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  3. Planet Eladard's Pronunciation?

    Just as it's spelled. E-la-da-r-d
  4. Another Fanfic by Me

    Next video. This one is....well....quite interesting...for a number of reasons:
  5. Last week
  6. How time flies

    It's been quite a long time since I've used the blogs here. Let's see how much has changed. My relationship is steady, I'm happy. I was promoted to Department Manager of the Pickup department about two years ago now. In April/May of that year, I found out that my store was going to be getting Online Grocery Pickup, and only one other store in the area had it at the time. We got two transfers in around that time, first was my new Assistant Manager (ASM), and then they hired a second Dept. Manager (DM). All three of us were flown out to Denver, NC for two weeks in June to train how to run the program. We opened in July and it started out OK for a while. Home Office kept increasing our order cap and we were not prepared for the extra workload. We never had enough people and the ASM went on medical leave for a few months which didn't help. In April of last year, the company eliminated the second DM position in our store, I elected to step down and return to Electronics, where I had been before I was promoted. This community has been my home for some time, and for a while I neglected it and didn't spend as much time as I should have. That changed shortly before DZ left and the reigns were handed to the trio of MK, Orange and Sawtooth. After Saw stepped down, I figured someone had to take the initiative and help fill the role. I didn't know at that time that eventually I would be taking over ownership of the site too.
  7. Old Corneria Rock Remix

    I don't think I have a copy, but your best bet probably would be to try and get ahold of him directly. I know he's on Reddit. Maybe try making a request on the Starfox reddit and see if he responds to you.
  8. Another Fanfic by Me

    I think I've let this go unattended long enough. Here's the next video to this part of the story:
  9. Old Corneria Rock Remix

    Hello, you guys. Back in the early 2002-2003 era, DZComposer had a real spiffy Corneria rock remix hosted on his site, While I briefly was able to download it, I lost the file due to some extreme circumstances and was not able to visit his site for several years. By the time I was freely roaming the Internet, his site was gone and I could no longer find it. Would anyone happen to have a copy of this file from the original site? I do remember it would've probably just been simple corneria.mp3. Thanks.
  10. Another Fanfic by Me

    It's been a while since I posted this. I should have another one out reeeeeeeal soon:
  11. The Downloads section is being repaired

    No, I still have all the files saved on my HDD. It's just been a slow process.
  12. Planet Eladard's Pronunciation?

    Now, after as much digging around here as possible, I don't think I've seen this around at all... but I've been a little curious about this of late and wanted "to bring it to the table", so-to-speak. Hope that's okay with you all. (For anyone new/unfamiliar, Eladard is a planet in the previously "eternally unreleased" Starfox 2. ) If you vote "other", I will be very surprised, haha! Edit: Me? It's odd, really. I've always went with somewhere between choices 3 and 4 (EE-"lad"-ahrd, EE-"lad"-urd), and it's honestly hard to tell which one I'm actually using as it depends how slowly or quickly I'm speaking. (My particular case might be more 4-leaning, I don't truly know. )
  13. The Downloads section is being repaired

    Thank you, I was worried the scans of the SF1 MFP and Japanese SF64 guide were gone forever.
  14. Earlier
  15. Another Fanfic by Me

    This next video consists of a very, very important plot in the story. This influences a lot of other events in the story. See for yourself: The end of this video brings about something very sad. There will be more to that, as well.
  16. Somewhat new. Somewhat not.

    Yeah, the site has become quiet as of lately. Everyone's on discord now. It was Skype before that.
  17. Another Fanfic by Me

    Welp, gotta keep this moving. Here is the next video to the story:
  18. Somewhat new. Somewhat not.

    Haha, thanks! ^^ I see it’s rather quiet here these days. Interesting change of pace. XD;;
  19. Somewhat new. Somewhat not.

    Welcome back to SFO!
  20. Somewhat new. Somewhat not.

    So, as unpleasant an experience I've watched multiple others have here in days long since gone... I've heard this place has been finally "under new management" for the most part, as of a small while back. So I'm giving my time spent here another shot entirely! Shouldn't be too bad, I'm sure. Anyway, allow me to introduce myself! I am AvaikaofStarfox. Av, Avai, Avvy, AOSF, and Avaika are acceptable nicknames. Just don't call me Ava (it's... kind of annoying, and very far off the mark in terms of understanding how I intend for the name "Avaika" to be pronounced ^^; ). I've been into StarFox since I was about 5 or 6 and haven't truly let it go no matter what turns its taken for better or for worse. It's hard to pick an absolute favorite in the series for certain, but Assault holds a really strong place in my heart, nevertheless (despite 64 being my first SF game). I also draw... A LOT! So if you've caught sight of my works elsewhere, then congratulations! >XD;; Nice to meet you all, and I look very forward to hanging around here somewhat more often, if possible. (No guarantees, certainly, as life offline is very unpredictable, but still.) XP
  21. Only took me 10 years to write this!

    Better late than never, right?
  22. Only took me 10 years to write this!

    Hello there, welcome to the site!
  23. G'day everyone, can't believe after creating an account back in 2009 I never got around to writing a welcome note. I kinda feel bad about it actually especially given I been away from here for so long. nonetheless, it feels great to be here, and while i am mostly active on the discord server but I do look forward to being apart of this community here on the forums.
  24. My Wikis

    Well, I've been having lots of fun with this wiki. Here is another wiki that I would really love to share:
  25. Another Fanfic by Me

    I guess I can post this. This one's a bit special because of something from the game's soundtrack that I wanted to use. Well, here it is:
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