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    • NinetailsFox999


      hey guys sorry i havent been on for a long time i got banned on discord since 2015 ive been able to get back , i guess u can say im a return starfox game/fan veteran 
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    • FoxWolf

      FoxWolf  »  Kursed

      When  did you join, fatso? 
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    • Snys93


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    • StarFoxSquadie97


      How long has this site been around i swear i had an account on here 5-10 years ago maybe longer? I was called A Fox in the Stars back then or i could be thinking of a different StarFox fan site
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    • hoo


      re posting the sfo fanfiction from 2014. the thread was shut down but i feel like it should be fine to post as a status update in 2021. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s06SDCAdrsfaWjHHplfGuH29tiggM-J3L2gm1ffVM0I/edit?usp=sharing
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