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  2. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    I remember this other song from DK64 that I thought sounded really awesome. It also matches the epic atmosphere for this part of the game. Here it is:
  3. Another Fanfic by Me

    Alright, next video. Here it is:
  4. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    OK, so, I have some things to reveal about one of my US stories. First off: I have decided to make Ultimate Story 7 the final story of the series. It will be the Ultimate Endgame and it will the end of all conflicts in the story. Second off: there will be new universes that join the story. The following will be, without a doubt: Tales of Vesperia Xenoblade Chronicles Fire Emblem-at least 3 games from the series I also have a special little surprise in US7 that does play a vital role in this story. I will reveal that....when the time comes. I shall mention some more about my story. Just wail until then.
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  6. Another Fanfic by Me

    Gues what?......... ........... I finished posting the third book!! I shall now post them on! Here's the first part: I also have on these videos a....special little surprise. Can you guess what that surprise is? Anyone?
  7. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    Kirby 64 is one of my favorite video games. I tried to think of some music that I really like that wasn't a boss theme. This is one of them: I do know that this is from at least one or a few other Kirby games, but I did first hear this from this game.
  8. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    Diddy Kong Racing sure does bring back a lot of memories. I remember this song very well:
  9. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    I've been going through Youtube to find a Paper Mario game I like that's not a boss theme. I did manage to find one:
  10. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    A lot of people can remember this game so well. You may remember this level as perhaps the hardest level in the game and hardly anyone likes it. But, I did like the song for this level:
  11. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    This is a special announcement to anyone who doesn't know about this. I have been putting my story on a wiki. There has been so much in my story that I have wanted to put into a wiki but I never got to it because I have been worried about not being allow to put fanfics on a wiki, but thanks to a huge admirer of mine, something I never thought I would receive from my stories, I finally got my chances. Turns out other people have been putting their fanfics on there as well, so that makes me feel a lot better, but sometimes seeing stuff like that makes me feel...average. It's not a bad thing, it just makes me feel as though I'm much harder to recognize. It's confusing. I don't know what I should dwell on more, I really want to believe that I stick out just enough to be noticed, but I don't want to overshadow everyone. But in this kind of world, it feels as though you have to in order to be noticed. I don't want to do that, I'd rather go unrecognized than become part of that cut-throat competition of becoming famous if it means getting myself out there means that I have to do that. I'm not in this for fame, even though it's difficult to see otherwise, I just want to express myself. If I have to become that kind of person to walk all over others to get there, then it's not worth it. I'm not doing this for fame, I'm doing this to bring myself out there and find people who would appreciate how I express myself.
  12. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    I know this is underrated game. I admit that it does have its problems, but I still like it. This one music I still remember:
  13. My Wikis

    I'm keeping at this. Here are a few more that I have been working on: If you would like to contribute to these wikis, you are more than welcome to.
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  15. All my stories
  16. This is a story I conceived long ago about creatures called Plinkies that live on another planet. ENJOY THE WEIRDNESS!!!!!!!!
  17. Powerful Harmony

    Later that same day, Obi-wan arrived at the Benders’ training facility. He observed as the Benders were training within the massive chamber. Soon enough, the Benders returned. They noticed him almost immediately. Katara: “Oh! Master Kenobi! What are you doing here?” Obi-wan: “Hello again, Katara. I was thinking that there are a few things that I would like for us to go over with the Jedi Council. If you do not mind returning with me to the Jedi Temple, I would appreciate it very much.” Katara: “Sure, we can return to the Temple with you.” Obi-wan: “Very well, then. Also, there are a few things that I would like to discuss with you kids on the way there.” Zuko: “Certainly.” They made their way out of the training facility. Shortly afterwards, they arrived at the Jedi Temple. They were making their way to the Council Chamber. Toph: “What!?! Why didn’t you tell us that Captain Terris and the other Captains arrived here!?! I wanted to meet with them again!!” Obi-wan: “My apologies, Toph, but they left in a hurry before we had the chance to even think about that.” Toph folded her arms and pouted. Toph: “Hmph! Those guys are always too busy to socialize with us!” Zuko: “Well, they have been tasked with handling a lot of the issues occurring with the Heartless, so it can’t be helped.” Katara: “We’ll get the chance to see them again, Toph. Don’t worry.” Toph turned her head and let out a faint groan. Obi-wan: “Now then, about the matter of why I brought you kids back here, there is going to be a few things that you need to discuss with us. Toph, I’m going to need you to tell the Council about what you have felt back at the Chancellor’s chamber, just like we discussed.” Toph: “Yeah, yeah, I know.” Obi-wan: “And Katara. I have already mentioned to the Council about what you have told us regarding Jet. They would like to speak with you about some issues that are related to it.” Katara: “What kind of issues?” Obi-wan: “You’ll know once we get there.” Katara seemed concerned about something. A little while afterwards, they arrived just outside the Council’s chamber. Obi-wan: “Now then, I need you kids to wait here. Toph, we’ll start with you. It is imperative that we discuss what you have experienced with the Chancellor.” Toph: “Sure, let’s get this over with.” Toph walked into the room with Obi-wan. Obi-wan sat in his seat. Mace: “Thank you for bringing the Benders here, Master Kenobi. Now then, you mentioned to us that there is something important we needed to speak about with Toph.” Obi-wan: “That is correct, Master Windu. I made a promise to Toph that I would not mention to anyone what she had experienced but I recommended her to mention it to all of you. Now then, tell the council what you had felt regarding the Chancellor.” Toph: “Well, I don’t really know how to explain it, but…when I was standing here the Chancellor, I felt something very strange. It felt like the Chancellor, himself, was fading in and out of my seismic senses; it was almost like he was there and not there at the same time. I can understand if it sounds crazy, but…that’s exactly what I felt and it made me feel queasy. I didn’t want Obi-wan to mention anything about it because I was worried that it might upset people in this dimension since they would have high regards to him.” The Council members exchanged concerned looks with one another, and then back at Toph. Mace: “Yes, well, you do not need to worry about that with us. We appreciate you informing us of that and there is something that we would like to discuss regarding the Chancellor, but we prefer to do it with all 4 of you. You may return with the others.” Toph: “Well, that made me feel better.” Obi-wan: “Another thing, as soon as you reunite with the others, can you ask Katara to arrive here so that we may speak with her?” Toph: “Certainly. I know you guys wanted to talk to her. I’ll go get her for you.” Toph turned the other way and walked out of the room. She then reunited with the others. Toph: “Hey, Katara, those Jedi Council guys would like a word with you now.” Katara: “OK.”
  18. My Wikis

    So, I think I should post some of the Wikis that I have been working on. Here are at least a few of them:
  19. Battle Mode

    Why didn't Battle Mode make it into Star Fox 2 final release?
  20. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    I have so many songs that I liked from the Mario Party games. I remember one that I really like:
  21. What are you currently playing?

    IN MY MIND! Also, Mario Kart 8!
  22. My idea for a Star Fox game

    My idea for a Star Fox game would be a massive multiplayer online game where people could pilot Arwings and either battle or race each other for galactic win. You could have a customization thing like Guitar Hero where you make not only your own ships but your own characters/wingmates. You could make furries and ships and then launch them into battle! In addition, there would be an adventure mode that would be offline. This mode would be similar to Star Fox Zero but it would be its OWN game and NOT a remake of Star Fox 64. This kind of idea IMO would save the series but only if done properly. Thoughts?
  23. THE LEGEND OF MIDNA, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

    I think Midna should get her own game and that it would kick major A. Just look at this concept cover art for example:…-returns.png?t=1206153735 We all know her Hyrule Warriors segments were good. All she needs is loads of powers, lots more weapons, and a nice overworld just like what Link gets. Who else agrees? Discuss.
  24. "Good Luck!"

    As a fellow Sonic fanatic, welcome!
  25. What are you currently playing?

    On an actual arcade cabinet, emulator, or one of its numerous re-releases over the years?
  26. What are you currently playing?

    Galaga. Yes, Really.
  27. Hear me out, both series take place on other planets in space, both of them have lots of cartoony animals, I think this could work somehow if done in a unique way. Discuss.
  28. \ (_, / (_)\_( )_\ FOX BECOMES ADDICTED TO CHEESE: EPIC NEW VERSION EDITION ) /\/ _ (o)( The Shining Achievement of All FoxKind \ \_) (o) / \/_/ A desolate planet of pollution and waste. Venom's Voleech City was ugly as rotting paste. As I say all of this, Fox had to make haste. He was scurrying behind buildings and blasting at bots, bursting their circuits as they screamed out 'bleeps' and 'blots'. Made of tech, they were, they had no blood clots. Fox's boots continued to make more trit-trots, as he fox-trotted his way into the Death Weapon Factory. Robot armies followed him inside, could it be that Fox had nowhere to hide? "I need to destroy these weapons so that Andross won't use them against Corneria" Fox thought to himself. He isolated each in a gravitational field, then set a timer on each one, eventually they'd come out well done. Sooner or later, they bursted into flames, sending scrap metal everywhere, killing the robot armies who had no names. Then Fox got an incoming message from Falco, not Slippy. Man oh man, is that bird ever lippy. "Andross is here, he's bringing death and fear. Get your ass to Corneria, hurry right now! We can't make cheese, they've slaughtered every last cow! We've even got less freedom here than on Venom, I'm just thanking God that my jacket is Denim" said Falco. Fox jumped in his ship as soon as he could, then set off for Corneria, to restore peace and brotherhood. When he arrived on his homeworld he was not very pleased. The cities were in shambles, even Admiral Z's house of cheese. Cheese had been banned under Emperor Andross's new law. No one could have cheese throughout the land, not cubed nor sliced, not even one strand. Children were crying and wailing in pain, where was Fox when they needed him? No cheese is quite lame! The giant block of cheese atop Admiral Z's had melted down, far down to the ground, trapping Cornerians...wait isn't the earth round? "Cheese can't possibly be that frickin' sticky. Something's rotten in Wisconsin, and this ain't no job for Slippy" thought Fox. Fox got an incoming message from Wolf, who was flying overhead. He didn't like Fox, he wanted Fox to be dead. "Hey Fox it's the Wolfster, your people are worthless eaters. We added adhesive properties to the cheese, so now they're all stuck. You'll never defeat Andross cuz face it Fox, you suck. Cheese is for losers so kiss your planet goodbye. All you animals must bow before Andross and die" said Wolf. Sick of all the distress and war, Fox couldn't take it, no not anymore. Fox dropped his cell phone, and began losing his mind. He couldn't take what was happening, even so, saving planets was his 9 to 5 grind. But when all seemed lost, Peppy flew by, dispatching himself with a parachute to the ground, sniffing out trouble better than a foxhound. He got out a long stick of measuring tape, and began charting, graphing, and plotting the melted cheese landscape. Finally he knew just what the Star Fox team should do. "Ah, dang, I'm gettin' carless. Fox, Gimme a spare Lylation Nova Bomb" ordered Peppy. Fox pulled a Nova Bomb out of his pocket and placed it in Peppy's hands. "Ah, that be the one. Now watch and learn Fox mah boy" said Peppy. Peppy began strapping on giant mecha-gloves to prevent his hands from getting stuck, then started lifting up the cheese straight off the earth. That took strength, power, and mirth? He rolled up the cheese against the nova bomb, then hastened to a cannon, firing it at Andross's ships one by one. If they wouldn't let Cornerians have cheese then let them have what they took. In the form of planetary defense prepared by a master cook. "DO A CHEESE ROLL!" ordered Peppy. "Man, where'd you learn to do that?" asked Fox in amazement. "I learned it at the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake. It's an event near Gloucester, England, where they roll cheese down hills. Now if you don't mind, it's time to defeat the emperor's evil shills!" said Peppy, rolling up the nova bomb in all of the melted sticky cheese from the demolition of Admiral Z's restaurant. Fox began rolling up a nova bomb in cheese, and freed all the citizens who had been stuck. Then Fox and Peppy loaded up the cannons, taking out each one of Andross's minions. Eventually appeared Andross himself, pissed off as hell, like a wargod-elf. Fox jumped into his Arwing, and prepared to take him down. He wasn't gonna lose his beloved planet to that Planet of the Apes reject CLOWN! "You will die, just like your father" declared Andross. "Not over my dead body!" said Fox. "You do realize the irony and foolishness of your response, do you not, Fox?" thundered Andross. "I realize that you're going down!" said Fox. "If I'm going down, then I'm taking you with me" said Andross. "NEVER!" yelled Fox. "It is foolish to come against me. You know that I control the galaxy!" said Andross. "The universe is like waaaay bigger than that" replied Fox. "TASTE CHEESE YOU FREAAAAK!" yelled Fox, firing a cheese laced nova bomb into Andross's mouth. Andross's ship exploded and Andross parachuted himself to the ground, along with his robot buddy and number one confidante and fan...Fantron. "I have a splitting headache," said Andross. "Why must I always lose?" he wailed, pounding the earth with his fist. "Master, perhaps next time you should attack your own planet, Venom. Then get everyone to think Fox was responsible. Maybe then your people would finally support you and your unquenchable thirst for war" said Fantron. "Not a bad idea" said Andross in his evil robotic-like Darth Vader-esque voice. But then Fox cornered Andross, plasma blaster in tow. He looked quite proud, he had put on a good show! "Correction Emperor. That's a very BAD idea!" said Fox. "You're going to Corneria War Crimes Prison for at least thirteen years, you won't get any cheese, just cheap Norwegian beers!" Andross looked confused. Later that day... Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy, watching cheese burn in a restaurant founded by a hippie! "Yay, Fox!" clapped Falco, Peppy, and Slippy, as a giant block of cheese slowly melted under a candle's flames. They all clinged wine glasses together. "LONG LIVE TEAM STAR FOX. AND LONG LIVE THE GLORIOUS GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING...CHEESE!" they all yelled. The three men cheered and shared a group hug, then devoured more cheese and dived into an oversized apple cider jug. Outside the room was the beautiful Krystal, aspy. She had seen enough, Fox just wasn't her guy. Note: I took the words "THE END" and made them be out of cheese. Then I rolled them up in an awesomely tasty text sandwich. / \ (_, THE END ) /\/ _ (o)( \ \_) (o) / \/_/
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