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  3. fanfictiondreamer

    Ultimate Story: The Very Beginning

    Is there any way I can get a multi-colored font on to here?
  4. fanfictiondreamer

    My Own Ultimate Story Works

    I can't believe that I used to have been flattered for admiring my work, but thanks to you, I have been reminded that my own work is nowhere near as important as the people who I share this common interest with, and no, that does not included the obsessive nutcases who complain about us taking long term breaks from writing. The more they complain, the less we'll care about what they think or want to believe. Perhaps you should stop griping about things you have no control over and learn to maintain better control over yourself.
  5. fanfictiondreamer

    My Wikis

    Well, at least I'll never have to put up with you on that site ever again. It's like so much toxic energy has been cleansed from my system and I can breathe again. Also, you got what you deserved. You are not missed nor will anyone want to speak of you again.
  6. fanfictiondreamer

    Journey Through Kanto

    I'll get on it as soon as you get some help to fix everything that's wrong with you.
  7. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    Shut up
  8. Mulkuth

    Starfox Great Fox Bridge in VR

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but just uploaded this onto steam workshop for anyone who wants to have the enviroment be at the helm of the greatfox from starfox adventures:3 models are not mine nor the textures the only thing really is some geometry changes and the lighting, i did put the seats back and change where the laptops were but if anyone wants to make any changes have at it will move ontto the starfox assault bridge at some point but il have to make that from scratch with some references from the few cutscenes from the game, btw didnt realise how small the fox team was, rob is the only one moddeled here but it took me back how small everything is xD maybe a scale thing but they arent exatly giants ;P you will need a compatible vr head set and run it from steam Take a look :D
  9. Quadroline

    The Banned Game!

    banned for being a bird.
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  11. fanfictiondreamer

    My Own Ultimate Story Works

    So many fans? Care to tell me who these other fans are that I've been letting down? Because as far as I can tell, you're the only one who's complained. And if I did have a mountain of other fans, they would be more understanding and not bother me. Do you know how many contents that Chuggaaconroy has put on hold? He still has bonus contents that he has yet to post, but you know what? There really isn't anything we can do about it. Also, if Emile ever had any fans like you, he would tell you to just shut up and leave him alone and then eventually block you from ever seeing any of his contents. At the moment, I feel sorry for Fawful's Minion and I really hope he doesn't know about you otherwise he would be aware of a needless nightmare that's been watching him. He's also friends with Joshscorcher and wouldn't be pleased that you would dislike one of his friends for...whatever reason. I hope he says or does something that would cause you to pull away from him the same way you pulled away from other people you used to admire, like me, because it would be the biggest favor that you would ever do for all of them!!
  12. Gestalt

    The Banned Game!

    banned because you get didn't my joke see i had a fox avatar and you had a krystal avatar
  13. Quadroline


    Bumper-to-Bumper A few.
  14. Quadroline



  15. Quadroline


    Present Day

    Present Time!


  16. hoo

    It's been a while

  17. StevieC

    It's been a while

  18. fanfictiondreamer


    So, I've noticed that Emile's finally been doing an LP of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It took him long enough. I know he was waiting for the right time, it's just that when you anticipate something, any amount of waiting can feel like it goes on forever. Whatever, it is what it is.
  19. fanfictiondreamer

    Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet

    Yeah, yeah, keep griping, I don't care
  20. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    banned because what
  21. Gestalt

    The Banned Game!

    banned because because nani I can't ban my girlfriend
  22. fanfictiondreamer

    The Ultimate Story

    Yeah, I prefer an admirer who is compassionate towards me, not some sicko fan who demands some objects and doesn't care about my feelings!! And if I'm hurting your feelings by holding back on stories that you want me to write, then you have serious issues and are in desperate need of psyciatric help. Now shut the hell up and let me continue doing what I want to do!! It's people like you that makes fanfiction seem like work when it's supposed to be fun!! And you turning away from me is the biggest favor that you could ever do for me!! We don't need an obsessive lunatic like you as an admirer and most other people would agree with me. Also, no artist in their right minds would give a damn about what their audiences think. Although, a little flattery here and there is appreciated, we don't do what we do for the audience. That would be a waste of time or effort to try and please anyone. Again, this is supposed to be for fun and you are making this into work and no one needs that kind of stress on them. This is a stress reliever and you are just needless strife. This is supposed to be for my own mental health and you're taking that away from me. Focus on fixing yourself and stop concerning yourself with what other people are doing with their own work, otherwise we will continue to delay our stories a lot longer as well as lose the mood to continue working on them. It is you that society is better off without. And speaking out for myself is NOT bullying in any way shape or form. Neither is calling you off for your behavior.
  23. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    ditto ban
  24. MrEXE9x5


    Whew....few years inactive, but i'm back already. 
    How are you today?
    Did you hear about the Dinosaur Planet leak recently?


  25. Quadroline

    The Banned Game!

    banned for lurking on a dying forum
  26. Quadroline


    Grasses on nothing wong

  27. Quadroline

    What are you jamming to?

    Thank you Mr. Anno for introducing me this song.
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