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RP Character Template


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This template, written by Robert Monroe, is a great guideline on how to set up your RP character threads. It is not a requirement, though it is strongly recommended for easy browsing and in-depth information! :-P

In a bout of unwarranted self importance, I will be putting my character template here for anyone who gives a damn.

Name: (given name, nicknames, adopted alias, ect)

Age: (their physical and if needed, apparent age)

Race: (if anthro, specify which animal. if human, specify their skin or racial look, and so on)

Origin: (where they're from, the more specific the better (IE "Barcelona, Spain, Earth" instead of just "Earth")

Home: (where they live now)

Sex: (male/female/asexual/hermaphrodite/other)

Height: (how tall they are. for human standards, average male is about 5'8")

Weight: (how heavy they are. REMEMBER MUSCLES ARE HEAVY, a high weight does not mean "fat"!)

Build: (their body shape. is your 220 pound man macho or blubber?)

Eyes: (coloration, oddities, ect)

Hair: (color, style, beards. for anthro include fur patterns)

Family: (spouses, children, parents, siblings, ect of importance)

Alignment: (DnD standard, to get a grasp of your character, good/lawful/chaotic/evil/neutral)

Personality: (a glance look at their largest personality traits. I usually pick 6 or 8)

Background: (who they are and where did they come from)

Abilities: (any skills they may have learned over their lifetimes, from cooking to math to sword fighting to art)

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Looks perfectly serviceable to me. ^_^ Remeber though, the template is simply a guideline; you can make whatever changes you'd like, or simply not use it at all [though it's easier for everyone if you do, as stated above].

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For all intents and purposes, all your character needs to be is a name and physical background, and maybe two personality traits. Less, even possibly. It all really is entitled to the GM of the game that really gives out the rule on what he need's from the player's characters.

But of course, these help so you got the general basics of what is needed done, and the more attached to your character, the more believable the role play and the character's interactions.

You don't really need all the info, but it makes the character, and RP usually, more thrilling.

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