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Help needed with SFAd Voice Acting


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The filenames on the SFAd voice acting clip are not descriptive. When I imported them, they got named their file names in the list, so people don't know what they are downloading.

Unfortunately, this has to be fixed manually. Even more unfortunately, there are 731 files that need to be fixed! That would take me hours to do on my own, so I need help from a few people.

If you wish to help, let me know. I have to give you access to the system to help. Mods and admins already have access.


1. Go to Downloads.

2. Go to Star Fox Adventures on the left.

3. Go to Star Fox Adventures Voice Acting on the left.

4. Select a file from the list and click on it.

(Yes, I know there is a typo in there)

5. Download the file so you can listen to it.

6. Click "Edit File"

7. Fill out the following fields. YOU MUST USE THESE CONVENTIONS.

File Name (YOU MUST USE THIS NAMING CONVENTION): Character - summary or description of line(s)

Example: Peppy - Detail Readout

Description: The full, exact, text of the line(s). If multiple characters, do it script-style (IE: FOX: Line goes here).


8. Click "Update Submission"

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Since I've got some spare time I'd like to help with this; monotony is my middle name! :lol:

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