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Common territorial dilemas



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  1. 1. Falkands/Malvinas...

    • Argentine
    • British
  2. 2. Puerto Rico...

    • Independent
    • Commonwealth
    • U.S state
  3. 3. Kosovo...

    • Independent
    • Part of Serbia

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Just want to know your opinion/stance on some of the current territorial issues that have been refered these days...

I'm more of the "let the people decide" on most cases. I believe that the people of the Falklands want to be either British or Independent, so be it. Besides, the Argentine defense of "It's close to us" it's pretty weak. In that case, USA can reclaim Canada whenever they want...

On here, there has been a lot of hype about PR stance. Many celebrities from there want PR to be independent, but I thnk that's the worst case scenario. Culturally, PR independent 100%. Politically I just feel it's great as it is.

As for Kosovo. I'll wait for an absolute majority of recognizing countries, but I think I'm for their independence.

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