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  2. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    OK, it's time to continue the story of Naruto. So, here's the thing: there are 2 parts to US3. The first part involves rescuing some worlds from the Rifter along with seeking out the different members of the Descendants of Darkness and eradicating their leader [insert real name of DoD leader here]. The second part of the story involving a very...interesting plot. It all started with the mystic beings sensing out an unusual Dark energy and the main characters were called out to find where it was coming from. They were able to receive intel that it was coming from a dimension that the characters knew all to well: the Dimension of the Jutsu Shinobi; Naruto home world. The main characters decided gather the members of the Woofoo Alliance and fulfill a promise that they made to their friends within the dimension. They are also joined by Wolf and his cousins Vivian and Elyon. Both girls were more than interested in joining the alliance while Wolf...just wanted no part in it but was willing to fight alongside the heroes. This is something that will most certainly further the plot in my story. Even more so, something happens to one of the characters; something, very, very important.
  3. StarFoxFanGurl

    But anyway, how is everyone?

    Missed anything important here?

    Feel bad not being on here much.

  4. StarFoxFanGurl

    Well hello again. Remember the convention I was gonna go to?

    Yeah. It’s more likely I won’t be able to go anymore.

    So many things came up and work is cutting my time. Not getting enough money.

    So yeah... Really thought I’ll be able to go this year, just wasn’t prepared.

    Oh well. I’m used to it.

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  6. Nintendo’s Labo is so creative it might work

    I like how Nintendo is taking a risk with such a creative and unique idea. It may actually work.
  7. What are you jamming to?

    Great song by The Who. Definitely a classic!
  8. The R.I.P thread

    It was indeed unexpected and devastating. LP is my favorite band as well.
  9. Starfox: Event Horizon

    For anyone still floating around, some more obscure characters and nameless soldiers and captains:
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  11. The R.I.P thread

    That's awful. I wonder what sort of torment he was going through. Mary Kay Bergman had Severe Anxiety Disorder. She took her own life back in 1999.
  12. you know the fandom is on its last legs when even the Krystal wankers have zipped it back up
  13. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    I just have to continue talking about my story. I can't hold back any longer I so badly want to go into talking about the spinoff that I can't talk about yet. I understand that US3 is confusing to understand, but remember that I'm holding back on a lot and mentioning those ideas might either be too overwhelming or too much spoiler material. So, I'm just going to cut straight to the point. Bear with me, please. There was an idea in the story that I expressed in a particular way in which I felt like I had to. Some of the things that were happening in this show have a very, very deep meaning that involves a very important plot to the story, which involves the Dark Wielders. In the story, the heroes of US3, the Woofoo Alliance, challenged several members of the Descendants of Darkness to a battle. If they were to lose the battle, they would be sent away to another dimension that was most likely swallowed up during the Rifter with no means of escaping it. Of course, they lost the fight and were sent away to another dimension. That dimension was the Dimension of the Jutsu Shinobi, aka Naruto's dimension. Upon being sent to that dimension, the groups were separated based on their elemental abilities. Fox, Toph and Clay were thrown into the village hidden amongst the rocks Misty, Katara and Omi were thrown into the village hidden in the mist Krystal, Aang and Raymundo thrown into the village hidden in the sand Falco, Zuko and Kimiko, of course, wounded up in the village hidden in the leaves Yin, Yang and their friend, who is known as the Woofoo Alchemist, wound up in the village hidden in the clouds With no way to exit the dimension before the Rifter commences and swallows them with the dimension. Along the way, they met a number of the settlers within the dimension. Of course, they were protrayed as "demons" by a lot of the people, but they did meet a few that they developed close affiliations with. Falco, Zuko and Kimiko met Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura and they became close to them. Zuko developed sympathy towards Naruto for what he had been through and they developed a bond. Falco and Sasuke became close based on their own personalities. Kimiko and Sakura developed a bond through their vicious tempers in their own...special way. All of the main characters took on the appearances of very young kids; back when they were very vulnerable. During Krystal and her group's trip in the village hidden in the sand, they met Gaara. She was startled upon finding out about what he had, but became very compassionate towards him for his turmoil and developed a bond with him. The people of the village immediately took a strong contempt, which was greatly intensified for Krystal's compassion towards Gaara. She lashed out at the people for their lack of compassion and their cold-hearted demeanor towards Gaara, which enraged them even more. The group fled as the villagers retaliated with Gaara, who thanked Krystal for helping him. She seemed quite happy to do it. During some events that I have yet to think up, the groups were able to reunite. When they did, they all discussed a suspicion of the dimension being incredibly dark and gloomy which was unusual since they had never experienced anything this bad in the other dimensions that they have visited before. The DoDs came to them to reveal that the dimension itself was one out of a few that they have extracted during the Rifter so that they could keep feeding off of the people despair and misery, as the dark energy from them was a form of delicacy. They even reverted the dimension to its most dismal state and kept it that way in order to feed off of it continuously. The group was sent to this dimension after they lost because the DoDs felt that forcing them to endure endless torment from hatred and despair was worse than obliteration. Even more so, it was found out that the DoDs had cheated during their battle, which the group knew that they would, so they devised an escape plan and utilized it to escape from the dimension. However, they promised their new friends that they will return to save them and their world from their eternal despair. The US3 after-story takes place in this dimension where they returned to carry out the promise that they had kept. There will be more on that later. As for the other ideas that I haven't gotten into? Don't worry, I will, sooner or later. But know that I WILL get to them. That is a promise!!!!
  14. fanfictiondreamer

    Finally, my left eye stopped twitching!!! is broken. Oh, brother....

  15. The Stay on Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 6-Another Secret Finally Revealed The others were still silent. Suddenly, Princess Peach saw Fox walking back towards them. Peach: “Hey, everyone! Fox is coming back.” Everyone around her opened her eyes and were excited to see their friend returning. Slippy: “Fox!” Fox: “Hey, guys, what’s up?” Slippy: “Nothing much!” Falco: “Glad to see you’re in a better mood, Fox.” Fox: “You know it; I feel much better. Now then, how are the girls doing?” Krystal: “Fine, thank you, I can see you have come to your senses, little brother.” Fox: “Of, course and I’m glad to see you finally back on your feet.” Krystal: “Well, yes! How about that?” Slippy: “All right, that means we can go home!” Bubbles: “(Groan) Already?” Fox: “Well, maybe we could stay, just for one more night.” Slippy: “Oh, sure!” Misty: “Ok, then.” Falco: “Fine by me.” Just then they heard shouting from the others that they have left back at Cape Claw. Falco: “About time! What took you guys so long?” Prof. Oak: “I must apologize, but you guys took off so suddenly and I had no idea what was happening.” Fox: “No need to apologize, Professor. Everything is under control.” D.W.: “But what happened? I was on my laptop and the next thing I knew, you were all gone.” Falco: “Ah, nothing unusual, we just returned to check on Fox’s sister, that’s all.” D.W.: “Really? I never knew! Wait a minute; I didn’t know you had a sister, Fox!” Fox: “Me, neither. We all didn’t, except for Peppy.” Gary: “Oh, great, just what we need; another annoying fox.” Ribbon: “Gary!” Peach: “There was a bit of an uproar but everything is calm now.” Prof. Oak: “Well, thank the stars.” Bow: “My, my, what an unexpected surprise.” Fox: “Yeah, I know.” Just then, Peach had a thought. Peach: “Of, course, why have I not thought of this sooner?” She then walked up to the Professor. Peach: “Professor, may I borrow you for a minute?” Prof. Oak: “Well, sure, Peach, but why?” Peach: “Oh…you’ll see.” More to come (Hopefully before too long)
  16. The R.I.P thread

    Well, he was found dead in his home back in July of last year. He hung himself. Don't think anyone saw it coming.
  17. The R.I.P thread

    Oh, no, how did this happen?
  18. fanfictiondreamer

    My left eye has been twitching for a few days now. I'm wearing my sleeping mask over it to relax the muscle. It's hard to play games with 1 eye cover. I wonder how Kakashi Sensei goes through life with his headband over his left eye.

  19. StarFoxFanGurl

    Wow. Gonna be attending an anime convention again. Late March. (Unless plan get jacked up and end up not being able to go.) It have been years since I have been to one.

    Gonna try to cosplay too for the first time.

    Trying to do Fox McCloud. ^^ 

    1. Fookes


      That's awesome! I hope you have fun at the convention! :D

    2. StarFoxFanGurl


      @Fookes Thanks. ^^

  20. fanfictiondreamer

    Stronger than yesterday!!

  21. History of Starfox fandom

    Mouth Off was like the og very first Star Fox fansite/community.
  22. I mean if humans can imagine fantastic creatures surely Lylatians can too?
  23. The Stay on Dinosaur Planet

    Chapter 5-Krystal’s Secret One day, Fox, Misty, and Bubbles decided that they wanted to check on Krystal. On that day, Krystal had enough energy to sit up, but she was a little weak. Adeleine gave her something to eat to help regain her energy. Judging from how much energy she lost, she ate as many plates of food as a certain cute, pure-hearted Saiyan we all know and love. After she was finished eating, Fox left to wash off the plates at the river. Adeleine left to help out Fox along with Misty’s pouch. Krystal: “Hopefully, the dishes will keep him busy.” Misty: “What do you mean by that, Krystal?” Krystal: “Girls…there’s something that I need to tell you, but you must promise to not repeat it to Fox. It’s something that I have to tell him myself.” Misty: “Uh, sure thing, Krystal! Now, what is it that you want to tell us?” Krystal: “Girls…I…am Fox’s…older sister.” Misty and Bubbles were silent for a while. Misty seemed to be a loss of words for that brief period of time. Krystal: “Misty…you are able to tell that I am honest, can you?” Misty still remained silent for a time. She still seemed startled from what she heard. Misty: “Yes…I…I can sense that you are…sincere…I just…can’t believe…that…I mean I never…” Bubbles: “Oh, my gosh! Is this really true!?!” Krystal nodded. Misty: “But…how did…how is…I…tell me everything about what happened to you? Why did you become separated from Fox? Why do you have different fur color them him? How come none of us knew about this?” Krystal: “Well, allow to tell you my sad story.” She paused for a bit before she began to tell her story. Krystal: “It all started many years ago. I was born in a nice family from a peaceful world. Fox came in a few years after me and I loved him more than any other sister would. I always promised I would do anything for my baby brother. Sometimes mother and father would take us to the park and we would play hide and seek until one of us passes out.” Krystal giggled a little before she sulked. Krystal: “Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long. One day, something terrible happened. A massive weapon was unleashed on our peaceful planet by a mad scientist. Many of our major cities were destroyed. It became the dark cloud that changed my life forever.” Both Misty and Bubbles let out startled gasps. Misty, Bubbles: “Andross!” Krystal: “Many of our people were killed. Some evacuated. I, along with my mother, was amongst those evacuees. We would return to Corneria soon as my father destroyed Andross. I was so hopeful that he would, but…when we received word that my father fell and Andross continued on, my mother soon realized that it was too dangerous to be anywhere near Corneria. So we flew away from our home world and I was taken away from my little brother. We flew to Cerinia where we would hide from our enemy until he was destroyed.” Misty: “Was that where your fur color became blue?” Krystal: “Yes, exactly. You see, Cerinia, despite its…primitive style of clothing, have advanced technology far beyond several other worlds. They can change our genetics, thereby giving us different color of fur.” Bubbles: “So, that explains the blue fur.” Krystal giggled a little as a tiny smile appeared on her face. Krystal: “Exactly, little one.” She then went back to sulking. Krystal: “My mother then decided to have us live in a part of the planet in which the style of clothing that I wore was quite common. Cerinia was a unique world. Some parts of it consisted of an advanced civilization while other parted preferred a much more…simpler lifestyle; one that is free of all forms of technology. She thought we would be much more difficult to find.” Her sulking grew even more. Tears began to pour from her eyes. Krystal: “Because of Andross, I had to live the remainder of my childhood in rags, misery, desire to return to my brother and a rock for a name.” She then sobbed once. Krystal: “I hated it!” Bubbles:” You mean your name’s not Krystal?” Krystal:” No, my real name is actually Vixen McCloud.” Misty: “Oh my stars! I had no iead! I’m so sorry, Krystal, er, I mean, uh, Vixen.” Krystal: “Please, call me Krystal. I have no use for my real name anymore…” Misty: “Are you sure?” Krystal nodded with her eyes closed. Misty: “Well…OK. But, really, I’m so sorry for everything that you’ve been through. That must have terrible.” Krystal: “It was…but if anything, I’m just so glad to see my brother again.” Misty: “But how was it you got here to Dinosaur Planet? Also, where is your mother?” Krystal: “Well…it was when Cerinia was close to its destruction. I was the only one who was able to escape the planet before then. Mother, on the other hand…I couldn’t save her, but she did make me promise to find my brother and tell him about everything. I have spent many years trying to find him, but…I was so young when I left him, I did not even know how to find my way home. I have been lost for these past several years. I was hopelessly lost, but then, one night, I received a vision in a dream from my ancestor that I would find my brother within a world broken up. When I received a distress message from Dinosaur Planet and arrived on this planet, I knew I would find him. Now that I have…I…I have to tell him…who I am…but…” She hesitated for a bit before she spoke again. Krystal: “I…I don’t know if I…don’t know how I could…bring it up. I know that he would be shocked or even…” She remained hesitant for a bit. Misty: “You‘re going to tell him, Krystal.” Krystal seemed startled. Krystal: “Huh! What? But…I…don’t know if I can…” Misty: “You have been searching a really long time for him, right?” Krystal: “Well…” Misty: “You should tell him as soon as he gets back.” Krystal: “But I…I…I’m nervous…we‘ve been separated for so long.” Misty: “I understand that you’re afraid of how he’ll react. Believe me, I know fear, but you have to stand up to them and tell him who you are. You’ve waited too long for this and besides, you made a promise to your mother. Do you really want to let her down?” There was a brief moment in which she had a flashback of the last time she saw her mother. After the flash back, she slowly shook her head. Misty: “Exactly! Do it for your mother, but more importantly: do it for yourself. You really have been waiting too long for this and now is the time to go for it.” Krystal paused for a brief moment as she let out a petite smile. Krystal: “You’re right. I need to get this over it and I will. Thank you, Misty. I’m so glad that we had this talk and I’m so glad that I have told my story to you.” Misty closed her eyes as she smiled at Krystal. Misty: “No problem. You know something? I believe that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.” Krystal: “I couldn’t agree more.” Both girls started laughing. At that time, Slippy, Peach and Rayman were listening in. Slippy: “Princess Peach, did you hear that?” Peach: “I did! Fox has a sister? I feel awful.” Rayman: [”Man, I bet Fox would feel devastated after hearing the end of this story. Listen, Princess Peach, I know it’s hard to resist the temptation, but you must not tell him everything that we have heard.”] Peach: “Well, it may not be easy but I’ll try. Now I feel sorry for him a lot more than ever.” Slippy: “Oh, brother, Peach.” Fox: “Hey, guys!” Slippy, Peach and Rayman became started. Peach: “Oh, h-hi, Fox! Nice to s-see you.” Fox: “Man, can you believe that Krystal? See ate more dishes than Goku.” Peach: “Uh, yeah, how interesting.” Slippy: “We heard nothing!” Rayman: [“They didn’t say anything. Trust me, I know they didn’t.”] Fox: “Are you guys feeling Ok? You look like Lady Bow just frightened you again.” Slippy: “Uh, don’t worry about us, we’re totally fine.” Peach: “Uh, yeah, we need to go somewhere! Come on, boys.” Rayman: [“Good bye, Fox! Good luck in there!”] Slippy, Peach and Rayman took off in a panicking sort of fashion. Adeleine: “Boy, are those guys weird or what?” Fox: “Tell me about it.” Fox returned into the chamber with Adeleine and the dishes in the pouch. Fox: “Hey, girls! Hey, Krystal, how are you doing?” Krystal: “I’m fine, but where are the dishes?” Fox: “Their back in the pouch. Let’s just say Misty’s has more than enough room in there.” Krystal: “Oh, I see.” Fox: “So, tell me, how did a beautiful vixen like yourself come across such a bizarre, enchanted planet like this one?” Misty and Bubbles made weird expressions on their faces and looks towards each other. Krystal: “Well, as far as I can remember, it all started when I was searching all over the Lylat System for my brother. I received a distress message that led me to this world. When I landed on its surface, the first thing I did was hitching a ride on the back of a Cloudrunner. I rode through a dark and desolate storm. Suddenly, two giant fireballs hurtled towards me. I was able to dodge the first one, but the second one hit me and knocked my staff out of my hand.” Just then, Bubbles received second thoughts and pulled out Fox’s staff. Fox: “Hey!” Bubbles: “I believe you dropped this.” Fox: “Bubbles!” Krystal: “Hey, that’s it, that’s my staff! Where did you find it?” Bubbles: “It was sticking out of the ground when we first landed here. Now then, as you were saying.” Krystal: “Oh, right, then a giant floating ship came out of nowhere. So, we…” Misty: “G-giant floating s-ship?” Krystal: “Yes, that’s what I said. Anything wrong?” Fox: “I must apologize, Krystal, an old enemy of Misty’s use to own a giant floating ship; he was a terrible enemy of hers.” Krystal: “No problem, now then, we battled the ship until I was able to get on board. There, I met General Scales.” Bubbles: “No way!” Krystal: “Way. He called himself ruler, tyrant and dictator of Dinosaur Planet. I told him that he was the evil general, but he told me that he wasn’t evil, just misunderstood.” Fox: “Heh! Did he really think he could fool anyone with something that lame?” Krystal: “I know; I was never fooled. When I told him about the distress message, he told me that the whole world was in distress. He said that he ruled over the planet with fear or else the tribes would oppose him.” Fox: “Huh! That sounds like General Scales, alright.” Misty: “That cold-hearted reptile!” Krystal: “As I was about to fight him, he threw me off his ship.” Bubbles let out a huge gasp. Bubbles: “Oh, no!” Krystal: “But, luckily, I was saved by the Cloudrunner and we left to find the source of the distress message.” Bubbles: “Well, that was close!” Misty: “Where did you go, next?” Krystal: “I arrived at my last destination, the KrazoaPalace. I searched through the palace until I found a dying Earthwalker who told me about the Krazoa Spirits; how their mystical energy could save this entire planet. I then entered the first shrine and collected its spirit.” Fox: “So, you were the one who collected and released the first Krazoa Spirit.” Krystal: “That’s right, however my journey ended their when a dark figure from out of nowhere pushed in into a stream of light and trapped me within a giant crystal chamber. And that was where I was rescued by you guys.” Misty: “Oh, my stars!” Fox: “The spirits we released is what caused you to faint. But don’t worry, you should be back to full health soon enough. You’ll be back looking for your brother in no time.” Krystal: “Thank you, Fox, that is mighty nice of you, but that won’t be necessary. For, you see, I already find my brother.” Fox: “You did? That’s great! Now, who is he?” Krystal looked towards Misty and Bubbles. Bubbles nodded once as Misty gave the thumbs up. Krystal nodded once and looked back at Fox. Krystal: “Well…my brother…” She paused. Fox: “Yes?” Krystal: “My brother… is…” She paused again. Fox: “I’m listening!” Krystal: “My brother…is you!” Fox was greatly startled to hear this. Fox: “WHAT!?!” Meanwhile, everyone else was seen relaxing on the beaches of Cape Claw. Peach: “Guys!” Falco: “Hm?” Peach, Rayman and Slippy were seen running towards the others. Peach: “Guys, you’re not going to believe this! the vixen we rescued at Krazoa Palace? She said that she’s Fox’s sister!” Falco:” That’s ridiculous! Fox doesn’t have a sister.” Rayman: [“He does! We heard it with our own ears. I’m telling you, Fox really does have a sister.”] Peppy: “Oh, dear, tell me, where did you here this?” Slippy: “Follow us and you’ll find out soon.” Peppy and Falco followed Slippy, Peach and Rayman back to the hollow. Back at Thorntail Hollow, Fox was still shocked over what he just heard from Krystal. Fox: “No! There’s no way that I’m your brother, because A: I’m an only child, B: We haven’t met before, and C…” Krystal: “Fox, I understand you don’t believe me. You were still a baby when we were separated.” Fox: “I’m not listening!” Misty: “Fox, please, listen to her. She’s telling the truth!” Fox: “Stay out of this, Misty!” Bubbles: “Fox, please, you have to listen to us.” Fox: “Bubbles, you, too?” Bubbles: “Krystal spent many years searching for you. Please don’t let her efforts go to waste.” Fox: “Don’t do this to me!” Krystal: “Fox, you have to believe me! I loved you like no other older sister could. I never knew you were so stubborn.” Fox: “Shut up, all of you! I don’t believe a single word you’re saying. I don’t have a sister! Enough is enough!” Krystal: “But, Fox…” Fox: “No more!” Krystal soon realized that she couldn’t convince him anymore. Fox: “If I did have a sister, Peppy would have told that. I don’t think he would hide anything like that from me.” The girls were silent and looked at each other. Bubbles: “I hate to admit it, but he’s right.” Krystal: “But you girls still believe me, don’t you?” Misty: “Of, course, we do, Krystal. I just wish Fox did.” Peach: “Here, guys. This is the exact place where we heard it.” Bubbles: “Huh?” Misty: “What?” Before they knew it, the others were standing in the chamber with them. Peppy: “Oh, my stars! I…don’t…believe it.” Peppy slowly walked toward Krystal. Falco: “Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on?” Slippy, Peach: “Shhhhhh!” Fox:” Yeah, I agree. What is going on here?” Peppy: “Fox, there’s something I need to tell you.” Fox: “Let me guess, Krystal’s my sister?” Peppy: “How did you know?” Krystal: “I told him.” Fox: “Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that you knew I had a sister this whole time?” Peppy: “That’s right, Fox.” Fox: “And you never even bothered to tell me. Why!?!” Peppy: “It’s because I promised your father never to tell you about your sister until she returned.” Krystal: “Fox, I’ve waited a long time to see you again. You were born to a wonderful family, but a powerful enemy destroyed all of that. He is the same enemy that you have already destroyed twice. Mother and I evacuated while you and father stayed behind. We stayed on Cerinia where I was forced to change my name and identity. Everything was taken away from me except for my memories and feelings for you. I left Cerinia to look for you just as it came close to its doom. I made a promise to our dying mother to find you and tell you everything. I refuse to let my efforts be in vain. After all of these years, this day has finally come! I’ve missed you much, baby brother.” Fox: “So…you were right all along.” Krystal: “Yes! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Fox: “And you mean to tell me that Andross did this to you?” Krystal: “That’s right.” Peppy: “Andross has caused far more damage than you can ever imagine.” Misty: “Fox…are you OK?” Fox: “I…I need to be alone.” Fox left the chamber and walked to the other side of the hollow. Peach: “Fox, wait!” Peach chased after him, but Falco held her back. Falco: “No, Peach, let him go, you know how he is when he’s upset.” Peach:” Yes, I know, but…” She watched as Fox kept walking on. Peach:” Oh, poor Fox. I just hope what we did didn’t hurt him.” Peppy: “No, Peach, you did the right thing.” Misty: “If you guys hadn’t come, he still would have never believed us. It’s just that this news took a lot out of him.” Krystal: “This whole thing was just too much for him to endure and he needs some time to take it all in.” Tricky: “Don’t sweat it, you guys. Besides, if we’re lucky, he’ll be back within a few hours, right, Bubbles?” Bubbles: “I…don’t know, Tricky. I…just don’t know anymore.” Misty: “Maybe we should check on him, to…um…see how he’s doing.” Falco: “Nobody’s checking on him. You heard the man; he’s needs to be alone!” Peach: “Oh…Fox.” Later on, Beauty grew restless and decided to find Fox and keep him company for a while. She found him still sulking over what he has been told. Fox: “I…I can’t believe the old timer would do this to me. Of all he’s done for me, I can’t believe he never told me about my sister. And why? I know he made a promise to my father to not tell me, but…why would my father not want me to…know that…I had a sister? Father, what were you thinking? How could you do this to me? I always thought you were…oh, who am I kidding? I can see now why he never told me. I guess I was just too stubborn to accept the truth. Heh, I guess I had that coming. You were just scared that something like this, like what I am doing now, would happen to me, right? Father?” He let out a saddened sight. Just then, he spotted Beauty, sitting right in front of him. Fox: “Beauty? what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be back with your brother?” She stared at him and did nothing else but look cute. Fox: “Oh, yeah, that’s right; you can’t understand what I’m saying. Not, yet, anyway.” She then walked towards him and laid down right next to him. Fox placed his hand on her and stroked her as he rambled on. Fox: “You know, there have been many unpredictable things that have occurred in my life. Some were good and some were bad. Some were many things that could live without; others were what turned out to be just what needed to get through all the difficult obstacles. And of all the many surprises of life, I never would have suspected that I would have a sister; a sister that nobody told me about; not to mention those that I trusted since I was still just a toddler. But who said life isn’t full of surprises? Me? No way! But, despite everything that has happened to me I always have my friends to be there for me when I needed them the most. That’s because when things for me, they never let me down; especially not Misty. Man, she has done so much for me when things weren’t going well; never once has she backed down or gave up on me. And…I was the same for her. Hey, I think I’m starting to feel better now. Maybe I should return to my friends now. What do you say about that, Beauty?” Suddenly, Beauty got herself up and ran back to the others immediately. Fox just laughed as he watched her run off. Fox: “I guess she was in a hurry.”
  24. Goofy is a dog, Pluto is a dog, but Pluto is a pet and Goofy has a job and a house. I think it's just something the designers didn't really care enough to address when they designed it, and Nintendo didn't think about it, or also didn't really care enough to address.
  25. The R.I.P thread

    The passing of a titan...
  26. The R.I.P thread

    Stephen Hawking has died March 13, 2018 One of the greatest people in human history has left us, a terrible loss.
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  28. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    During the final chapter of US3, the main characters, alongside every all of the heroes that they have met and had joined forces with them, faced the greatest evil that they had encountered: the leader of the Descendants of Darkness [insert real name of DoD leader here]. The final battle itself consisted of the greatest evil they have encountered being far too overpowered to be defeated. What's worse is a lot of the members of the DoDs came before them to greatly decrease that chance. With all seeming hopeless, 3 characters made an unexpected appearance before the ancestor of DoDs [insert real name of DoD leader here]. Those characters consist of Elyon Brown, a young magical girl that Fox had met and befriended, the young Shadow Siren, Vivian, whom the main characters have encountered before and made a very friendly acquaintance with and the most surprising character of all: Wolf O'Donnell (he takes on the same appearance as the Starfox Assault incarnation). Oh, it gets really crazy from here, people. It is revealed that Wolf is a member of the Descendants of Darkness but unlike his twisted cousins, he had no desire to destroy his own world and even attempted to prevent the Rifter. However, his ancestor [insert real name of DoD leader here] tricked him into carrying out a key action into releasing the Shaman Emperor from the Shadow Realm and bringing forth the Rifter. Wolf vowed revenge against his ancestor for tricking him by destroying [insert real gender of DoD leader here] and he intended to do that with the help of Elyon. He then joined forces with the main characters, the other heroes that came together since the start of US3 and Elyon and Vivian, who are revealed to be Wolf's other cousins, they were able to utilize the powers of both Darkness and Light to defeat [insert real name of DoD leader here] and the rest of the Descendants of Darkness once and for all. As it is revealed, the Light is an incredibly powerful form of magic, but it can defeat evil alone. Turns out that some forms of Darkness aren't and in order to overpower evil magic, Light magic must be used alongside Dark magic in order to defeat the forces of evil. I believe that I hinted that when I mentioned a certain someone with powers over Light and Dark. Anyone managed to figure out who it was? Come on, I gave out a few hints to the identity of this unique individual. Someone should have figured it out by now. I will reveal more about some of these characters soon enough.
  29. To me the franchise was dying a slow death ever since Adventures. I don't think it was because of Krystal, Shigeru Miyamoto has a tree named incompetence up his ass.
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