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  2. It's been 7 years.

    That link should be a universal, general invite to the SF-O Discord.
  3. The SFO Car/Vehicle General Thread

    I just installed a short throw kit and new shifter bushings on my car. Much sportier drive now.
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  5. It's been 7 years.

    Oh. Hi. Name's Shmibli. You don't know me, as I am after your time. The place is pretty much a ghost town at the moment, but I am hoping that more people will arrive some day and usher in a second generation of SF-O users. So, on the off chance you ever feel like doing something here, feel free to hit me up. Goodness knows that we need some activity here. I'm also on PlayStation Network if you have a PlayStation... Although, I am a generation behind. So, overall: Welcome back! Btw... Do you mind if I bum your Discord link? I have been trying to get into the SF-O Discord for a while now, but have never been able to.
  6. It's been 7 years.

    It's sad to hear that DZ stepped down, but! I hope he's doing well. Other than that, I'm excited for the new moderation. I think this place still looks as snazzy as I remember. I hope everyone here is doing well too.
  7. It's been 7 years.

    Also, I have been posting a lot of stuff on here. I'm like one of the few active members on here.
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  9. What are you jamming to?

  10. The SFO Car/Vehicle General Thread

    I ended up having to replace two of my ignition coils in the past few weeks, and I was pleasantly surprised with how straightforward the job was (start at 0:15 if the video doesn't auto-jump there). There isn't all that much in the way in the engine bay of a Crown Vic. (Though whoever put the oil filter in the spot it's in on the 4.6 V8 needs to have their head examined. (Not my photo.)
  11. The SFO Car/Vehicle General Thread

    I have a fascination with cargo or passenger vans that are converted into pseudo campers. R/vandwellers seems to be the best spot to see some of these projects, and they're quite impressive to say the very least! ----

    The relative quietness can be partly attributed to a site software switch that's in the works, to be completed sometime in the future. The instant gratification of Discord does tend to attract a wide audience as well.
  13. It's been 7 years.

    I definitely remember seeing your old screename around here - it's always nice to see a familiar face drop by after an extended hiatus. I suppose the big event you missed was @DZComposer stepping down and handing control of the forum over to @MKGirlism, @Dr. Orange, @LoneWolf, etc. Things are quiet on the site as of now due to a software change being in the works. Much of SF-O's activity has migrated over to the official Discord channel for the time being as a result. You can join up at the link below if you'd like to.
  14. It's been 7 years.

    ... I haven't seen this place in 7 years but I'm back to lurking. Like I'm ever gonna remember the log-in info to my account from several years ago, so I made a new one. It's nice to see this place is still up, though. Like, I remember going on this forum and the other one that existed back (Arwing Landing) then and having that be one of the fun things I did in my spare time. (I was "MindyMcCloud on here ) So uh, what did I miss in 7 whole entire years?
  15. Another Fanfic by Me

    I have been very busy with the second book of my series. I will have them posted here whenever I feel like posting them.
  16. Powerful Harmony

    I have been posting more of these episodes on DeviantArt, so, if you would like to check them out, then go right ahead. Here is my page on the site:

    Yeah....Discord seems to be the only thing about (actually related to) this site that's active. This site has been going slow and I have been using it very often.

    See the original post in this thread or the main page for the Discord invite link, and please disregard previous posts requesting that you send a PM to Arashikage or Fedora.
  19. Star Fox in Starlink

    The new Nintendo Direct showed off additional gameplay and some beautiful pre-rendered cutscenes. Not to mention Wolf is looking as good as ever. The return to his British accented speech is curious - while I prefer his Assault voice over the others, this iteration isn't bad at all.
  20. What are you jamming to?

  21. The Banned Game!

    Banned for attempting to rectify the apparently inherent dormancy that afflicts SF-O's non-Discord operations.
  22. Another Fanfic by Me

    This is the last video of the first book. Here it is: I will be posting the second book on here. And soon, I will get started on the Future series! I so can't wait!!!!
  23. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Another story idea that I've had in mind since I was 15 was a little story that I call Dinosaur Planet: The Second Crisis. It had been like a Starfox Adventures sequel that I have come up with. I really love Starfox Adventures and I wanted to keep that seem feeling that I've had while playing that game; the feeling that I've always loved. There are always mixed feelings about my all-time favorite video game. Some people like it, some people don't. While I understand that some people think of it as a game that should have been a game of its own and I feel bad that Rareware couldn't do that and had to make it another Starfox game. Even so, I'm still happy to have ever played the game. It is one of my greatest passions of my life and I still love it to this very day. I created the Second Crisis to keep that feel because some parts of my story just don't feel the same without the different elements of that game. This is my final chance to have some of those elements so that I don't need to keep doing that anymore. From this story, there have been a few elements from my other favorite game that a lot of people also have mixed feelings about: Sonic Heroes. Yes, I know that wasn't a good game, but there are some things that I really like about that game, including Team Rose. And, um...sorry to say this, but yes, it also includes Big the Cat, but not as major as in that game. He just shows up a few times, that's all. While I'm not super crazy about Big the Cat, I got use to him and I'm not too bothered about him being in the game. Oh, well, got to find some way to adjust to things you don't like and I chose to adjust to this rather than let it bother me too much. That's all for now. There will still be more to come. Until then, see ya.
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  25. Another Fanfic by Me

    My next video: I will have the next one up.
  26. Powerful Harmony

    Those were the first 2 episodes of the series that I've watched, ever since then, I became "hooked" to this show. There is more to the previous episode, but I haven't finished that. There will be more to come. I will have even more episodes out whenever I can. So far, I'm not ready to show them because there are some parts to it that I need to reveal before I show those episodes. I will get to that. Also, I have an "interesting" way of revealing these episodes. Remember how the series' episodes weren't in chronological order? Well, I plan to reveal these episodes the same way. Stay tuned. There will be more to come.
  27. Another Fanfic by Me

    Here, let me put on another video: That's not all. There will be more to come.
  28. Powerful Harmony

    Season 1-Episode 12 (Left off from the previous event, Katara, Anakin and Obi-wan woke up in a cell, cuffed, Obi-wan and Anakin both shackled to Katara, Obi-wan on her left and Anakin on her right) Anakin: “Ugh…what happened?” Obi-wan: “Well, I guess that pirate brew was stronger than we thought.” Anakin: “But, I only took a sip.” Katara: “They must have poisoned us with something.” Obi-wan: “I concur; it could have put some sort of sleeping incentive in our drinks. Katara felt the affects a lot sooner because she’s so young.” Katara: “What? Why would they do this? Are they trying to lose the ransom?” Obi-wan: “It appears that the deal has changed. They must be trying to increase their payday.” Dooku: “A shrewd observation, Master Kenobi.” (They look up and spot Count Dooku outside their cell) Anakin: “What? What are you doing out there!?!” Dooku: “I did warn you these pirates were devious, but I was hoping you would not heed my warnings.” Katara: “What deal did you make with those pirates!?!” Dooku: “Oh, just a something that the Republic could hardly ever supply. They didn’t trust me at first, but when I told them that there is a possibility that a Bender would fall right into their lap, well, they could not resist the temptation.” Obi-wan: “They feared that you would send your droid army to destroy them, weren’t they?” Anakin: “Yep, that sounds like something the Separatists would do.” Dooku: “Yes, but I would never jeopardize the chance to get my hands on an actual Bender.” Anakin: “What about you? Weren’t you a captive here?” Dooku: “Oh, don’t you worry, I already paid off my portion of the ransom, however, your portion will be paid off, in due time.” Katara: “When I get my hands on you, I’m going to boil you alive!” Dooku: “Now, now, don’t get any funny ideas about Waterbending, my dear. They’ve pumped in dry air and have taken your water sacks; you are completely cut off of all water.” Katara: “You’ll never get away with this! My friends will arrive here when they find out what you guys did!” Dooku: “Oh, I’m counting on that. And who knows, I might be able to get my hands on the Avatar. (Katara gasps) I know that he is very fond of you and will do anything to try and rescue you. He will be mine soon enough.” Katara: “Leave Aang alone!” Dooku: “Now then, I must be going, I need to make my final arrangements before the departure.” (Walks off) Anakin: “Those double-crossing…!” (Punches a nearby wall) Katara: “That’s the last time I’ll ever trust a pirate!” Obi-wan: “I had a feeling they would attempt something like this.” (In an unknown location in space, Ahsoka and Toph were recovering from a previous attack) Ahsoka: “Ugh…Toph! Toph? Toph, where are you?” Toph: “I’m right here.” Ahsoka: “Where? It’s dark in here. I can’t see a thing.” Toph: “Don’t worry, I can handle being in these circumstances. There should be a light switch near you.” Ahsoka: “Um, OK, where should I go?” Toph: “Take 6 steps directly in front of you and then turn to your left.” Ahsoka: “OK…(Both were speechless) Is this it?” Toph: “Perfect, Ahsoka, now turn on the switch.” Ahsoka: “Like this?” (All lights went on) Hey, it worked!” Toph: “Terrific, what happened to us?” Ahsoka: “We were attacked.” Toph: “What? By who?” Ahsoka: “I don’t know but we should contact the others and let them know what happened.” Toph: “Good idea.” (Back at Florrum, Anakin and Katara sits down next to each other, Obi-wan was pacing back and forth) Katara: “I’m so sorry, you guys. This is my fault. I should have never come.” Anakin: “Don’t blame yourself, Katara; this was bound to happen whether you came or not.” Obi-wan: “I agree with Anakin on this much. None of this is your fault, but we’ll worry about that later. (Sits next to Katara) We need to find a way to get out of here before the Separatists get their hands on your friends.” Anakin: “It’s too bad they took your sacks; you can’t use your Waterbending to get us out.” (Katara touches her necklace) Katara: “At least they didn’t take everything from me.” (Katara sulks, Anakin places his hand on her shoulder) Anakin: “I will protect you, Katara.” (She looks up at him and smiles) Obi-wan: “So, how are we going to get out of here?” Katara: “Hm…” (Summons her Keyblade, she then feels excruciating pain, she puts it away) Anakin: “Katara! Are you OK?” Obi-wan: “What’s wrong?” Katara: “Something’s cutting off my connection to Kingdom Hearts.” Anakin: “Great, anyone got a Plan B? (Obi-wan ponders, Anakin looks towards the door) Wait a minute…” (Gets up and walks towards the door, Katara and Obi-wan looks at each other, they got up and stand behind Anakin) Katara: “What is it, Anakin?” Anakin: “Look!” (They looks over and spots a plate of fruit, pulls the plate in with his Force powers) Obi-wan: “Uh…Anakin, what are you doing?” (Pulls one of the fruit to him as he levitates the plate much further away) Anakin: “I can use the plate to bounce the fruit off of and hit that switch.” Katara: “That’s brilliant!” Anakin: “Yes, but I need to aim this just right.” (Focuses on the aim, tosses the fruit, it bounce off the plate and hits the switch, the door opens, they walk out) Katara: “Well done, Anakin.” Anakin: “Thanks. Come on, let’s go find you some water.” (Back on the Republic cruiser, Sokka steps out, yawning) Rex: “Bout time you got up, Sokka.” Sokka: “What happened since I last heard from any of you?” Aang: “We’re still trying to catch Dooku.” Sokka: “Oh, really? Well, I hope it turns out well. Wait, why are there only a few of you?” Zuko: “There has been an incident occurring, Count Dooku was captured by pirates. Katara left with Anakin and Obi-wan to apprehend him.” Sokka: “Really? That’s great! Wait, you guys let Katara leave with those guys? What were you thinking!?!” Zuko: “We couldn’t stop her; you know how persistent your sister is.” Sokka: “Any ideas on what’s happening?” Aang: “Mm…no…we haven’t heard from them since they contacted the Senate on Coruscant. They’ve been gone for hours. I’m really worried about them.” Zuko: “We sent out Ahsoka and Toph to back them up encase anything were to happen.” Ahsoka: “Guys…are you there?” Aang: “It’s Ahsoka!” (They ran over towards the transmission) Rex: “Commander Tano, Commander Toph, what happened?” Ahsoka: “We were attacked; we’ve been suspended in mid space with no lights. If it wasn’t for the fact that Toph is blind, I would have never gotten the lights back on.” Zuko: “Where are you now, Ahsoka?” Ahsoka: “I don’t know, somewhere near Florrum, I think, I’ll activate my homing beacon.” (A signal went on) Rex: “We’re picking up your signal. We’ll be there right away.” (Back on Florrum, Anakin, Katara and Obi-wan attempt to escape) Katara: “Do we have any ideas where we’re going?” Obi-wan: “I sure hope so.” Anakin: “Katara, do you think you can Waterbend with your wrists tied like that?” Katara: “Don’t worry, I know plenty of Waterbending moves with my hands in this position.” (They stops and hid around a corner, a pirate approaches them) Anakin: “Allow me.” (Anakin attempts to remove a key card with his force powers, the pirates notices, he looks towards them) Pirate: “Hey!” Katara: “Uh, oh! Our cover’s been blown!” Anakin: “Yeah, no kidding.” (Drops the key card, they ran off, they kept running, they stop in front of many pirates holding out their guns, they turn around and found more pirates holding out guns, they were completely surrounded, they stand and stare out at them) Katara: “This isn’t good.” (The pirates threw them back to their cells, they closed and locked the doors) Obi-wan: “We have to get Katara out of here before the Separatists gets their hands on her.” Anakin: “But what will we do now?” Obi-wan: “Hm…I may have an idea. (Walks up to the pirate on guard, uses his Jedi mind trick on him) You do not want to stand guard.” Pirate: “I do not want to stand guard.” Obi-wan: “You want to deactivate the cell bars and go have yourself a drink.” Pirate: “I want to deactivate the cell bars and go have myself a drink.” (They pirate deactivates the cell bars and walks off, Katara, Anakin and Obi-wan walks out) Anakin: “Not bad.” Katara: “Very impressive, Obi-wan.” Anakin: “OK, let’s try not to get caught this time.” Obi-wan: “Good idea.” (Back in space, the Republic cruiser arrives in Ahsoka and Toph’s location, they get picked up, clone troopers escort both girls out of the shuttle, others investigate the shuttle itself) Sokka: “Toph! Ahsoka! Are you guys OK?” Ahsoka: “I’m little banged up but we’re fine. Did you enjoy your nap?” Sokka: “Not really, I woke up after my instincts told me that something happened to Katara. I sure hope they’re wrong.” Ahsoka: “No, Sokka, I don’t think your instincts are wrong. There is a possibility that…something DID happened to Katara.” Rex: “Commander Tano, you might want to take a look at this.” (Ahsoka, Aang, Zuko and Sokka moves closer to the shuttle, they observe it) Ahsoka: “Looks as though whoever attacked us only attempted to disable us.” Aang: “What? Someone tried to prevent you from reaching Florrum? But who?” Ahsoka: “I don’t know but I smell a conspiracy at work.” Toph: “But why didn’t whoever attacked us try to kill us?” Aang: “It must have been because you were on board, Toph.” Toph: “But, who?” Zuko: “Probably someone who is interested in people like us.” Ahsoka: “Hm…I wonder…” Rex: “Commander, we just found something.” (Ahsoka walks over) Rex: “We’ve just received data on your attacker, check this out.” (Hands a scanner to Ahsoka, she examines it) Ahsoka: “It looks as though this caliber is consistent to that of…a Fighter!?!” Sokka: “Separatists!!! I knew something didn’t feel right!” Ahsoka: “If that’s the case, then…” Aang: “Katara’s in greater danger than we thought.” (Back on Florrum, Anakin, Katara and Obi-wan sneak around, doing their best to avoid the pirates, they hide behind corners and crates, they came across a small room, they find one of Katara’s sacks) Katara: “Hey! That’s one of my sacks!” Anakin: “Hang on, I’ll retrieve it for you.” (Pulls the sack in with the use of his force powers, grabs on to it and opens it, Katara bends the water out of it, spins it into a circle, slices through the door, no pirates on the other side) Katara: “Good, no pirates around here, let’s make sure it stays that way.” (They continue on, one of the pirates approaches the door, notices it’s been sliced open, sounds the alarm) Pirate: “The Waterbender and the Jedi have escaped!” Anakin: “Oh, no, not good!” (They run off, many pirates spot and run after them, they kept running until they were cornered) Obi-wan: “Not again.” (They were brought back to their cell, Hondo stands outside their cell, they sat and glare at him) Hondo: “(sigh) What to do? What to do? What to do? I don’t want…to kill you, per say, in fact, you seem like descent fellows, especially the girl. This is just business and once I get my money; we can go back to being friends. I know things seem hopeless for you, but trust me; things will work out in the end. Simple as that, now, try not to complicate things by breaking out again.” (Hondo walks off) Katara: “Not going to happen! We will get out of here, even if it kills us.” Anakin: “Great, what are we going to do now?” Obi-wan: “I’m not sure, we’ve pretty much exhausted all ideas, there’s nothing more we can do.” (Katara looks out the inside, spots a full moon) Katara: “Hey, I just realized, there’s a full moon out.” Obi-wan: “A full moon? That’s not going to help our situation.” Anakin: “He’s right, you heard Count Dooku; you’ve been completely cut off from all water.” Katara: “Not really, there is still 1 source of water available.” Anakin: “What? Where?” Katara: “(gets up and points) There.” (They look over, they spot one of the pirates) Anakin: “That pirate? What do you mean?” Katara: “Oh, you’ll see…” (Walks towards the door, she started bending, the pirate standing guard began to inexplicably move, Katara moves her arms further from the door, pulling the pirate towards the switch and activates it, they walk out) Obi-wan: “That was the forbidden Waterbending technique taught to you by Hama.” Katara: “Yes, now it’s personal.” (The pirate tries to get up, Katara slams him back on the ground with the use of her Bloodbending, they walk off) (They sneak around the place until they reach the Grand Hall, many pirates, including Hondo were enjoying a few drinks, Katara becomes enraged) Katara: “It’s payback time!” (She lifted her hands up and bends all of the liquids in the hall) Anakin: “Katara, no!” (She bends all of the liquids towards Hondo, knocking him to the ground) Hondo: “What the…? What is this? (Gets up, spots Katara, Anakin and Obi-wan) What? They escaped again!?! Cease them!!” (All the pirates went after them, they run out, they kept running until they reached a door, Anakin kicks it open, they fall over, got up and ran, the pirates chased after them, Katara bends more water towards the pirates, they kept running, Katara fell over, knocking her friends over, Anakin moved over to her) Anakin: “Katara!” Katara: “Ow… I’m alright…” (Anakin gets up, lifts Katara up and places her on his back, Obi-wan gets up) Obi-wan: “We have to get beyond that wall!” (They keep running, Anakin grabs on to the pole, they continued charging, Anakin pole-vaults with Obi-wan, they nearly made it over the wall, Anakin struggles to pull himself, Katara and Obi-wan up, both he and Katara look up and spots Hondo) Hondo: “(Sigh) I guess this means…we won’t be friends.” Katara: “That ended the minute you decided to double-cross us!” (All of the pirates gathered at the Grand Hall, enjoying drinks, all 3 of their prisoners, Anakin, Katara and Obi-wan, lined up sideways, suspended in mid-air by electric bonds, all 3 of them glare out at the pirates, Hondo shakes his head and paces) Hondo: “I can’t tell whether to be impressed by how clever your escape attempts were or disappointed by the fact that you 3 tried to escape, 3 TIMES!!!” Katara: “Well I’m greatly infuriated over the fact that you double-crossed us to the Separatists!” Hondo: “Oh, is that what you really think?” Anakin: “Uh, Count Dooku told us himself that you turned on us and are planning to turn us over to the Separatists, so yeah, we really do think that.” (Hondo shook his head) Hondo: “Gentlemen, young Waterbender girl, you’ve got us all wrong, we weren’t planning on double-crossing you, we were planning on double-crossing the Separatists.” Obi-wan: “You know, as much as I enjoy the look on Dooku’s face when he’s been conned, I have to admit, that is very irresponsible.” Anakin: “More irresponsible than stealing a Waterbending scroll from pirates?” Obi-wan: “Yes.” Hondo: “Oh, you don’t need to worry about us, we know exactly what we’re doing, trust me!” Katara: “Trust you? Trust you!?! I am way passed trusting you! I want no part in your scams!” Anakin: “Let Katara go, it’s me and Obi-wan you want.” Hondo: “Quite the contrary, do you know how much a Bender is worth? Jedi can be found anywhere in the Galaxy, (gets close to Katara) but a Bender, they are extremely rare, so, they come with an extremely hefty price, but this young lady over here, she is considered to be priceless in more ways than 1. (Katara kicks him in the nose, he rubs himself) Oh, she’s a feisty one, (gets close to her again, touches her) I like em feisty.” Anakin: “Don’t touch her!” (She kicks him with 2 feet, he pulls out a small remote) Hondo: “Oh, you shouldn’t have done that, now you’ve made me mad. (Presses a switch on the remote, painful electricity shot through their bodies, all 3 of them screamed, just then, all the electricity in the room mysterious went off, all 3 of them fell to the ground) What happened to the power? I was having fun! (Katara glares, she looks up and spotted the moon, surprised, she looked back at Hondo, her glare intensifies, she then moves her arms around, he begins to move inexplicably moved around) Hey! What…what’s going on!?!” (Anakin and Obi-wan watches in terror as she moved Hondo around with the use of her Bloodbending abilities, she then drops him to the ground and held him there, she then Bloodbend his crew and forces them to point their guns at him) Katara: “Release us! Release us now or you will die where you are! Don’t think that I’ll hold back because of my kind nature, I will have you killed!” (She held on to them) Anakin: “Katara, no! (Grabbed on to her and threw his arms around her) Don’t do this! I can’t stand seeing you like this!” (Katara calms down as he holds on to her, she releases Hondo and his men, all of them, including Hondo runs away from her in fear, Anakin lets go of Katara, they smiled at each other, an unknown forces suddenly lifts Katara up and chokes her, Anakin and Obi-wan looked in front of them, they spotted Dooku carrying out his Force Choke on Katara) Dooku: “Foolish girl.” Anakin: “Dooku!” Obi-wan: “What do you think you’re doing?” (He held her their for a while, then tosses her to a wall, pulling Anakin and Obi-wan with her, he approaches them, kneels down in front of Katara) Dooku: “I’m impressed, young Waterbender, I didn’t think you had it in you, too bad you let go when you had those pirates at you’re mercy.” (Katara looks up at Dooku and glares) Katara: “That’s because unlike you, I have a heart and good friends to snap me out of my intense anger and deep, emotional distress.” Dooku: “Such power is wasted on a mere child, but no matter, I will learn the secrets of this power.”
  29. Another Fanfic by Me

    It's been a while since I posted one of these videos on here. Here's another one: I'll have another out eventually.
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