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  4. Smash Bros Ultimate

    I've played Ultimate almost non-stop since its release - the effort that went into its creation is easily discerned. The level of polish unparalleled. And the sheer frantic fun is what we've come to expect from Smash games. I'm quite glad that Nintendo opted to release the GameCube controller adapter for the Switch as well. The Pro Controller is nice, but it doesn't hold a candle to the muscle memory invoked by the GameCube controller!
  5. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    Yakuza 0 has some excellent gameplay themes: As well as disco tunes!
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  7. Massless particles and gravity

    Basically, magic. From what I understand, the photons are not affected by the gravity itself, but the photon travels in a straight line that follows the contour of spacetime, which is bent by gravity. I am not a physicist of any kind, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
  8. Conceptualizing the Lylat system

    this is my thoughts on solar and cerinia solar is a planet that is 30% like venus but has a super thin atmosphere like mercury but over millions of years the temperature increased to 9,000 degrees till andross experimented with the star and over time (starfox command)made it become a planet with solidified plasma surfaces. cerinia is in a planet system called mayla (mah dlah) featured in my starfox revolutions game is the fifth planet of the system in orbit of a red super giant red star called mayla by the cerinian people the race made a shield system on cerinia's five regions that they built around the planet core like sauria it has a tendency to break apart if an elemental generator stops working.
  9. SFC's art corner

    Hello all! So I haven't been here much and I've been trying to improve my art. So with that being said, here's a recent piece of mine :). I hope you all enjoy, because I worked pretty hard on this! ^-^ (Also yes, I know that most of my stuff is Sploon related. That's just what I'm into right now :p)
  10. Another Fanfic by Me

    Another part is here. Things get really intense now:
  11. Powerful Harmony

    Later on that evening, Anakin and Padme were alone on a balcony. They were having another of their special moments. They were staring out at the gorgeous sunset while holding each other real close. Padme: “Oh, that sunset sure is gorgeous, isn't it?” Anakin: “Yeah, it sure is. I have to admit that I really owe a lot to those Bender kids; I feel that each time I go out there in battle, I worry about whether or not I would live to see another of these sunsets with you again.” Padme: “Hm, yes, I worry about that, too, Ani.” Anakin: “When I was out there on Christophsis with Obi-wan and Ahsoka, fighting for our lives against those horrible abominations, I didn’t think we would survive that battle. But then those guys from other dimensions came in and saved us. I couldn’t begin to tell you just how grateful I am that they came to our rescue.” Padme: “You don’t need to. I know just how grateful you are to them and you know what? I’m also grateful. They saved your lives and now they’re here to save all of us from those horrible creatures, the Heartless, as they call them.” Anakin: “Yeah…I couldn’t be more thankful.” Padme: “I know…” Soon enough, Katara came walking in. Katara: “Hey, guys, glad that I was able to catch you here.” Anakin: “Oh, hi, Katara.” Padme: “Hello.” Katara: “Mind if I join you?” Padme: “Not at all.” Katara then stood beside them and stared out at the sunset with them. Katara: “It really is a nice sunset.” Padme: “Yeah, it is.” Anakin: “Hm…I have to wonder something…Katara, do you miss watching the sunset in your world?” Katara: “Well…it’s no different than what one in my world looks like.” Anakin: “Oh. Is that so?” Katara: “Also…in Twilight Town, the sky, itself, consists of a perpetual setting sun. It never sets, really; it just hangs in the sky, just low enough to display those beautiful colors. It’s quite amazing.” Padme: “A perpetually setting sun that never really drops? That’s…quite unusual.” Katara: “Well, the world, itself is very strange, to put it lightly. In fact, it’s not even a real world, but rather, one that was fabricated by some horrible wizard that’s been trying to destroy all of our worlds.” Katara dropped her head and began to sulk. Katara: “Because of him, I can’t go back home and there’s a good chance that I…never will…” She continued to sulk. Anakin and Padme exchanged concerned looks with each other; they both seemed very sad for her. They then looked back at Katara. Padme: “I really am sorry to hear that, Katara.” Anakin: “So am I.” Katara: “I appreciate your consideration…and…we hope to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to this world, as well.” Anakin: “And we couldn’t be more thankful for that.” Padme: “Yes…” Anakin: “But aside from saving our world, we really hope that there is still a way for you to save yours.” Katara: “I hope so, too. All of our friends back within our squadron are doing all they can to ensure that…I really do hope that they…all of us are able to succeed.” Anakin walked over to Katara, he then placed his hands on both of her shoulders as looked stood in front of her and looked at her. Anakin: “Katara, we will do everything we can to help you guys out. We’re not going to let you face this alone. We’re here for you, no matter what. We will fight this threat together and we will see to it that your world, as well as ours, is spared from this terrible Darkness.” Katara: “Anakin….” Padme: “Yes, I will also do what I can. You will never have to face this alone; all of you.” Katara: “Guys…thank you.” Anakin: “We’re the ones who should be thanking you. We owe you a lot for everything that you have done for us.” Padme nodded. Katara: “It’s…not much…but…yeah, we have made that vow together. We shall and will defeat this threat together.” Anakin: “Yes and we will continue to be there for each other even when things get too unbearable; it’s the least we can do.” Katara seemed touched. Padme: “And…we especially owe you, Katara, for promising to keep our forbidden relationship a secret. We couldn’t be happier from that.” Katara: “Well…that’s no trouble for me. I’m happy to keep your marriage a secret, not just for you guys, but…because making a marriage with a Jedi and a Senator forbidden or even having a Jedi not allowed to be married to anyone is just ridiculous. I don’t care about what your Jedi Code says, it’s just all around stupid.” Anakin: “Yeah, it’s no surprise that you would feel that way. Regardless, we appreciate this.” Katara looked up at Anakin and smiled. He smiled with him as well as Padme. Toph: “Oooh, well, this is very interesting.” Anakin: “Huh?” All 3 of them looked over and noticed Toph. Padme: “Toph!” Katara: “What the…?” Anakin: “How long have you been over there?” Toph: “Oh, long enough to hear that juicy tid bit of information.” She walked up to them. Toph: “So…Ani and Padme are involved in a forbidden relationship? This is priceless.” Padme: “Toph…I can’t believe this!” Anakin: “Listen to me, Toph! You better not tell anyone else about this, or…I’ll…” Toph: “You’ll what? It’s not like you could do anything to me.” Anakin stood and stared without saying anything. Katara: “Toph, please, you can’t tell anyone about Anakin and Padme’s marriage. If this gets out, it could ruin everything for them.” Toph: “Oh, relax, will ya? What goes on this world isn’t really any of my business. I won’t tell anyone.” Padme: “Oh, thank goodness, Toph.” Toph: “But…I guess I could keep your secret…in exchange for something.” Anakin: “What is it you want, Toph?” Toph: “Oh…nothing too big, I could absolutely promise you that I will keep my big mouth shut if you both are willing to provide me with all the milkshakes that can drink.” Anakin: “Milkshakes? Is that all you want?” Toph: “Yeah, absolutely. Your milkshakes are the bomb and I just can’t get enough of them. However…coming across them isn’t exactly easy for someone like me for…a number of reasons. I mean, I could get them, myself just fine regardless, but…I think I can get them much more easily from you guys.” Padme: “Sure, I can do that.” Anakin: “What? Padme! Don’t give in to her so easily. She’ll take advantage of us.” Padme: “I’d rather not take the risk. I don’t want her to suddenly give in to the urge to mention this to anyone out of spiting us.” Anakin let out a soft groan. Anakin: “Fine, you have a deal.” Toph: “Sweet! I get to have as many milkshake times as I want! You won’t regret this!!” Anakin: “We’d better not.” Toph: “And…to be fair, I would never spill the beans about your forbidden romance even if I held a grudge against either of you.” Padme: “You…wouldn’t?” Toph: “Of course not. I like you guys. And, like I said before, whatever happens here isn’t any of my business. Also…I, too, think the whole “forbidden romance” thing is just ridiculous. So what if your both a Jedi and a Senator? And that whole “Jedi not being allowed to fall in love and be in a relationship with others” thing is also stupid.” Anakin: “Well, you never seem like one to always follow the rules. You’re definitely a rebellious child.” Katara: “Yes, she is.” Toph: “And…I kind of relate to you guys in that aspect. As a little girl, I have always disliked those stupid rules that my parents placed on me. They thought of me as nothing more than some disabled child just because I’m blind. They never understood me for who I am and ever after I was able to show them how amazing I am, they still attempted to hold me back. I couldn’t take it, so I just decided to run away from all of it.” Anakin: “Yeah, we understand why. Even Obi-wan wouldn’t be held back by that and he’s by the book.” Toph: “Yeah, I know.” Toph turned around and folded her arms as she still stood by. Padme, Katara and Anakin still stared at her. Toph: “I take it…even Obi-wan doesn’t know about this.” Anakin: “No…and he must never find out. You can’t tell him, Toph” Toph: “Yeah, yeah, I know. He can be so uptight, but…” She turned her head back around and looked back at them will a content smile on her face. Toph: “I like him.” Anakin: “I’m surprised you have such a good relationship with him. The 2 of you are so different from each other.” Toph: “Yeah, I know, but…” She then turned back around and stood in front of them. Toph: “I guess you could say…that’s why I like him so much. He’s definitely very interesting. He’s by the book and can be a bit of an annoying father figure, and yet…for some reason, I find that to be something that I like about him. He does seem to care about us…a lot. He keeps arm’s length when it comes to allowing us to be ourselves, especially someone like me. I know he has his reasons for being distance and closing his heart to others, but he seems to really open up to us without so much as getting too close. He can be a bit of a nag, but he’s never overbearing; not like my parents. I feel like I can be myself around him without worrying too much of what he would say to me. He really is a nice guy.” Padme: “Yes, he is and we all respect him very much.” Katara: “Yeah, I do, too.” Anakin: “Well…a lot of what you said about him is true. He can be nagging a bit overbearing, but not by any extremes. He does tend to keep his emotions in check. He’s cool, calm, collected and he always thinks clearly even during stressful situations…” Katara: “Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. He obviously has flaws and he doesn’t seem ashamed to admit it.” Toph: “And that’s another thing I like about him; he’s never too full of himself.” Anakin: “Yeah, unlike you.” Toph: “Hey! Watch it, Ani!” Anakin: “Sorry, couldn’t resist. There’s something else I need to warn you about regarding Master Kenobi: he does have a tendency to lose it whenever pushed too far. Very rarely does he get really angry, but when he does, you guys really need to watch out.” Toph: “OK, I’ll keep that in mind. Although, knowing you, you’ve probably pushed him too far a bit more than he’s ever had been. Even his patience has their limits. I don’t think I need to worry about that too much, but…I know that you are all too familiar with how angry he gets. Having you as a Padawan was obviously not a walk in the park with how impulsive you are.” Anakin: “Hey! Watch it, Toph!” Toph: “Well, I think that’s enough for now. I’m glad I had this conversion. I think I’ll be off. Oh, and don’t worry, you guys; your secret is safe with me.” Toph walked off. They watched as she did. Padme: “This worries me.” Anakin: “I know, she is very hard to keep under control and she has shown to be very unpredictable.” Katara: “Don’t worry, guys, I’ll make sure that she does keep your secret.” Padme: “Thank you, Katara. Don’t do anything too horrible to her.” Katara: “Oh, I wouldn’t consider it.” Anakin: “Hm, you know? Maybe giving in to her Milkshake bargain wouldn’t be so bad. Who knows? She’ll probably be too busy gulping them down to even be able to blurt out our secret.” Katara: “Hm, now that you think about it, her mouth would be too full of those milkshakes for her to even talk, much less say anything about this.” Anakin: “Well, this seems as though it will work out very well for us.”
  12. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    OK, so, it's time for me to talk about a very, very essential character in my story: the Great Wizard. So, I have mentioned him so far, it sounds like the Great Wizard is like a God in my story. Well...he is....and in some ways, he's not. I refer to the Great Wizard as the one who created the "Foundation of all of Existence", so in a way, it would make sense to call him a God, or even God, for that matter. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to have done something like this. Anyway, he was the one who created the start of everything in all of existence, but he was not the only one who created all of existence. In fact, existence was created by many Gods. The Great Wizard was the one who overlooked everything, so in my story, he is also the Master of Deities. But...if the Great Wizard is a God, then why do I address him as the Great Wizard? The answer to that is quite simple (and hopefully one that you can understand). The Great Wizard is the kind of person who never looked down at his subordinate, but rather, he thought of them as his equal as well as his friends and his family. Being a God makes one all-powerful, so he would still be one who is superior in power, so he downgraded himself to a mystic being that is powerful but not all-powerful: a wizard. However, his desire to stand along side his subordinates as their equal cause a lot of problems. Many malevolent characters, unlike the Great Wizard, himself, wanted to stand above others; that included Gods, as rulers of all of existence. They intended to take advantage of him one way or another. There was even one way in which someone did, but I won't reveal that. They also saw the Great Wizard as weak and looked down upon him, as well, for his desire. Regardless, they attempted to use him and all that he knew to carry out their goals of taking over all of existence. From this, he was forced to end his own life to protect all those that he cared about. However, he didn't die. The Great Wizard is immortal, so when he were to end his own life, he would be reincarnated as a completely different person. He would maintain some of his powers but his memories would be suppressed. This was for the protection of all of existence. He would overtime regain some of his memories, not all of them; just enough to remember who he is. But many of the malevolent to sought to take advantage of him would find him and when that time came, he would take his own life and be reincarnated again. I will talk more about this soon enough.
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  14. Massless particles and gravity

    I normally only post science stuff on SciFi Fur but since this place could use some activity I'll post it here as well! Ask Ethan: How Do Massless Particles Experience Gravity
  15. Another Fanfic by Me

    Here is the next part. Things are really getting good, aren't they:
  16. For you SWAT Kats FANatics here

    Good to see you around Rusakov, and thanks for the heads upon this! I'm a sucker for concept art, and these examples don't fail to impress.
  17. Another Fanfic by Me

    I've got the next one right here:
  18. For you SWAT Kats FANatics here

    I might as well post this newer video as well!
  19. What are you jamming to?

  20. StarFoxFanGurl

    Mew? Been a while.

    Couldn't really stay away from here.

    Wanted to see how y'all are doing.

    Doing well? Anything new? ^^

    1. Rusakov


      I've been away due to a busy schedule. Learning programming and stuff. There's some new stuff here:


  21. Another Fanfic by Me

    OK, I think you've waited long enough. Here is the next video to the book:
  22. What are you jamming to?

  23. Powerful Harmony

    Meanwhile, Suki continued working on the Republic Cruiser. She had several Clone troopers working on it with her. They had spent an enormous amount of time on it. So far, a lot of work had already been done, but there was still plenty more to go. Suki gave herself the chance to step out and marvel at the work that had been done so far. She seemed quite pleased with what was done so far. Clone trooper: “Commander, we were able to install a lot of the components into the Republic Cruiser as you have requested.” Suki: “Excellent work, Overlook. A lot of you are doing a great job so far. I’m really happy with what I’m seeing.” Overlook: “Glad you like what you see.” Suki: “And I’m also really impressed with how fast you’ve learned about these Gummy parts. They are most certainly very different from what can be found in this world. I was worried that they would be too difficult to try and figure out.” Overlook: “It was…no problem, ma’am. It did take us some time, but…we were able to comprehend some things about these Gummy blocks from what you have instructed us. I am just thankful that we didn’t need to try too hard to figure them out.” Suki: “And that’s what I’m here for. I understand these blocks inside and out. The rest of our group had to learn what these blocks could do and we were thankful that we had all the time we need to figure out what they can be used for and how we are able to use them. We always did what they had to do in this horrible fight. In some ways…we’re no different from you Clone troopers…” Suki sulked a bit. Overlook seemed concerned for her. Overlook: “If it’s any consolation, we appreciate your sympathy towards us. It does make us feel like actually people rather than what we were created for.” Suki: “I’m glad to hear that. You know, the second that we heard about this stupid war, we were sick to our stomach and couldn’t understand how so many people would even consider something like this, but…we were willing to do what we can to save your world regardless and…we were glad that not many people in this world are supportive of the idea of manufacturing clones for war. We will do what we can to put an end to this terrible war as well as eradicate the other heartless threat that we were brought into this world for.” Overlook: “Your sympathy is greatly appreciative and we will fight with you and the Bender to the bitter end. I have faith that you kids will free us, all of us.” Suki looked up towards Overlook with a determined look on her face. Suki: “Yes, we will, or we’ll at least try. Now then, there are other things that I need to do. Let me know if there is anything you need from me.” Overlook: “Uh, yes, ma’am. We can take care of everything from here.” Suki: “Thank you.” Suki walked off, Overlook continued watching her walk off, he then went back to working on the Republic Cruiser along with the other clones. Later that day, Suki was working on something in the Green Chamber. At that moment, she tried out the device that she was working on and became very excited. Suki: “I’ve done it!” She ran out. At that time, Anakin, Obi-wan and Toph were walking down a hallway. Suki then ran into them. Suki: “I was hoping to find you guys.” Anakin: “What is it, Suki?” Suki: “I’ve done it! I was able to complete it.” Suki held up what appeared to be an ear piece. Anakin: “What is it, some sort of ear piece?” Suki: “This ear piece enables sonic vibrations, allowing one to feel vibrations all over the place.” Anakin: “Sonic vibrations? You mean like something that enables a blind person to feel out their surrounding through sonic technology?” Suki: “Mm, hm, Master Kenobi asked me to build something that will improve Toph’s Earthbending senses, allowing her to feel out things that are not connected to the ground.” Obi-wan: “That’s wonderful, Suki.” Suki: “Let’s try it out, shall we.” Suki handed the ear piece to Toph; she placed it on her ear. Toph: “So, how does this work, exactly?” Suki: “You’ll soon find out. Master Kenobi, care to do the honors?” Obi-wan: “Certainly.” With the use of his Force powers, he lifted up Toph and held her in mid air. Suki: “OK, now, try the ear piece.” Toph switched on the ear piece, she was instantly amazed. Anakin: “So, what is it, like?” Toph: “It’s amazing! I can feel everything! I can feel where everyone is, even though I’m not connected to the ground.” Anakin: “Of, course, it’s the same technology as SONAR, which allows one to use echoes to pick up on ones surrounding.” Toph: “So, now, I can feel out airborne enemies!?! This is so cool!” Suki: “Alright, now try Bending.” Toph: “Hm…let’s see…what should I bend…Ooh!” She then moved her leg across, bending a metallic wall and slammed it towards Anakin, knocking him towards another wall. Toph: “Hey! It worked!” Anakin pushed the wall out of his way. Anakin: “Yeah, great…ow…” Obi-wan: “I have to admit, Suki, you really outdone yourself.” Suki: “Thank you, Master Kenobi.”
  24. fanfictiondreamer

    So, how has everyone been liking my Powerful Harmony story (for those of you who have been looking into it)?

  25. Another Fanfic by Me

    This is the next one in the book: This video contains not 1 but 2 clips from the game that this book was based off of. Another one will be out eventually.
  26. My Wikis

    Here are a few more wikis that I have been working on:
  27. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    This one also takes me back to my childhood:
  28. Our Favorite Video Game Music

    I did like this back then: I also like the GBA version of this level's song, but that's just one out of a few that I like
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