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Me at the Mythbusters 'Behind the Myths' tour

Guest Mr. N

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I promised sometime ago in January that I would upload some photos of me at the Mythbusters tour in Portland so here it is, photos taken courtsy of me.


If anyone wishes to ask me any questions on the tour, feel free to shoot.

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I can't make it to Houston or Dallas on a weekday...

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I can only imagine that both Adam and Jamie are just as impressive in person as they are on Mythbusters. While my opinion of the show is somewhat indifferent (mainly because of all the great cars destroyed x3), I can't deny that attending a live event must have been great. Kudos, Mr. N! :P

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Nice! :D What myths were they busting, exactly?

Well they didn't actually bust any myths, they just did some activites to show and that was that...for instance:

1. Demostration that when Adam lied on the bed of nails and once Jamie placed some concrete brick on Adam's stomach, he swung a sledgehammer on there and broke the bricks but also not hurting Adam.

2. Shuffling 2 phone books like a deck of cards and clipping them together, Adam hung on the phone books and Jamie pulled the rope which attached the books. The phone books didn't break and Adam could be floating on stage for about 18 seconds.

3. Demostration of the cameras they use for super super slow motion moments

4. Their old robot which they made for Robo-arena called 'Blend-O' (I don't remember name) back in 1980s

That's about it, I know more but I can't remember at the top of my head.

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