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  2. Hey There

    to the site! Do you have a favorite game of the bunch?
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  4. Hey There

    Hi! Just to let you know, it gets rather quiet around this time of the year here.
  5. Ripping the models from SF: Assault

    Hi, I am a big fan of Star Fox. I didn't grow up playing Mario or Zelda, Fox was my man. First one I played was Star Fox 64, one of my favorites. I'm trying to put together an animated movie or series for my 4 year old nephew. I've got a few models exported for XNALara and importing them into Blender. If someone could help me extract models from Assault, I could really use those models, only because it has the most character models, 64 and Adventures doesn't have a lot of the other characters. If someone could help me get rigged models like Pigma or Andrew or some other ships. I would really appreciate it.
  6. Hey There

    Hey look, fresh mea-err, new blood. XD;;; Welcome to SFO, it's nice to meet a new member. Please, make yourself at home, and if you'd like to join in on the current conversations, talk with Arashikage or Fedora for a link to the Discord. But don't forget to chat here, this site needs more chatty members. XD The rest of the welcome wagon will hopefully be here shortly.
  7. Hey There

    Hey. I'm Angel and new here though I'm a big Star Fox Fan...
  8. Katheeri

    Simeon turned his head as the cops were getting desperate, judging by the banging of the door from downstairs, and sighed. "Look, lady, let's just focus on leaving, so drop the gun and let's get you somewhere else that's safe. You gotta trust me or else we'll both get it." ..even though he doesn't want to help, he'll humor her, just this time. Who knows. Maybe he'll get a break this time with his luck.
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  10. Starfox 2: Beta VS Final Differences

    I think I got one. In the beta, all ending credits have a green/blue space background in the enemies showcase. In the final game, it only appears in the Expert ending. Normal has a blue/red background and Hard has a desaturated (greyish) background. Here are vids for each version. Beta (Normal) Final (Normal) Beta (Hard) Final (Hard)
  11. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Ok, so throughout Ultimate Story 2, the main characters, the Starfox Team, have been having several issues with holding the alliance together because of the SHAACL's constant corruptions. They do receive some help with a lot of their friends from other worlds, such as Link and Zelda, which did help them to get through so many of the issues. However, they did receive some help from some shadier characters, such as a few criminals that the Cornerians are familiar with. One such is someone they have been receiving a lot of help from retrieving intel about the SHAACL and all those who are members of HAAC. There are so many of those people that are criminals but they receive immunity of sorts by the SHAACL. They've rules set to prevent any tension between the humans and the Cornerians, such as not getting themselves involved with HAAC affairs or interfering with places that are HAAC territory and getting involved with issues within those territories unless there are some concerns that involve the alliance. However, the SHAACL has been known to tweak the rules to work in the favors of people who are members of HAAC, especially the criminal variety, as well as cause some tensions within the alliance that the Cornerians have been trying to prevent. He has even convinced some people that humans who side with the alliance can not be trusted and therefore, do not deserve to be acknowledged as such whose recommendations should be heard. The tension between the alliance have been so difficult that the Starfox team are forced into doing things that even they don't like, such as seeking out help from criminals from the Lylat System. One such that they have been communicating with very often is someone who resembles Panther, the new member of Star Wolf from Starfox Assault. They knew that receiving help from him would make them look bad in the eyes of members from the alliance, but they were in a difficult situation and they had to do it. They would always communicate to him with the use of Misty's telepathy since they did not want to risk any transmissions that they would have with them being caught and then they would be exposed for working with a criminal. Also, the SHAACL has convinced a lot of people to not believe in magic and never listen to anyone who would say otherwise. This worked out well for the team since Misty's telepathy are one of her magical powers. This person was perfect for helping him out because he had a huge fascination with criminal activities and other forms of corruptions from the humans. From this shady informant, they learn a lot of nasty secrets about the SHAACL that they would not have been able to find out from anything else. They find out that there are HAAC spies within the alliance that work to increase tension within the alliance. They learn that there are so many corrupted humans from all corners of the Earth, all of which are supported, fueled and kept secret by the SHAACL except for those that could cause potential damage to HAAC. They learn about some rules that humans tend to follow and feel as though they should follow that were set by the SHAACL, which the team begin to suspect was a means of helping to carry out some sort of evil agenda that doesn't involve the alliance. Worst of all, they learn that there are some humans that know the SHAACL is evil but are loyal to them. Those humans were given the name Deliberate Followers of the SHAACL. Those are arguably the worst kinds of humans. Such intel have been helpful in some ways in getting the upperhand against their enemies of HAAC, but it was not enough to deal with some of the tension that was going on within the alliance. Little do they know that something far worse was about to happen and it was something that they couldn't prevent. I will write more about it soon.
  12. Planet - Kew

    The Planet Kew (キュー, Kyū) The planet Kew is surrounded in a little mystery. Not much is known about the planet or where it is located in reference to the Lylat system, if it is in the Lylat system at all.The japanese edition states that the planet is located in a galaxy called 'Krazoa.' The only mention of the planet is in an ending story of Starfox Command: The Rise of Starwolf, as Krystal escapes to abandon her past life and beginning anew as a bounty hunter, one job brings her to the planet where she runs into Fox, who doesn't reconize her. And that's where the story ends. Now just need to HTML this.
  13. Planet - Kew

    Write this article. Include information on: Location Importance. Cite all facts to official sources. -This is my short lazy one
  14. Katheeri

    Alek looked up at him. He planted that welcoming "yes I am in need of assistance" face that all clueless shoppers get now and then. "Oh yes, hallo." He put on the best accent he could. Most likely wasn't needed, but it was the spur of the moment. It'll help wit ha tourist vibe. "I'm looking für ein ship." He wove together a story. "It is mein fürst time here, can't find ze ship yard." The earpiece was on transmitting, hopefully Shepherd on the other end was receiving. Hopefully the other guard would be distracted enough to not notice and the other guard being kind enough to leave his post. "Uhh yeah, I can give you a hand." The guard motioned up asking where he's going to which a story was crafted that he was leaving on a transport ship and would be glad if he could be shown the right direction.
  15. Katheeri

    "Not when you go with the same color scheme as you naturally are." Copper said, "At any rate, did you hear him say any name before he ran into you?" Wait... Tiger thought to himself as he began to piece it together. I think I get what he's thinking. That criminal the police have been after... IF that's that case... He decided to wait a moment though, as the second that Sitka said the name he suspected he might say, it would be prudent for him to run to the bridge to get in touch with General Pepper again. If the news was right, the transfer would happen today, and that would be when Zef and his colleagues might make their move. Their one and maybe only chance to get the kid and that female Katheeri under their custody. He hoped Sitka wouldn't beat around the bush, or else it would slip through their fingers. ------------------------ Hawk had to hold his tongue back, as he was still unused to the call sign that Ren had come up with. "Why'd the kid have to use that name?.." He said to himself, making sure the mic wouldn't pick it up. "We'll talk about call signs later, and remind him to use Den Leader." He then spoke up into the mic when he heard what Ren had said. "If you can track the katheeri, should they bolt, do so. We'll be there in T-minus ten minutes. Do not engage the police or big blue, they're our friends and allies. And try not to engage the new wrinkles without our back-up unless targets are in threat of being lost. If you can otherwise assist big blue without being seen by anyone, do it. But above all, do not lose the targets." He then quickly turned to Jeena and Kola, who were with him in the jeep they were using to get to the scene of the action. "Kola, punch it if you can." "We're going as fast as we legally can." The squirrel said, "Someone got the police really riled up, and it's making it difficult to run through the short cuts. Unless you want to drive?" "And total the car as well as get arrested for driving without a license?" Hawk said, "I'll take the skies any day, thank you very much." (OOC Note: I'm going with an assumed time skip that Renard did to keep up with him.)
  16. Katheeri

    "What about you!?" Zefran's distress was clear. "No time." Aura pushed him along, "Move!" On the deck of the sun room, the adjacent condo's balcony was in leaping distance. If they were careful and deliberate, they could easily make it. Zefran stared down at the street below, the height dizzying. He remembered all too clearly the crushing blow of the car that hit him only the day prior. It was hard to believe that was only yesterday, even more so that he had no wounds to show for it. He could only imagine what a fall from here would do. Aura likely couldn't do the same trick she used at the hospital to heal him. "Don't look down." Aura's voice broke him out of his thoughts. He looked up to see her stepping up onto the rail. He wished he could be that brave. What did she have to fear? She could fly. "Be quick, be deliberate. But don't look down." She seemed to hop effortlessly to the other balcony and turned to face him, "You can do this." With a gulp, Zefran nodded and shakily climbed onto the railing. She was right. Amanda could only hold them off so long. They needed to hurry. He screwed his eyes shut a moment. Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't look down. With a deep breath, he opened them and leaped before he could give himself a chance to think about it. His foot hit the railing and slipped. For a heartbeat, there was weightlessness, and for a second of panic he thought it was over. Aura reached out, grabbed his arm and yanked him towards her. They fell onto the balcony together with a gasp. "You're okay, I've got you." She said quickly, helping him stagger to his feet, "Now let's go!" Feeling renewed that he wasn't about to die, he quickly fled with her. ---- "You've caught me." Sitka answered this new teammate dryly, "Not much of a disguise, I guess." ---- Antoine hardly heard the far off commotion of the spaceport as he was walked to a discreet location to board his transport. He knew what awaited him there. Macbeth officials would tear him to pieces. Many of his old cohorts had been silenced similarly. It was a bittersweet end for him. At least no one would know about Zefran. He worried about that boy still. What would he do on his own? He was still young. He realized bitterly that it was out of his hands now.
  17. SF1 OST Scans

    God it's so synthwave. Just that perfect retro look.
  18. The New SF-O, from a (mostly) absentee.

    I remember when I changed my name back in '13-'14. Can't do it on the gmail though. Also welcome back mate.
  19. SF1 OST Scans

    Recently, we've gotten a little unexpected gift. togemet2 of the SNES Central community happened to have the original Star Fox 1 OST, and let me share the scans for the packaging. Enjoy:
  20. Rusakov

    I suffered from confusional arousal yesterday. I felt really not like myself for a moment then. Scary, and I'm still feeling a little off I think. O_O

    1. OneUnder


      If it persists you should probably mention it to a medical professional. 

    2. Rusakov


      It didn't. It took me most of yesterday to recover though. D:

  21. Funny Stuff in the Ultimate Story

    This was something that I made up a long time ago. It is also part of my Ultimate Story. Check it out:
  22. The Banned Game!

    Banned for the monochromatic signature.
  23. Clearwater's Exodus

    Good to see you back around!
  24. What are you jamming to?

  25. StarFoxFanGurl

    Don’t need to sleep early tonight. xD

    They change my shift for tomorrow. 

    Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to stay and work on those drawings.

    Always feeling sick by night. xP

  26. SFO Official Minecraft Server

    Yes, the world was wiped, I have to set a new spawnpoint.
  27. SFO Official Minecraft Server

    Has the world been wiped or something? I tried just now but got dropped into an ocean...
  28. SFO Official Minecraft Server

    Server has been updated to 1.12, I do have some things to take care of behind the scenes, mainly updating plugins to latest version. Some permissions will probably be updated too.
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