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    Hey, it's been awhile. Popping in to see how everything is going.

  4. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    banned for posting that on my birthday
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    I finally did something that I've always wanted to do. I've started a list of sorts of the characters that I've been having this experience with. It can be found right here:'s_Showitious This makes me very happy to get this out in the open. It feels like I'm actually seeing this issue right in front of me rather than just inside my head. It feels so vidicating, like I'm putting so much of my burdens out there for everyone to see.
  8. fanfictiondreamer


    So, I've been starting this new series of vids involving me commentating Emile's LPs. I was nervous about it because I've been worried about it being something that may make me creepy. Here's the start of the series that I'm doing: I hope that this is OK for me to do.
  9. AvaikaofStarfox

    The Banned Game!

    Banned because YOU live. XP
  10. fanfictiondreamer


    So, I made these after finding this Inkling model website. Let's start with: My Inkling model (Not my real hair and eye colors) That is followed by: Emile aka Chuggaaconroy. And then, we have: MasaeAnela. So, what do you guys think?
  11. Kurt

    The Banned Game!

    Banned because I live
  12. hoo


    I'm not going to lie, I miss this place a lot. Seeing it this empty just feels really depressing. All good things must go away eventually.

    1. OneUnder


      There are dozens of us that still visit.  DOZENS!

    2. Terramax


      Not enough Star Fox games being made, that is why, damnit!

  13. specifically the orchestral arrangements as heard in the anniversary concerts/symphonies and Symphony of the Goddesses Ganondorf boss theme from "Wind waker". as heard here. skip to 7:34 The Boss medley Some of the Dungeon Themes, especially Temple theme from "The Adventure of Link" as heard heard here. skip to 6:05 for the music. Some themes from Link's Awakening Some themes from "A Link to the Past" Gerudo valley theme Ballad of the goddesses
  14. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    Welp, I haven't posted vids on here for a long time, so, I think I'll post some here and there. Here's the next one:
  15. The Undying Nephalim

    Starfox: Event Horizon

    Taahh dahhh, for any of the ghosts in here
  16. Rusakov

    Massless particles and gravity

    The bending of space-time is itself gravity. Gravity is the warping of space-time by objects with mass.
  17. Terramax

    The mysterious assassin

    Nice to see someone take the time to write something like this. Not sure what else to say though. Keep at it, I guess.
  18. The Undying Nephalim

    Starfox: Event Horizon

    After messing with APNGs the other day I sort of had an epiphany: Since animated joints are not really possible in Freepspace 2 it kind of put an end to me portraying large armies duking it out on the ground. Buuuutttt I can kind of have it halfway using animated sprites in the background. Naturally this has all sorts of other applications, like having animated sprites for fleets battling to make the scale of conflicts look larger without the framerate crashing.
  19. The Undying Nephalim

    Starfox: Event Horizon

    I'm so sorry it took this long to finish all of these:
  20. OneUnder

    Img War

  21. Quadroline

    Img War

    >2017 yep that should be right ***BUMP***
  22. starfoxfan84

    The mysterious assassin

    This is a sample of a planned Star Fox story playing after Assault, involving a mysterious panther assassin and known as the 'Fang' who crosses paths with the Star Fox team. After Krystal is attacked and wounded by the Fang, Fox engages the assassin... "You son of a..." Fox shouted and aimed his blaster towards his feline opponent. But before he could pull the trigger, the Fang unsheathed his sword and sliced through Fox's blaster in one move. The vulpine was too shocked to react, so the panther took advantage and planted his left fist into Fox's stomach. "Uaargh!" gritted his teeth due to the punch, though his well trained abs absorbed a good part of the force. After a second to recover, he counterattacked and punched the assailant in the face in return, followed by a swift roundhouse kick which sent him staggering backwards. As the Fang was about to attack with his sword, his right hand was pinned against the wall and Fox kneed him into the gut. "Aaargh!" Despite the pain, the panther countered and punched the vulpine in the face, sending him backwards to the ground. Fox stood up and wiped off the blood from his face. "Alright, Fang, or whatever you call yourself ... so you want it the hard way. Time to decide this!" "Exactly my thoughts!" the assassin answered with a cold voice. He took a defensive battle stance and waited for his opponent to attack. Fox concentrated and began to engulf himself in flames. The Fang watched fascinated as Fox prepared for his attack. He had never seen a technique like that before. He wondered what the fox was up to... Fox concentrated his energy, enveloped in blazing fire. The panther watched his opponent closely and readied himself for the incoming attack. "FIIIRE!" Fox shouted, boosting forward, surrounded by a torrent of flames. His opponent reacted fast. He took a quick sidestep to the left, seamlessly followed by a forward dash. This maneuver came too fast for the surprised fox, whose attack went nowhere, without having a chance to react. Suddenly he felt a searing pain behind him. In the blink of an eye, the Fang drew his sword and cut off the vulpine's tail in one fluid motion. "Ahooough!" Fox howled in pain as his severed bushy foxtail hit the ground. He dropped to his knees, exposing his smoldering stub. The black panther sheathed his sword again and went over to his beaten opponent who was still in shock after the sudden maneuver. "Is that all you've got? Looks like I was wasting my time with you." The assassin gave Fox a kick in the stomach and the vulpine collapsed on the ground. "I have no business with weaklings like you. I will take your brush as a trophy. This will be enough humiliation for you. So long, Fox McCloud." The leader of Star Fox lay on the ground, unable to move, fighting against the imminent unconsciousness. He watched in anger and shame as the Fang picking up his forcefully removed appendage. Fox swore that he would find the guy who hurt Krystal, and his own pride. "Krystal!"The vulpine had to think of his loved one and he sincerely hoped and prayed that she would soon be found and treated. She was more important to him than his own life. As he faded to black, he saw the Fang disappear into the dark...
  23. fanfictiondreamer

    The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    OK, let's talk a little more about the girls of GROUP. Now, if you've watched Totally Spies, then you should know about Sam, Alex and Clover, the main characters of the show. Sam is a redhead who's the brainiac of the group. She is the strategist and is always figuring out things through each mission. She is a straight-A student and takes a lot of her school work seriously. Alex is the childish one of the group. She still has a stuffed animal and is also very adventurous. She is very active as she loves sports. She is a bit of a tomboy. Clover is the diva of the group. She is a typical teenager who is a shopper, a fashionista and easily swoons over the boys. She also has an attitude, which is pretty much also typical of a teenager. However, there are plenty of differences between them from the show and how they are in the Ultimate Story. First off, all 3 have already graduated from high school years ago but they look relatively young for their ages. Because of this, they were able to pass themselves up as being able to play as teenagers in their tv show. Sam is much smarter than her tv show counterpart since she has been around a lot of advanced alien technology. She can understand more than 100 alien languages and is often the negotiator for GROUP. She is good friends with Peppy being that they're both scholars and bookworms. The 2 would often work together with researching stuff. Alex is still pretty much as childish as her tv show counterpart, but she is not as timid. She loves visiting other planets as she would often find adorable animal creatures that she would want to adopt as pets. Instead, she would just volunteer as a creature habitat and sanctuary to compensate for that. She is best friends with Slippy as they would enjoy spending time together. Clover is still a diva with an attitude. However, she's a bit more tomboyish from her many adventures in space. She developed a love for hoverboarding, virtual games, laser tags and such. Although, she would never miss out on finding some incredible alien wardrobes that would catch her eyes. She has a bit of a love/hate relationship with Falco. She would get annoyed whenever he is around as she had mentioned that he had tricked her into going on a blind date with him. However, she doesn't dislike him as much as she thought he would and later on became a good friend to him. She wasn't interested in dating alien and really hopes to find a human guy. Well, that's a lot about these girls. I will talk more about these girls again soon.
  24. fanfictiondreamer

    The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    So, I did mention that I will talk more about the girls of GROUP. First off, the girls, themselves, are the same as the main characters of Totally Spies, Sam, Alex and Clover. In my story, they are spies of GROUP, Galactic Representation Of Universal Protection. The entire organization is a galaxy, hence the name, and is run by many different kinds of alien races. A handful of humans became part of this. Among them were, of course, Sam, Alex and Clover. However, they live a life as actress back on Earth, starring in a tv show called (get ready for this) Totally Spies. That's right, the girls stars as teenage spies for a tv show while they are actually spies of a highly advanced alien organization. Also, their boss of GROUP is not Jerry, like the tv show, but his twin brother, Larry. Yeah, the ridiculous factor of this is so apparent that it's hard to miss. It would be hard to not make this comical. Totally Spies is kind of a comical show, so this does fit very well. Anyway, continuing on. One day, the girls were called out to a mission to investigate the invasion of Corneria and during that mission, they met the Starfox team. From there, they decided to join forces to take down this invasion and save their planet as well as many other worlds that were invaded. After that, the girls of GROUP have remained in contact with the Starfox team as they have become close friends with one another. The girls of GROUP made their first appearance in Ultimate Story the Missing Link and reappeared in Ultimate Story 2. I will talk more about this.
  25. On May 31st, 2019, Tetris Friends was made unavailable to play, It was basically Online Tetris but with a community to play with and tons of different game modes to play (even though it was just Tetris itself in mind) Sad to see the piece of childhood of mine go down. What fun ride it was.
  26. Terramax

    The many flaws of Star Fox Zero

    From the reviews I have read of it, the other game is a pretty fun diversion. I`m sure I`ll enjoy it when I eventually get into it. Played a bit more of SFZ yesterday. The other vehicles were fun to play as the first time round but I`m not sure if I`d enjoy playing them on mission reruns again and again. Time will tell.
  27. Sideways

    The many flaws of Star Fox Zero

    I don't think I even opened or played the pack-along that came with SFZ.
  28. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    Banned because yes yes it's all good we're ready whenever you are
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