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The Impossible Dream Of A Game

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Yo guys.  I've just started my FMP (Final Major Project) at college.  I need to gather a large number of names from Games and Anime Characters.  This is where you guys come in.  I want you to tell me about your favorite characters, which games they are from and why you like them. Thank you. :-)

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   I don't really have one. But if I had to choose, it would be Dante from Devil May Cry. Not sure if that can be counted as anime.


   While do hate Capcom since their last wankering, Dante is an all around badass.


   Thats all I have :)

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Prince Elite

Alright let's start with something easy. Something we all know and love for the most part.




Fox McCloud is a mercenary pilot for hire who leads the second incarnation of the Star Fox team. His first game appearance in the now non-canonical game Star Fox (Starwing in Europe and Australia) would eventually lead to his prime appearance in the hugely popular Nintendo 64 game, Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars in Europe and Australia) and eventually sequels Star Fox Adventures, Assault and Command as well as a SF64 remake for the Nintendo 3DS. Fox McCloud is a representation of a cool, free fighter who can do practically anything he sets his mind to, ranging from ending multi-planet wars, to deposing Emperors. My favourite incarnation of this character is the SF64 version due to the likeability of the character, his personality and disposition towards battle. Bravery and calmness in the face of adversity and (nearly) selfless acts of heroism. 



Link is a cornerstone of the Nintendo gaming market with 16 official games (and some spin offs). Notable games include Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. LoZ: Majora's Mask and LoZ: Twilight Princess which were all released to critical acclaim from reviewers and players alike. The green clad Hylian youth is usually the epicentre of great quests to destroy evil villains who want to take over the realm of Hyrule, though other countries also exist. As the bearer of the Triforce of Courage (a religious relic given only to those who embody the traits associated with it) Link travels to many locations selflessly and undertakes many perilous quests in order to free the lands of their various ills and defeat the masterminds behind them. I favour this character because Link is a brave swordsman (or boy depending on the game) who is always willing to lend a hand to a cause without thought of reward. Though he never seems to speak in the games, his actions portray his brave soul and willingness to save the world from darkness of any description, a true model of a hero.

Wow that was tough, okay hope this helps. Don't spear me!

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I'd agree with Prince Elite on Fox McCloud. While he doesn't have a whole lot of essence to him, it's easy to imagine it.


Midna (From The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) You could almost think of her as a bit of an antagonist because she tries to almost take control of Link in a way. She's quite pushy and snarky and never hesitant to share her opinion (Whether you want to hear it or not).

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Well, Fox McCloud has been addressed that I'd be contributing.


Link is one of my favs, because of how we was made. He doesn't talk, hence never utters an opinion on something, except through the look on his face. And before they had him gradually become a young stuntman in TP (that doesn't change the fact that tp is my absolute fav in the LoZ series), he never really did something you couldn't imagine you wouldn't do given his utensils, either. Among all pre-created video game characters, he always had the best identification factor to me.


Samus Aran, before they ruined it in Other M, was an ideal. A thought, that something could exist. A female protagonist that does the fighting of a dangerous job, such as that of a bounty hunter and at the same time doesn't get emotionally involved with anything but stays absolutely professional. She faces a situation and her thoughts focus only around how to solve it. Not around how she misses Adam, or sulking about the poor MB girl/clone/mutant/thingy. But, unfortunately, the idea of a woman that can focus on the main plot for a change was crushed. Let's hope it's restored in the next game.


Master Chief from the Halo series has the entire course of his life documented within the games, the comics and the novels. Yet he will never reveal his face (except recently half of his face for a third of a second in the legendary ending of Halo 4) He has increased strength and speed, along with an exoskeleton that allows him to use a lot of force, and he has an energy shield that holds off a few single shots. He is actually not that strong, and doesn't have any real super powers or excessively powerful traits like other heroes do. He only achieves everything through precision and cautiousness. When he does his stunt things, he doesn't just whimsically jump in and do something random like a hero in a Shonen of any sort. He is aware of every single step and accomplishes all the great things with precision of his mind, precision of his body and precision of his weapon. That doesn't make him much different from many similar heroes, but he's the one that worked for me. Also he's more mysterious than most of the similar ones.


I'd bring up Ezio, but he kinda has a fanbase of his own.

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Geo Stelar

Modern Sonic


-Sonic is a blue hedgehog with a cocky, short-tempered attitudes but with a strong heart and an indomitable force of will. He can run  very fast, many times the speed of sound, and can spin into a ball form (like real hedgehogs), and by spinning as a ball Sonic can reach lightspeed. He also has excellent agility, superb reflexes, and absolute flexibility that go well with his speed. Also, his speed isn't limited to straight-lines, and he can run backwards as fast as forwards. He can gain insight on many things, and when people are talking to him, he rarely makes eye contact and just looks a long way, but in reality he listens with all his heart.


(If this info feels lacking just tell ;) )

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Falco Lombardi for sure!

He's a great pilot, pretty decent in a fight (considering his ai over the other jokers), and pretty excellent in SSBB if you use hiim correctly. His tiny comics that he was featured in were pretty cool too, especially "Farewell beloved Falco"-whereh e had more a prominant role.


Alphonse Elric-he's a pretty neat character despite his childish voice. Pretty decent fighter when he sets his mind to it, encouraging and pretty tough: He's a freaking suit of armor for pete's sake!


Corporal Adrian Shepherd:

He's a bad ass HECU MArine trooper that managed to rally what troops were left at Black Mesa and fight off the Xen aliens and Race-X aliens the best he could as one Deviant art picture titled him, "The unsung hero of Black Mesa". (that and he's waaaaaay better than Gordon Freeman anyday in my opinion)

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Thank you so much guys  :lolhyst:   You guys are Awesome, I've been getting so much crap from some of the other forums I've been using. You all deserve a biscuit! THANK YOU!  :D

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You want information on the Star Fox Fandom? It's all here. No problem.

I'm sure there's a lot members could to here to assist you should you need additional facts or advice.

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Geo Stelar

Phoenix Wright. and I found the perfect description of him here:


credits to the one who wrote that. I like everything about Phoenix.

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