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Soul Ponies


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This is keeping me awake:


So far, this is what I got (the images from tvtropes broke so I can't supply pictures):

Soul: Spike

Maka: Twilight Sparkle (Those 2 are the main characters)

Patty: Pinkie Pie

Liz: Applejack

Death the Kid: Rarity (Super OCD)

Tsubaki: Fluttershy (Both fall under the shrinking violet trope)

Black Star: Rainbow Dash (Show offs)

Death: Celestia (Mentors)

Medusa: Zecora (Just the dance made me think Zecora)

Excalibur: Trixie


That face says it all.

So far, I'm missing Albarn, Stein, Crona and Ragnarok.

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K. I'm gonna have to edit these posts because every picture from tvtropes keep breaking.

I can't fix the pictures at this time so I just posted the characters by order of appearence.

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