, are you there?” Cody: “We’re here, sir, what’s going on?” Obi-wan: “We’ve just arrived on the Separatist command frigate not too long along. The Benders, Sokka and Suki along with myself, Anakin and Ahsoka are engaging the enemy. How are the rest of you fairing?” Cody: “We’re doing all we can to bring down this fleet. We seemed to have crippled some of their ships, but it will be a while before we bring down all of them.” Obi-wan: “Keep at it. We’re going to need all the man power we have to at the very least hold up in this fight. We’re dealing with a very serious problem.” Cody: “Why? What’s going on?” Obi-wan: “We’ll brief you as soon as we’re out of this horrible mess.” Cody: “Right, we’ll do what we can.” They kept running, soon enough, they arrived within another hanger bay. There, Count Dooku was waiting for them. Dooku: “So, you have arrived, at last.” Anakin: “Dooku!” Dooku: “So, what do you think of my hoard of Heartless subordinates?” Obi-wan: “Dooku, you must cease this terrible endeavor at once. You are playing with forces that you do not understand.” Katara: “He’s right! These creatures are nothing more than pure Darkness, they will only destroy this world and to form any kind of alliance with them is just begging for trouble.” Aang: “Count Dooku, please understand, these creatures will only cause destruction not only to the Republic, but the Separatists, as well. They’re already destroying our world.” Zuko: “The Heartless aren’t doing you any favors, Dooku. All you’re doing is aiding in the destruction of this galaxy and everyone in it, including yourself. I know what comes from a strong lust for power, I have seen first hand all the ruin and suffering it has done. I never want to see anything like that happen to any other world again, much less something far worse.” Obi-wan: “Listen to these children, Dooku. They are telling the truth. Should you allow these horrid creatures to continue running rampant within any part of this galaxy, it will suffer the same fate as all others that were badly affected by them. It’s not too late to turn back now and spare our realm of that kind of obliteration.” Anakin: “Are you really so adamant about conquering the galaxy that you’re willing to sell your soul to use these creatures at the risk destroying everything? No one should ever succumb to that kind of evil, especially not you!” Dooku: “Hmph! Your pleading words are useless. When I first witnessed the incredible power that these creatures were capable of, I could not resist them. I had to have it; they will serve greatly in this war and aiding the Separatist in overpowering the Republic.” Ahsoka: “No…you can’t…” Dooku: “There will be no stopping me now, not even these children that are from a world outside our own will be able to save you. Now then, witness my demonstration of the influence that I have towards these powerful creatures.” He raised his hand as he summoned more and more Heartless. Everyone readied themselves for battle. Katara: “Guess there’s no use talking some sense into him.” Obi-wan: “Hm, just when I thought the good count couldn’t possibly be more unreasonable, then this had to happen.” Anakin: “Guess we’ll have to fight our way out of this one. Let’s go!” From there, they began another tough fight against the Heartless. The Dark creatures spawned everywhere as the battle continued on. The group was really holding their own, fighting off many of the Heartless as they came at them. Count Dooku watched as this battle was taking place. He found the group’s struggling against the Heartless to be amusing as shown by the content look on his face. Soon enough, the Heartless onslaught stopped and the group had a chance to catch their breaths. Dooku: “Hm, not bad, I didn’t think you had it in you to handle so many of those Heartless at one time.” Katara: “Enough is enough, Dooku, this needs to stop.” Obi-wan: “She’s right, you must cease this at once.” Dooku: “Oh, but I have yet to show you the full extent of my supreme influence over these dark creatures.” Sokka: “I don’t like where this is going.” Anakin: “Neither do I, Sokka.” Soon enough, he raised his hand and before they knew it, a massive Heartless appeared before them. It was very much like one that they have seen before; Dark Side, only it was a different color. Anakin: “What the…?” Ahsoka: “Is that…that’s the other Heartless that we fought on Coruscant?” Zuko: “No, this is another that looks just like that; Dark Follower.” The massive Heartless then summoned many different kinds of Pure Blood Heartless. Everyone stood around, shocked by what they were seeing. Sokka, on the other hand, was about to run off screaming again, but Anakin grabbed on to him. Anakin: “Oh, no you don’t! You’re staying here to fight those things with us!” Sokka: “But…I don’t wanna…!!” Anakin: “SOKKA!!” Katara: “This is really bad! There aren’t a lot of people that can control a massive Heartless like this.” Toph: “Hm, I’m guessing Sith lords are incredibly powerful, which should be understandable as to how he can summon and control a Heartless of this magnitude and power capability.” Suki: “Oh, no, we didn’t prepare for this.” Anakin: “We have no other choice. We’ll need to fight this thing with everything we’ve got; that includes you, Sokka.” Sokka groaned out loud. Katara: “Let’s do this!” And so, they began the epic battle against the massive Heartless. As they fought it, it continued to summon Pureblood Heartless after Pureblood Heartless. Sokka tried to run from the fight, but Anakin made certain to stay close to him and keep him from running. The group was really pulling together to fight against all of them. The count continued to watch as the fight continued. It was a very, very long fight. The massive Heartless was difficult enough to bring down but the other Heartless that were spawning continuously prolonged the fight. There didn’t seem like there would be any end to this battle. Eventually, they were able to defeat the massive Heartless and it decapitated completely. Ahsoka: “We did it, everyone!” Suki: “Oh, thank goodness that’s finally over.” Obi-wan: “Yes, that powerhouse Heartless was indeed a massive challenge, but, it’s over.” Katara: “Great job, everyone, we really pulled together to put an end to that.” Anakin: “Yeah, we did, didn’t we? And all it took for Sokka to stay in the fight was to force him to not run away.” Sokka: “Oh…man…! That was terrifying!!” Soon enough, the sound of Dooku’s grunt caught their attention. Dooku: “Don’t think that this will be the last that you will have to deal with this. There will be plenty more to come. There will be others within this galaxy that can command and control these Heartless. You have but witnessed a taste of the horrors that will be brought about many like this.” Just then, there was a huge rumbling. Everyone was nearly knocked off their feet. Sokka: “Whoa! What is that!?!” Anakin: “That would be our fleet outside attacking this ship.” Obi-wan: “Guess we had better take our leave. This ship will not last out here for long.” Dooku: “Heed my warnings, everyone. We shall meet again.” Count Dooku walked off. Everyone stood by for a brief moment. Zuko: “I hate to admit it, but he’s right. There will be others that can and will command Heartless.” Katara: “I was hoping that it wouldn’t come to this, but…it was stupid to think that way, especially with the kind of scumbags that we’re dealing with.” Aang: “This is terrible…I can’t believe this is happening here, too.” Anakin: “Wait, you knew about something like this?” Toph: “We don’t want to say it, but, yeah, we did and we wish we didn’t need to. So much for that…” Obi-wan: “Perhaps you kids should tell us all you know about this special ability that we have just witnessed.” Katara: “Yeah…we’ll tell you everything we know.” Suki: “But first, let’s get out of here.” Anakin: “Yeah, let’s do that.” And with that, they made their way of the frigate as fast as they could.
  5. Powerful Harmony

    They continued on their way, facing off against more and more Heartless. Soon enough, the Heartless stopped spawning. Shortly afterwards, they were approached by Ventress. She chuckled in a sinister manner as she smiled in the same way. Suki: “Ventress!?! Don’t tell me you can control these Heartless, too!” Obi-wan: “She is a real close subordinate of Count Dooku; it wouldn’t surprise me if she could.” Ventress: “Oh, you know me all too well, Obi-wan.” She raised her hand and from there, several powerful Heartless. Sokka: “Whoa! Those are…!” Zuko: “Invisibles!” Aang: “Those are some very powerful Heartless.” Ventress: “Let’s see if your Bender friends can handle my powerhouse army.” She signaled the Heartless to attack. As the Heartless came after them, the group prepared themselves for another difficult fight. Sokka, however, withdrew his weapon and ran off screaming, which greatly annoyed the group. Obi-wan: “Oh, not again.” Toph: “Yeah, these Heartless are one of many that terrifies him the most.” Ahsoka: “Well…at least we’ve developed a much greater advantage to deal with these creatures.” Anakin: “Let’s hope it will be enough to make up for Sokka running off and abandoning us in this fight.” Soon enough, the fight began. The Jedi and the Benders plus Suki fought against all of the Invisibles. As they fought against them, they were able to find out just how powerful these particular Heartless really are. Ahsoka: “These things really are strong! I can’t believe how much it would take to bring them down.” Obi-wan: “I can understand why Sokka is afraid of these things, but that does not excuse his cowardly retreat from this battle!!” Anakin looked over and spotted Sokka, quivering in fear as a few of the Invisibles surrounded him. He was visibly annoyed. Suki: “Sokka! Come on! Pull out your weapon and start fighting these things with us.” Sokka shook his head as he trembled. Anakin, greatly annoyed, rushed over to slash away at the Invisibles that were surrounding Sokka. Anakin: “Seriously, Sokka! You really need to get over this ridiculous fear that you have towards these Purebloods! Your friends are giving their all out there and you need to do the same!!” Sokka: “But…” Anakin: “Now, Sokka!” Anakin rushed back into the fight. Sokka stood by, still hesitating. The fight continued on. They were still struggling against the Invisibles but giving everything they got without giving up. Ventress: “Hm…it seems that you guys are able to handle these creatures a lot better than I would have thought. Still…you’re greatly outnumbered and these creatures seem to have a major advantage against you, especially with your frightened friend over there cowering on the sidelines. Guess I should stop toying around with you and just finish you off.” Toph: “Oh, man, this is not good.” Soon enough, Ventress gave the signal, in which the Invisibles were about to ambush them. Sokka screamed out loud. The Jedi held out their hands and utilized their Force powers to stop the Invisibles. The Benders as well as Sokka and Suki stood by, astounded. The Jedi were struggling, but holding. Katara: “Now’s our chance, guys, while we still have the time!” The Benders and Suki rushed in and went after the Invisibles. Sokka was still standing by. Ahsoka: “Come on, Sokka! You need to get over here and fight!” He still stood by, but then, a serious and tense look grew on his face. He pulled out his weapon and rushed towards the Heartless at great speed. He was soon slashing away at the Invisibles along with his friends. The Jedi were still holding the Heartless back. Anakin: “About time you joined the fight, you idiot!!” The Benders, plus Suki and especially Sokka, were going all out on the Heartless. The Jedi were struggling more and more to the point where they lost their grip. The Invisibles broke free and came at them. Sokka withdrew his weapon and ran away screaming again. The Jedi were unsurprisingly annoyed by this. Anakin: “Sokka…!!!” With the Invisibles greatly reduced by this effective tactic, the Jedi and the Benders, plus Suki, were able to finish off the last of the Invisibles. It still took them some time, but they managed to defeat all of them. Ventress seemed a little annoyed by this. Ventress: “Hmph, you’re a lot tougher and more capable than I would have ever imagined. But, that was just a warm up. I have gathered all that I could from this fight, especially with that young man’s fear of certain Heartless. Don’t think that this is over. There is still more to come.” Ventress ran off. Obi-wan: “Yes, of course, I suspected that this was just the first round with you, Ventress.” Anakin stomped over towards Sokka and grabbed him by the back of his shirt. Anakin: “I’ve had just about enough of your constant fear of Pureblood Heartless!! You’re making yourself out to be completely useless right now!” Obi-wan: “I have to agree with Anakin on this one. Your friends are doing all they can to fight against these creatures. You need to step up and play your role in this fight accordingly.” Ahsoka: “That's right, why couldn’t you have fought along side us throughout the entire fight the same way you did when we were holding back those things?” Sokka: “I…uh…well…uh…” Anakin: “(grunt) Nevermind, let’s just keep going! And don’t think that you’ll be worming your way out of this one, Sokka!” Anakin ran off while still holding on to Sokka. The rest ran with them.
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  6. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Alright, now on to Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. Here is my selection for their Pokemon of the next 3 Generations: There, that should be it for now. I will post more stuff soon enough.
  7. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Alright, now on to the rest of the Mario characters (plus one extra, I like to think of Rayman as an honorary Mario character) and their Pokemon. I shall start off with Peach and her team. Here is what I have in mind for their Pokemon from the next 3 Generations: So, what do you think? I've put a lot of thought into this and selecting Pokemon for these groups was not easy. I will go on to talk about Mario, Luigi and Yoshi soon.
  8. Powerful Harmony

    They continued through the corridor, fighting off more and more Heartless. Just then, more powerful Heartless show up. Sokka: “Oh, man! You’ve got to be kidding me!! We have to deal with even more powerful Heartless!?!” Obi-wan: “Hm, this situation does indeed look grim, but we don’t have any other choice but to fight.” Ahsoka: “Well, I think we can do it! As long as we can fight together, we can make it through anything.” Anakin: “I believe so, too. We’ve managed to make it this far and I think we can keep at it.” Obi-wan: “Yes, I, too, have faith that we can make it together.” Katara: “Alright. Let’s do it!” From there, they charged towards the Heartless. Together, they fought against them. It was a tough battle at first, they were struggling badly, but then, something amazing happened. Each of the Jedi’s Lightsabers began to glow an unusual bright light. Ahsoka: “Wha-what is this?” Anakin: “I don’t know. This has never happened before.” Obi-wan: “Yes, this is very strange…what could this mean?” Just then, Anakin noticed as Katara, while fighting, was about to be struck down by a Heartless from behind. Anakin: “Katara! Look out!” He rushed towards her and slashed at the Heartless that was about to strike her. Much to everyone’s surprise, the Heartless disintegrated. Anakin was also taken by surprise. Ahsoka: “Master? How did you…?” Anakin: “I…I don’t know! I didn’t think I could do that!” Sokka: “Whoa! What just happened!?!” Zuko: “I think Anakin just…destroyed a Heartless all by himself.” Aang: “Did…did he really?” Toph: “Hm…I can’t feel out any sign of that Heartless, so…yeah, it’s been destroyed.” Katara: “But…how is this possible? Our Keyblades are the only weapons that can destroy these creatures.” Ahsoka: “So, does this mean that we can obliterate these creatures now?” Obi-wan: “Hm…” Obi-wan took one look at his Lightsaber as he pondered for a bit. Obi-wan: “I think…we can…” He darted towards another of the Heartless and slashed them, completely obliterating it. Obi-wan: “Hm, it seems that we have gained an advantage against our Heartless foes.” Ahsoka: “Alright! We can fight them as effectively as the Benders now!” Anakin: “Alright, let’s go, everyone.” And with that, they continued the fight. This time, the Jedi really can defeat them. Fighting beside their friends of the Benders’ world, they really do stand a chance against the Heartless. One by one, the Heartless were destroyed by each of the members of the group. Soon enough, another long fight was finally over. Ahsoka: “That was amazing! I can’t believe we actually did it!” Anakin: “I know, but…how was it possible?” Obi-wan: “Hm…” Obi-wan took another look at his Lightsaber. Obi-wan: “I think it had something to do with the mysterious glow of our weapons.” Anakin: “Hm, it could be, but…what was that strange glow and how come that never happened before? Also, why is it happening now?” Ahsoka: “Where did that light come from?” Suki: “I think I may have some idea as to what caused that Light. I’ll need to look into it as once I return to my lab.” Anakin: “We’ll worry about that later, Suki. Right now, we have an evil count to chase after.” Katara: “That’s right, we need to find Count Dooku and see if there is more about this that he knows.” Anakin: “Let’s go.” They rushed through without hesitation.
  9. Powerful Harmony

    As they rushed through the halls, more Heartless show up everywhere. Anakin: “Oh, great! There’s more of them!” They began fighting the Heartless as they continued their way through. Obi-wan: “I have a feeling that this is how our fight through this command frigate is going to be.” Anakin: “I’d love to get my hands on whoever gave the count this insane idea of controlling these Heartless!” Katara: “I’m afraid we haven’t even scratched the surface of how bad this really is.” Anakin: “That did not sound assuring, Katara!” Obi-wan: “I’m afraid she’s right, Anakin. I don’t believe that Count Dooku controlling these creatures will be the worst of what we will come across.” Ahsoka: “Oh…I don’t like this one bit, you guys.” Zuko: “We knew that we would get ourselves involved in something bad, but we had no idea how bad it would be; just that it was going to be incredibly huge.” Sokka: “Why were we picked to get involved in this fight!?!” Suki: “Ritchie mentioned that it was because Naminé felt that we were the best choice for this battle.” Toph: “But why does she think that we should be involved!?! We don’t have much in common with this world! We knew nothing about space travel, our technology is far behind this one, it just doesn’t make any sense!!” Suki: “I don’t why, either, Toph, but she told us to trust her!” Anakin: “This Naminé had better have a good reason for this! Toph did make a lot of good points!” Obi-wan: “I’m afraid that I would have to strongly disagree with some of them! Yes, these kids and their world seem much more primitive compared to ours, but that doesn’t mean that we have nothing in common with each other!” Ahsoka: “Master Kenobi is right! We have so much to share with each other! We understand each other’s strife, we have all suffered from some forms of corruption; we’ve developed a strong bond with one another.” Obi-wan: “That is right! We have more in common than how it would appear. We are strong fighters; each of us with special abilities and a drive; a drive that motivates us to fight against the evil forces that have plagued our worlds! We have learned so much from each other! Thanks to these special children, I now have a better understanding of so much around us! I never would have guessed that there were other worlds outside our own and the good people within those worlds that share the same courage and compassion as us!” Anakin: “Well, I have to admit, I’m glad that I’ve met these kids. I never would have thought that I would find anyone outside our galaxy that I would ever call my friends, or if there were other worlds that exist outside our own. I now know that there are more worlds out there; worlds that have gone through the same kinds of struggles and difficulties that we have.” Ahsoka: “That’s right and each and every single one of those worlds are special in their own unique ways, much like the Benders’ world. I know this with all my heart!” Obi-wan: “It is a good thing that we have some differences between us and we are from very different worlds; it gives us another perspective that makes us think differently from how we usually have and it gives us a different point of view of everything that we have known; our world, the people that live within it, everything and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.” Katara: “Thank you, guys. We appreciate you, too and we’re glad we have met you. You’ve taught us so much and we’re glad that you have learned so much from us, too.” Zuko: “Yeah, aside from all of the challenges that we have faced, we couldn’t be more proud to call you our friends.” Toph: “Oh, heck yeah, you guys are awesome. I’m so happy to have met people to whom I can be comfortable with being myself. When I’m with you guys, I can just let loose and be proud of who I am.” Aang: “I have to admit that we really have so much in common for being from different worlds. It’s so nice to meet people who understand what I go through as the Avatar. I feel like we’ve become kindred spirits. It makes me feel more normal than I’ve ever been.” Sokka: “Well, I guess you guys are alright. If my friends are happy to be around you, then I guess I can’t complain. I did get myself into this mess the second I decided to leave my cozy little world and get involved in all of these crazy, other worldly fights. I guess I could accept that this is what I have to go through, but I could do worse.” Suki: “Could this have been what Naminé had intended? Did she know that something like this would happen? Did she see something that we didn’t? I’m not sure, but even if she didn’t, I’m glad that everything worked out.”
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  11. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    OK, the Powerpuff Girls are a very interesting group of trainers. They are obviously very close to each other, so they would have Pokemon that closely resembles that. The first Pokemon that they do own are the first start Pokemon; Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur, to group them together. They each do have Pokemon that best represents them, as well. For Bubbles, a lot of her team consist of cute Pokemon because of how much she adores cute things. They are also very much like her in the sense that they are just as kind as her. Blossom's team consist of some Bug and Grass-types that represent her very well. She also has a number of Psychic-type to represent her being very intelligent. Buttercup's team consist of some cool Pokemon as well as a few tough fighters. There are also some sly Pokemon and a few Ghost-type, too, which goes with her ongoing knack for teasing her sisters. Despite their differences in personality and Pokemon team, the 3 girls stay together like always and they work very well as a team. Whenever they need to, they are able to pull their Pokemon together during Pokemon battles or other things. All and all, they make a fantastic team just like always.
  12. The next Star Fox game

    In truth, I'm hoping that Starfox GP isn't a real thing. It would be fun, no doubt of that at all, but the problem I see is that it probably wouldn't sell well. These days when people look at racing on Nintendo consoles, they'd probably just play Mario Kart. Considering SFGP sounds like a suped up/hybrid of F-Zero, we see what happened to that series. A Starfox spin-off would be great really, but I'm a little afraid that a spin off now would be similar to Metroid Federation Forces. In the future I'd love to see a spin off or SFGP, but I'd prefer we have a real return to the series and get a solid, well-selling game first.
  13. Powerful Harmony

    As soon as they stepped out, many of the battle droids “greeted” them with blasters pointed directly at them. Toph: “Oh, you whiny little stick figures again? Please, I can handle you guys easily.” Just then, the droids put down their weapons and stepped aside. Anakin: “Um…OK…this is…unexpected…” Sokka: “At least they’re not trying to kill us, this time. That’s good, right?” Anakin: “Um, no, Sokka! This means that our enemies are up to something and it’s usually something that is NOT good!” Ahsoka: “That uneasy feeling I’m having just got worse.” Soon enough, Count Dooku approached them. He seemed very calm and collective with his hand behind his back as he approached them. Dooku: “Ah, welcome, so good of all of you to have come.” Anakin: “Dooku! Never thought we would see you again this soon.” Dooku: “As always, you Jedi are so easy to draw out. Attack one of your own and you come running in to save the day again. And you remembered to bring the Benders with you.” Obi-wan: “To what to we owe this most unpleasant reunion, Count?” Dooku: “Oh, I just wanted to show my enemies, both old and new, a new special power that I have just recently received.” Katara: “New…power?” Dooku raised his hand; almost immediately, several different kinds of Heartless appeared everywhere. The entire group was greatly startled by this. Anakin: “What? You can control Heartless!?!” Sokka: “But! What!?! When!?! Where!?! How!?!” Katara: “No! This isn’t happening!!!” Ahsoka: “Is this even possible?” Zuko: “As much as I hate to say this, it is.” Aang: “We’ve come across several who are able to control and command Heartless at will.” Toph: “Too often it’s just a bunch of evil lowlifes that either want more power or have some sort of evil vendetta on their minds, or something else that’s real bad.” Suki: “It’s a terrifying ability and one that isn’t without consequence.” Obi-wan: “Yes, I can imagine that, Suki. The latter does not surprise me the least bit!” Ahsoka: “So, people often trade away their souls to control these terrible creatures?” Sokka: “Most likely yes.” Anakin: “Heh, I’m surprised that Dooku even had a soul to trade away.” Toph: “Oh, yeah, I couldn’t agree with you more, Ani.” Katara: “Alright, Dooku, tell us now, how it is that you were able to find out that you can control and command these Heartless?” Dooku: “Why, it’s quite simple, dear girl. I have just received a new ally that has informed me about these creatures and how it is that I could control them. With these magnificent dark creatures under my command, I will be able to have the galaxy under my firm grasp.” Obi-wan: “Of all the twisted, horrible, insane things that you have done, this is by far the worst one yet. Do you even know what these creatures are capable of?” Ahsoka: “He’s right! They have been causing tremendous damage to everything within our world and those damages can become severe enough to where they can destroy it.” Anakin: “Our friends’ worlds are already badly affected by these abominable creatures and they’re already at the brink of deteriorating.” Obi-wan: “If we were to allow these creatures to run rampant, then our world and everything in it will meet the same fate!” Dooku: “Hm, small price to pay for gaining absolute dominance over the entire galaxy.” Toph: “Are you serious!?!” Sokka: “What!?! But…that…you…you’re just…” Aang: “You’re completely insane!!” Zuko: “We will never let you get away with this!” Dooku: “Let’s see how you will stand against my Heartless army.” He signaled all of the Heartless to attack the group. Each of the members of the group pulled out their weapons and began fighting. With hoard after hoard rushing towards them, they fought them off one by one. All of them really had to work together to fight off all of the Heartless. After an extensive amount of time fighting, they were able to defeat every last Heartless. Anakin: “That’s the last of them! Now, let’s go after Dooku!” They rushed off towards the corridor.
  14. My Youtube Videos

    Technically it depends on what you're using their video for. To a certain extent some of it is covered by fair use. In general though its always best to send people a message. I do YouTube videos for and so far whenever I've reached out to another creator they've been very kind about allowing use of their content.
  15. Star Fox SNES on the RDP

    I tried Star Fox on the SupaBoy and noticed that the speed was a little off. Notice any of that on the Retro Duo? Granted even the SNES classic doesn't get it perfect but it would be nice to have something modern that could play it accurately.
  16. The next Star Fox game

    No part of the Grand Prix rumor ever mentioned it being an E3 thing. From what I remember it was projected as a 2019 game. I wouldn't right it off yet Beyond that I'd really like Nintendo to further develop the Star Fox 2 gameplay. Star Fox Command simplified it but I want a game that takes Star Fox 2 and goes even farther. Such an ambitious game and I think there is plenty of room for exploration within that design. (Also Starlink looks awesome and I'm super jazzed for it)
  17. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Now then, there is something that I would like to talk about regarding Pokemon. Let me start at the very beginning. I got into Pokemon when I was 9 years old. Ever since I first saw the show and played the very first game, I was really sucked into it, I loved it!! It was amazing. Turning 10 for me was really special because of the main character of the show being 10. I watched the series through the first series all the way through the Orange Islands. I then stopped watching around the time of Johto era. That was also the last of the main game that I have played for a long time. After I stopped watching the show, I kind of stopped getting involved with Pokemon to focus on other things, but I did hold on to Pokemon a bit. It has always been a part of my story and always will be. I didn't move on to the Hoenn series like I did with Johto, but I did incorporated those Pokemon into my story. That was really great. As for Sinnoh, I have been very hesitant about that for years. I, at the time, refused to give any of my character Pokemon from that generation and didn't think that I ever would. However, I did, but not immediately and not a lot with the main, main characters of the story. Around the time that Unova came around, I was slowly getting back into the series. I didn't fully incorporate it into the story and I am very hesitant with continuing with THAT story, but it's in there. However, when the Kalos generation came around, I became enamored with the new Pokemon type: the Fairy type. I have been into fairies since Kirby 64 and I am more than thrilled to incorporate that into the story. I have already been working on a story involving the Journey through the Kalos region, I even purchased Pokemon X, which was the first game of the main series that I have played in very long time. I used that game to help out with writing out a lot of the ideas for that story. I will have that out and ready soon. I will get started on the Pokemon list involving the next 3 generations of Pokemon. I will not be including Alola into my story as that is...most likely a work in progress that I have yet to really focus on. Also, Kalos is one of my biggest loves, so I will focus on THAT a lot. I will talk more about this soon. So, until then, see ya.
  18. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    There are other characters in my story that are Pokemon trainers, too. Don't forget that Mario was one of the Super Smash Gym Leaders. Even though those days are done, these people still grow as trainers. They have obtained new Pokemon and continue to get stronger. I have a list of Pokemon owned by Peach, Daisy and Rayman's friends, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. Here are the list of their Pokemon from in first 3 Generations: Mario Luigi Yoshi There will be more on this soon.
  19. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    As I have mentioned before, these 3 are a team and they are inseparable. Their Pokemon have demonstrated the bonds that the 3 of them share with each other. Here of the pair ups that I have listed: And now for the threesomes: There will be more from the next 3 Generations of Pokemon. For the moment, I will mention the first 3 because I've had a very tough time transitioning to the next ones. I will talk more about this real soon.
  20. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Now, on to Rayman, everyone's favorite limbless creature. I have a selection of Pokemon that are weird, much like his different features. There is Haunter, his main Pokemon, to match his floating and detached hands, other Pokemon with bizarre features, such as Porygon, Girafarig, Pineco, Numel and Shedinja. There are plenty that go along with some of his cool features, but I will get into that whenever I can. Most of his Pokemon come from those that match up with the Pokemon that Peach and Daisy have to represent the strong bonds that he has with them; mostly with Peach. Very rarely are this trio ever seen without one another as they are mainly seen alongside each other as a group. Whenever they battle with their Pokemon, they are very often seen battling in a group. They are indeed a very formidable team that work with each other very, very well. In my story, they are inseparable and as Pokemon trainers, they and their Pokemon fight well together and they always work as a team. I will talk more about this very soon.
  21. The Banned Game!

    Banned because the last post in this was almost 6 months ago
  22. Hello, I'm here!

    to the site. Consider joining the Official Discord while you're here. I had to remove your signature, for the record. SF-O doesn't allow advertising.
  23. Powerful Harmony

    They kept looking out at it as they flew towards it at great speed. Aang: “Whoa, it looks like it’s seriously being pummeled.” Suddenly, they were bombarded. Toph: “Whoa! What’s going on!?!” Anakin: “We’re being attacked by a Separatist fleet!” They looked out and spotted several Separatist ships directly outside. Obi-wan: “Blast! I didn’t expect there to be so many of them!” Ahsoka: “What should we do, Masters?” As they looked out, they spotted one of the Separatist frigates. Anakin: “There! I’m sensing something very strong in that vessel!” Obi-wan: “Yes, I sense it, too. That might be the command ship of this Separatist fleet.” Zuko: “Are you guys planning on heading towards that ship?” Obi-wan: “Of course, if we could take out this one, then it should be able to cripple the rest of the fleet.” Zuko: “Makes sense, actually.” Katara: “Let’s do it!” Anakin: “Right!” Obi-wan: “Everyone, engage the enemy fleet and gun them down. The rest of us are heading for that frigate.” The Benders, Sokka, Suki and the Jedi left the bridge. They boarded a smaller cruiser and make their way towards the Separatist frigate as the cruiser engaged the enemy fleet along with several other Republic cruisers. Along the way, the Jedi began to feel uneasy. Obi-wan: “Oh…I seem to be picking up on an…unusual feeling within that ship.” Anakin: “I sense it, too, Master. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it one bit.” Ahsoka: “Yeah, neither do I; it feels ominous. I’m…kind of scared.” Anakin: “So am I, Ahsoka.” Aang: “The Jedi seem worried about something.” Sokka: “That’s not good, if those Jedi guys are worried about something, then I’m even more worried!” Suki: “Your worrying does not help anyone, Sokka.” Sokka: “I know, but I can’t help it!” Toph: “You know what? I’m worried, too. Obi-wan seems…very uneasy and a bit frightened about something, I have a bad feeling about this.” Katara: “This isn’t good. I don’t know what to expect, but I can already tell that it’s going to be something awful.” Everyone sat by, there were very concerned about something. They were eventually able to arrive within the Separatist frigate. They landed in the cargo bay. Anakin: “Hm, we seemed to have arrived here too easily.” Obi-wan: “I know, many of the other ships didn’t even bother to try and stop us.” Anakin: “Oh, great, now I’m even more worried.” Ahsoka: “Masters, that strange feeling…it’s much more potent in here.” Obi-wan: “Yes, I’ve noticed that, too, Ahsoka. Something is definitely not right here.” Anakin: “Well, whatever it is, we won’t do anything about it unless we step out and take action.” Sokka: “Um…are you sure that’s such a good idea? You Jedi guys are scaring me with your talks of bizarre feelings and not liking them.” Zuko: “Well, there is nothing else for us to do but to step off of this small shuttle and find out what we’re dealing with.” Katara: “Zuko’s right. It’s no use just staying here. We have to get going.” Toph: “Sure, I’m ready to take on whatever is out there.” Aang: “Same here.” Suki: “Let’s go, then, everyone.” Everyone stepped out of the small shuttle, Sokka stood by, quivering for a brief moment. Sokka: “Um…OK…w-wait up, guys!”
  24. The next Star Fox game

    I guess Grand Prix was just a rumor. Personally I didn't see it working out. However, after seeing the Arwing gameplay in Starlink for Switch, I'm hoping the next Star Fox takes a bit more of Starlink's direction, even if it doesn't become fully open-world.
  25. Star Fox SNES on the RDP

    I really enjoy playing Star Fox on the Retro Duo Portable! For those who don't know there exists a handheld Super NES known as Retro Duo, and it plays Star Fox effortlessly. I can play it outside! The battery life is cool too.
  26. The next Star Fox game

    With E3 having gone by and no mention of Star Fox: Grand Prix what does everyone think the next game will be like? Will there even be a next game? We all know about the Arwing in Starlink, but aside from that, was Grand Prix just a rumor? And what will become of the franchise as a whole?
  27. My Youtube Videos

    I think it's usually ok but you need to give credit where its due, like if you have content from another video give thanks to the original creator in the vid or acknowledge them. It's not always the best idea though there are exceptions, many times Youtube Poops for example use lots of things from different youtube videos.
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