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SP - Rosemary Divinity and Inkscape Tutorial


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If you're too lazy to read the DA description I'll post it here.

We call her "Rey" for short. Alas, this is my first submission for my Sharingan Project, where I try to mimic an artist's style (gee I wonder who it is). I kinda did my own thing with the parts of the style I didn't like though, but still this is my best so far.

The "Pyro Espeon Lady" is actually a sweet indivdual, who has a knack for business. Just don't catch her when it's "her time of the month". Normally, she's the type that wouldn't put on a bikini even if you offered to pay her. She has very strong morals.

She is a character of the yet to be made comic "Of Love and Hax". The premise of the comic is where she and her boyfriend are transformed into pokémorphs after an experiment goes horribly wrong. In their country, Mueren, they are the first pokémorphs in existance. Imagine being that different. I'm waiting to sharpen my skill some more before I go about with that comic. I want to bring High Pixel Count my best after all.

I half-arsed the background because I don't know what I was going to do with it, but meh it's fine.

And of course here is an Inkscape tutorial I made in the process of the project.


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