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So I'm a sci-fi writer, and I write some sci-fi stuff.  Mostly humorous, because I am not smart enough to be a hard sci-fi writer, but I am smart enough to comment on cliches.  I also don't draw.


There are a lot of things I don't do with great regularity.  It's very exciting.




My old decrepit deviant art, now under renovation because I didn't use it for several years.  Be forewarned:  There's bad old fan fiction there, some of which happens to be incomplete copies of fan fiction posted elsewhere before I dropped out of every fandom at once for a period.  I'll keep it up for now but it'll be shoved into a corner soon, and given that I am starting to earn money for writing commissions and I have a serial novel due later this year I am terrified of being sued at some point, so they may be gone entirely at some point.  Probably not, but hey.




My current furaffinity name.  Standard warnings about the content of fur affinity apply.  This account is new, as I lost the old one.




Designation: Xi-Delta: (Warning: Second person narrative due to nature of story.) My current project is an reader-driven adventure called Designation: Xi-Delta.  However, it's hosted over at the MS Paint Adventures fandom, so I doubt I can link to it directly here (I thought about posting a copy of it over in the Other Art section, but the story is already up to nearly forty page, which would probably be ridiculous the story all at once as cool as it would be to have more people in on it.)   However should you choose to locate it either through my deviantart or furaffinity accounts (where I have collected the prologue for it and will be updating for Act 1 and beyond periodically), know this:  


It stars a female hyena, and parts of the universe (though not /most/ of it) are Star Fox inspired.


Wait, that's not descriptive enough.  All right, here's a better one:  


"You are a young Hy'Zog female named Tersa Naferii.  Just a few minutes ago you could swear that you were making plans for your birthday party - signifying that you are now an adult - with your adopted Ra'an parents (all three of them).  But now you're here, in a room on a spaceship, having been apparently drafted into the Recovery And Research division of H.A.L.F. Technologies, one of the most omnipresent corporations in all of Alliance Space.  You're making new friends and learning all sorts of new things, but you can't help shake the feeling that there's more to your training and upcoming job than you're being told.  Especially with the Union constantly advancing on Alliance territory, and an infamous exiled world government trying to push the Alliance into war with it's centuries old rival..."


Additionally, I have a serial novel (haven't named it yet, I'm notoriously bad with names) in the same universe due later this year (date unannounced; most of it has already been written, I'm just finishing off a few chapters and rewriting a few things now).


I'll have more links to post to other projects before long.  Wheee!

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Cool, I'd like to see your fan art :D


I'm a writer too and I have yet to master the unsearchable skill of grammar lol.

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I don't do fan art, I just did fan fiction.  XP  Same thing, but I'm not, you know, going to be busting out drawings any time soon.


Strangely, I never did much Star Fox fan fiction despite it being my favorite series.  There's...References to it in the structure of Xi-Delta's universe and an interplanetary government made up of furries.  At Arwing Landing I attempted an RPG project called Lylat Explored that just fell through after a while and never got very far.  But aside from that...


(Note to self:  Make a member zone so I don't ramble in here)





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